27 Killer Gifts for 5-Year-Old Boys (2021)

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Five-year-old boys are really the best of the best. They are learning so much about the world around them, venturing to Kindergarten for the first time and gaining a ton of independence. For this intelligent and interested age group, you’ll want to look for toys that are unique, special and interactive. Choose one of these fantastic gifts for your guy and you’ll be sure to get them something they will love and play with all year long. We’ve rounded up the top 27 gifts for 5-year-old boys.

27 Best Gifts for 5-Year-Old Boys

1. Rock Collection — $

Rock Collection Show me any five-year-old boy and I’ll show you a little guy who loves to find rocks and save them for a rainy day. This set of cool rock and mineral finds will keep them learning, exploring and storing their beautiful rock collection in a handy display case. The set comes with 18 stellar pieces to explore.

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2. Shark Sleeping Blanket — $

Shark Sleeping Blanket Little dudes love to snuggle up on the couch for their favorite show or movie. This adorable shark blanket is super cool and totally cozy. They’ll love to dive deep in and stay wrapped up inside. Five-year-old boys are also still fun enough to pretend to be a shark and they’ll get loads of make-believe time snuggled in this aquatic wrap.

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3. Rocket Launcher — $

Rocket Launcher We’re obsessed with this rocket launcher that shoots foam rockets up to 100 feet into the sky. The set comes with 8 foam rockets and a yellow launching pad that’s easy to use and foldable. The set is tons of fun but also incorporates S.T.E.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) properties like learning how adjusting the angle of the launch pad effects jump force and flight trajectories.

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4. V-Tech Camera — $

V-Tech Camera There’s so much to love about the V-Tech Camera. Your little guy will love to take pictures, make funny videos and play the fun games available on this V-tech camera. Your five-year-old will also love the independence of shooting his own pictures and reviewing them over and over for years to come.

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5. Body Bumper Game — $

Body Bumper Game Boys love any game that lets them use their body in crazy fun ways. This body bumper game essentially wraps their body in a plastic bubble and allows each participant to bump into each other without harm. For extra safety measures, the bubbles are created with PVC construction and include a repair patch in case of any mishaps.

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6. Superhero Dress-Up Set — $

Superhero Dress-Up Set Five-year olds are superb at dressing up like their favorite superhero. This adorable set of characters comes with cute face masks, capes and super cool slap bracelets. Add some fun pegs to the wall and make your little dude their very own ultimate lair.

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7. Pin Art — $

Pin Art I don’t know why these things are huge hits with the five-year old crowd but they are all crazy for them. These pin art games take little pins in a case and let your dude make molds of their nose, their hand and just about anything else you can imagine. They’re also super affordable and will probably stick around your house through the teen years.

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Birthday gifts for 5-Year-Old Boys

8. Bicycle — $$$

Bicycle Five is the age of the bicycle rider. This one comes in an adorable color palate and has training wheels for those riders that are still feeling a little timid. With this great ride, your little one can spend plenty of time outside practicing their bike-riding skills. A perfect, just-right kid size also ensures that they’ll be safe while they ride.

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9. Toy Blaster Set — $

Toy Blaster Most nerf guns are made for dudes that are just a bit older. To practice at age 5, this set of toy blasters helps little ones learn how to aim and shoot. They even use real nerf bullets. They’ll love to run through the yard aiming at every tree imaginable and you’ll love how excited they’ll be when they finally learn to hit their target.

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10. Programmable Robot — $$

Programmable Robot There is so much to love about a cool robot friend. The programmable robot comes with fifty different actions including movement of the robot’s joints. The robot moves by your child’s gestures preprogrammed into the robot’s command pad. The gesture sensing robot can be controlled by an infrared controller to turn left, turn right, slide backward and slide forward. The robot literally will move wherever your little man commands. There’s also no need to worry about batteries. This RC-battery-powered robot plugs into the wall to recharge. It’s even made from eco-friendly material to ensure safe play.

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11. Lego Creator Propeller Plane — $$

Lego Creator Propeller Plane The Lego Creator series is perfect for tiny builders to craft awesome creations like this propeller plane. At age 5, your child may need some instruction (especially if it’s their first Lego experience) but they should be able to craft these nifty creations all on their own. They’ll be proud of what they can build with their own hands and they’ll love how cool and lifelike this propeller plane looks when finished.

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12. Batcave — $$

Batcave Batman is such a great superhero and little guys love to play with him. They especially love playing when they have their very own bat cave. This one comes with a whole bevy of awesome features including a power pad, batwings that open, a platform that spreads wide open, eyes that light up and a garage that actually opens. The set also comes with super fun figurines like Batman and Joker to battle in the bat cave.

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Gifts under $25 for 5-Year-Old Boys

13. Dinosaur Stamp Set — $

Dinosaur Stamp Set This fun dinosaur stamp set from Melissa & Doug is simply the cutest. The set comes with 8 different dinosaur stamps, colored pencils and stamp pads with two different colors, red and blue. The set allows little guys to explore their imagination while they also work on their hand and eye coordination. Plus, did we say they are absolutely the cutest?!

