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27 Spectacular Gifts For 1-Year-Old Girls (2023)

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Buying special gifts for a little one can sometimes leave you with wonderings and doubts. However, if you use the list provided below, there will be no question as to whether your present will be loved or pushed aside. These gifts are all 4.5 star rated or higher and their reviews prove their quality. Have fun choosing!

Christmas and Holiday gifts for 1-Year-Old Girls

  • 1. Sit-to-Stand Activity Center — $$

    This fun activity will keep her busy day after day. Not only will it encourage and support beginning walkers, it will promote role play, help with shapes, and inspire her to use her imagination. This sit-to-stand activity walker will also introduce her to animal sounds, counting, color recognition, and new vocabulary words.

  • 2. Wooden Musical Toy — $

    This musical toy won the 2018 Cribsie Award for favorite, first musical toy and is still loved by many every day. Children can use the mallet to make noise with the balls, or they can play the xylophone individually. With bright colors and quality material, this is a gift choice that will make her Christmas even merrier!

  • 3. Goodnight Moon Classic Library — $

    This classic book will add to the sweetness of any little girl’s life. Goodnight Moon, a perfect bedtime story, will lull her to sleep and give her visions of bunnies dancing in her dreams. My little boy loves this book. When we get to the last page, he immediately wants to read it again. We read it over and over until his sleepy, little eyes close for the night. This book is a treasure she will always hold dear to her heart.

  • 4. Toy Storage — $$

    What toddler doesn’t need more toy storage? This particular storage shelf is white with pastel colors and will match almost all little girl color schemes. The removable buckets are handy, made of thick plastic, and the shelf itself is very sturdy. Use these bins to organize and sort, so playtime can be easier and less hectic. Nice and tidy rooms can create a calming effect for little ones.

  • 5. Learning Table — $

    This activity table is a great learning tool for early learners. Included is a built-in book with hard, plastic pages, many melodies and songs, lights, sounds, and more. The table detaches from the legs and can be used as a floor toy for those who aren’t standing just yet. This also makes it more mobile. It truly is a great toy to take on trips or just to grandma’s for the day.

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27 Best Gifts for 1-Year-Old Girls

  • 1. V-Tech Turn and Learn Driver — $

    This toy is great for any 1-year old little girl. She can pretend to drive while practicing animal recognition and learning new songs. At 5 stars, this will make a fun and engaging toy for any occasion. Brighten up her world with over 60 songs and melodies and improve her vocabulary with many phrases and new words.

  • 2. Treetop Toy Adventure — $$

    This lovely wooden tree-themed toy is compiled of many activities that develop fine motor skills yet still encourage learning and fun. Manhattan Toy has been making toddler toys since 1978, and they’re a very trusted company. On top of the bright colors and many activities to choose from, there is minimal assembly, and it will capture their attention for years to come. Our daycare lobby has one of these magical trees, and it’s always the object that draws the most attention.

  • 3. Wooden Musical Instruments — $$

    This set of wooden musical instruments was built to last through years of toddler’s play. My 8-year-old got them a few years ago, and now my youngest has used the same set for 3 years. Included are 15 types of instruments for a total of 22 pieces. Her imagination will take flight as she creates original, number one hits! To transport her multi-piece band, a handy tote bag is included. The instruments are made of durable, non-toxic materials as well.

  • 4. Musical Memory Box — $$

    This sweet silver music box is engravable and can be enjoyed as she grows. As a toddler, it can be a memory box. When she’s older, it makes a fine jewelry box. With such a high rating, its quality shows, and moms will love this gift choice too! Show her how much you care with this adorable keepsake that is perfect for any event. Over time, it may lose its luster, but silver polish will brighten it up to look as good as new!

  • 5. Name Puzzle — $

    Her pre-k teacher will be thankful for this gift as well as parents! Teach her how to spell her name at an early age, and she will be ahead of the game once school begins. This high quality, wooden puzzle makes a great personalized gift. It is fun, educational, and will someday be a wonderful memory of her childhood. My daughter’s is also used for cute decoration in her bedroom.

Birthday gifts for 1-Year-Old Girls

  • 1. First Birthday Book — $

    This precious birthday book is great for a little girl’s first birthday. Let her celebrate with a personalized book she can keep for years and later have as a loving memory. With sweet pastel colors and built-in area inside the cover where you can include your own message for her. Make her day more exciting with this unique gift.

  • 2. Rocking Horse — $$

    Watch her gross motor skills progress as she plays for hours on this magenta-colored, durable rocking horse. This 5-star, Little Tikes toy has created millions of smiles on little faces throughout the years. Even though this style has been loved by many, it has proven to be timeless. Give her a way to release energy and have fun with this playful horse. This makes a great inside toy on a rainy day!

  • 3. Tea Party Playset — $

    She can learn shapes and colors with this cute kitchen set as she plays tea party with her stuffed animals. Using cakes and cookies, she will learn valuable math skills and hear over 70 different songs, melodies, phrases, and more. Lights and sounds will make this the best tea party ever! My niece has this tea set and she just adores it!

  • 4. Pop-Up Activity Toy — $$

    For decades, this cute little cause-and-effect toy has created many laughs for little ones. With the easy-grip handle, it’s totally mobile and easy to store. This toy helps develop fine motor skills and will provide daily practice with counting skills, new vocabulary words, and color recognition. Make her birthday even more fun with this loveable toy.

