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28 Best Gifts for 3-Year-Old Girls (2023)

three-year-old girl

Most 3-year old girls are eager to ask questions and learn how everything works and are too busy playing to have time for much else. If you have a 3-year-old girl, you’ll know that toddlers love to mimic grownups and pretend they’re a big person too! If you’re looking for gift inspiration for an upcoming occasion for your adorable little girl, you’ve come to the right place. We’re sharing all the best gifts that will help your kiddo learn and explore the world around them.

Best Gifts for 3-Year-Old Girls

  • 1. LeapFrog Scoop & Learn Ice Cream Cart — $$

    This adorable ice cream cart is fun to play pretend and makes a delightful addition to your little girl’s toy collection. She’ll learn to play pretend, count, and follow instructions all while having a blast. She’ll even be able to practice counting to ten. The cart is fun to push around, helping your tot learn how to build her gross motor skills while she plays.

  • 2. Unicorn Backpack — $$

    This gift is a must for any 3-year-old girl who is obsessed with unicorns. She’ll squeal with delight when she’s able to carry her new unicorn friend around on her back! It’s also super easy to take the stuffed animal out so she can play pretend any time she wants. The best part is you can pack her favorite snacks and toys inside the backpack to take along on your next road trip or visit the park.

  • 3. Hasbro Elefun — $

    Get the little girl in your life this fun and adventurous game for a delightful time. She’ll have so much fun chasing the butterflies coming out of the elephant’s trunk. The twenty butterflies are super bright, and once your tot has finished playing, you can make a game of counting them all or sorting them by color. This makes plenty of opportunities for them to play and learn at the same time.

  • 4. Jasonwell Sprinkle & Splash Play Mat — $

    For hot summer days, this makes for a great surprise! Your 3 year old will be delighted to run around on their new splash mat and play. It’s a great activity to do with siblings or neighbor friends. They can even sit or lay down as the water sprinkles down on them. It’s super easy to set up and conveniently stores when you’re toddler is all finished playing for the day.

  • 5. Electronic Piggy Bank — $

    This cute piggy bank makes for the perfect teaching moment; Your 3-year-old will learn the concept of saving money, and it’ll make for a great life lesson they’ll use as they get older. This cute device automatically detects how much money your tot is putting in and lights up when they put money in. It’s also password protected for some added excitement so your tot can learn to push the buttons when they want to open it up.

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  • 6. PonyCycle Official Classic Ride On Unicorn — $$$

    Designed to be used both indoors and outdoors, the PonyCycle Official Classic U Series Ride On White Unicorn is sure to spark your toddler’s imagination. Built to simulate riding a real pony, your little ones can pretend they’re riding through the meadows, or opt to use the stuffed pony as an accessory to imaginative play inside. With no batteries required, this horse is always ready to provide hours of entertainment for your three-year-old while simultaneously offering a fun and exciting way to burn off excess energy. Plus, the unicorn only moves in the forward direction rather than backwards to keep little riders safe. Three-year-olds with active imaginations are sure to benefit from this realistic toy that can be used in a myriad of ways.

Birthday gifts for 3-year-old girls

  • 1. Walkie Talkie Set — $

    This bright and colorful set is the perfect birthday gift to play with friends. It’s made for small hands, so your little girl can easily fit it in her hand and push the buttons when she wants to talk. The walkie talkies are durable and great for both indoor and outdoor use. As a safety feature, it comes with real-time monitoring with an alarm system so you can keep track of your tot while she plays.

  • 2. Kindi Kids Snack Time Friends — $

    Marsha Mello is a popular doll with a rainbow-themed outfit and hairstyle. She makes for a delightful gift for your 3-year-old girl. She’s lightweight and makes it easy to carry her anywhere. Her head bobbles and wobbles for some added fun, and the marshmallows on her head even move. Your toddler will have fun playing with Marsha’s little sidekicks and can watch their adventures on YouTube for some quiet time.

