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28 Killer Gifts for 3-Year-Old Boys (2022)

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At 3 years old, your little man is curious, thoughtful, and adventurous. He’s also a complete sponge, taking in the world around him! This is a perfect time to invest in some gifts that help him safely explore, grow, and learn. From pretend play to outdoor activities to dancing robots, our gifts for 3 year olds will keep him happy and active.

The Best Gifts for 3-Year-Old Boys

  • 1. John Deere Tractor Tire Swing — $$$

    This twist on a traditional tire swing is as fun to look at as it is to ride! The recycled tire is reimagined as a colorful green and yellow John Deere tractor that easily hangs from a tree for hours of outdoor activity. Your child will love the details, like the John Deere logo and steering wheel! The sturdy swing is stabilized by a yellow PVC pipe and has a recessed seat that holds up to 175 lbs.

  • 2. Melissa and Doug Top and Bake Wooden Pizza Counter Play Food Set — $$

    Take the night off, and let your little guy toss you a flavor-packed pizza for dinner! This counter pizza set features everything he needs for an on-the-go pizza shop. With 34 pieces included, he can use the kitchen utensils to roll out a crust, add your favorite toppings, bake the pizza, slice it up, toss it in the delivery box, and accept your play money for the order. Your child will engage in pretend play while learning fine motor skills, counting, and sorting.

  • 3. Guidecraft Wooden Table Puppet Theater — $$

    Bring classic stories and fairy tales to life, or encourage your little one to create their own show, with this tabletop wooden puppet theater! A sturdy wooden frame and red fabric curtains sets the stage for your child’s production. The built-in wooden clock allows him to share the time for his next showing, which you can help him to write on the included chalkboard marquee. Or, use the “Puppet Theater” sign. A rear storage pocket is a perfect place to keep your puppets. All you need is an imagination and some socks to decorate!

  • 4. Radio Flyer 500 Ride Ramp — $$$

    One of the most trusted names in children’s toys has ramped up the typical toddler ride-on vehicle with this 6-foot race track. Your child will love jumping on this classically designed Radio Flyer race car to sail down the ramp. The car can easily be used off the ramp, and the grooves in the ramp double as roads to play with mini cars. Parents will love that the ramp base flips over to easily store all the pieces.

  • 5. PonyCycle Authentic Classic Ride On Horsey — $$$

    Kid-powered with no battery or outlet required, the PonyCycle Authentic Ride On Horsey is an engaging and open-ended toy that is sure to provide your three-year-old with hours of entertainment. The raised seat encourages young riders to coordinate their arm, leg, and waist muscles to work simultaneously to move the horse forward, while the handbrake provides a safe and secure way to stop. The lifelike horse sounds and smooth, soft fur will ignite your little one’s imagination for various ways to play both inside and outside. The bearing wheels provide only forward movement and won’t scratch up hardwood floors. This toy is created with energetic littles ones in mind by providing plenty of opportunities to burn excess energy and develop gross motor skills.

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Birthday gifts

  • 1. Meland Kids Golf Club Set — $$

    Get him out on the green with this all-in-one golf set! The golf club cart includes four golf clubs, five balls, two holes, and a base to learn to drive and putt just like mom and dad. Introduce him to the game early with this kid-friendly, colorful set, and watch as his love of golf grows. As he plays, he will learn coordination between the club and the ball and determine how far he needs to hit it. It won’t be long before he’s out with you on the golf cart!

  • 2. Radio Flyer Deluxe Big Flyer — $$$

    At 3 years old, your little guy is ready to go out and explore the world! Get him a good set of wheels to start the journey. This Radio Flyer big wheels style trike has a large 16-inch tire in front, adjustable seat to grow with him, and chrome details. The award-winning Big Flyer features a sleek design and great tread that offers good traction on the road. He’ll enjoy this ride for years to come!

  • 3. Obuby Walkie Talkies for Kids — $$

    Testing, testing, one, two three! Let your child create his own adventure with these kid-friendly walkie talkies. Whether playing hide-and-seek indoors, camping outdoors, or plenty of other games and activities, he’ll quickly learn how to connect with siblings and friends. The walkie talkies are small and light to carry, include an easy push-to-talk button, and feature a flashlight. These are long range and include 10 call tones and 22 channels.

