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8 Best Wedding Dresses Under $200 (2022 Reviews)

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Your wedding dress represents the embodiment of lifelong hopes and wishes, and is the fashion statement most people have dreamt about since they were a child.

Now the big day is approaching, and you have begun the hunt for the perfect dress. Wedding dress shopping can be a delightful part of the wedding planning process—but it can also be stressful! From finding the right fit to not feeling like you resemble an iced cupcake more than a bride, finding the perfect dress is no small feat.

Then there’s the considerable cost that can come along with the dress hunt. With dresses ranging from $500 – $4000, the average national spent is $1631. That is nothing to sneeze at!

If you are suffering from sticker shock, don’t worry. Gorgeous wedding gowns under $200 can be found. They feature exquisite lace, voluminous layers, and jeweled accents that will make you feel just like a princess on your big day. And here’s the best part – nobody will ever know you got them for a fraction of the price.

They are that beautiful.

And you are that savvy.

Here are my recommendations for the best wedding dresses under $200.

Best Wedding Dresses Under $200

  • 1. Abaowedding Vintage Short Lace Wedding Dress

    (Best retro design)

    Why it’s great: There is something about tea-length wedding dresses that screams fun, flirty, and “I am ready to hit the dance floor” while remaining timeless. This dress embodies all of those qualities perfectly. With its vintage look that could have jumped straight out of a classic movie, it doesn’t skimp on the details either. We’re talking hand-embroidered appliques that add the perfect amount of flair.

    Keep in mind: This dress has a lace-up back, which is perfect for cinching to fit your individual curves.

    Good for: Minimalist wedding affairs, or for simply adding a bit of retro flair to your look.

  • 2. JAEDEN A-Line Lace Wedding Gown with Ruffles and Straps

    (Best use of gorgeous ruffles)

    Why it’s great: This dress is the ultimate combination of chic and flirty. A hybrid of “Romeo and Juliet” romance and modern chic, it has just the right touch of sophisticated glamour.

    The sweetheart neckline offers just enough of a dipping “V” to give the dress a cosmopolitan touch. The delicate back exposes just enough of the back to be sexy without going over the top.

    And don’t forget the oh-so-soft chiffon fabric—a favorite wedding dress material that will ensure you stay comfortable without sacrificing elegance. And those ruffles are sure to be one of the best props you will find for those bridal photographs and Insta-worthy poses on the dance floor.

    Keep in mind: This dress has a bit of a train, so it might not be best suited for muddy or outdoor conditions.

    Good for: Adding a bit of classic romance to your affair.

  • 3. OYISHA Strapless Sweetheart Dress

    (Best glamour jeweled look)

    Why it’s great: No dress shows your individual curves off quite like a mermaid dress. This dress ticks all the boxes for a gorgeous gown, from its traditional sweetheart neck to its generously fluted bottom.

    The lace-up closure in the back pairs with bodice boning to ensure a flattering fit. The included belt is a fun accent piece if you want to use it, but the dress looks stunning without it. In classic satin and lace fashion, this is the perfect dress to take you from the altar to the dance floor.

    Keep in mind: This dress fits tight as a glove, so you might want to consider getting a size larger and altering the dress to make sure it fits you perfectly.

    Good for: A fun mermaid-silhouette dress with a dramatic train.

  • 4. Clothfun V-Neck Lace Dress

    (Best royalty-inspired design)

    Why it’s great: This wedding dress evokes a bit of royal flair, with its similarity to Kate Middleton’s classic dress that took the world by storm. You’ll adore its lace sleeves and sweetheart v-neck neckline that has been updated with just a hint of a plunging peek-a-boo. The corset lace-up closure is sure to make sure the dress fits your curves perfectly.

    If you are looking for something fit for a queen, this is the dress for you.

    Keep in mind: You’ll want to be sure the lace sleeves fit correctly. Be sure to pay careful attention to your arm measurement details when ordering the dress.

    Good for: Brides who want to feel like a princess on their wedding day.

  • 5. Ikerenwedding A-line Tulle Dress

    (Best simple chic)

    Why it’s great: If this dress doesn’t already have you swooning with its lace front and romantic twirls of lacey tulle on the skirt, then take a second look at the back. That button-up pearl back is simply breathtaking.

    With its off-white color and soft silhouette, this dress strikes a perfect balance between dressed-up and approachable. It is perfect for more low-key events. Pair it with a bouquet of gorgeous flowers and an ocean sunset and you have a romantic dress that is distinctively soft, yet stunning.

    Keep in mind: This dress comes in ivory color, not pure white.

    Good for: Beach wedding and other outdoor occasions that need a lighter touch on the gown.

  • 6. Likedpage Ball Gown

    (Best dramatic look)

    Why it’s great: Every woman wants to feel like Cinderella on her wedding day, and this dress is practically made for such a thing. From any perspective, the gown truly provides a gorgeous silhouette.

    With its sleeveless sweetheart neckline and billowing skirt, this gown will make you feel like a bride on her way to the ultimate ball. And there isn’t a more perfect dress for making a grand entrance.

    You’ll feel like you are floating—not walking—down the aisle.

