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31 Best Gifts For 5-Year-Old Girls (2022)

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For anyone with a five-year-old girl, you know how hard it is for them to stand still even for a moment. They are always on the go, ready to run, climb, jump, and explore the world about them. They’ve started Kindergarten or will soon and are actively learning to read, write their name, and copy simple shapes. If you’re looking for the perfect gift to entertain your kiddo, we’ve got you covered with some awesome gifts they are bound to love, and as an added bonus will capture their attention when mom and dad need a quick break.

Aurora loving her Ponycycle
Aurora loving her Ponycycle

Christmas Gifts

  • 1. Unicorn Hooded Bathrobe — $

    What better way to start off this list than one of the coolest gifts a five-year-old girl could ask for. Unicorns are all the rage, and your little one will love to wear this cute bathrobe (which might even make bathtime easier for you!). With a variety of colors and styles, you’ll be able to get one that matches your kid’s favorite color of the week. It’s durable and machine washable, so it can be easily cleaned when it needs to be. It’s an adorable one-of-a-kind gift that any five-year-old will love.

  • 2. Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad — $

    This is the perfect birthday gift for the five-year-old girl in your life. It comes with over 100 traceable images that will keep her entertained for hours. My little girl loves to draw and express her creativity, and this set allows her to do just that! The best part is that it’s portable, and they can take it with them wherever they go. The brightly lit surface makes tracing easy, even in dark or low lighting.

  • 3. Kid Made Modern My First Jewelry Kit — $$

    What little girl doesn’t love designing and creating their own jewelry? This kit comes with plenty of beads, clasps, and cords to make a variety of bracelets and necklaces. The beads are larger, which is easier for little fingers to grasp and maneuver, making this set perfect for 5-year-olds. Your little girl will be improving her fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination as she threads these beads, and she’ll love showing off her beautiful new handmade jewelry!

  • 4. Walkie Talkie — $

    This delightful gift is a great way for your little girl to play with others. She can chat with her friends or siblings while they play, even if they’re not in the same room. Walkie-talkies are a great toy for playing outside or at a park, and your little one will love testing the limits to see how far away she can get and still communicate with you or her friends. This set is made just for little hands and is easy to use, making it the perfect choice for this age.

  • 5. Light-Up Terrarium Kit — $

    This is a great STEM-approved educational kit for your kiddo. It’s an incredible mini garden that will help your child learn about plants in a stabilized and natural environment. Your little girl will have a blast learning to discover and create a terrarium of her very own. It comes with LED lights so the plants can grow no matter how much natural light they’re getting (so you don’t have to worry if you’re not great at keeping plants alive yourself!), making them even easier for little kids to take care of them.

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  • 6. Princess Light Up Tent — $$

    This magical gift will absolutely delight your little girl – at least, I know it did mine! It’s the perfect place to keep stuffed animals, read, or play with friends. The curtains are easy to put down for privacy or open up when the sun is shining. It also comes with a nifty carrier bag that makes it easy to fold up for storage or portability. This princess tent will help your child use their creativity and imagination for hours of enjoyment.

  • 7. Ponycycle Ride on Unicorn — $$$

    What little girl doesn’t want to gallop down the sidewalk on her very own unicorn? Ponycycle is by far the most exciting gift that my daughter received for Christmas. It’s actually perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Need your kiddo to get out some energy? Her very own unicorn is kid-powered and allows her arms, waist, and legs to work simultaneously & coordinate her body movements which is great for a developing mind. It’s complete with steering and handbrakes, which makes it easy to maneuver — and the handbrake allows her to come to a safe stop. It’s well worth the money and can be used until she is 8 years old.

  • 8. Tree Climbing Holds — $$

    Looking for a simple and easy way to keep your little girl entertained outdoors? While climbing trees may not be too enticing for some, others absolutely love the idea, and this set of tree climbing holds makes it much safer and easier for little ones to do. They easily attach to trees using ratchet straps, so they won’t even damage your trees. Plus, they’re weather and water-resistant and can hold up to 220 pounds, so your whole family can give them a try!

