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7 Best Water Guns for Kids – Endless Outdoor Excitement (2022 Reviews)

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Summertime means that kids are home from school with nothing to do for months. Even worse, it’s too hot outside to send them out to play. If you’re looking for something that will help eliminate some of your child’s screen time and help them get active, a water gun may be just what you need.

Water guns are a favorite pastime for kids of all ages and can even be a fun activity for the whole family. With hundreds of styles on the market, I’ve helped you narrow your options by creating this list of the 7 best water guns for kids.

The Best Water Guns for Kids

  • 1. NERF Fortnite TS-R Super Soaker Water Blaster

    (Best quality — $$$)

    Why it’s great: NERF’s super soakers are the most popular water guns on the market. This new Fortnight blaster takes them to the next level. It’s inspired by an actual gun used in the game Fortnight, which allows your child to pretend they’re actually in their favorite game. It holds 36 ounces of water and is easy for kids to refill on their own. Rather than using a trigger, your child will use the pump action to soak their opponents. This allows for faster and easier spraying for kids ages six and up.

    Keep in mind: This one does have small parts, so it’s best for older children over six.

    Good for: Kids who want a NERF super soaker and love Fortnight.

  • 2. Stream Machine Water Gun Launcher

    (Longest spray — $$)

    Why it’s great: This water gun is super simple and easy for kids to spray. It uses suction to pull the water in when submerged and all they have to do is pull back the spout. This water gun can spray as far as 70 feet, making it the most powerful option on the list. It comes in different colors and sizes, making it fun for all ages. It’s also easy to direct the spray and shoot accurately. It’s made of high-quality materials, and the paint won’t chip or peel, so these water guns will last for a while.

    Keep in mind: These need a tub of water or a pool to refill since they need to be submerged. They’re also recommended for kids ages eight and up, but they are fine for younger kids with supervision.

    Good for: Kids who want to be able to spray water really far.

  • 3. Super Water Guns for Kids & Adults

    (Best set — $$$)

    Why it’s great: These water guns come in a set of two and are great for kids and adults alike! They have huge water tanks that hold 40 ounces of water, which is more than most of the other options. They’re made of non-toxic and eco-friendly materials, which are also highly durable and won’t break easily. They’re easy to use with a pump-action and can shoot up to 35 feet! The back opens up with a large opening, allowing kids to easily fill it on their own.

    Keep in mind: These water guns are recommended for kids ages 3 and up, but they might be a little bulky and heavy for younger kids.

    Good for: Families with kids who want to have a water fight or parents that want to join in the fun.

  • 4. Bukm Water Guns for Kids, 2 Pack Super Squirt Guns Water Soaker Blaster

    (Best multi-stream — $$)

    Why it’s great: This is the only water gun on the list that has multiple holes for spraying and soaking your opponents. It has four nozzles and can shoot up to 30 feet! Each gun holds 38 ounces of water, giving your child plenty of ammo before they need to refill. They have a twist-off cap that makes refilling them a breeze, even for kids. The handle is perfectly suited for little hands but still comfortable enough for adults to use. These use a pump-action to fire, which is simple and effective.

    Keep in mind: These are recommended for kids ages 3 and up, but the stream is pretty powerful, so make sure that you’re teaching younger kids proper safety before they use them.

    Good for: Kids who want to be able to really soak their opponents with multiple streams of water.

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  • 5. unanscre 2 Pack Dinosaur Water Blaster Soaker Gun for Kids

    (Most adorable — $)

    Why it’s great: These water guns are absolutely adorable and come in the shape of dinosaurs. You’ll get a pack of two, one tyrannosaurus and one T-Rex shaped gun. They come in fun, bright colors, and the water sprays out of the reptiles’ mouths. They’re easy to use – all your child needs to do is pull the head out and push it back in to spray. They’re made of strong plastic that won’t break easily and are perfect for use in the pool.

    Keep in mind: These do need to be submerged in water to fill, so they’re better for the pool.

    Good for: Kids who want a fun and adorable water gun.

  • 6. OMWay Water Guns for Kids, 4 Pack Soaker Squirt Guns

    (Best for young kids — $)

    Why it’s great: These water guns are safe for kids as young as two years old and use a regular trigger system to shoot, making them super simple for younger kids. They come in a set of four in various colors, so they’re great for families with lots of kids or playing with friends. Each gun holds about 7 and a half ounces of water and has a cap at the back to refill. The simple and compact design makes them lightweight and easy for kids of all ages to use.

    Keep in mind: These don’t hold very much water and are pretty small, so they’re best for younger kids.

    Good for: Younger kids ages 2-6 years old who want to start playing with water guns.

  • 7. Max Liquidator 6-Pack Water Blaster Set

    (Best value — $$$)

    Why it’s great: These water blasters come in a set of six at an affordable price, making them the best value on the list. They come in an assortment of colors and are made mostly of foam, which floats in the pool. They use suction to fill with water and offer a long and accurate stream of water. They’re easy to use since all you have to do is pull out underwater and pull back in to shoot. They’re also extremely lightweight since they’re built mostly of foam. They can shoot up to 30 feet and are recommended for kids ages 6 and up.

    Keep in mind: These are also great for playing in the pool.

    Good for: Families who want to have plenty of water blasters to use in the pool.

Best Overall

The NERF Fortnite TS-R Super Soaker Water Blaster is our overall top recommendation. It's the highest quality product we have found with the most affordable price making it the best value on our list..

FAQs about Water Guns for Kids

  • 1. What’s the point of a water gun?

    A water gun is a fun way for kids to stay cool in the summer. It allows them to shoot water at different targets. Water guns are fun for the whole family and let kids have fun water fights when it’s hot outside.

  • 2. At what age can my child start playing with a water gun?

    It depends on the water gun, but some are made for kids as young as two years old to use. For toddlers, it’s best to make sure that the water gun doesn’t have any small pieces and that the spray isn’t too strong.

  • 3. Are water guns safe for kids to use?

    Water guns are actually safer than other types of play guns for kids, like ones that shoot foam darts or balls. Water isn’t likely to cause damage when your child gets hit by a squirt gun, while the other projectiles could actually hurt your child. However, it’s still best to monitor your children when using them and teach them not to shoot anyone in the face or at super close range.

  • 4. How far can a water gun for kids shoot?

    This varies based on the actual water gun. The Stream Machine on this list can shoot the farthest and spray water up to 70 feet!

  • 5. What should I look for in a water gun for kids?

    You’ll want to make sure that you choose a water gun that’s age-appropriate for your kids. Also, consider choosing something smaller and lightweight for younger kids, as bigger ones may be harder for them to hold. Look at the water tank and see how easy it is to fill and how much use they’ll get before they have to refill. It’s also a good idea to check the durability and make sure that you choose one that’s built to last.


Water guns are a great way to keep your child entertained during the summer months. Not only will they keep your child active and playing outdoors, but they’ll also help them to stay cool in the heat.

Water guns come in all shapes and sizes, so find one that suits your child’s style and needs. There are a variety of options on this list, so you should be able to choose one that your little one will love.