  • 4. Step2 Fixin Fun Outdoor Grill — $$

    Invite your little grillmaster to put together a delicious dinner just like you! This perfectly sized toy grill allows him to pretend to light up the grill and throw on some juicy burgers and hot dogs. The realistic plastic design looks and sounds like the real thing, with realistic clicking noises when he turns the knobs. He’s ready to go with the 10-pieces food and accessory set, grilling up a perfect meal in no time.

  • 5. B Woofer Hound Dog Guitar — $$

    Let him howl out heartfelt tunes with this bright and playful Hound Dog guitar! This intro instrument offers three different play modes—acoustic, electric, and hound dog—bringing this dog-inspired guitar to life. Your child can choose from 20 pre-recorded songs and advance them by strumming the strings. The dog button offers another 9 puppy-related songs. Or, if he’s feeling creative, he can play his own tunes with 8 chords and plenty of sound effects.

  • 6. Playskool Heroes Adventure Spider-Man Web Quarters — $$

    Your 3 year old might be too young for Spider-Man on the big screen, but he can still enjoy all the adventure thanks to this toddler-friendly Playskool Heroes set. Watch as he helps Spider-man and Vulture battle it out on the toppling tower before Spidey drops the jail door on Vulture. The set also comes with power-up arms, web wings, a crane, and a web line, bringing all the hero action into his world of imagination.

Under $25 gifts

  • 1. Kidtastic Dinosaur Toy — $

    There is something about dinosaurs that really engages a child’s imagination. It’s especially fun when you get to build your own! With 106 chunky, colorful pieces and an included screwdriver, kids can learn to build three of their own interactive dino toys. Featured dinosaurs include a T Rex, Alamosaurus, and Triceratops. This is a great introduction to STEM learning, with a focus on construction, design, and using tools.

  • 2. I Spy Preschool Game — $

    Modeled after the popular I Spy book series, this preschool game encourages toddlers to search for images on puzzle pieces based off of I Spy rhymes and clues. When your child finds the photo, he can make sure it’s the right match by linking the two puzzle pieces together. The familiar objects and fun brain teasers on these 12 cards teach children to read, match, and concentrate as they play.

  • 3. Pressman Charades for Kids — $

    Get your child into this classic game with easy picture cards and engaging clues. Get ready, as he works to get you guessing “cell phone,” “snapping your fingers,” or “taking a picture!” Pressman’s Charades offers simple directions for its 150 cards with 450 different options that lead to hours of endless play. Just pick a card, roll the game die, and act out the picture that corresponds with the rolled number. This travel-sized game also is great on the go!

  • 4. Hedstrom Marvel Spider-Man Hopper — $

    Let him have some bouncy, trouncy fun with this oversized, ride-on bouncing ball! The 15-inch vinyl ball features a soft handle, and its design features the neighborhood’s friendly Spider-man. The ball teaches kids to balance, whether they choose to play indoors or out, and has a textured base to prevent slipping. The ball comes deflated, but conveniently includes a pump.

  • 5. Melissa & Doug Tootle Turtle Target Toss Game — $

    Pop this kid-friendly game up indoors or out for a fun activity.! Melissa & Doug, known as the “gold standard” for childhood play, offers a colorful, turtle-themed toss game with four self-stick bean bags and a numbered target stand. Easily set up the sturdy stand and choose the red or green team to play with your little guy. He’ll learn to take turns, improve his hand-eye coordination, and get introduced to simple addition while tallying the score. Bonus, the stand breaks down and stores flat easily!

  • 6. Green Toys Car Carrier Set — $

    These American made toys are simple, colorful, and made of safe 100% recycled plastic! The chunky, oversized car carrier includes a detachable trailer with ramps that holds three brightly colored mini cars. The sturdy vehicles are all molded plastic with no sharp metal pieces, and they do well indoors or out. Your child will enjoy imaginative play with this carrier set, while you feel good about doing good for the earth.


  • 1. Fisher Price Think & Learn Teach ’n Tag Movi — $$

    Sing, dance, and learn with this creative little robot from Fisher Price! Movi is grooving and moving, getting your little guy to use his brain and his body with different games and directions. Your child can play Movi’s version of Red Light, Green Light or Movi Says, learn about shapes and animals, and dance with his new robotic buddy. Movi has three modes, six games, and a huge personality with more than 60 faces.