  • 9. Night Light Projector — $$

    Whether your little one is afraid of the dark or just loves the stars, this adorable projector may be just the thing she needs! It projects the stars and moon, and she can choose from different colors/styles and multiple brightness levels. My little one especially loves the music it plays, and it also has a white noise setting if your child needs some type of sound to fall asleep. You can set a timer so the projection doesn’t stay up all night, and it even has a remote control to operate it. The best part – it’s rechargeable, so you won’t have to worry about batteries!

  • 10. Light Up Scooter — $

    Scooters are a great way for little girls to start working on their balance. This particular one is super cute – with a tie-dye theme – and it lights up when in motion! It is height adjustable, so it grows with your little one, and it folds up easily for storage and portability. If your little girl loves zooming around, this scooter is the toy for her!

  • 11. Motorized Ride on Sports Car — $$$

    Do you want to have the coolest little girl on the block? This motorized sports car will have her riding in style. It looks just like a real Lamborghini and even has some fun features like built-in music, lights, and more. You can operate the car with a remote or let your little girl control it with the pedal and steering wheel. And don’t worry, it has a seat belt, so your child will be perfectly safe. The neon pink version is my daughter’s favorite, but there are other color options available too!

  • 12. What to Do with a Problem: New York Times Bestselling Book — $

    This adorable book is not only fun to read, but it also teaches your little girl a very important lesson. Everyone faces problems in their lives, and avoiding them often just makes things worse. This book will teach your little girl that we need to face our problems, and they’re often not exactly what we thought. Finding a solution and working through the problem is also often easier than we think. Whether your little girl has an issue they’re working through, or you just want to make sure they’re prepared for when they do, this book can help.

  • 13. Unicorn Baking Set — $$

    This cute little set is the perfect gift for little girls who love unicorns and like to bake. It comes with an adorable apron with a unicorn image, rainbow-colored measuring spoons, unicorn-shaped cookie cutters and mold, and plenty of other baking supplies to help your child start making a yummy treat. She’ll have a blast baking and decorating sweets, and it’ll give you some quality time together as you help your little girl in the kitchen.

  • 14. Camera for 5-Year-Olds — $$

    Get ready to say cheese! Five-year-old girls are often interested in taking pictures or posing for the camera. With this adorable unicorn camera, your little girl can start to learn how to take her own photos and videos. It even has a selfie mode! It’s lightweight and comes with a lanyard, so your child can easily take it everywhere they go. It also comes with a 32GB SD card for storage, and it has three games and multiple scenes and frames available.

  • 15. Glow in the Dark Unicorn Throw Blanket — $$

    This cute and cuddly blanket will have your little girl all cozy and warm whether she’s wrapped up on the couch or lying in bed. It’s tie-dye, has little unicorns all over it (are you sensing a theme here?), and it even glows in the dark! It only needs to be exposed to light for about ten minutes or so to get the glowing effect, and voila! The perfect night light for every little girl! It’s also machine washable, which is very convenient.

  • 16. FreeStyle Kids Bike — $$$

    When’s the best age to start learning to ride a bike? That’s really up to your child’s ability and motivation to learn. This little freestyle bike is suitable for kids as young as three and all the way up to twelve, depending on the size you choose. Your child’s height will determine the best size, but most offer a good range of height adjustments, so your little one will get a few years of use out of any bike. This one is bright pink and comes with training wheels, a water bottle and holder, and a cute little bell.

Birthday Gifts

  • 1. Giant Bubble Wands Kit — $

    Bubbles, bubbles everywhere! This awesome giant bubble wand makes huge bubbles that your kiddo will love. While most bubble sets are a little difficult for kids to use, thanks to the two-handle design on this wand, it’s especially easy for younger kids to use and create their own bubbles too. We’ve had tons of fun playing with this bubble wand because they are colorful and fun to pop, which makes for a great outdoor activity for the whole family.

