7 Best Vibration Plates (2021 Reviews)

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Updated on January 28, 2021 by Lyric Fergusson

There have been many new innovations in fitness over the past few years. Of them, one of my favorites are vibration machines, have become wildly popular for 2 reasons: they make exercising a piece of cake, and when used in tandem with proper diet and other exercises, they get results. These machines are simple, fun to use, and some studies have shown that they can improve your health. How do they work, you might ask? Well, by forcing your muscles to contract and stabilize your body as you exercise, these machines help optimize the results of your low impact workout. The result? By sticking to a daily fitness routine that includes a vibration machine, you’ll become stronger, more trim, and improve your circulation. And you can do this right in the comfort of your own home or office!

It’s important to choose a vibration plate that fits your family’s needs. There are some with more bells and whistles, while others are more of a basic style. As simple as they are, there are factors to consider, like size, weight, how easy they are to store, which technologies you will be using, etc. We’ve done the research for you and composed this list of the top 7 vibration plates, with a breakdown of which features they come with and what to expect. Next thing you know, you’ll be ready to give one a try!


The Best Vibration Plates

1. LifePro Waver Vibration Plate Exercise Machine

(Easiest storage — $)

LifePro Waver Vibration Plate Exercise MachineWhy it’s great: You deserve to feel great after a workout, and that’s just what you’ll get if you add the LifePro Waver to your routine. The benefits you’ll get from this goes beyond building muscle; the product states that it will boost metabolism, increase circulation and bone density, and suppress joint stress levels. This vibration plate has 99 speed settings so that you can choose the perfect level for your ability. If you’re not sure which exercises to do on the vibration plate, the online professional training manual and e-book will guide you. LifePro had storage in mind when they built this; it’s slim enough to fit under many couches and has wheels underneath for transport. This small machine packs a punch. And with the lifetime warranty, how can you go wrong?

Keep in mind: There is a 30 day return policy.

Good for: Those with a small space for storing equipment.

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2. MVPower 3D Vibration Plate

(Best display — $)

MVPower 3D Vibration PlateWhy it’s great: Get ready for a powerful workout…on the higher settings (there are 120!) your muscles will contract several thousand times in just a few minutes. That’s intense! You can choose your workout level on the LCD touch screen, or use the remote control provided for even quicker adjustments. You can choose the time and type of vibration individually, or select one of the automatic programs so not to interrupt your training. If you’re worried about your joints, movements can be performed on the 3 vibration zones, which do not overload the joints. All you need is a small amount of time to achieve big results. Each 10-minute program is geared towards specific fitness goals: overall fitness, fat loss, toning muscle, massage + blood circulation, and increasing bone density. No matter which goal is yours, you’ll find a perfect pairing with the MVPower Vibration Plate.

Keep in mind: The exercise bands that are included are not meant for intense work outs.

Good for: People who want all the benefits of a vibration plate, but are on a budget.

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3. Hurtle Fitness Vibration Platform Workout Machine

(Easiest to program — $)

Hurtle Fitness Vibration Platform Workout MachineWhy it’s great: If you’re looking for something that you don’t have to put a lot of thought or effort into, you’ve found the best model for you! The Hurtle Fitness Vibration Platform has a fully computerized screen and a remote to let you select 20 varied vibration speeds. It’s great for older family members or those who need assistance, who don’t want to mess with multiple settings. This machine works well at helping to improve balance as well as all the common benefits of a vibration plate, such as minimizing cellulite, improving circulation, and toning muscles. The Hurtle Fitness works well on any surface and can be used in small spaces very easily. Resistance Bands are included as a bonus for your workout.

Keep in mind: This product is only recommended for use 10 minutes per day.

Good for: Minimalists who enjoy easy-to-program settings.

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4. LifePro Turbo 3D Vibration Plate Exercise Machine

(Best pain reliever — $$$)

LifePro Turbo 3D Vibration Plate Exercise MachineWhy it’s great: Whether you’re combating lower back pain, aching knees, or painful joints, stepping on the LifeProTurbo vibration plate will give you fast and noticeable relief. The vibration stimulates your nerves, which helps block out pain and relieves tension in your joints. This model is an upgrade of earlier models and has two robust motors for more range of motion. According to many customers, the Life Pro Turbo can also help with sleep when used regularly. One of the best features is the live support staff that is available to help, as well as an extensive library of training videos and tools. That can be very helpful when you’re using a whole-body vibration machine for the first (or hundredth!) time. If you’re looking for a lot of bells and whistles, accompanied by a lot of health benefits, this is the best vibration plate for you.

Keep in mind: The e-book is sent separately by email, so be sure to use a current email address when registering.

Good for: Those who want more foot space for specific exercises.

