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7 Cheap Bridesmaid Dresses Under $50 (2022 Reviews)

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Weddings can get expensive. But all aspects of them don’t have to be. While a bride will have her own budget on what she’ll be purchasing for her big day, it’s important to consider that all of her bridesmaids may have very different spending limits.

If you have bridesmaids who want to keep the cost down, we have several suggestions that can help.

Here are a few of the best cheap bridesmaid dresses under $50:

Best Cheap Bridesmaid Dresses Under $50

  • 1. Dressystar V-Neck Sleeveless Lace Bridesmaid Dress

    (Most romantic)

    Why it’s great: Because there’s a lot of coverage up top, I’m a fan of being able to wear a regular bra underneath. The V-neck style is appropriate for a lot of events beyond a wedding, and the lace/chiffon combo is comfortable over a number of hours. It truly feels like a dress that costs more than $40-something. This dress comes in 9 colors, among them blush, black and navy.

    Keep in mind: Size up if you’re in between sizes.

    Good for: Events in all seasons.

  • 2. Grace Karin Vintage Sleeveless V-Neck Cocktail Swing Dress

    (Most fun)

    Why it’s great: This dress has so much potential to be worn after the initial bridesmaid use: pair it with a blazer for work, or wear it to a family holiday party. And with the swing-style bottom, just imagine the amazing professional photos you could get out of it! This dress comes in an astounding 45 colors, including options like plaid, leopard, velvet and sequins. Wouldn’t those make quite the impression at your event?

    Keep in mind: You may want to wear a slip with some of the lighter-colored dresses.

    Good for: A variety of sizes.

  • 3. Woosea High-Neck Split Bodycon Mermaid Evening Cocktail Dress

    (Most form fitting)

    Why it’s great: What a simple statement dress! The top has a more covered-up look, but the bottom gives you the opportunity to show some skin. The long slit may be more of a preference, but if it’s too much for you, consider taking it to a seamstress to adjust it to your liking. With some spandex in the material of the 9 colors, you’ll find some stretch – meaning you shouldn’t be uncomfortable after eating all of the food at the reception.

    Keep in mind: This dress is a little on the longer side, so if you’re short, you might need to rethink your shoe strategy.

    Good for: The possibility of not needing shapewear!

  • 4. Miusol Deep V-Neck Sleeveless Vintage Maxi Dress

    (Most lace details)

    Why it’s great: Get ready to look lovely in lace. The design is subtle on the front, as it’s layered over the material of the same color, but wait till you check out the back! The sheer lace on the back dresses up the outfit, even more, making it the ideal bridesmaid dress. Available in 7 colors, the bottom is flowy and should just touch the floor, giving you so much comfort on what can be such a formal day. The top is more fitted than the bottom of the dress, so you’ll want to order based on your chest size.

    Keep in mind: The backless design might limit what you can wear for support underneath the dress.

    Good for: Many sizes, including a baby bump – the flowy design will keep you comfortable all night.

  • 5. Dressystar Lace Chiffon Sleeveless Formal Dress

    (Most high-end looking)

    Why it’s great: This dress has a lot of similarities to the previous Miusol dress, with the lacy top and flowy bottom. While the top doesn’t have much stretch to it, the more pronounced waistline makes this a flattering option once you’re in it! We also think this dress – that comes in 11 colors – has lots of potential for rewearing. (We know every bride says that, but we actually mean it with this one!)

    Keep in mind: Because there’s not as much elasticity in this dress, think about sizing up when ordering.

    Good for: A number of occasions.

  • 6. Ever-Pretty Ruched Empire Waist Bridesmaid Dress

    (Best statement dress)

    Why it’s great: Can you say goddess?! We love the ethereal vibe this dress gives off, as if you’re about to step onto a cloud. It comes in 6 hues – and we love all of them for a winter ball. In addition to the rich colors, each dress is sprinkled with shimmery sparkles: If yours catches the light the right way, everyone will take notice. Plus, this dress is fully lined, giving you the opportunity to be even more comfortable on the big day.

    Keep in mind: The deep V-neck could make this dress look completely different across body types.

    Good for: Brides who want their attendants to look equally amazing as they do.

  • 7. Homeyee Sleeveless Cocktail A-Line Summer Party Dress

    (Best simple option)

    Why it’s great: You could easily buy multiple versions of the dress on this webpage and no one would know that you’re continuously in the same style. Across 28 variations, you’ll discover solids and patterns, as well as sleeveless and 3/4 sleeves. (We’re swooning over the idea of polka-dotted bridal party attire!) Most versions of the dress – which have a nice amount of stretch – have a lace waistband, giving a simple design a little detail.

    Keep in mind: The two dress styles often come in different materials, so be prepared if you order a few!

    Good for: Enjoying yourself at the party.

Best Overall

The Dressystar V-Neck Sleeveless Lace Bridesmaid Dress is our overall top recommendation. It's the highest quality product we have found with the most affordable price making it the best value on our list..

FAQs about budget bridesmaid dresses

  • 1. Where can I find inexpensive bridesmaid dresses?

    If you’re on the hunt for a budget bridesmaid dress, you may have to look beyond the typical places that first come to mind. Think about a site like Amazon: You can quickly filter down dresses by cost or price range. (Remember all of the other filters, too: style, neckline, size, color, and more!)

  • 2. What’s a reasonable price for a bridesmaid dress?

    There’s such a wide range of prices for bridesmaid dresses. According to a 2019 survey of newlyweds, the average price of a dress was $140. You’ll also want to keep in mind the costs of alterations, as well as accessories and other costs like shoes, jewelry, hair, and makeup.

  • 3. How far in advance do you buy bridesmaid dresses?

    Give yourself time to choose a dress, have it ordered and delivered, and get alterations, should you need them. Those in the wedding industry might say you need to purchase them about 6 months out before the big day. But that doesn’t mean that’s when you should start shopping! Considering it could take the bridal party some time to find the right dresses, you might want to give yourself a 1- to 2-month buffer.

  • 4. Do bridesmaids pay for their dresses?

    Typically, they do. It would be incredibly thoughtful for a bride and/or groom to cover the costs of your bridesmaid dress – though typically the couple has plenty of other, more expensive costs to consider. If you’re asked to be part of a bridal party, it’s safer to assume you’ll be paying for your dress, among other things.


It’s amazing how much you can get for not much money! Plus, when you order your dress online at a site like Amazon, you don’t have to wait months for it to come in. This can give you and the other bridesmaids plenty of time to align on a dress that works for everyone. And on a budget.