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27 Killer Gifts for 4-Year-Old Boys (2022)

27 Killer Gifts for 4-Year-Old Boys (2022)
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Young boys are at a perfect age for simple, inexpensive gifts that encourage curiosity and exploration. They are amazed by how things work and are itching to unleash their creativity. Some of my son Kingsley’s favorite things to do are solving puzzles, building towers, play with bugs, or take something apart, which provides him hours of fun and discovery. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the 4-year-old in your life, our list of killer toys for 4-year-old boys fits all types of personalities and budgets. Check it out!

My son Kingsley and his sister enjoying the sun at our home in Hawaii
My son Kingsley and his sister enjoying the sun at our home in Hawaii

Christmas Gifts

  • 1. Cotton Christmas Dino PJs — $

    These adorable PJs are made of 100% cotton, so you can rest assured that your little boy will be so comfortable in these super soft and warm jammies. The rib-knit banded wrist and ankle cuffs also help keep them from riding up, which is great since we all know that little ones tend to wriggle around a lot in their sleep! Plus, they come in a variety of fun, festive prints that are perfect for the holidays.

  • 2. Remote Control Construction Dump Truck — $$

    Indoors or out, this realistic remote control dump truck puts kids in the middle of the construction scene. The fully functioning dump truck is great outside in dirt and rocks, but it’ll also work indoors with LEGOs and blocks. The truck moves in all directions, lights up, and plays sounds. It’s detailed in its movements with an operable truck bed, and my son has no problem managing the remote. He also absolutely loves creating his own mini construction zones.

  • 3. Dinosaur Towel — $$

    For most kids, playing in the bath is loads of fun, and the worst part is having to get out! That’s where this adorable towel comes in. Not only is it extra soft and absorbent, but your little boy will love dressing up as a dinosaur. And if they’re still grumpy, you can just tell them to roar like a dino to get their frustration out! Made of 100% cotton, this towel is machine washable, and it’s the perfect size for kids ages 1-6 years old.

  • 4. DIY Build & Paint Your Own Wooden Cars — $

    What’s better than playing with cars? Getting to build and design them first! My son had a blast decorating his car, and he’s so proud of the design he shows it off to everyone that’ll listen. The kit comes with parts tools to assemble three wooden cars, plus paint, paintbrushes, and stickers for decoration. Your little one will love playing with these cars alone or you can get involved and see who can race to the finish line first!

  • 5. Superhero Dress-Up Capes — $$

    Playing dress-up isn’t just for girls! With this cute eight-pack of superhero capes and masks, your little boy will love zooming around the house, protecting his family from danger. The durable velcro closure on the capes is easy for little hands to attach and the elastic bands on the masks help get the perfect fit. It also comes with five matching bracelets and a drawstring bag for storage when playtime is done. With characters from both Marvel and DC, you can’t go wrong with this dress-up set!

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  • 6. Kids Camping Set with Tent — $$

    Do you have a little adventurer on your hands? This camping set comes with plenty of tools and accessories to keep them busy for hours. My son loves camping, and this kit lets kiddos set up in the living room or the backyard to do some pretend exploring. The fake campfire, lantern, and axe allow him to really get into the experience, and the binoculars and net are perfect for spotting and catching the included bugs! (Don’t worry – they’re fake, too!)

  • 7. Ponycycle — $$$$

    This is hands down my kids’ favorite toy and a major point of attraction during every playdate. The PonyCycle ride-on horse is an indoor/outdoor ride-on toy constructed from high-quality, life-like materials that allow your tot to feel as though he’s actually riding horseback. It engages the arms, legs, and waist of your four-year-old, which is great for enhancing coordination and developing strength. Whether he’s galloping inside the house or down the sidewalk, the convenient handbrake and one-way, wear-resistant wheels means your little one can safely explore and experiment on their new pony. The downside? You may never be able to get your little boy off this toy!

  • 8. National Geographic Mega Fossil Excavation Kit — $

    Digging in the dirt is a favorite pastime for little boys this age, but it’s even more fun when they can actually find some treasure! This fossil excavation kit offers a variety of different specimens for your child to uncover. Kingsley went nuts when he uncovered the shark tooth, and each of the 15 specimens are completely unique, so your child won’t get bored after finding the same thing over and over. The kit even comes with a learning guide that explains how fossils are formed and lets your child identify their finds.

