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27 Killer Gifts for 2-Year-Old Boys (2022)

27 Killer Gifts for 2-Year-Old Boys (2022)
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Two-year-olds are the most fun age group to buy presents for. When seeking out the best gift for these tiny tots, you’ll want to look for something that encourages individual play, develops hand and eye coordination, and ignites the imagination. Whether you’re looking for the perfect Christmas gift, a sensational birthday present that your nephew will love, or a special project that gives your little one a brain boost before school starts, we’ve found all the gifts they’ll absolutely adore. Any one of these 27 fantastic gift ideas will provide your toddler with hours of fun play.

27 Gifts for 2-year-old boys

  • 1. Basketball Set — $

    Your little guy will love a basketball goal that is just the right size for his small stature. The Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set can be used indoors or placed outside. The set comes with three basketballs so play can begin right away. You’ll just want to add sand (not included) to the base for extra stability. You can also adjust the set to reach 4 feet in height meaning it will continue to grow with your guy.

  • 2. Fingerpaint Kit — $$

    Fingerpainting is a great activity for two-year-old boys. They love the gooey texture of the paint and they’ll love looking at their masterpiece when it’s complete. Mamas will love that this set is non-toxic and comes with everything you need to get started. There are 10 sheets of fingerpaint paper, four basic fingerpaint colors and an apron for the little painter’s protection.

  • 3. Tool Truck — $

    There’s nothing quite as great as a truck that’s filled with tools. This little construction truck packs all the fun in one compact toy. Your little guy can pull the toy around, park it in a fun repair spot and open the back to start working on a ton of fun building projects.

  • 4. Construction Costume — $

    Easy access to pretend play items is one of the best ways you can foster a love of learning in your child. This cute construction worker costume comes with everything you need to let the imagination soar. Your little one will love engineering a new building or working in the garage with one of the many included repair tools.

  • 5. Snack Plates — $

    We all know it can be a real feat to get toddlers to eat. These little automobile snack plates are the perfect way to make mealtime fun. Little dividers help you serve separate portions of food to ensure your little guy has many options for nutritious eats. They’re also BPA-free, non-toxic and made from an organic-based compound.

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  • 6. Duck Pull Toy — $

    All little dudes love to pull around their toys. This little duck is such a cute friend to have right by their side. It’s made from wood and tested to ensure all the parts are toddler safe. As your little one walks, the duck even turns its head and flaps its wings. It’s seriously cute!

  • 7. My First Board Books — $

    It’s important for toddlers to begin practicing reading at an early age. These little board books are the perfect way to introduce language concepts and word structure while emphasizing speech and vocabulary. These books include 100 pictures and 100 words to read. The topics include numbers, shapes, animals and more.

Birthday gifts for 2-Year-Old Boys

  • 1. Ride-On Car — $$

    If you’re looking for a gift that your little guy will love, look no further than this ride-on car. He can use it inside or outside. No matter where you let him ride, he’ll love to zoom around all day long. It’s made from durable material and comes with tons of lights, sounds and special songs.

  • 2. Doctor Kit — $

    Ouch! Boo-boos are very important to the two-year-old crowd. Any little doctor-to-be will love this 9-piece set that includes everything from tweezers to a blood pressure cuff. There’s even a light up beeper and a stethoscope that makes real heartbeat sounds. The handy carrier makes cleanup and transport a snap.

  • 3. Truck Set — $

    Little boys love to play with construction vehicles. This comprehensive set of four is the perfect gift for the tactile two-year-old. The set comes with a cement mixer, a tractor, a dump truck and a bulldozer. It’s also made from a durable non-toxic plastic material that is made to be eco-friendly and last for a lifetime. (Really! These little guys come with lifetime tech support and a one-year refund guarantee!)

  • 4. Water Table — $$

    Water tables plus toddler boys equal complete leisure time for overworked mom. A great water play station is the best way to beat the summer heat while also keeping your child completely entertained and engaged with an activity. They’ll love to splash and play with all the special water features like the included duck pond, spinning water toys and fun detachable bucket.

  • 5. Plastic Slide — $$

    Sliding is a big deal for little people but it can be a scary endeavor at the local playground. Help your child learn to slide correctly and safely with this small, sturdy version that fits inside or outside. They’ll love to learn how to climb to the top and feel the sweet success of rushing down. This gift will be an instant hit.

Under $25 for 2-year-old boys

  • 1. Ball Set — $

    Balls and babes stick together like magnets on the fridge. This all-star set is especially cute because each ball has a sweet little face on the front and comes in super fun-to-play colors. The plush set is perfect for future athletes. A great carrying bag helps hold the soccer ball, baseball, football and basketball making cleanup and storage a breeze.

  • 2. Sidewalk Chalk — $

    A set of this Urban Infant sidewalk chalk is a wonderful gift for any child for any season. This one has beautiful vibrant colors and comes in a toddler-friendly size. The larger size means the sticks are virtually unbreakable and easy for little hands to hold. You’ll also love that they’re non-toxic and super safe for your budding Picasso. This super chic kit even comes with a hopscotch booklet that teaches game ideas from across the globe.