  • 3. Simple Joys Carter Unicorn Shirts — $

    these adorable unicorn-themed shirts. She’ll be obsessed with wearing one every day and won’t want to take them off. She’ll proudly show the world her love for unicorns and have fun while doing it. These short sleeve shirts are perfect for summertime play outside.

  • 4. Hurtle 3-Wheeled Scooter — $$

    Make your 3-year-old girl’s birthday one that she will never forget with this awesome bright pink scooter! It comes with a removable flip-out seat and foot pad so she can easily scoot around sitting up or standing stand. It’s also super lightweight and portable so you can take it along on your next road trip or visit the park without any added hassle. The wheels light up, making it some added fun while your tot plays. The adjustable easy-grip handles also make it easy to adjust as your toddler grows.

  • 5. Crayola Scribble Srubbie Pets Scrub — $

    This is a fun playtime adventure for any little girl who loves to draw. She can color all over her new animal friends with washable markers, and when she’s ready it’s easy to give them a nice bath and start over with a new creation. This set comes with non-toxic colors that are super bright and colorful and will make for a super fun time for the 3-year-old in your life.

  • 6. WisToyz Kids Hover Soccer Ball Set — $

    If your toddler loves sports and plays around the yard with their older siblings or grownups, this is the perfect gift. They’ll be able to set up soccer nets in the house when the weather doesn’t permit outdoor play. She’ll learn to kick the hover soccer ball and practice her hand-eye coordination skills while she’s playing. It’s also a great way for her to get some extra energy out before nap or bedtime.

Under $25 gifts for 3-year-old girls

  • 1. Complete Cooking and Baking Set — $

    For the little girl who loves to work alongside the grownups in the kitchen, this is the perfect gift. She’ll be able to get dressed up in her cute apron and chef hat and use all her new baking accessories to make a delicious treat. Your toddler will be able to learn the basics of cooking and having fun at the same time. It’ll make for a perfect teachable moment, and the best part is the apron is machine washable, so you’ll have minimal messes to clean up when you’re all finished.

  • 2. Magna Drawing Doodle Board — $

    This exciting magnetic drawing board will have any 3-year-old memorized for hours. She’ll love to sit and draw as she learns how to improve her hand-eye coordination. When she’s finished with a picture, she can easily erase it and move on to create another beautiful masterpiece. The drawings come out bright and colorful so it makes it more fun to doodle. It’s light and portable so your tot can take her artwork wherever she goes.

  • 3. First Library Boxset of 10 Books — $

    These delightful books make for an exciting gift for the toddler who is learning to read and ready for their next adventure. Give her the gift of her very first library and get her started on a lifelong journey of love for reading. She’ll learn all about numbers, shapes, colors, animals, transportation and much more! These sturdy books are durable and meant to last even when they’re constantly in little hands.

  • 4. Princess Castle Play Tent — $

    This beautiful play tent will spark your little girl’s imagination. It’s the perfect addition to her room or play area. She’ll have some space of her own to play with her friends and stuffed animals, and it makes for playtime fun. It’s super easy to assemble, and if you need to take it down after playtime is over, it stores well until the next adventure.

  • 5. Superhero Capes Set — $

    This adorable dress-up set is perfect for any 3 year old with an active imagination, who has a love for superheroes. They are made of soft silky satin, so it’s comfortable for your tot to play in and is super easy for them to put on with easy to remove velcro. It comes in a set of four, so your little girl can play with friends or dress up as a different superhero every day. The possibles are endless with this super fun gift.

Educational gifts for 3-year-old girls

  • 1. Peg Board Game Set — $

    This fun, bright, and colorful game makes it easy for little hands to pick up each button and play. Your little girl will learn how to practice her hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and creative thinking. All the pictures feature animals and household items, making for a great learning opportunity. It’s a super fun indoor activity that will have your toddler playing for hours.

  • 2. LiKee Wooden Pattern Blocks Animals Jigsaw Puzzles — $

    These adorable blocks are a perfect educational gift for any 3-year-old girl. She can easily mix and match to create pretty animals. It makes for a fun, quiet time activity where she’ll learn all about colors, shapes, and animals while she plays. This set comes with flashcards to help your toddler learn how to find the right shapes and copy the animal that she sees in the picture.

