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28 Spectacular Gifts for 4-Year-Old Girls (2023)

28 Spectacular Gifts for 4-Year-Old Girls (2023)

Simple moments in a child’s life can be some of the most memorable. Contribute to her talents, development, and happiness with any of the gift choices here and help to create some of those simple moments she will always hold on to. From favorite characters to educational motivators, listed below, you’ll find a variety of carefully chosen gifts to consider.

Unique gifts for 4-year-old girls

  • 1. Calico Critters — $

    Cutie, cute, cute is what this is! Theses Calico Critters are too precious for words, and any little girl will adore them. This “Hopscotch” bunny rabbit family is just one of the many animal sets available for purchase. To complement this gift later, there is a house and accessories available from Amazon as well. Family vehicles, furniture, and town shops/businesses will also be fun to add to her collection.

  • 2. Stamp Set — $

    This Melissa and Doug Friendship Stamp Set will allow fine motor skills to develop and promote creativity. With hearts, rainbows, flowers, and balloons to choose from, she will have a hard time deciding which one to use first! It comes with ink, colored pencils, and 9 stamps. All materials are stored in a wooden, made-to-last container, and all ink is washable. Make her day with this fun and imaginative gift.

  • 3. Night Light Projector — $

    For extra security through the night, this night light will be a great gift. Adding this light to my daughter’s room encouraged her to begin sleeping by herself. She loves the starry night sky shining on her ceiling. With 8 modes of lighting, it will be hard to pick a favorite. There are two available power choices and the inside plastic can be removed to create a nice desk lamp.

  • 4. Disney's Frozen - Sticker Book — $

    When you’re 4, who doesn’t love a great sticker book? These stickers will occupy her mind for days. Not only are they based on some of her favorite characters, but they will also inspire her imagination. Let her see Elsa, Olaf, and Anna in a whole new way as she enters the world of Arendelle.

  • 5. Cleaning Set — $$

    Moms will appreciate this gift as much as she will! Giving a pretend cleaning set to any 4-year old little girl will teach responsibility, build dramatic play skills, and encourage independence. Included in this purchase is a mop, duster, and broom set. Like all other Melissa and Doug sets, this is made of high-quality, colorful materials and is made to last a lifetime.

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  • 6. PonyCycle Official Classic Ride On Unicorn — $$$

    Created with a scientific design to enhance your four-year-olds gross motor skills, the PonyCycle Official Classic U Series Ride-On White Unicorn requires your tot to coordinate their arms, legs, and waist simultaneously to propel themselves forward. Kids can walk, trot, gallop and steer on the comfortable raised seat and nonslip pedals conveniently located on the unicorn. The wear-resistant one-way wheels and durable, soft unicorn body provide a safe and active outlet for energetic four-year-olds. Even better, the unicorn moves with your child’s movements and does not require batteries. This is the ideal toy for parents who are looking for a safe, high-quality item that helps their four-year-olds develop their gross motor skills while having fun.

Birthday gifts for 4-year-old girls

  • 1. Baby Doll — $

    What little girl doesn’t love a new baby doll? Give her this new angel and you’re certain to see a grand reaction. This La Newborn Nursery Set with an 8-piece layette, is perfect for any 4-year old little girl. At 4.7 stars, this gift is a great choice! This baby will bring out the nurturing qualities in her personality and encourage compassion and empathy. Let her practice being a loving mother and help her develop caretaking skills.

  • 2. Princess Dress/Costume — $

    Every little girl needs a dress that makes her feel special. With this outfit and accessories, she can be the best-dressed girl in the kingdom all while staying at home. This dress is lovely enough for a royal occasion, yet still keeps her little girl style. The three layers of satin, an organza overlay, and the lovely blue sequins all work together to make this one stunning gown. Included in this set is a pair of classy gloves, a shining tiara, a princess wand, and jewelry. If you’re hoping for royal praise, this will do the trick!