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5. Rumblex Plus 4D Vibration Plate Exercise Machine

(Most quiet — $$$)

Rumblex Plus 4D Vibration Plate Exercise MachineWhy it’s great: The Rumblex Plus has gone over the top with this one: 3 top of the line motors will deliver 4D therapeutic vibrations. Depending on your goals, you have three different motions to choose from, or you can combine all three. The surface they’ve used is quite innovative, made to reduce stress on the joints and improve healing and health. The Rumblex is quite high tech, allowing you to use Bluetooth to control the training modes if you choose. If not, there’s a remote that will also work well. There are also built-in Bluetooth speakers if you want to play some tunes during the Whole Body Vibration process, and since this model is so extremely quiet, you won’t have to blast the music to cover the hum of the vibration. In fact, the Rumblex Plus is also made without annoying alarms and beeps, making it one of the quietest vibration plates on the market. Enjoy all the luxuries while you work out from home!

Keep in mind: The machine turns off after 10 minutes, but you can re-start the timer as needed from the remote or Bluetooth device.

Good for: People who live with others and want a quiet environment.

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6. LifePro Rumblex 4D Vibration Plate Exercise Machine

(Most customizable routines — $$$)

LifePro Rumblex 4D Vibration Plate Exercise MachineWhy it’s great: If you’re looking for relief after an injury, this Rumblex model comes with everything you need to make your recovery journey a success. Lifepro’s Guiding Angel program offers live support (hard to find these days), plus offers a comprehensive library of training videos. There are seven different training modes that utilize 4 dimensions of therapeutic vibrations. You can customize and find the exact workout you’re looking for.
Like the 3D Rumbex, this model has built-in Bluetooth speakers that stream your favorite tunes, which you can control from a Bluetooth watch or just use the handy remote for programming. To top it off, you’ll get an exercise mat and 4 bonus resistance bands for your routine. I think the most fun feature of this vibration plate is the party lights on the sides of the unit, which flicker with the beat of the music you choose, and it changes colors as the intensity increases. There’s never a dull moment when you’re using the Rumblex 4D!

Keep in mind: Use the mat it comes with to protect your flooring, especially hard wood.

Good for: People who want to use up-to-date tech to make their workouts even better.

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7. ADVENOR Vibration Plate Exercise Machine

(Most compact — $)

ADVENOR Vibration Plate Exercise MachineWhy it’s great: It’s easy to set goals but harder to work towards them…but not with the ADVENOR vibration plate! Whether you’re looking to burn calories, increase muscle strength, or improve overall health, you’ll get all the benefits from the easy ten minute pre-set workouts. You’ll get to your goal faster and feel great every time you use the vibration plate. Improving your balance is another added benefit. The Loop Bands that come with the ADVENOR are meant for doing different exercises and can provide much-needed resistance to your muscles. This vibration plate is easy to store and quite compact, so you can even take it on-the-go. Lots of people are choosing this vibration plate to warm up before a workout or relax after one. Choose the intensity by selecting one of 99 speed levels. Set your goal, achieve it, and then go to the next level with this ADVENOR vibration plate.

Keep in mind: If you are looking to increase your cardio, use the armbands that come with it for increased heart rate and intensity.

Good for: Travelers, people on-the-go.

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FAQs about vibration plates

1. Are these machines good for all fitness levels?

Yes, they work well for beginners and advanced users; just make sure you pick a machine compatible with your level. The adjustable vibration levels can ease you in so that you can see which setting is best for you, and work your way up. Also, before starting any routine, it is best to speak with your doctor or trainer before you start.

2. Do they work with any weight class?

Most vibration plates hold up to 300-350 pounds, so they can be used by people of all different weights and sizes. Check the weight limits before purchasing, just to be sure that the one you are buying is the best one for you.

3. Will vibration plates make me lose weight?

There is overwhelming proof by users that with regular use, vibration plates can help you shed pounds and become more toned. If you want to see better and quicker results, it is recommended that you combine vibration workouts with a few other exercises. There are many free videos online that can help you with your comprehensive routine.

4. How often should I use my vibration plate?

Generally, most vibration plates are used for between 15 and 30 minutes, 2 to 3 times a week. Of course, this can vary from machine to machine, so it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. It’s also best to start slow as you add it to your routine, and implement it more once you become used to it over time.

5. What are some typical exercises I can do on my vibration machine?

One of the best ways to exercise with the vibration plate is to include squats in your workout. Lunges, pushups (only your upper body is on the machine), and planks are also very popular options. Each vibration machine will come with a manual, e-book, and/or video guide to help you get started. For beginners, some much more simple moves can help you get a kick start.


Vibration plates are beneficial for those who want to strengthen and build muscle. They are a great addition to a workout routine and can be done from the privacy of your home. It’s also amazing that vibration plates can reduce muscle soreness, improve flexibility, enhance blood flow, and reduce back pain. The first several times I used them, I could definitely feel my circulation going crazy. And afterward, I feel so rejuvenated. Now that you’ve looked over the top 7 vibration plates on the market, it’s time for you to consider the type of vibration you’re looking for (oscillating or tri-planar), which technology you’ll want to take advantage of, and the overall size of the device. Vibration plates can transform your everyday routine and improve how you look and feel, giving you confidence and strength, in addition to helping you maintain your figure.