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7 Best Women’s Watches Under $100 – Luxury and Smart (2022 Reviews)

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Wearing a watch is not only coinvent to tell the time but is also a beautiful fashion accessory. Beyond the functionality of the normal watch, feel confident and comfortable when you wear a watch that fits your lifestyle and fashion needs. The list below focuses on some of the best watches focusing on extravagant design, layering sets and smart watches. Do you want a high performing athletic watch, or would you like to look chic and suave on a lavish vacation? The choice is up to you when you choose any of these beautiful, yet affordable watches.

Best Women’s Watches Under $100

  • 1. Michael Kors Watch

    (Best value)

    Why it’s great: This bright, timeless Michael Kors watch provides luxury style at an incredible price. This stainless steel, round analog watch is the perfect accessory for jet setting around the world or casual use. The round face has a pink dial with rose gold markers making it always chic and iconic.

    This is water-resistant up to 50 meters making it the perfect holiday accessory. This watch is ready to wear and elevates any outfit into a fashionista’s dream. Its fold-over clasp closure has a push-button release making it easy to take on and off. Wear this and feel like a superstar no matter your environment.

    Keep in mind: That although this is water resistant it’s not waterproof. It’s suitable to be used for short periods of time, but not long durations.

    Good for: Women who want to add a splash of color to their outfit and always look chic.

  • 2. Swatch Women's Watch

    (Most colorful)

    Why it’s great: This classic swiss made swatch watch is perfect to add a bit of color and happiness into your life for a daily dose of fun. This rainbow watch has a round dial, Arabic hour markers and baton hands with circle at the ends, making this great for anyone wanting to add a bit of flare in their life.

    This watch is made with quality in mind, reliability, and is water-resistant. Swatches are made for all ages and every occasion is appropriate to wear a swatch. This is plastic, has an analog display, and has a classic buckle making it easy to adjust the size. Learn to express yourself when wearing a swatch.

    Keep in mind: This watch cannot be read in the dark. The features don’t allow it to glow in the dark or be black lit.

    Good for: Women who want a fun, casual watch for everyday life.

  • 3. Timex Ironman Watch

    (Best sports watch)

    Why it’s great: This sportsman, high intensity watch is a must for anyone looking to workout. This is built with durability and performance in mind and offers a large display so you can easily exercise and still view your watch. It has a quick 5-button access to alarms, timers and a 30-lap stopwatch.

    Easily set timers, monitor workouts, and create countdowns to use this watch to its fullest potential. It offers adjustable silicon straps, has blacklight technology, and is lightweight. Wear this comfortable, Ironman sleek watch to cross every finish line that life throws your way.

    Keep in mind: This watch only has one standard wrist size, so check the measurements to make sure it will fit your wrists.

    Good for: Women who want a watch to match their athletic lifestyle.

  • 4. AIKELA Smart Watch

    (Best smart watch)

    Why it’s great: This smart watch allows you to do everything and more and at an unbeatable price. Easily monitor your heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen levels when you wear this watch to workout or enjoy everyday life. Choose from different sport modes and use its breathing exercises to have a moment for yourself every day.

    Set reminders, turn calls, and message notifications on and use its music control to use the watch to its best abilities. This is wireless, Bluetooth, easy to charge and its touchscreen makes it perfect for people on the go.

    Keep in mind: To use all the features on this smart watch you have to download the fitpro app.

    Good for: People who want to get their first smartwatch and get it for an incredible price with great quality.

  • 5. Fossil Watch

    (Most stylish)

    Why it’s great: This stylish, sophisticated watch made by Fossil offers a fashionable and chic option for a watch. This quality rose gold watch is made with stainless steel and will look good for years to come. It is water resistant up to 335 feet but is best to not be submerged for too long.

    The big face and wide straps are a statement piece, while the beautiful colors make it an elegant accessory. Take this watch one step further by having it engraved and personalized at a Fossil store. The watch is made with quality materials and will have you feeling like a superstar in no time.

    Keep in mind: The straps on this watch are not interchangeable like most bands, so make sure you like it and the band fits.

    Good for: Women who want an elevated, sophisticated watch for evenings or work.

  • 6. Anne Klein Watch

    (Best value)

    Why it’s great: This stylish black and gold watch has a glossy black dial with a real diamond at 12’oclock and gold hands and markers. This watch was designed with sophistication and the real women in mind. The Japanese quartz movement allows for reliable time keeping and its clasp and extender allows for precision comfort and a customized fit.

    This is a very pretty and delicate-looking watch that pair’s perfectly with jewelry and bangles. Wear this to the office, out for dinner, or a nice beach day as this is water-resistant up to 30 meters and looks stunning with any outfit. Feel confident and beautiful wearing this affordable yet gorgeous watch.

    Keep in mind: Although the watch is adjustable, if you need extra links you can order more links to make the band bigger.

    Good for: Women who want a comfortable watch, yet still feel bold and modern.

  • 7. Anne Klein Watch and Bangle Bracelet

    (Best set)

    Why it’s great: This fun set includes a beautiful watch, chain bracelet, a bangle with enamel inlay and a bangle featuring 36 Swarovski crystals. Easily layer and coordinate the watch and bracelet to make your perfect customized accessory. The whole box set is gold toned and has a jewelry clasp closure. Easily adjust the watch and bracelets for perfect and comfortable fit.

    Own a watch that is good quality, has a consistent fit, and should be an everyday essential in any women’s wardrobe. This Anne Klein set will have you feeling timeless and the Swarovski crystals elevate your look will a little sparkle.

    Keep in mind: This watch is not water resistant, so you need to be careful when around any water.

    Good for: Women who want a watch that can easily be layered with multiple bracelets that all match together.

Best Overall

The Michael Kors Watch is our overall top recommendation. It's the highest quality product we have found with the most affordable price making it the best value on our list..

FAQs about women’s watches

  • 1. What is an analog watch?

    An analog watch is a mechanism that creates the ticking motion and moving of the seconds, minutes, and hour hand simultaneously. It has fixed numerical or hour markers. This type of watch is more classic looking.

  • 2. If my watch is water-resistant can I go swimming with it?

    Most water-resistant watches will let you know the depth they can endure, however, it’s best to not let them be submerged for too long. It typically means that watches can endure a small amount of water, such as splashes but it’s best not to swim or take showers with them on. Check to see if you can wear it in the water before doing so.

  • 3. Are smartwatches a good choice for working out?

    They can be, most smartwatches offer workout modes, music, heartbeat monitors, and much more. The smartwatch on the list is a great choice since the price is impressive and it allows you to have fun while you work out.

  • 4. How often should I replace my watch battery?

    This depends on how much you use the watch, but it can be anywhere between 1-3 years. This allows you to use your watch to the fullest of its potential.

  • 5. How should I choose a watch that is suitable for my wrist size?

    Firstly, you want to make sure the band can be changed or adjusted to properly fir your wrist, so it fits properly and comfortably. Then you want to make sure the face is a good size compared to your wrist. It’s fashionable to wear a bigger watch, but anything too loose will be ill-fitting and cause discomfort.


Return to the world of simplicity and design when deciding on either a classic or modern watch from the list above. The feeling of wearing a watch brings back confidence and highlights an unrecognizable style. Live your best life with an accessory that provides time in the best of conditions. Feel free to live spontaneously when choosing a watch that best fits your routine. Whether you get a classic, timeless watch that just shows the time or a modern watch with all the extra amenities, feel comfortable and secure when creating a relationship with your watch.