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7 Best Wooden Activity Cubes (2022 Reviews)

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With an infinite number of toys available on the market for your little ones, it can be difficult picking and choosing which toys are not only fun for your child to play with but also encourage essential milestones. A wooden activity cube is one of the top toys for your children. This multi-sided toy provides a variety of educational activities developed to entertain little hands and little minds. From bead mazes and shape sorters to spinning gears and alphabet abacuses, your child can practice a variety of skills over and over again. This selection of wooden activity cubes is made from high-quality, durable wood and offers several games that help develop fine motor skills while also introducing your tots to academic concepts.

Best Wooden Activity Cubes

  • 1. Qilay Wooden Baby Activity Cube

    (Best for letter recognition — $)

    Why it’s great: The bright, colorful ABC abacus makes this wooden activity cube a must-have for introducing your child to the alphabet. The Qilay Wooden Baby Activity Cube offers five games for your little one to enjoy, from a shape sorter to a bead maze to spinning gears. Made from 100% natural pine wood, this option is made with nontoxic paint, and it is perfect for infants who may still mouth their toys.

    Keep in mind: Some components of this activity cube are secured with glue rather than with screws which may impact long-term durability.

    Good for: Parents who want their baby to have an early introduction to the alphabet to increase their letter recognition.

  • 2. EverEarth Garden Activity Cube

    (Best nontoxic option — $$$)

    Why it’s great: The EverEarth Garden Activity Cube is made from natural hardwood and stained with non-toxic water-based paint. With seven sides of tasks, including sliding animals, counting beads, geometric shape sorting, and spinning gears, this wooden activity cube will entertain your child for hours. The thoughtful design and attractive colors offer sensory stimulation and can help support healthy brain development.

    Keep in mind: The activity cube can tip over if your child uses the bead maze wire to pull themselves to standing. Be sure to use this toy on a safe, soft surface while supervised by an adult.

    Good for: Parents who prefer their kids to play with nontoxic toy options, especially if they’re still mouthing their toys.

  • 3. TOYVENTIVE Wooden Kids Activity Cube

    (Best budget option — $)

    Why it’s great: This wooden activity cube is a wallet-friendly option that provides a wooden activity cube, stacking cups, and an essential words board book. The specially designed tasks on the TOYVENTIVE Wooden Kids Activity Cube can help foster your child’s counting and math skills. For families with limited space, the top portion of this activity cube flips over and fits inside the cube itself for compact storing.

    Keep in mind: The included blocks are on the smaller side and may not be best for babies that are still mouthing their toys.

    Good for: Parents who want a wooden activity cube that doesn’t break the bank.

  • 4. Battat Discovery Wooden Activity Cube

    (Best animal-themed — $$)

    Why it’s great: The charming barn theme of the Battat Discovery Wooden Activity Cube is the perfect option for animal-loving tots. The five sides include various tasks that promote hand-eye coordination as well as cause and effect comprehension. At over 18 inches, this heirloom-quality wood toy is durable and stable for little ones.

    Keep in mind: The side panels are made from particleboard.

    Good for: Babies who love animals.

  • 5. TOP BRIGHT Wooden Activity Cube

    (Best for number sense — $$$)

    Why it’s great: This wooden activity cube is packed with seven activities that offer numerous opportunities to build number knowledge. The TOP BRIGHT Wooden Activity Cube is made from high-quality wood that has passed the highest toy safety standards and is the perfect companion for babies and toddlers. The rounded corners and bright, delightful colors appeal to even the smallest children.

    Keep in mind: The activity cube is lighter weight and may not support a child pulling themselves to stand using the cube itself.

    Good for: Parents who’d like to introduce number concepts to their little ones early on.

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  • 6. FOPNETS Wooden Activity Cube Push Walker

    (Best multipurpose option — $$)

    Why it’s great: Designed as a wooden activity cube on wheels, the FOPNETS Wooden Activity Cube Push Walker functions as a fun toy and walking support for older babies. Made from 100% natural wood with rounded edges and water-based paint, this option is a safe choice rooted in elements of the Montessori approach. The six different activities help refine your little one’s fine and gross motor skills while simultaneously encouraging their cognitive growth.

    Keep in mind: This activity cube requires assembly before being used by your child.

    Good for: Parents who want the most bang for their buck with a wooden activity cube that also functions as a walker.

  • 7. Early Learning Centre Mini Wooden Activity Cube

    (Best space-saving option — $)

    Why it’s great: The minimalist design of this activity cube is sure to be the perfect addition to your play space. The Early Learning Centre Mini Wooden Activity Cube stands just under 11 inches tall and is ideal for small bookshelves and tight play spaces. With a clock that has movable hands, sliding shapes, turning cogs, a bead maze, and a shape sorter, this wooden activity cube offers hours of entertainment.

    Keep in mind: You may have to periodically check that the screws are tightened into the activity cube before use.

    Good for: Families with limited space who want a wooden activity cube that doesn’t take up too much space.

Best Overall

The Qilay Wooden Baby Activity Cube is our overall top recommendation. It's the highest quality product we have found with the most affordable price making it the best value on our list..

FAQs about Wooden Activity Cubes

  • 1. What is an activity cube?

    An activity cube is a multi-sided toy that is shaped like a cube or 3D shape. Each side offers a fun and engaging activity for your child to use. From abacuses to shape sorters, your little one can work on a variety of skills using one toy. With open-ended tasks, you can be comfortable knowing your child is playing and learning.

  • 2. Why should I opt for wooden toys?

    Wooden toys are better not only for your child but also for the environment. Wooden toys, specifically wooden activity cubes, are made from durable and long-lasting wood that can be passed down year after year. Wooden toys can better activate imaginative play than noisy, light-up toys and also offer a timeless, clean look to your play space.

  • 3. At what age can my little one use a wooden activity cube?

    An activity cube can be used from day one. However, your child will get the most out of their wooden activity cube once they can sit independently, around six months of age. Your little one will continue to enjoy and play with their activity for years to come.

  • 4. Which wooden activity cube is best for my child?

    With a variety of styles and themes to choose from, opt for a wooden activity cube that reflects your child’s specific interests, such as animals or nature. A small-sized activity cube is perfect for little hands and fingers, while larger activity cubes are perfect for older babies and toddlers.

  • 5. What are the benefits of playing with an activity cube?

    An activity cube can encourage your child’s problem-solving capabilities while increasing their hand-eye coordination. Your child can also practice their fine motor skills when manipulating the various tasks on each side of the cube.


Wooden activity cubes are an engaging and screen-free toy option for your children. With numerous sides to choose from, your little ones can practice and repeat a variety of games while simultaneously building their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Unlike most plastic toys, wooden toys are a safe, nontoxic choice that parents can feel comfortable giving to their children. At a range of price points and sizes, you can select the wooden activity cube that best fits your budget and your home.