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7 Best Vacuums for Kids (2022 Reviews)

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Kids love mimicking mom and dad, even when it comes to completing household chores. Toy vacuums can be a fun part of the charade and also teach kids the importance of cleaning up after themselves. From Fisher-Price miniatures to Dyson replicas, here are the seven best vacuums for kids.

Best Vacuums for Kids

  • 1. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Light-up Learning Vacuum

    (Best for toddlers — $)

    Why it’s great: This Fisher-Price vacuum is a good option for toddlers looking to practice their gross motor skills like balance and coordination. Featuring a bright and friendly design, this toy vacuum has an “on” switch that plays vacuum sounds and an “off” switch that plays learning songs and phrases. The light-up canister button plays additional music and phrases that teach kids about counting, colors, shapes, and opposites. This toy vacuum’s adjustable design allows tots to tilt their toy up or down to find the perfect fit.

    Keep in mind: Some customers report that this vacuum doesn’t stand up on its own and has to be stored lying down or leaning against something.

    Good for: Younger kids as this vacuum is on the small side and is recommended for kids 1-3 years old.

  • 2. Miniature Casdon Dyson Ball Replica for Children

    (Easiest to use — $$)

    Why it’s great: This Dyson Ball Replica vacuum is popular with parents for being durable, affordable, and easy to use. Designed to be as similar to the real thing as possible, this mini vacuum even sucks up a small amount of dirt when in use. A removable debris drawer allows kids to empty their vacuum when they’re done playing. Colored balls bounce around this vacuum’s cylinder, which twists and turns while it zooms from room to room.

    Keep in mind: This vacuum requires four C batteries, which are not included with purchase.

    Good for: Kids who want a vacuum that really works!

  • 3. PlayGo My Cleaning Trolley with Vacuum Cleaner Toy

    (Most interactive — $$$)

    Why it’s great: This cleaning trolley is a fun toy set for kids who want to do housework alongside mom and dad. Recommended for kids ages 3 and up, this toy collection includes a rolling plastic cart, a motorized vacuum that makes real-life sound effects, broom, mop, scrub brush, and dustpan. Colorful and inviting, this cleaning set has been designed for little hands to operate on their own.

    Keep in mind: Some customers say the cleaning trolley is not as sturdy as they hoped it would be.

    Good for: Kids who love role play as this toy set will provide countless hours of imaginary fun.

  • 4. Melissa & Doug Wooden Vacuum Cleaner Play Set

    (Best wood option — $$)

    Why it’s great: This wooden vacuum, made by leading industry brand Melissa & Doug, is praised by customers for being easy to assemble and easy to use. Measuring 23.5 inches high, this kid-sized vacuum comes with a handful of wooden pieces to vacuum up, including popcorn, cereal, a button, a ring, a bandage, paper clips, and a coin. To empty this vacuum, kids only need to lift its front lid. This toy vacuum’s handle tilts up and down just like a real vacuum while a twistable dial allows kids to change cleaning modes with the flick of a wrist.

    Keep in mind: This vacuum isn’t battery-powered, nor does it make any sounds.

    Good for: Families that prefer wooden toys to plastic toys.

  • 5. BLACK+DECKER Dustbuster Junior Toy Handheld Vacuum

    (Best hand-held option — $)

    Why it’s great: This junior dustbuster is part of a line of preschool products made by the popular power tool manufacturer Black & Decker. Modeled after a modern version of the brand’s iconic dustbuster, this handheld vacuum makes realistic sounds while it works. Made with quality and authenticity in mind, this mini vacuum is popular with customers for its durability and for helping kids get over their fear of vacuums.

    Keep in mind: This toy dustbuster doesn’t have real suction power and doesn’t pick up any dirt.

    Good for: Gifting as this toy vacuum is unique, affordable, and high-quality.

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  • 6. Kids Vacuum Cleaner Toy Set

    (Most durable — $$$)

    Why it’s great: This toy vacuum set includes a working spray bottle and two cleaning rags, perfect for pretending to clean the house. When turned on, the motorized vacuum plays realistic vacuum sounds while confetti swirls inside the front cylinder. Made of BPA-free, non-toxic ABS plastic, this toy vacuum features a bright color scheme, smooth contours, and an easy-to-grip handle. This vacuum’s sturdy construction ensures younger children will be able to operate it with ease.