  • 3. Lego Block Builders — $

    Building blocks are important tools for learning hand and eye coordination and manipulation. Early access to building blocks can also stimulate the mind and provide opportunity for independent play. This set comes in fun colors and packs away easily in the included storage bag.

  • 4. Learning Flashlight — $

    Little dudes love to carry around a flashlight but the batteries and bright lights can pose a danger to curious toddlers. Enter this learning flashlight instead and voila, you have the perfect two-year-old toy. With super safe design and tons of lights and learning features, you’ll rest easy when they carry this one to bed.

  • 5. Bathtub Fishing Set — $

    A fun little fishing game makes bath time that much more fun. The set comes with a little fishing pole, colorful fish to catch and tiny scoopers to have tons of water fun. The whole set comes in a hanging net case to ensure cleanup is a breeze and storage is easy.

  • 6. Balance Bike — $$

    If I can give you any life tips, it would be to get your child a balance bike before you teach them to ride on their own. This super cool bike looks just like a “big kid bike” but is built to be lightweight and easy for a toddler to control. The purpose of a balance bike is to let your toddler push the bike with his feet while also learning to steer. Once they’ve mastered the up and down flow, you’ll notice they’ll start picking up their feet and balancing all on their own. It really helps give a huge head start when learning to ride. This bike even comes with a 2-year warranty.

  • 7. Portable Train Table — $

    Trains are the best gift you can get a two-year-old boy. This wooden train table is extra fabulous because you can pack it up and take it with you to grandma’s house or anywhere else you want to go. The special fold-out track comes with everything your big train table would have—little wooden trains, a railroad sign, bridges, animals, cabins and more! It’s all condensed into a little set that turns into an easy-to-carry case. Plus, we love that it’s a lot easier to store at home than those bulky, extra-large sets.

Educational gifts for 2-year-old boys

  • 1. Wooden Puzzle Set — $

    When it comes to finding an educational gift, wooden puzzles are one of the best items to consider. This amazing set comes with three animal puzzles and three vehicle puzzles that your little one will love to take a part and put back together.

  • 2. Learning Desk — $$

    The sky’s the limit with this adorable learning desk. The activity center is packed full of five learning pages that cover everything from the alphabet and shapes to colors and parts of the body. The desk area can be flipped over into a chalkboard or art easel and a fun storage place underneath keeps supplies neat and tidy.

  • 3. Learning Eggs — $

    Counting, sorting and matching are important things to teach at this age. These peculiar little eggs are a great way to make learning fun. They break apart to reveal different colors and shapes. There are many ways you can mix and match the eggs to ensure your little guy is having fun while learning these important educational milestones.

  • 4. Finger Puppet Set — $

    One of the best ways to help your child explore the world around them is to let them have several hours of pretend play each day. These little finger puppets are just the cutest and they help your toddler understand family relationships, create pretend worlds and dive into the art of theatre. The finger puppet set will be an extra special gift if your guy is especially outgoing.

  • 5. Counting Dino — $

    A little green dinosaur is the perfect learning companion. This hungry guy eats and chomps away while your little one learns basic math concepts like counting, shapes and colors. This green guy provides 130 songs, melodies, sounds and phrases that help your little one dive into learning while also playing with a new prehistoric friend.

Christmas and holiday gifts for 2-year-old boys

  • 1. Dinosaur Plushes — $

    Two-year-old boys are just beginning to love dinosaurs. This sweet little plush set introduces four easy-to-hug dinos that they’ll love to play or cuddle with all day (or night) long. The dinosaurs are made of sturdy fabric and each have sweet faces and comfy plush details.

  • 2. Tricycle — $$

    A little red tricycle is a staple for any boy. Yours will have hours of fun on this one that’s perfectly sized for toddlers. There’s even a storage case on the back where all kinds of special treasures can hide.

  • 3. Fire Truck — $

    A firetruck is always the right choice for a two-year-old at holiday time. There’s just something magical about pushing around a firetruck. This one, made by Green Toys, is crafted from sturdy recyclable material and contains no BPA, phthalates or PVC.


Many people call the two’s terrible but we think it’s just about the best time in the whole world for teaching your little guy new concepts. If you provide enough stimulating activities, you’ll find that this year really is a very special one. Little guys at this age love to explore, ask questions about the world around them and try their hardest to be independent. To find the perfect gift that you’ll know they’ll love, look for toys that are safe but also encourage your child to step out of their comfort zone and try something new. Think of gifts that an active little guy would love like balls, bikes and outdoor activities.

But also don’t forget to provide your little one with stimulating activities like learning desks, puzzles, counting activities and items that promote hand and eye coordination. Blending all of these wonderful things together will ensure that your child is on the path to a bright future. Remember, learning starts well before school starts. The choices that you make today can have a great big impact on the world before them. Fun and challenging gift ideas like the ones found above are an absolutely fabulous place to start!