  • 2. VTech Write & Learn Creative Center — $

    It’s never too early to practice letters, numbers, and shapes with your child. This VTech center makes learning fun with its magnetic doodle drawing board. Animations on the screen will teach him how to make the correct strokes for each letter and draw 26 different shapes. A customization option allows you to program in his name so he can practice letter by letter. He also can create with the included stamps and stencils or play picture guessing games.

  • 3. STEAM Life Kids Tool Set — $$

    Let your child tinker and build with this realistic STEAM tool set! Introduce him to toy power tools that move and work just like mom’s and dad’s. He will quickly learn coordination and how to work with simple tools. This quality set includes a battery-powered drill, pliers, hammer, screwdriver, measuring tape, safety goggles, and more that conveniently fit into the included toolbox. Now you can give him his own to-do list!

  • 4. CozyBomB Magnetic Wooden Fishing Game — $$

    With a colorful new twist to the classic fishing game, kids can fish on two different sides while also practicing looking for letters or patterns. The sturdy wooden game mimics ice fishing on one side, as your child uses a magnet to pull the fish out from under the ice. On the other side is the more traditional open ocean fishing. The game includes a wooden play board, 26 brightly patterned fish featuring letters from the alphabet, a storage bag, two magnetic fishing rods, and a cat doll with a magnet.

  • 5. Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site Matching Game — $

    The timeless matching game is a fun and simple way to develop concentration and memory skills with children. This 72-piece set features the playful characters from the Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site books. If your child is familiar with the book, he’ll love searching for the pair of dump trucks, bulldozers, excavators, and more. This is a great preschool-level game that the whole family can play.

Christmas/Holiday gifts

  • 1. Kidz Lane Floor Piano Mat — $$

    This giant piano mat is a great way for your child to explore music and get some exercise! The 6-foot floor piano encourages kids to hop and jump across 24 large piano keys, bringing the music to life. With 10 recorded classic songs, kids can jump through songs like Happy Birthday or Itsy Bitsy Spider. Other features include 8 different instrument sounds and a record/playback button. Plus, the piano mat is durable and easy to store.

  • 2. Hot Wheels Blastin Rig Vehicle — $$

    As your little man starts his Hot Wheels collection, give him the perfect way to store and drive around all those vehicles. This car hauler doubles as a container for his cars and a fun way to launch the Hot Wheels into the next race. The transporter includes three cars and a kid-powered launcher. It can hold up to 14 cars at once.

  • 3. Melissa & Doug Fire Chief Role Play Costume — $$

    There’s an emergency, and your child is needed on the scene! He’ll love helping you solve problems as resident fire chief in his Melissa & Doug costume.Whether there’s toast burning in the kitchen or a kitty stuck in the tree, he can use his imagination in this realistic costume to save the day. This high-quality costume comes with a jacket, helmet, badge, fire extinguisher, bull horn, and name tag.

  • 4. Playmobil My Take Along Farm — $$

    Your little guy can play farmer with this bright and realistic carry-along farm by Playmobil. Open up the set to reveal a cow, pig, dog, cat, and bird with the farmer in his barn. With the other accessories, he can pretend to feed his animals and clean the barn. He can match the shapes of the pieces, like a bale of hay, to hole that it fits through in the loft. When he’s done, the pieces can be stored in the barn for easy storage.

  • 5. LEGO Duplo Town Construction Site — $$

    Introduce your son to this beloved brand early with the age-appropriate Duplo construction site. The bigger, simple brick designs will quickly have him building and constructing with the dump truck, crane, and bulldozer. The crane spins and grabs bricks with its arm. Three construction worker figures are ready to work the equipment with their safety helmets, wheelbarrow, and tools. The set includes 67 pieces.

  • 6. TOP BRIGHT Toddler Toys Race Track — $$

    Start from one of two top platforms, and watch these colorful cars zoom down the race track ramps! The bright, interactive set teaches your child hand-eye coordination and introduces him to numbers as he races cars one through four to the bottom over and over again. He can make sure the cars gas up between races, then conveniently store them in the coordinated parking garages. Easy fun, on the go!


These gift ideas will have your 3-year-old learning, dancing, playing, and exploring! With everything from cars to games to dinosaurs to toolsets, whatever you choose to gift will keep him engaged and active.