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7 Best Toy Lightsabers (2022 Reviews)

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You don’t have to be a Star Wars enthusiast to appreciate how much fun a toy lightsaber can be. Colorful and aerodynamic, lightsabers offer endless entertainment for kiddos looking to play pretend and act out an intergalactic battle. So, whether you’re looking for a lightsaber with motion sensors or a party pack to play with friends, here are the seven best toy lightsabers.

Best Toy Lightsabers

  • 1. Star Wars: The Last Jedi Electronic Lightsaber

    (Best sound effects — $$)

    Why it’s great: This official Star Wars lightsaber is inspired by the movie, The Last Jedi, specifically the lightsaber used by the character Rey. Recommended for children ages five and up, this lightsaber has been designed to look just like the lightsabers used in the movies. Featuring real lights and sounds, kids will love wielding this lightsaber to imitate the battles they’ve seen on the big screen.

    Keep in mind: Some customers say that this lightsaber doesn’t come with any instructions, but it’s easy to figure out how it works if you play around with the buttons.

    Good for: Kids who want a lightsaber that looks and sounds like the real thing.

  • 2. Light Up Saber with FX Sound (3 Pack)

    (Best value — $)

    Why it’s great: One of the more affordable options on the market, these LED lightsabers are perfect for groups of friends or siblings looking to battle it out on the playground or in your living room. Sold as a set of three, each pack comes with a red, blue, and green lightsaber. With a blade that can expand from 18 to 33 inches, this lightsaber also features light and sound effects for a realistic Jedi experience.

    Keep in mind: Some customers say these lightsabers don’t hold up well during extra rough play.

    Good for: Star Wars parties as there are three lightsabers included in this set.

  • 3. STAR WARS Scream Saber Lightsaber Toy

    (Best for younger kids — $$)

    Why it’s great: This Star Wars Scream Saber comes with lots of fun special effects. Featuring three audio options, kid can choose between classic Star Wars sound effects, lightsaber sound effects, or can record their own sounds to play during battle. This lightsaber extends with the flick of a wrist and lights up with LED lights when turned on. Parents praise this lightsaber for being durable, affordable, and providing hours of raucous fun.

    Keep in mind: This lightsaber is automatically set to demo mode and has to be switched into play mode to be fully functional.

    Good for: Younger kids as this lightsaber is easy to handle and simple to operate

  • 4. STAR WARS Mandalorian Darksaber Lightsaber Toy

    (Most durable — $$)

    Why it’s great: Another official Star Wars lightsaber, this Mandalorian Darksaber is a replica of the lightsabers used in the Clone Wars animated series. Recommended for kids ages five and up, this black-bladed lightsaber features electronic lights and sounds. Parents praise this lightsaber for its durable construction and premium sound effects.

    Keep in mind: This lightsaber requires three AAA batteries to operate, which are included with purchase.

    Good for: Kids who love Clone Wars as this lightsaber is inspired by the ones used in the show.

  • 5. Lukidy 2Pack Rechargable Lightsabers

    (Highest quality — $$$)

    Why it’s great: These Lukidy lightsabers, sold as a set of two, offer a range of impressive features. Not only are they rechargeable, but these lightsabers can switch between twelve color settings and three sound modes. Sleek buttons allow users to adjust the colors and sound modes easily while a comfortable, easy-to-hold hilt ensures a smooth swordplay experience.

    Keep in mind: Some customers say the buttons on this lightsaber are super sensitive.

    Good for: The whole family as these lightsabers are designed to be used by kids and adults.

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  • 6. 2-in-1 LED Light Up Swords with Motion Sensitive Sound Effects

    (Best motion sensors — $$)

    Why it’s great: This 2-in-1 LED lightsaber can be used as two separate lightsabers or one extra-long dual lightsaber. Each lightsaber measures 29 inches and features a bright, glowing blade. Not only does this lightsaber make realistic battle sounds, but its special effects are motion activated. Recommended for kids ages five and up, parents praise these lightsabers for their unique design and high-quality sound effects.

    Keep in mind: Some customers say these lightsabers don’t resemble the lightsabers in the Star Wars movies as closely as other models on the market.

    Good for: Gifting as this set of lightsabers is affordable and comes with a wide range of special features.