  • 9. Ride On Electric Bumper Car — $$$$

    Take your child for a spin on this remote control ride on bumper car! It has a five-point harness for safety, and cushioned rubber bumpers that make it great for indoor (no scuffed walls!) and outdoor use. You can let your child control it with the joysticks, or use the remote-only mode to control it yourself. It lights up, plays music (don’t worry – there’s a mute button!), and can spin 360 degrees. It also has two different speeds, so your little one can mosey along or race a sibling or friend.

  • 10. Galaxy Night Light — $

    Whether your little boy is afraid or the dark or just loves the stars (like mine!), this galaxy night light projects the stars and moon onto the walls and ceiling of their room. There’s a range of brightness, so you can lower it to a soft “night light” glow, and there are nine different color options. You can even take out the star pattern and use it as a regular night light with any of the colors— just in case the stars get too distracting for your child.

  • 11. New PAW Patrol Walkie Talkies — $

    Chase is on the case! If your little one loves Paw Patrol as much as my kids, this walkie talkie set will help them save the day. The Chase and Marshall designs are both adorable and durable, so you don’t have to worry about them breaking if or when (because let’s face it – kids drop things) your child accidentally drops them. They offer clear sound for up to 1,000 feet so your kids can still hear each other whether they’re in the house, out back, or at the park.

  • 12. NINJACTIVE Ninja Obstacle Course — $$$$

    A ninja obstacle course is the perfect gift to get your little boy excited about spending some time outdoors! My kids love watching American Ninja Warrior, especially the junior version with kids competing, and this course lets them get some experience doing obstacles of their own. It comes with two slack lines and twelve obstacles that you can hang between two trees in your yard. Everything is weatherproof and durable, so you can leave it up all year long, too! For the price, it’s a great deal.

  • 13. Affordable Radio Flyer Scooter — $$

    Speaking of getting outside for some activity, this Radio Flyer scooter is another great option. With three wheels — instead of the two you’ll find on most scooters — it’s much easier for kids to balance and get the hang of it. The wide bise and handlebars are great for beginner riders, so little ones feel comfortable and safe giving it a try (and you don’t have to stress so much about them falling off!).

  • 14. Waiting Is Not Easy! — $

    This book is a godsend. All parents struggle with teaching their child patience (especially 4-year-olds!), but “Waiting Is Not Easy” can help. It features best friends Gerald and Piggie, lovable characters who star in a variety of author Mo Willems’ books, and teach important lessons to kids. In this book, Piggie teaches Gerald the patience necessary to wait for his surprise. The large print, simple words, and expressive images make it easy for kids to read and understand. Your little boy will also learn about friendship, which is important at this young age.

  • 15. Organic Dinosaur Egg Bath Bombs with Surprise Toys Inside — $

    If your son is anything like mine, getting them into the bath can be a bit of a challenge. These dinosaur bath bombs are sure to be just the motivation your little one needs. You’ll get nine colorful eggs that you can drop into the bath to float, whirl, and fizz until they reveal the dinosaur inside. As an added bonus, they’ll color the water, creating even more bath time fun. Each egg holds a different dinosaur, and your little boy will be so excited to find each one!

Birthday Gifts

  • 1. Balance Bike — $$$

    This balance bike is both versatile and affordable! It can be used in five different ways, allowing your child to progress as they master each challenge. They can use it as a walker, balance trike, or balance bike. You can also add pedals to the walker or tricycle to give them some experience with pedaling. By the time my son had mastered all versions of this balance bike, he was old enough and ready for a real bicycle!

  • 2. LEGO’s Duplo Brick Box (65 Pieces) — $

    What 4-year-old boy doesn’t love Duplo by LEGO?! This huge box set includes 65 pieces, allowing your little one to build a variety of objects, including a car, a couple of people, and different houses and buildings. They can follow the instructions in the included guide or you can let your child’s creativity come out as they decide how to put these bricks together themselves. Plus, they come in a large container, so clean up is a breeze!

  • 3. Wooden Train Set — $$

    My son is completely obsessed with trains, and this wooden train set is his favorite! Not only does it come with a train with multiple cars and wooden tracks, it also includes all kinds of fun accessories: a bridge, a crane with detachable cargo, a road roller, and more! With 60 pieces, your child will have hours of fun setting up different tracks and playing pretend.

  • 4. Bubble Leaf Blower — $

    Bubbles, bubbles everywhere, thanks to this realistic leaf bubble blower! The motorized bubble blower looks and sounds like a real leaf blower, but sends out a stream of large bubbles. There is something magical about a bubble lightly floating through the air, and the wonder that kids embody when surrounded by bubbles is a joy to behold. The bubble toy includes a 4-ounce bottle of bubble solution.