    Keep in mind: Some customers say the spray bottle is tricky to use.

    Good for: Active kids who play hard as this vacuum set is praised for being extra durable.

  • 7. Casdon Dyson Cord-Free Interactive Toy Vacuum

    (Most realistic — $$)

    Why it’s great: This interactive Dyson replica vacuum is a great option for kids who are ready to take on some real-life cleaning responsibilities. Featuring two ways to clean, this vacuum has a short nozzle for handheld vacuuming and a long handle for traditional “twist and turn” cleaning. This vacuum has working suction and will pick up real dirt and debris when powered on. Parents praise this vacuum for its uncanny resemblance to the Dyson cord-free vacuum, including its accessible debris tray and simulated cyclone action.

    Keep in mind: Some customers say this vacuum is a bit heavy and can be unwieldy for smaller children.

    Good for: Older kids as this vacuum is bigger and looks and operates like a real vacuum.

Best Overall

The Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Light-up Learning Vacuum is our overall top recommendation. It's the highest quality product we have found with the most affordable price making it the best value on our list..

FAQs about Vacuums for Kids

  • 1. What should I consider when shopping for vacuums for kids?

    The first thing you’ll want to consider when shopping for a toy vacuum is your little one’s age, size, and capabilities. Some toy vacuums are more suitable for younger kids as they’re smaller and come with easy-to-push buttons, flashing lights, and fun sounds and music intended to stimulate senses and engage developing attention spans. Older kids will be more excited to receive a toy vacuum that’s bigger and looks closer to the real thing. You’ll also want to choose a toy vacuum with a durable design as it’s likely to sustain some rough handling. If your little one is especially interested in playing clean-up, you may opt to get a playset that not only includes a vacuum, but other cleaning toys, such as spray bottles, a mop, and a broom and dustpan. Price is always an important factor when shopping for toys and games, but fortunately, there are plenty of toy vacuums for kids that are available at a reasonable price.

  • 2. What age is best for a toy vacuum?

    Toy vacuums are great for all ages, though different products will work better for different ages. Some toy vacuums are best for toddlers ages 1-3 while others have been designed for kids up to 10 years old. For tots just learning to walk, a vacuum that doubles as a walker can be a great way to inspire your little one to take their first steps. For older kids, a more advanced Dyson replica might be a better choice as it’s not only bigger but operates like a real vacuum. If you’re not sure whether a toy vacuum will be right for your child, double-check the item description for a product’s specific age recommendations.

  • 3. What are the benefits of toy vacuums for kids?

    Toy vacuums are a great way to teach kids about the importance of household chores and cleaning up. Younger kids are quick to pick up the behaviors they see modeled by their parents and caregivers, so it’s likely they’ll be excited to have their turn to “clean house.” Toy vacuums also provide an opportunity to encourage your little ones to use their imagination. Roleplay is an important part of children’s cognitive development and can improve their language and social skills. Toy vacuums also include features designed to help kids practice their hand-eye coordination as well as their gross and fine motor skills.

  • 4. Are there any safety hazards when it comes to vacuums for kids?

    Most toy vacuums have been designed with kids’ safety in mind. That being said, you’ll want to make sure the toy vacuum you choose is age-appropriate and assembled properly. You should also always read your toy vacuum’s instructions thoroughly to ensure your little one is using it safely and correctly.

  • 5. Do toy vacuums actually pick up dirt?

    It may be hard to believe, but some toy vacuums do include working suction power. While it may not be as strong as an adult-sized vacuum, these mini versions will pick up some dirt and debris when powered on.


Toy vacuums provide an easy opportunity to get your little one excited about doing chores around the house. Some toy vacuums even suck up real dirt! More than just teaching about the importance of cleaning up, toy vacuums are a great way to encourage imaginary play and offer countless developmental benefits. Not only do toy vacuums improve hand-eye coordination, but they can be a great way for kids to practice their social and motor skills. Younger kids will love having a toy vacuum that engages the senses with fun sounds and flashing lights. Most toy vacuums are durable, affordable, and easy to assemble, making them the perfect gift for kids of all ages and capabilities.