  • 3. Princess Fantasy Nightgown — $

    Feeling like a princess both night and day is important when you’re 4. Help her dream world become a reality as she dozes off for a great night’s slumber in this luxurious princess ball gown made just for sleeping. There are many options to choose from and several sizes available. The gown is machine washable, comfortable, and made with quality fabrics. Help her show-off her glamour with this awesome gift!

  • 4. Party Dress — $

    Add to her wardrobe with this precious, vintage-style party dress. With 29 pattern choices, you won’t have a problem finding one you like. This dress comes with a thin belt, is machine washable, and looks great for any occasion. At 4.6 stars, this dress is worn by little ones all over the world. Mom will love this gift too!

  • 5. Dress-Up Shoe Kit — $

    Shoes make the girl! That is certainly true with this gift. With several pairs to choose from, she can feel gorgeous every day of the week. My nieces’ shared this set when they were younger and practically lived in them. Along with earning “The Gold Standard in Play” award, Melissa and Doug toys have served children for years, and they all stand up to great quality. This gift will encourage her imagination to soar with creative ideas, interpersonal skill development, and role play.

Gifts Under $25

  • 1. Pretend Make-Up Set — $

    Encourage her dramatic play skills with this pretend make-up set. She can play all day without the mess! Because it is completely pretend, it can go anywhere she does, and mom will appreciate it as much as she will. I gave my neighbor’s 4-year old daughter this gift at Christmas, and it was a hit! This set includes a lovely cosmetic bag, brushes, a compact with mirror, lipstick, and more.

  • 2. Fashion Jewelry — $

    This 24-piece set of adjustable rings is a superb choice for children. She will have many wearable options including hearts, stars, flowers, and butterflies. Let her fashion statement be fun and stylish with this colorful jewelry. Rated at 4.7 stars, these rings are enjoyed by many. If one is misplaced, she will have 23 more to love. A glue stick is included as well in case any of the charms become loose.

  • 3. Aqua Magic Mat — $

    This magic mat uses water to create color! No markers, ink, or dye to worry about, and it is amazingly fun. It comes with magic pens, stencils, templates, and more. Hours will fly by once her mind becomes inspired with colorful masterpieces. After 3 minutes, drawings disappear for the artist to begin anew. This 60” x 40” mat easily stores, is portable, and teaches hand-eye coordination.

  • 4. Plush Bunny Rabbit — $

    A warm stuffed bunny in the bed sure does make sleeping peaceful. This sweet, cuddly rabbit will provide comfort and happiness as she drifts off to wonderland. Soft yet durable, this bunny is made to withstand a child’s play. It is 12” in height, not including the ears, and spot cleaning is recommended. Give her this precious friend, and she will love it (and you) forever!

  • 5. Play Purse — $

    Part of playing dress-up is having all the correct accessories, including a fashion-forward purse. This gift choice will provide a memorable reaction upon receiving it, just like it did with my little girl. She received it for her 4th birthday from Grandma, and she carries it everywhere. The cell phone, credit card, car remote, keys, and lipstick all help to make this one successful gift.

Educational gifts for 4-year-old girls

  • 1. Kindle Fire for Kids — $$$

    Pre-K is on the way, so why not get her started early? This Kindle Fire Kids Edition contains content from Disney, Nickelodeon, PBS kids, just to name a few. With a child-proof case and a 2-year guarantee, even parents will love this. Also included is a free year of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited. This provides over 20,000 games, videos, educational content pieces, books, and more. It’s so much fun, she’ll never realize she’s learning!

  • 2. Play-Doh Magical Oven — $

    Build fine motor skills, develop muscle strength, and provide opportunities for artistic awareness with this set of Play-Doh, tools, and pretend oven. Imagine the menu she will create with all these fun, new meals just waiting to be prepared! Six cans of dough are included to make for extra colorful art, and the oven is designed with a dinging timer. Cakes, rolls, muffins, and more can be prepared as she bakes until her heart’s content.

  • 3. Electronic Reader — $

    Build her reading skills with this Disney electronic reader. Not only will this gift encourage early reading, it will increase her interest in reading as well. She will have exposure to phonemic awareness, blending, decoding, and much more. With 8 “Frozen” stories to discover, she will experience new journeys with some of her favorite characters, and with a 4.7-star rating, this gift promises lots of smiles.