  • 5. Dinosaur Transport Truck — $$

    Two things that little boys love combined into one toy! What could be better?! This transport truck is big enough to hold all six of the included dinosaurs that come in this set. Each dinosaur is different, and they’re all from the Jurassic period, so it’s likely that your child will recognize them if they’ve had any exposure to dinosaur shows or movies. The truck has sound and light effects for added fun!

  • 6. Sensory Swing — $$

    There’s nothing my son loves more than building a fort so he can have a private place to relax and play. But that usually means pulling out sheets and bedding and creates a big mess to clean up at the end of the day. Enter the sensory swing! This swing offers a comfortable and private little pod for your child, and it even helps them with their balance. It’s offered in a variety of colors, and it’s super sturdy, comfortable, and made from 100% cotton canvas. Your child will also love that it has a pocket to keep their special toys or books close by.

  • 7. Ruko 6088 Programmable Robot — $$

    A unique and fun gift, this programmable robot will be your little boy’s new best friend! It can be controlled with the remote or with gestures, and both are easy for young kids to learn. It supports up to 50 different motions that you can program, and it has music, so your child can make it sing and dance. And (fortunately for parents!) there’s a volume control on the remote. Your child will get about two hours of play time before the robot needs to recharge, and you can charge it from a power bank, computer, or a regular outlet plug for convenience.

  • 8. Stick Art Craft Kit — $

    One of the best ways to help improve your child’s fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination is arts and crafts. This pop stick art set will teach your little one how to make different animals and flowers using popsicle sticks, glue, paper shapes, stickers, and their own imagination. They can follow the guide or create their own designs, but the set includes the necessary materials for seven different projects.

  • 9. Dinosaur Jigsaw Puzzle — $

    Puzzles are another great toy that helps to increase fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. There’s not much that little boys love more than dinosaurs, so this dinosaur puzzle is the perfect motivator! The jumbo pieces make it easy for little kids to find the correct placement, and they’re harder to lose (win-win!). The pieces are made of high-quality cardboard that’s harder for kids to bend. (My son is a bit of a destroyer when it comes to puzzles, so this really came in handy!)

  • 10. Cargo Airplane — $$

    This is another toy that combines two things that most little boys love – planes and construction vehicles! The cargo plane features lights and sounds, plus it opens up to store all four of the included construction trucks. Along with these vehicles, this set also comes with a mat, road signs, and other accessories. My son loves creating his very own traffic and construction scenarios by placing the signs and accessories in various locals around the mat.

Educational Gifts

  • 1. Uncle Milton Giant Ant Farm — $

    If your son is fascinated by bugs or has been asking for a pet, this giant ant farm could be the perfect gift. It comes with the antfarm, whimsical ant picnic scene, and the sand needed to set up the habitat. You’ll also get a voucher for live ants, you’ll just need to pay shipping and handling. It’s break-resistant and has a self-locking device, so your child can feed and water the ants safely, because, let’s face it, nobody wants a bunch of ants escaping and running around their house!

  • 2. DUPLO My First Number Train — $

    Whether you have your child in preschool or not, 4-year-olds need to start preparing for kindergarten. And that means they need to be able to recognize and count numbers. This cute little LEGO Duplo train set is both fun and educational. It comes with ten number bricks that your little boy will love attaching to the train in order. They’ll get some familiarity and recognition of these numbers as they build and play with these colorful bricks.

  • 3. Yogi Dice - Yoga Game for Kids — $

    Exercise and stretching are both extremely important for kids of all ages. With this Yogi Dice game, you can start your little one on the path to good physical health by teaching them different yoga poses while playing a game. They’ll have a blast rolling the dice and figuring out what they need to do. Each card has a detailed explanation of how to get into position and a cute little illustrated picture that shows the pose. My whole family loves to do this together, so it’s also great for spending quality time with your child!

  • 4. National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Dinosaurs — $

    If you’ve already decided to get your child some of the other dinosaur toys on the list, you might want to grab this book, too! It has beautiful illustrations of more than 50 dinosaurs, plus fun facts about each one. Your child will love learning about the different dinosaurs, and the text is written simply, making it great for kids who are learning to read. It even has a world map, so your child can see where these dinosaurs used to live and learn about geography at the same time.

  • 5. Air Rocket Toy – Ultimate LED Rocket Launcher for Kids — $

    This simple toy provides an inexpensive and easy form of entertainment for hours. No batteries, no plugs, just purely kid-powered fun! The National Geographic rocket only requires a stomp to launch it up to 100 feet in the air. The best part is that these rockets light up, making them more fun and easier to see in the sky. They encourage outdoor play, and they come with an instructions and learning guide that’s easy to follow. Three rockets, a base launcher, and the guide are included.