  • 5. Crocs — $

    Even at 1-year old, little girls need to be “in the know” when it comes to fashion. Help her develop a trendy style with these comfy pink Crocs. These shoes have been around for years, but they still hold true to quality and comfort. They will match most little-girl outfits, are suitable for most occasions, and when she wears them, she will definitely feel like one of the big kids!

Under $25 gifts for 1-Year-Old Girls

  • 1. Pull and Sing Puppy — $

    With a high star rating, this tiny puppy doesn’t have to work very hard to make little ones smile. The pull-along string just adds to the fun! Colors, numbers, and parts of the body are introduced with this singing pet, and gross motor skills will develop during play as well. The light-up nose and bright colors are sure to attract the attention of any 1-year old little girl.

  • 2. Around the Farm by Eric Carle (book) — $

    This fun-filled book is a great way to capture the attention of all little ones. What 1-year old doesn’t love learning about animals and their unique sounds? This Eric Carle book is sure to intrigue their minds with bright colors and interesting pictures. It will increase vocabulary, parent/child interaction time, and promotes word and letter awareness.

  • 3. Activity Cube — $

    This activity cube is filled with 4 sides of compete fun! Allow her to learn skills from all subject areas as she plays for hours with this one toy. A few of the concepts it promotes are counting, color recognition, animal sounds, and shapes. What a great idea for a great price. This is one gift parents will surely appreciate!

  • 4. LeapFrog Activity Tablet — $

    This tablet is amazing! It is touch screen, filled with icons (apps), helps with numerous skills, and is super durable. My children have shared this over the years, and it’s still in great shape! It is definitely made to last. With this gift, she will be introduced to letters, sounds, numbers, time concepts, counting, and much more.

  • 5. Interactive Rhyming Book — $

    This pink and purple rhyming book is great for little ones and very durable. Sweet, little animals illustrate the rhymes and the buttons will keep her engaged while learning. A flashing star and musical instruments will capture her attention while she dances to the rhythmic patterns of poetic verse.

Educational gifts for 1-Year-Old Girls

  • 1. Electronic Learning Book — $

    Cute little animals narrate this wildly educational, electronic book. With over 100 expertly chosen words to learn and many songs to sing, any little girl will love this present! Not only is there a huge amount of skills to be learned with this toy, but there is also another language to experience. Yes, this toy is a dual language, activity center of knowledge! Skills and songs are presented in both English and Spanish.

  • 2. First 100 Word Book Set — $

    This tiny set of books has an enormous amount of educational content. These books of the first 100 words a toddler normally learns, are filled with brightly colored illustrations to match each word. This can lead to many discussions on letters, words, colors, sorting, and much more. This gift will promote early concepts, and help to instill a love of reading in her little mind.

  • 3. Activity Train — $$

    This toy is for sure, an all-in-one. It starts as floor-toy, but can be ridden, pulled, or even used as a walker. With so many activities to explore, she will not have a hard time finding something new to learn every day! Fill her brain with new information on letters, clocks, stories, colors, numbers, and much more. Also, she will love the fun pink and purple colors.

  • 4. Shape Sorting Stackable Puzzle — $

    This puzzle is so much fun! It teaches sorting, shapes, dexterity, and many more fine motor concepts. This toy certainly wins the prize for the best way to teach hand-eye coordination. Children have to line up holes to match pegs in order to complete the puzzle. This activity is similar to lacing cards which have proven to be wonderful tools for little ones.

  • 5. Cloth Alphabet Cards - Zoo — $

    These cards are great for little ones, and moms love them too because they’re washable. Whether they get wet, sticky, or any other kind of yuck, just throw them in the wash! Each card has an animal, whose beginning sound correlates with the letter on the opposite side. This activity can grow with her for many years. As a toddler, she can begin to recognize animals, their names, and their sounds. Letter awareness will also begin to develop. As she gets older, she can use them for phonics practice, spelling, and more. Higher-level science concepts can be taught when discussing the animals as well.

  • 6. LeapFrog Sing and Spin Toy — $

    LeapFrog’s spin and sing toy is just what every little girl needs! She can play in animal, music, or letter mode, and lights and sounds reward each movement. Sliding, pushing, and spinning will help develop fine motor skills also. This is such a great way to introduce the alphabet, and as she grows, phonemic awareness, spelling, blending, diagraphs, and much more can be included during playtime!

  • 7. Teach and Touch Elephant — $

    This interactive storybook includes 16 stories, 150 songs, and responsive light-up buttons. A roller ball for her to interact with adds to the fun. Not only will she enjoy this gift, parents will appreciate it because it is very well made and includes many different activities. Flip the pages to learn more about letters, pictures, and scenes, and the question button inspires deeper thinking, so comprehension can be accessed. V-tech toys never let us down!


Make her day memorable with any of these top-rated gifts. Many of these toys may have been some of your favorites as a child, and what an experience it would be to see a special little one enjoying something once cherished by your own heart. Each gift is a guaranteed winner and will create a fantastic reaction. Whether it’s a holiday, birthday, or just a special event, this list has you covered.