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27 Best Gifts for 2-Year-Old Girls (2023)

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Before you know it, your baby won’t be your baby anymore, and you’ll be approaching her second birthday. If you’re looking for a present for your daughter (or a niece etc), keep in mind toddlers at this age, love to mimic what mom and dad are doing daily. Whether it’s “helping” in the kitchen, sweeping the floors, or getting dressed, your toddler will quickly pick up on these things. Below are the best gifts for two-year-old girls.

Christmas and Holiday Gifts for 2-Year-Old Girls

  • 1. Bathrobe — $

    Around this time, your little girl will most likely be transitioning from her smaller bath accessories. Bathrobes are adorable, warm and cozy, coming in handy especially during those cold winter months. She’ll have a friendly and fashionable robe available in five different colors and made of high-quality flannel.

  • 2. Geometric Block Sorting — $

    We purchased this sorting set a couple of weeks ago, and our daughter figured it out on the first day! I love Montessori activities if you haven’t noticed. The geometric sorting puzzle will build her shape color and size differentiation skills. Block sorting will help stimulate her imagination and promote her physical and intellectual development.

  • 3. Minnie Sound Book — $

    Reading is an everyday activity in our home and should be incorporated into your daily schedule to help build your child’s reading skills. Your little girl will learn to read with ten sound buttons that will allow her to hear and follow along as Minnie reads the pages aloud. She’ll be putting sentences together in no time!

  • 4. Whack A Frog — $

    I love the whack-a-frog early developmental toy! As she whacks the frogs, she will develop excellent motor skills, encourage hand-eye coordination, and focus on her attention span. The whack a frog toy will help her to cooperate and take turns if she’s playing with a friend or sibling. I may just have to purchase this one for my daughter’s second birthday next month!

  • 5. Piggy Bank — $

    We received this gift for our daughter, and she plays with it almost daily. The fisher price laugh and learn piggy bank will teach your daughter how to count, all while focusing on improving her different skills. The piggy plays over forty sing-along songs, and also includes tunes and a variety of phrases. The smart stages activity will offer her two stages of play that include ten colored coins to teach her animals on one side and numbers on the opposite side.

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27 Best Gifts for 2-Year-Old Girls

  • 1. Waterproof Watch — $

    Your toddler won’t be able to tell time by this age yet, but why not get her started in style? As adults, many of us have abandoned watches as we always check the time on our cellphones. I like to keep it old school and stick with watches. This girl’s watch is an adorable fashion statement. With a high-quality silicone strap, it’s comfortable and perfect for adding to her outfit.

  • 2. Unicorn Night Light — $

    Currently, we don’t have a night light for our daughter. We had one before, but it somehow managed to get damaged. When I was browsing gift ideas, this night light came up, and I thought it would be perfect for her. The unicorn night light flashes sixteen different colors and comes with remote control and touch control to choose your preferred option.

  • 3. Personalized Name Puzzle — $

    We received a personalized name puzzle as a gift for our daughter at Christmas. She turns two next month, and she’s already figured out how to complete it. The puzzle is colorful and can be customized to spell any name that is nine letters or less. You can use this gift as a decoration for her bedroom, or to encourage excellent motor skills, letter recognition, or spelling skills.

  • 4. Unicorn Plush Doll — $

    Your little girl can adopt a new friend with Ella, the Unicorn. Ella would make a fantastic companion for your toddler that will help her create memories for a lifetime. Ella has white fur, a velvety touch, a pink flowing dress, and a massive unicorn tail. The Ella doll would pair perfectly with the unicorn night light listed above.

  • 5. Musical Jewelry Box — $

    Can you tell we love unicorns in our house? Having a daughter, I’ve always felt it’s essential for every girl to have her own jewelry box. Available in thirteen different designs, you can pick from a variety of designs for your jewelry box to come in. She can store her earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets in a safe place. The jewelry box makes for an ideal birthday gift.

Birthday Gifts for 2-Year-Old Girls

  • 1. A Collection of Stories for 2-Year-Olds — $

    Books are always one of our go-to gifts. We prefer fewer gadgety gifts; as they say, the less a toy performs, the more benefits the child will have. With this book, she can snuggle up and listen to you read her favorite nursery rhymes. She can drift into magical characters and enjoy some of our classics, including The Three Little Pigs and Goldilocks. To celebrate your fabulous two-year-old, this is a fantastic book!

  • 2. Scoop and Learn Ice Cream Cart — $

    We have a similar cart to this one, but ours is a food truck. I came across this ice cream cart and thought it was adorable! The cart comes with a magic scooper to scoop ice cream for her to make tasty combinations. She will build her memory, develop sequencing skills by focusing on her animal order cards, and following each instruction. She will also learn to count to ten by pressing the syrup pump. The ice cream cart is such a fun and interactive learning activity.

  • 3. Care for Me Learning Carrier — $

    Our daughter is absolutely in love with our two cats. We’re hoping one day to get a puppy to help her warm up to different animals. What better way than to start with the VTech learning carrier set? The set comes with a plush puppy, pet carrier, and other accessories that will help her take care and groom her pet. She’ll love the puppy carrier set and can make her puppy wherever she goes.