  • 3. Curious Columbus Quiet Book — $$

    This fun and interactive book makes for a fun time for your little girl. She’ll learn how to buckle, zip, snap, loop, and velcro while developing her sensory and fine-motor skills. This quiet book is made of soft cotton and is perfect for a long car ride or when you need your toddler to sit quietly for a few minutes.

  • 4. Green Kids Garden Tools Set — $

    This cute gift is the perfect all in one gardening kit for your toddler. She’ll be able to work alongside the grownups in her life and have fun working out in the garden. She’ll learn all about flowers, plants and gardening. She’ll have so much fun and use her imagination while playing outside. All the tools are BPA free and made for little handles to easily grip and hold.

  • 5. Binoculars for Kids — $

    If your 3-year -old is ready to go out and explore nature, these are the perfect gift. These binoculars are small. Lightweight and compact so your toddler can easily carry them with her when she’s outdoors. They are super safe, and the soft rubber surrounding the eyepieces makes them extra comfy to use too. The binoculars have crystal clear views so she’ll be able to bird watch, spot some adorable animals or other scenery with ease.

  • 6. Montessori Busy Board For Toddlers — $$

    This bright sensory board makes for the perfect educational gift for your little toddler. They’ll have a blast learning how to lock a latch, tie a shoe, zip a zipper, and much more. This interactive toy will keep them engaged in play for hours, and they’ll love being able to practice the real thing when they’re ready. It’s lightweight and fun to take along when they need a toy to play with when you’re out running errands or going for a long drive.

Christmas/holiday gifts for 3-year-old girls

  • 1. Reditmo Kids Piano Keyboard — $$

    For your toddler who loves music, this adorable mini keyboard makes for the perfect gift. It’ll help them to come outside their comfort zone and have a great time. She’ll be able to make lots of fun sounds with the keyboard, and it has a demo function so she can listen to music too. She’ll be super comfy with her new stool and can play for hours, making for an exciting new gift.

  • 2. Wooden Bakery Playset — $$$

    This is the perfect holiday gift for your 3-year-old who is ready for a new adventure. She’ll be able to play with her new bakery playset and all the fun wooden goodies that it comes with. It’s the perfect way to use her imagination and play pretend by running her own bakery. It’s made of safe and durable wood that will last for years of playtime. Your little girl will love opening the oven, taking money out of the cash register, and stacking things on the shelves.

  • 3. LeapFrog My Own Leaptop — $

    Your little one will learn all about the alphabet, spelling her name and more with her very own leaptop. The large screen makes it easy for her to see the exciting animal graphics and learn how to say their names. Your adorable 3-year-old will be able to play pretend and go to work just like mom and dad. She’ll have a blast learning and it’s a great option for a holiday gift that she can use all year long.

  • 4. Little Tikes Trampoline — $$

    When the weather outside doesn’t permit outdoor play, this makes for a fun adventure. This fun tramp makes it easy for your toddler to burn off her energy while having a good time. It has a large jumping area and has an easy to hold handlebar that your 3-year-old can hold on to for added safety and stability.

  • 5. Melissa & Doug Giant Stuffed Unicorn — $$

    If you surprise your 3-year-old girl with a new play area or bedroom makeover as a holiday gift, this adorable unicorn is a must. It’s super soft and cuddly and makes for a fun addition to the room decor, bonus if it’s unicorn-themed. Your toddler can use her imagination as she plays with her new friend and will absolutely be obsessed!


You’ll be surprised that most of the gifts on this list offer an element of learning and education for your vibrant 3-year-old. No matter which gift you buy, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’re promoting her development and improving her motor skills. She’s bound to love whatever she gets and will love to make memories playing with the people that she loves most and showing off her new toy! So, no matter your budget, there is a gift on this list that will sure to excite your 3-year-old toddler.