7 Best Toddler Trampolines (2020 Reviews)

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Updated on October 14, 2020 by Lyric Fergusson

Whether it’s indoors or out, jumping on a trampoline is a fantastic way for toddlers to burn off excess energy, keep fit, work up a healthy appetite, and ultimately sleep well. But standard trampolines intended for older children are not only unsafe for toddlers, but are usually expensive and too large to be used indoors. There’s a dizzying array of alternatives for younger children, so it can be tough to choose an age-appropriate trampoline that’s both safe and affordable. Here are the 7 best products to suit every age, space, and budget.


The Best Toddler Trampolines

1. LBLA Trampoline with Adjustable Handrail

(Best Value — $)

LBLA Trampoline with Adjustable HandrailWhy it’s great: If you’re looking for a trampoline that can grow with your toddler, this product is perfect. The vertical handrail is adjustable from 24.5 to 36 inches, and it has a total weight capacity of about 130 pounds (making it ideal as a long-term investment).
Assembly is easy and takes less than 10 minutes. The price point is also a major perk. This trampoline has received great reviews and kids love it.

Keep in mind: Supervision is specifically required by the manufacturer.

Good for: Toddlers ages 3-6. Some reviews mention problem-free use with younger toddlers, but again, be sure to supervise children during use.

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2. Skywalker Mini Trampoline with Enclosure Net

(Best for Indoors — $$)

Skywalker Mini TrampolineWhy it’s great: This trampoline features a safety enclosure net to keep kids from falling off the trampoline and colliding with furniture. It’s made with elastic bungees instead of springs, making it a safer option than products with metal coils.
With a weight capacity of up to 100 pounds, it can be used for several years. All tools for assembly are included, so you won’t need to have any on hand.

Keep in mind: The manufacturer specifies that this trampoline is only for indoor use. It doesn’t fold up or break down without being disassembled, so be sure you have enough space for this one.

Good for: Children with sensory issues, as there is no noise from creaking metal coils. Indoor spaces where nearby furniture poses injury risk.

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3. SereneLife Portable Fitness Trampoline

(Best for small spaces — $$)

SereneLife Portable Fitness TrampolineWhy it’s great: The SereneLife 36 inch trampoline folds up easily for storage in small spaces such as apartments or basements. It’s ideal for families that want to use a trampoline for a while, and have the ability to put it away when that room is needed. Elastic bands are used in place of metal coils for greater safety and less noise.
Assembly is easy. This trampoline supports up to 150 pounds, so it can grow with your child.

Keep in mind: The recommended age range is 4-7 years, so it may not be suitable for younger toddlers. Intended for only one child at a time.

Good for: Small rooms, easy storage, and older toddlers.

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4. Little Tikes Climb ‘N Slide Trampoline

(Most versatile — $$$)

Little Tikes Climb ‘N Slide TrampolineWhy it’s great: This trampoline has it all. Protective netting offers safety, with two zippered entries. It features two different slides that add just that much more fun.
This product can be used either indoors or outdoors, so it’s great for jumping inside during the winter or outside in warm weather. Little Tikes is a highly trusted brand, popular with kids for the fun and loved by parents for quality.

Keep in mind: While the recommended age is 4-10, many parents say that the slides aren’t suitable for children over 5 or 6 years old because they’re pretty small. The maximum weight is 105 pounds and therefore recommended for only one child at a time.

Good for: Outdoor spaces, kids age 4-6.

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5. Jump2It 2 Person Mini Trampoline

(Best for 2 kids — $$)

Jump2It 2 Person Mini TrampolineWhy it’s great: Most toddler trampolines are intended for use by only one child at a time, which might cause arguments amongst siblings or playmates. This Jump2It product is built specifically to accommodate two kids at the same time, so everyone can have fun.
Reviews praise this trampoline for being durable and safe. An adjustable handrail allows you to customize the height according to your child’s needs as they grow.

Keep in mind: While it can be used outdoors, the manufacturer strongly recommends storing the product inside. Two adults are required for assembly.