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14. Giant Bubble Wand — $

Giant Bubble Wand Giant bubble wands are so much fun. And these are really giant. In fact, these bubble wands have set every big bubble world record in the last 25 years. The wand has a two-handle design that helps bubbles grow super large. The bubble set comes with the wand, special bubble concentrated liquid and a special pouch of Wow-making bubble solution. There’s also a book with tips and tricks to make sure you get enough bubble for your buck.

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15. Puzzle Set — $

Puzzle Set Five-year old boys still need to have hand and eye coordination tools like puzzles on hand. Puzzles are important for their cognitive development and allows for quiet time activities that stimulate the mind. These super cute boy-themed puzzles give three great scenes for fun development time.

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16. Soccer Ball — $

Soccer Ball Soccer is a great activity for growing guys. Not only does it keep busy little bees active, it also helps them learn important athletic skills for the future. Before you go out and buy any old soccer ball, make sure you are choosing one that is the appropriate size for a five-year-old. At this age, you’ll want a ball that is a size 3.

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17. Sight Words Game — $

Sight Words Game Sight words are very important for your Kindergartener to know. Sight words are the important words that children must memorize by the end of their K year. This sight word game is continually ranked as one of the best games for sight word development. This gift will be something they love but also something that is truly beneficial for their future.

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Educational gifts for 5-Year-Old Boys

18. V-Tech Smart Watch — $$

V-Tech Smart Watch These watches are all the rage in the Kindergarten world. On these cute little watches, you’ll find activities, an alarm clock, camera, microphone, step counter and more. It’s definitely the mini-version of your grownup smart watch and they will love it solely for that reason alone.

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19. Counting Cubes — $

Counting Cubes Your Kindergarten teacher will rejoice when you buy these super fun counting cubes. Kids love to play with them but they are also a very handy educational tool that teaches counting, sorting, addition and subtraction. You’ll probably even need them for those Kindergarten homework activities.

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20. Bug Collection Kit — $

 Bug Collection Kit One of the best ways to foster a love for the environment, and for science in general, is to let your little guy explore the world around him. This bug kit is a great way to encourage exploration and investigation. The kit comes with a 5x power magnification glass, binoculars, a cool compass, a net, a case and so much more. There’s even a super awesome bug book that helps your little dude learn all about insects.

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21. S.T.E.M Building Kit — $

 S.T.E.M Building Kit A S.T.E.M building kit is a great way to let a kid just be a kid while also fostering a love of learning. They will love to build amazing creations like cars, towers and more. Doing so helps enhance hand and eye coordination, problem-solving skills and spatial awareness.

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22. Star Wars Phonics Workbook — $

Star Wars Phonics Workbook Phonics is another important developmental skill that five-year-olds will need to develop over the course of this important year. This workbook makes it all the more fun by incorporating a ‘Star Wars’ theme throughout the book. Now your little one can help Chewy uncover the best ways to blend those syllables.

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Christmas and Holiday gifts for 5-Year-Old Boys

23. Color Palette — $

Color Palette Your five-year-old will adore this stunning big boy art set. The palette comes with everything you could imagine to let your child draw and color until their hearts are content. The set comes with an awesome Crayola Inspiration art case that contains 64 crayons, 20 short colored pencils, 40 washable markers and 15 large pieces of paper. It’s really an unbelievable gift that they’ll use time and time again.

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24. Tractor Set — $

Tractor set There’s just something about boys and their tractors. This farm tool set comes with three realistic versions of common farm tools. Your little guy will love using the row crop tractor toy with removable front loader, the backhoe, and the 4WD tractor with ripper all bearing the John Deere logo.

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25. Dr. Seuss’s Learning Library — $$

Dr. Seuss’s Learning Library One of the most important gifts you can give a five-year-old is the opportunity to read often. When it comes to learning to read well, my first choice is always Dr. Seuss. This Dr. Seuss Learning Library comes with 20 beloved tales that inspire reading, ignite the imagination and foster a love of learning.

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26. Indoor/Outdoor Play Tent — $

 Indoor/Outdoor Play Tent There’s nothing greater than a play tent that can become a secret oasis for your child’s imagination. This star-studded tent is the perfect size for play and can be used inside or outside. The tent comes with a large play space, proper ventilation and super durable fabric to ensure it can stand up to any five-year-old boy.

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27. Suitcase Set — $$

 Suitcase Set One of the best gifts you can get your kiddo and really yourself, is a great suitcase set. Trust us, it’s something everyone needs but no one can ever remember to buy. At five, your little one is much more likely to come with you on overnight adventures or even venture off to Grandma’s house all alone for a big sleep. An adorable and durable suitcase set is just the ticket.

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There’s something a little bit magical about a five-year-old boy. Whether they are a knight on a great big quest or a budding student understanding how to read for the first time, there’s so much to learn and do and see at this age. One day they will act like they’re still your baby and then the next day they’ll be asking real questions about the world around them. It’s such an important time for developing key skills like communication, reading, critical thinking, and independence. By buying toys that keep them engaged and learning, you’re giving them the best head start at figuring out exactly what they want to be.

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