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7 Best Toy Trucks for 3-Year-Olds (2022 Reviews)

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Of the myriad of toys available for three-year-olds, toy trucks stand above the rest for numerous reasons. Made from high-quality, durable materials, this selection of toy trucks is designed for rough play in a variety of elements. Toy trucks created with toddlers in mind can foster physical and cognitive development by encouraging gross and fine motor skills. Play with these types of toys can improve hand-eye coordination and dexterity. From tractors and trucks made for sand or wooden vehicle options with magnetic features, this list is sure to have the perfect truck or two for your three-year-old.

Best Toy Trucks for 3-Year-Olds

  • 1. Remote Control Car STEM Toy

    (Best STEM option — $$)

    Why it’s great: Using the easy step-by-step guide, your toddlers can put together their own remote control truck all the way down to the screws. The battery-powered drill then turns into a handy remote control to keep the fun going with your Remote Control Car STEM Toy! Your little one will get to practice their problem-solving and creative play as they learn how to put together and take apart various trucks.

    Keep in mind: The truck does not have a lot of power and works best on smooth surfaces, such as hardwood floors, over rougher terrain like carpets or grass.

    Good for: Parents looking to introduce STEM learning to their toddlers early on.

  • 2. TOMY John Deere Monster Treads Lightning Wheels Tractor

    (Best for outdoor play — $$)

    Why it’s great: The oversized, durable tires of the TOMY John Deer Monster Treads Lightning Wheels Tractor are made to withstand all types of terrain, making this the perfect truck for outdoor play. Your three-year-old simply rolls the truck forward or backward to activate the motion sensor lights. The realistic details and large size make this truck option perfect for little hands and big ideas.

    Keep in mind: This toy tractor has battery-powered lights but does not include music or truck noises.

    Good for: Three-year-olds who want trucks that are built for real-life messy, outdoor play.

  • 3. Construction Vehicle Toys with Play Mat

    (Best accessories — $)

    Why it’s great: Creative play is easy with the Construction Vehicle Toys with Play Mat as it includes realistic trucks that actually work along with a playmat that helps foster creativity. With six included road signs, the possibilities are endless for your little one to build and knock down various imaginative construction sites. Made from high-quality materials that can be used on a myriad of surfaces, you can be sure this toy truck and play mat set will last through multiple children.

    Keep in mind: The toy trucks are on the smaller side and are only about two to three inches in length.

    Good for: Children who play better with a more structured play setting.

  • 4. iPlay, iLearn Heavy Duty Construction Site Play Set

    (Most realistic option — $$)

    Why it’s great: Made from strong, durable metal, the iPlay, iLearn Heavy Duty Construction Site Play Set is created from strong die-cast metal that can hold up against rough play and varied terrain. The moving parts of these three trucks make it fun to build and construct in the sand and dirt. The life-like design encourages children to learn about the structures, working principles, and applications of machinery.

    Keep in mind: The tracks on the excavator are removable and may come off during play.

    Good for: Three-year-olds who want trucks that look and act like real, working trucks.

  • 5. Melissa and Doug Magnetic Car Loader Wooden Toy Set

    (Best wooden option — $)

    Why it’s great: The Melissa and Doug Magnetic Car Loader Wooden Toy Set are made from durable and safe wood free from harmful ingredients. This toy truck for three-year-olds includes various colored cars that can be lifted with a magnet that encourages your little one’s sorting, sequencing, and organizing skills. Recommended by pediatricians, this is the perfect screen-free option to foster your child’s creativity and ability to play independently.

    Keep in mind: The magnet is not super strong so cars may fall off of the loading arm if moved too quickly or harshly.

    Good for: Parents who prefer their children to play with high-quality, wooden toys.

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  • 6. Nicmore Kids Toys Car

    (Most interactive option — $$)

    Why it’s great: This 5-in-1 construction truck toy set means there are endless combinations of play for your three-year-old. The Nicmore Kids Toys Car is made from high-quality, durable, and smooth plastic that is free from rough or sharp edges that could hurt little fingers. These toy trucks are highly interactive, able to be pushed and released, detached, and folded to encourage new and engaging ways to play.

    Keep in mind: The trailer connects to the truck with a short latch and doesn’t stay together well if lifted up.

    Good for: Little ones who are most engaged with highly interactive toys.

  • 7. John Deer Sand Toys

    (Best sandbox trucks — $)

    Why it’s great: The dump truck and tractor set of the John Deer Sand Toys are working toys that can lift, move, and push around sand, dirt, and even rocks. These toy trucks for 3-year-olds have free-rolling wheels and functional parts that provide endless hours of entertainment. The durable plastic construction of this dump truck and tractor means they’ll last even when exposed to the elements.

    Keep in mind: While the trucks can withstand outdoor play, the decorative stickers on each vehicle may wear and fade over time.

    Good for: Parents looking for trucks that are safe to use in the sandbox.

Best Overall

The Remote Control Car STEM Toy is our overall top recommendation. It's the highest quality product we have found with the most affordable price making it the best value on our list..

FAQs about Toy Trucks for 3-Year-Olds

  • 1. What are the benefits of playing with toy trucks?

    Toy trucks can help your child develop cognitive, social, and physical skills. By encouraging your little ones to use their imaginations and maneuver their trucks through various surfaces, your toddler can foster their dexterity and hand-eye coordination. Playing trucks with other children can assist in their learning to take turns and work collaboratively.

  • 2. Which toy truck is best for my three-year-old?

    When selecting a toy truck for your three-year-old, opt for an option that will entertain your toddler for a longer period of time. Toys with additional features, such as magnetic details, extra trucks, and a playmat accessory, can help foster your little one’s creativity. If your child loves to spend time outside, trucks made for mud and sand may be your best bet.

  • 3. How do I know what age a toy truck is designed for?

    Follow the age suggestions labeled on the toy trucks of your choosing. Trucks designated for infants may be too childish and not engaging for three-year-olds, while trucks made for elementary kids may pose risks to younger uses. Be sure to keep smaller pieces that could become choke hazards away from younger kids and keep heavy trucks off of high places to avoid your toddler getting hurt.

  • 4. Can my sons and daughters play with toy trucks?

    Toy trucks can be enjoyed by all children, regardless of gender. All of the toy trucks included here can be used by your sons and daughters.

  • 5. How do I extend the life of our toy trucks?

    While toy trucks are meant for rough play, follow the care instructions of your choice. Avoid leaving your trucks outside exposed to the elements, and be sure not to submerge battery-operated trucks in water. Most trucks can be cleaned with a damp cloth and a mild soap.


Toy trucks for three-year-olds are a great option for parents looking for toys that can be played with for years and years. Designed for this specific age range, this selection of toy trucks offers various accessories and capabilities to engage and entertain this age group. From features that light up and make sounds to exciting accessories and interactive options, your little ones will enjoy playing with all of these trucks in different ways. Allowing your children to use their imaginations and create various adventures and scenarios with their vehicles, playing with toy trucks is not only fun but also a vehicle for learning and growing! Pun intended.