  • 4. Soccer Ball — $

    You should be noticing your daughter getting the hang of kicking balls around the house around this time. Our daughter has astounding kicking skills, so she would undoubtedly love a soccer ball as a gift. The soccer ball comes with quick reactions that will recognize when she kicks, passes, or dribbles. The ball includes responses to encourage her kicking skills. My favorite part about this unique ball is that it’s made of recycled water bottles and is machine-washable.

  • 5. Princess Purse — $

    My girl always loves to take my keys and hide them around the house. If she’s still grabbing your keys or phone, you should certainly make this purchase. The princess purse set comes with complete fashion accessories that include a coin purse, makeup, credit card, keys, and cellphone. I love any toys that encourage imaginative play, and this set would be sure to get her imagination going!

Gifts Under $25 for 2-Year-Old Girls

  • 1. Fishing Game — $

    We just purchased this game last week for our daughter. While your two-year-old may have a problem, in the beginning, trying to figure out the fishing rod, she’ll get the hang of it in no time. The fishing game is a fantastic Montessori activity she’ll love that focuses on cognitive development. She’ll aim her magnetic fishing rod to catch fish that also have a magnet attached. The fishing game features bright and colorful fish that will provide hours of fun.

  • 2. Jigsaw Puzzles — $

    We LOVE puzzles in our house. My daughter especially will sit for at least an hour, completing puzzles on her own. Next month she’ll be turning two, and it amazes me how much she can achieve already. The jigsaw puzzles will encourage her sensory stimulation and brain development. The pieces included will fit perfectly in her hands to promote a smooth completion.

  • 3. Summer Hat — $

    I think one of the things we forget the most in the summertime is that our babies should always have a summer hat to prevent sunburn. You’ll be able to choose the model summer hat that goes flawlessly with her bathing suit based on thirteen different designs. The hat is an adorable addition to make a fashion statement at a young age.

  • 4. Fine Motor Hedgehog — $

    The beautiful motor hedgehog is an excellent game for young children. She can build her fine motor skills with peg-shaped pieces that are fixed into the back of the hedgehog. The peg-shaped parts will be easy for her to grab and snap in place, just the right size.

  • 5. Button Art — $

    Another Montessori activity that she’ll be sure to enjoy. The button art game will provide hours of fun for your little girl by exercising her hand-eye coordination, excellent motor skills, and creative thinking. She’ll receive entertainment from snapping the chunky buttons to complete art toy photos.

Education Gifts for 2-Year-Old Girls

  • 1. LeapFrog Words Book — $

    We purchased this book for our daughter’s first birthday, and she still uses it. She’s ahead in her vocabulary and can even say a few sentences, which is excellent for just turning two. The vocabulary book comes with different word categories: pets, animals, food, mealtime, colors, activities, opposites, and body parts. If your little one is still trying to figure out her body parts, I recommend the purchase. Our daughter knows each of her body parts and can even say the name of each one. We’re highly impressed with this book!

  • 2. Montessori Ladybug — $

    The Montessori ladybug activity is another excellent educational toy that inspires toddlers to learn how to count. She will learn her numbers, practice counting, and learn to solve simple math problems as she becomes older. The ladybug counting activity promotes a hands-on experience when learning and will develop her excellent motor skills.

  • 3. Musical Instruments — $

    Does your daughter love to bang your wooden spoons against pots and pans? Our daughter is making music non-stop when we’re in the kitchen cooking dinner. High-quality and non-toxic material, this musical instrument set will be a safe and reliable set that will provide hours of entertainment, keeping her moving and grooving!

  • 4. Straw Constructor — $

    The straw constructor set comes with three hundred pieces that she can use to construct anything in her imagination. The construction set will promote hand-eye coordination and will help her learn a variety of colors. The best part is that she won’t even know she’s learning with all of the fun she’s having! There are so many valuable learning experiences that await.

  • 5. Magnetic Drawing Board — $

    Our daughter loves to draw on her sketchpad. In the morning, she’ll sit by the window and draw, which I think is the cutest considering she’s not even two yet. I came across this doodle pad for her that I think would make for the perfect birthday present. The doodle pad is the first educational toy that will help her learn colors and numbers and inspire her creativity.

  • 6. Music Player — $

    Music is an essential component when it comes to early learning. The kid-friendly musical device plays ten music games that will introduce letters, numbers, animals, time, and more. She would be able to choose from a variety of music that comes in three different styles: classical, hip-hop, and rock. Our little girl loves to dance and sway her hips to the beat. I do not doubt in my mind that your little girl would love this music player.

  • 7. Sight Word Magnets — $

    She may only be two, but it’s still not too early to begin sight words. As she begins to create sentences, she’ll need to know specific terms. The names included were chosen to help her get a jump start on reading and building those sentences. The pamphlet consists of more than sixty pieces and will attach to any magnetic surface. The sight words will focus on essential reading, vocabulary, group play, matching, and early learning. Even though our daughter is only turning two next month, she can already say about five sentences. The magnets are a highly educational activity, even for the younger toddlers.


Choosing what to buy for your two-year-old can become challenging. Keep in mind when making your purchase that your daughter is still small and that it’s beneficial to do a little research before making your final decision. Around this time, toddlers are still discovering, learning more about the world, imitating family members, and doing a lot more moving around. No matter what you decide to choose, as long as you determine from the heart and know that it would be beneficial for her, she will love her gift.