  • 4. Self-Correcting Alphabet Puzzle — $

    Melissa and Doug have once again prepared another great gift idea for small children. This matching alphabet concept puzzle will allow a child to self-correct if they mismatch a combination. Beginning sounds, letter recognition, vocabulary development, and self-confidence are just some of the skills this puzzle promotes. This puzzle was given to my first child years ago and has lasted through 4 more. Its durability and uniqueness continue to captivate all the little minds in my home!

  • 5. Fancy Nancy Book — $

    Open her eyes to the fantastic world of Fancy Nancy! The little girl in this book, Nancy, bubbles with personality, imagination, and style. Any 4-year old girl will love her books and appreciate her innovative ideas on fashion. Start her collection with this book, and you’ll be contributing to a childhood full of laughter and cheer. Jane O’Connor does a masterful job of bringing Nancy’s character to life and charming the spirits of little girls around the world.

  • 6. Crayola Art Set — $

    Crayons, colored pencils, and markers are included in this wonderfully fun art set. Surprise her with these basic tools and in no time, you’ll begin to see masterpieces. My little girl adores hers! She is constantly drawing and creating. Help her mind blossom with these simple supplies that can transform her little ideas into mighty creations. With a 5-star rating, this gift is sure to satisfy her creative side!

Christmas & holiday gifts for 4-year-old girls

  • 1. Paw Patrol Blanket — $

    While it’s cold and blustery outside, let her snuggle up and get cozy with this gift. There’s nothing that makes a little one feel safer than a warm cuddly blanket. With a pink Paw Patrol theme, girls everywhere would love to cover up with these cute puppies. Machine washable and durable, this twin-size blanket is perfect for children. Make her Christmas wonderful with the softness and style of these popular rescue pups.

  • 2. Glitter Shoes — $

    Give her the gift of elegance with this beautiful new pair of shoes. She will surely leave a little sparkle wherever she goes! With a fancy bow and adjustable buckle, these shoes are a fantastic gift for any small princess. They sell for a fantastic price and come in many size options. There are also variations in style and several colors available. The memory foam liner makes them comfortable, and the glitter makes them majestic.

  • 3. Baby Doll Accessories — $$

    Every baby doll needs accessories to make play more fun. By adding this baby gear set, her imagination will take off. Not only will this give her practice for future days, she’ll develop concepts of gentleness, compassion, and empathy. The set includes a high-chair, a pac-n-play, an infant carrier, and a swing. With extra, easy set-up, parents love this choice. The baby dolls will thank you too!

  • 4. Princess Sleeping Bag — $

    Whether she goes camping, spends the night at grandma’s, or makes a fort and sleeps in the living room, this sleeping bag will keep her warm and cozy all night. It is well made, is super comfy, and is treasured by 1000s of little girls across the world. The measurements are 24” x 46”, so it will be suitable even as she grows. Another great quality is that it sells for an amazing price.

  • 5. Flannel Robe — $

    This fuzzy, warm robe will keep her toasty on a cold winter’s night. It’s made of soft flannel and with 13 color/pattern choices, there’s one for every personality. The belt is stitched on, so it will never get lost. At 5 stars, this robe design is worn by girls all over the world to sleepovers, after baths, to bed, and around the pool. This would make a great gift for any 4-year old girl.

  • 6. Play Pet and Vet Tools — $

    Teach responsibility, kindness, and selflessness by giving her this puppy and accessory set. It comes with a kennel and vet tools so the puppy can be cared for, loved, and pampered. Any little girl will be happily surprised with this portable vet clinic and its many extras. The Dalmatian dog and carrier are durable and lightweight, and at 4.7 stars, who can say no to those sweet puppy dog eyes?


Stay on-trend and make a special little girl happy with any of the gift choices on this list. No matter which one you decide on, a joyful heart and a cheerful smile will be the outcome. These gift ideas are all highly rated and have shown their worth through proven moments of real-life enjoyment. There’s nothing more satisfying than playing an active role in supporting a happy childhood!