  • 7. Star Wars Signature Lightsaber

    (Best for older kids – $$)

    Why it’s great: This Star Wars signature lightsaber comes with a slew of fun accessories for customizing the ultimate intergalactic weapon. Recommended for kids ages 12 and up, this lightsaber set comes with a lightsaber, two lightdaggers, two elbow connectors, a cross connector, a dual connector, and an expansion hilt. With so many pieces, kids can make over 100 different customized designs. This lightsaber also includes realistic sound effects and a movie-accurate appearance.

    Keep in mind: Some customers say this lightsaber set came in nondescript brown packaging rather than the official Star Wars packaging shown in the promotional photos.

    Good for: Older kids looking for a more interactive lightsaber experience as this set allows for creativity and customization.

Best Overall

The Star Wars: The Last Jedi Electronic Lightsaber is our overall top recommendation. It's the highest quality product we have found with the most affordable price making it the best value on our list..

FAQs about Toy Lightsabers

  • 1. What should I consider when shopping for a toy lightsaber?

    Choosing the right lightsaber for your little one will depend on their age, preferences, and capabilities. While some lightsabers are designed for younger kids, others have more advanced features intended for older kids. Toy lightsabers also come in a variety of colors and designs. Some toy lightsabers have been made to accurately resemble the weapons used in a specific Star Wars movie or TV show, such as The Last Jedi or Clone Wars. Other things to consider when shopping for a toy lightsaber include functionality, durability, and budget. For example, your little one will love having a lightsaber that comes equipped with special effects, such as bright lights and realistic sounds. You’ll also want to choose a lightsaber that can withstand some wear and tear since these toys are intended for pretend battles. Budget is always an important factor, but fortunately, toy lightsabers are available at a variety of price points.

  • 2. Do I need more than one toy lightsaber?

    This depends on whether your little one is planning to play alone or with friends and siblings. Some toy lightsabers are sold as a set of two or three, which can be useful for play dates or if you have more than one Star Wars enthusiast in your household. That being said, you can always start with one lightsaber and purchase additional models as necessary.

  • 3. What age is best for a toy lightsaber?

    Toy lightsabers are great for all ages, though most products are recommended for kids over the age of three or four. Some toy lightsabers are intended for younger kids and have been designed to be easy to handle and simple to operate. Other toy lightsabers have more advanced features, such as motion sensor technology or customizable pieces and parts, and are often recommended for older kids with more advanced motor and cognitive skills. If you’re not sure whether a toy lightsaber is right for your little one, check the product’s item description for the recommended age limits.

  • 4. Are toy lightsabers safe?

    Yes, toy lightsabers have been designed with kids’ safety in mind. That being said, always read the instructions that come with your toy lightsaber to ensure your child is using it safely and properly. For younger kids, always supervise playtime to make sure their imaginary battles don’t get out of hand.

  • 5. What are the benefits of playing with toy lightsabers?

    Toy lightsabers allow kids to use their imagination and engage in pretend play. Not only is this an important part of your little one’s cognitive development, but it can also improve kids’ social and emotional skills. Most lightsabers require some motor skills to operate, which is great practice for younger kids. There are also some toy lightsabers that come with customizable pieces and parts to build from scratch, which is a great way to encourage creativity and critical thinking, especially in older kids.

  • 6. What special effects are included with toy lightsabers?

    Toy lightsabers come with a wide range of special features. Most toy lightsabers have light and sound capability, though the extent of these features will depend on which model you choose. Some toy lightsabers have motion activation sensors while others include multiple sound settings, even allowing kids to record their own sounds to play during their pretend battles. There are also toy lightsabers that can be joined together to make one extra-long lightsaber and lightsabers that come with customizable parts for a DIY design experience.


Star Wars is known for its epic battle scenes, especially those featuring lightsabers. Toy lightsabers are a great way to bring the magic of the movies into your living room. There are many different types of toy lightsabers available, including those with motion sensors, light and sound effects, and customizable designs. Lightsabers are designed to be safe for a wide range of ages, and which lightsaber is right for your family will depend on your child’s age and preferences. No matter which lightsaber you choose, your little one will love wielding their space-age weapon as they emulate their favorite Star Wars character.