    Keep in mind: For the most dramatic skirt silhouette, consider wearing a hoop skirt under the tulle.

    Good for: Brides who want to feel like Cinderella.

  • 7. Likedpage Lace Mermaid Dress

    (Best simple mermaid silhouette)

    Why it’s great: This mermaid dress comes in satin and lace, and just oozes with feminine charm. The jeweled sash serves perfectly as an accent piece, and the fluted bottom hints at flair and adds a train without going overboard.

    The dress includes a built-in bra, so you won’t have to worry about pulling off that sweetheart neckline. The corset includes a generous amount of silk material to expand the dress size if need be. And the material is just light enough to stay comfortable even on a sunny day.

    With its gorgeous fabric that hugs your body in all the right places, this dress is sure to accentuate your favorite curves perfectly.

    Keep in mind: This dress train doesn’t tie up.

    Good for: A budget mermaid silhouette that looks like it cost a lot more.

  • 8. Erosebridal Sleeveless Chiffon Wedding Dress

    (Best for destination weddings)

    Why it’s great: A lot of brides that are getting married on the beach choose to go for a more BoHo chic look, because anything else seems simply too heavy. But this lovely little dress features a gorgeous empire waist and just enough lace to be elegant without skimping on the simplicity a beach wedding requires.

    Plus, this dress travels well. According to at least one adventurous user, it even stood up to a dip in the ocean, sand and all—with a good laundering afterward, of course.

    Keep in mind: Wear nude undergarments for the best results with this dress.

    Good for: Destination weddings or other situations where your gown needs to be packed up for a little while.

Best Overall

The Abaowedding Vintage Short Lace Wedding Dress is our overall top recommendation. It's the highest quality product we have found with the most affordable price making it the best value on our list..

FAQs about wedding dresses

  • 1. What color dress should a bride wear for her second wedding?

    There is no standard answer as to what color dress a bride should wear for her second wedding. If white is the color that will make you feel the most beautiful, that’s what you should wear!

    Keep in mind that it was Queen Victoria who originally popularized white as the bridal dress color du jour. Previously, wedding dresses were simply the best dress you had hanging in your closet, They could have been black or polka-dotted or plaid.

    If the fear of traditional meaning is still keeping you from committing a possible social taboo, you can explore other colors that are just as gorgeous. Soft ivories hint at traditional white but with just a hint of difference. Soft champagnes, roses, and blues can also be a good choice. Generally speaking, any color in a pale, more blush-toned hue can make for a good wedding dress hue.

  • 2. What should a bride wear under her wedding dress?

    There is no single answer to what a bride should wear under her wedding dress—after all, the answer to that question has almost as many answers as there are styles of wedding dress! Depending on the neckline and even the hem length, there’s a variety of slips and shapewear that can accentuate your figure and make your dress fit a bit better. You can even buy undergarments that are made specifically to be worn under mermaid dresses or tea-length dresses.

    But maybe you don’t want to get that specific. You will probably want, at the very least, a comfortable bra that lends a bit of extra support for your big day. Whatever you choose, be sure that the undergarment doesn’t peek out of your dress and ruin the overall effect.

  • 3. What is the most popular wedding dress?

    When it comes to wedding dresses, there probably isn’t such a thing as “most popular.” A more truthful statement might be that certain styles are “more trendy” at the moment. For example, the bohemian verve of the ‘60s led to hemlines trending higher and higher, hearkening back to the roaring ‘20s when dress lengths ran similarly high. The ‘70s saw the advent of hats in place of veils, and so-on. Recent years have seen a growth in popularity for the mermaid silhouette.

    That said, classic silhouettes are always in style. Ball gown styles have been worn on the wedding days of some of style’s greatest icons, including Jackie O and Grace Kelly. And simpler dresses such as the boat-necked gown Meghan Markle wore on her wedding day also have timeless appeal.

  • 4. What is the most flattering wedding dress style?

    The most flattering wedding dress style is the one that makes you feel uniquely beautiful. That said, certain silhouettes are thought to be universally flattering. These include trumpet and a-line silhouettes as well as ball gowns.

  • 5. Are a-line wedding dresses flattering?

    A-line dress silhouettes are praised for their chameleon effect – they cinch at the waist and flair out from that. They are a classic silhouette and have been the foundation of gorgeous dresses for ages for a reason.

  • 6. What’s the best fabric for a summer wedding dress?

    Lightweight fabrics that make great options for summer wedding dresses include silk taffeta, chiffon, organza, and even tulle. So-called illusion lace is another great choice—it makes the lace appear to be imprinted on your skin, but is actually a breathable fabric that offers just the right amount of coverage.


Vera Wang famously said that a wedding dress should “feel as good as it looks.”

These gorgeous wedding dresses under $200 are so beautiful that nobody will know you didn’t find them at a high-end retailer. You can spend a fraction of the price for a similar look, and feel just as beautiful. Let’s not forget the other benefit—you won’t feel so stressed out if a hapless wedding guest spills champagne on your designer dress that cost you a small fortune!

No matter which dress you choose, you can feel good (and gorgeous!) knowing that you paid a fraction of the cost. And don’t forget the most important thing of all. It’s not the dress, but the girl in the dress, that matters.