Good for: Multiple kids, older children (under the age of 12).

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6. Langxun Trampoline for Kids

(Best indoor / outdoor — $$$)

Langxun Trampoline for KidsWhy it’s great: This trampoline is certified by GS, a German company that verifies the safety of products for children. High-density enclosure netting prevents falls. Galvanized springs have a weight capacity of 220 pounds, making it safe for multiple or older children.
It’s also suitable for both indoor and outdoor use; all metal parts are rust-resistant. Tools you’ll need for assembly are included as well. There’s even a basketball hoop inside for added fun!

Keep in mind: Reviewers have complained that the netting can ride up the poles, so be sure to supervise during use so you can adjust it and ensure the safety of your child.

Good for: Both indoor and outdoor use, toddlers as young as 2 as well as older children up to age 7.

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7. Zupapa Indoor Small Trampoline

(Most safe – $$$)

Zupapa Indoor Small TrampolineWhy it’s great: This Zupapa indoor trampoline features reliable safety netting with a zippered entry that is sewn directly to the mat, to avoid any slipping that could result in an accidental fall. Elastic bands are used in place of springs so no fingers or toes run the risk of being pinched.
It has excellent reviews for both safety and quality. It’s easy to assemble and has a weight limit of 120 pounds, making it suitable for continued use as your child grows.

Keep in mind: This trampoline is only intended for indoor use. It doesn’t fold up for storage, so be sure you have the space to accommodate it. It is on the larger side.

Good for: Toddlers as young as 2 until the weight capacity of 120 pounds is reached. Also, kids with sensory issues who may not tolerate squeaking springs.

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FAQs about toddler trampolines

1. What are the benefits of a toddler trampoline?

Trampolines provide excellent cardiovascular exercise, and offer a great way to burn extra energy when it’s not possible to go to a park or elsewhere. If your home or yard is small, trampolines are a fantastic alternative to running around. Cardio also benefits your child’s metabolism, and could help combat obesity while keeping their appetite healthy. Products suitable for indoor use are ideal for the winter months when it’s too cold to go outside.

2. How old does my toddler have to be to use a trampoline?

Age appropriacy varies between products. It’s always important to be aware of the age recommendation before making a purchase.

3. What safety precautions should be taken when using a toddler trampoline?

Children should be supervised at all times while jumping on a trampoline. If you notice an issue with a part of the product that could pose a safety risk, don’t allow your child to use the trampoline until you’ve fixed the problem or have received a replacement part from the manufacturer.
Be aware of the weight capacity of the trampoline you choose. Don’t allow adults or children who exceed the limit to use the product, as it could break and cause injury.
Ensure the trampoline is used as intended, and don’t allow rough play that could cause it to tip over or break.

4. Can toddler trampolines be used outdoors?

Each manufacturer specifies whether the trampoline is intended for indoor or outdoor use, and sometimes both. Before you make a purchasing decision, check the information to be confident that the product you choose is right for what you need.

5. How long do toddler trampolines last?

As long as a trampoline is used according to the product guidelines, you can expect to avoid breakage. However, a trampoline endures a lot of wear and tear. Depending on how often it is used, you may need to reach out to the manufacturer for replacement parts. Some trampolines come with warranties and offer excellent customer service for this reason.

6. Can children older than 7 use a small trampoline?

Be aware of the age recommendations for the trampoline you choose. Take the weight capacity into consideration as well, if you are hoping to allow older children to jump.


Trampolines are a great way for toddlers to have fun, burn energy, and stay healthy right from the comfort and safety of home. There are many products to choose from, and a wide array of options for everyone’s lifestyle.
Be sure to consider all factors before you commit to a purchase. For example, verify that the weight capacity is suitable for your child’s needs, and the trampoline is intended for either indoor or outdoor play.
Remember that price is not always an indicator that a specific trampoline is right for your family. There are wonderful choices for every budget.
Reading reviews can be a very helpful source of additional information because you can learn about other parents’ experiences and make a more educated decision. Both safety and fun are the top priorities, so read what others have to say in this regard.

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