  • 6. World Map Shower Curtain — $

    This adorable shower curtain will let your little boy explore the world from their very own bathroom! The colorful map has the names of the continents and the oceans, plus it includes cute illustrations and the names of animals that you might find in different parts of the world. It’s made of 100% polyester that’s durable and sturdy, and it has a weighted hem to help keep it in place. It also comes with the 12 rings necessary to hang it and it’s machine washable for added convenience.

  • 7. Ninjas Have Feelings: Emotions Books for Kids — $

    The Ninja Life Hacks series of books has been a huge blessing for my son. This particular book about feelings and emotions has helped him to recognize and put a name to how he’s feeling. The cute illustrations and adorable ninjas make it easy for kids to understand, and the tabs on the end help your child navigate to the emotion they want to learn about. Not only will this book help your child figure out their emotions, it also gives them tips on how to handle them or how to act when they’re feeling these emotions.

Under $25 Gifts

  • 1. Dinosaur Building Figures w/ Electric Drill — $

    My son started taking things apart at a young age, which is why these dinosaur figures were perfect for him. This set comes with four different dinosaurs in varying styles and colors. It also includes the screws and tools necessary to build these creatures. Your child will learn how to handle a screwdriver and an electric drill as they attach or detach the different arms, legs, and other body parts of these dinosaurs.

  • 2. Bluey Garbage Truck — $

    Bluey is one of the few kids’ shows that I can actually sit down and watch with my kids without it being torture. It’s an adorable cartoon, and my son especially loves it. This set of toys includes Bluey and the Bin Man, as well as a garbage truck, trash bins, and cardboard pieces of trash for your child to clean up. The figures fit perfectly in the front of the truck, and your child can actually lift and dump the trash bins into the truck with just the pull of a lever.

  • 3. Crayola Ultimate Art Case With Easel — $

    Whether you’re going on a long car trip or a plane ride, or just need a way to keep your 4-year-old occupied when you’re out and about, this Crayola art case and easel is the perfect solution. It comes with crayons, markers, scissors, colored pencils, a sharpener, glue, colored paper, paint, and a paintbrush – and it’s all stored securely in an art case. Plus, the case also doubles as an easel, making it even easier to create art on the go!

  • 4. Dino Escavation Kit — $

    Similar to the fossil excavation kit we talked about earlier, this kit will have your child digging with the chisel and brushing away the debris to uncover the treasure inside! Unlike the other kit, this one comes with twelve different eggs to dig into, and each one contains a toy dinosaur instead of a fossil. All the dinosaurs are different, making it fun to uncover them all, and your little boy will love playing with all their new dinosaur toys when they’re done. The kit also comes with cards with pictures, descriptions, and facts about each of the different dinosaurs.

  • 5. HEY CLAY Animals - 18 Cans with Fun Interactive App — $

    I used to love making different creations out of modeling clay when I was a kid, but this set gives it a modern take on the art. You’ll get free access to the Hey Clay Aliens app, which offers step-by-step instructions on how to make the six different aliens pictured on the box. The app uses character animation, funny moves and actions, and voiceovers to make the app fun and easy for kids to follow along. If your child really loves it, you’ll find even more Hey Clay apps to download next!

  • 6. Butterfly Garden — $

    Just like the ant farm, this butterfly garden allows your child to observe and take care of their own insects. In this case, they’ll also get to learn all about the magic of metamorphosis! Included in the kit are a butterfly habitat, instructions, a STEM journal, a flower feeder and feeding dropper, and a voucher for live caterpillars. My son loved watching the caterpillars eat and grow, build their chrysalis, and transform into a butterfly. The hardest part was getting him to let the butterflies go when it was time!

  • 7. Stuffed Triceratops — $

    This adorable stuffed triceratops is the perfect size to cuddle up with your 4-year-old. It’s incredibly soft (including the horns, so you don’t have to worry about your little one getting poked or stabbed), making it the perfect companion for bedtime and naps. My son carries his everywhere! Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to spot clean, since we all know kids can get pretty dirty throughout the day!


From art projects to remote dump trucks to building sets, 4-year-old boys will find plenty to engage their minds and spark their imaginations on this list. Preschoolers are at a great age for exploration, and these gifts will both entertain and help them grow. Whether you’re stumped for a quick and inexpensive treat or looking for a durable toy that will keep their attention for years to come, you’ll discover something that you and your young child will enjoy.