  • 2. Ninja Outdoor Climbing Course — $$$

    Do you have an active little girl who loves to swing and climb? A ninja obstacle course is just the thing to get her outside and expending some energy. American Ninja Warrior is super popular, and this set will let your little girl join in the fun and try her hand at completing obstacles. This set comes with two slack lines and twelve different obstacles. All you need is a couple of trees or a place to attach the lines, and your child will be ready to conquer the course!

  • 3. Mermaid Costume — $

    At five years old, your little girl may have found her own style and decided she prefers to dress herself (I know mine did!). This adorable mermaid costume is one outfit I think you can both agree on! It’s super cute and comes with a dress with colored LED lights in the skirt that give it a magical glow, especially at night. It also comes with a matching headband to complete the ensemble.

  • 4. Floor Lounger Pillow — $$

    Whether your little girl loves lazing around reading a book or watching TV, this floor lounger will give her a comfortable and safe place to do it. It comes in a variety of colors and patterns, so you can easily find her favorite, and all you have to do is fill it with queen-sized pillows. It’s made with plush, ultra-soft fabric, making it incredibly comfortable to lay on, and your child can adjust and fold it to whatever shape feels the best to her. You can also easily take the pillows out and fold it up for storage or portability.

  • 5. Classic Adjustable Roller Skates — $$

    These rollerskates are sure to thrill your little girl. Not only are they a blast to ride around on, but they’re also super bright and stylish. They have a push button that makes them super easy to adjust for size, and they’ll grow with your child. They’re also very safe with dual front breaks that make it easy for little ones to stop, whether they’re a beginner or pro. They’re suitable for the roller rink or outdoors, so your little girl is sure to get plenty of use out of them.

  • 6. Maybe: A Story About the Endless Potential in All of Us — $

    At five years old, your little girl may start wondering about the future and maybe even be thinking about what their purpose in life is. Maybe talks about these concepts in a way that’s simple and easy for kids to understand. It uses beautiful illustrations and just the right words to reassure little ones that discovering their gift or their place in the world takes time and an open heart, and they don’t need to know everything right now. It encourages them to think and keep an open mind to the endless maybes and possibilities that will occur.

  • 7. Drawing Stencils for Kids — $$

    If you’ve got a little artist on your hands, this art set is an excellent gift to keep their creative juices flowing while learning how to draw. It comes with large stencils that are easy for little hands to hold, paper, colored pencils, a sharpener, pens, and a case to store everything in when not in use. The carrying case makes it easy to take your kiddo’s crafts on the go, too! With stencils to teach them how to draw different shapes and creatures, they’ll start to get the hang of drawing and begin to draw their own creations.

  • 8. Giant Unicorn Sprinkler — $$

    Don’t have a pool and need a fun way for your little girl to cool off in the summer? Then check out this giant unicorn sprinkler! It’s over five feet tall and offers just the right amount of spray out of the unicorn’s horn. It’s easy to inflate, and it even comes with stakes to attach to the unicorn’s feet, so it doesn’t fall over or blow away. It uses a hose connector that’s compatible with regular garden hoses, so you won’t even need to buy anything extra to get started.

Educational Gifts

  • 1. Guess in 10 Game — $

    There are so many things to learn when you’re five years old, so it can feel pretty overwhelming for some kids. Skillmatics makes a bunch of games that can turn learning into fun, which is exactly what kiddos need. You can choose which game you think your child would like the best (or that covers what they need to learn), but I’ve found that anything animal related will always get my daughter’s attention. This is a fun questions game, where players will get ten questions to guess the animal.

  • 2. Unplugged Explorers Outdoor Explorer Kit — $

    Little girls can be adventurers and explorers too! Just ask Dora! This explorer kit includes binoculars, a compass, a flashlight, a bug collector, a bug (don’t worry, it’s fake!), a magnifying glass, a safety whistle, a guide/journal, and a handy bag to carry everything in. Your little girl will love getting outside to explore and learn about their environment. Whether in the backyard, in a park, or out camping, this set is sure to keep your little girl entertained outside.

  • 3. Geosafari Talking Microscope — $$

    Looking for the perfect educational gift for your little girl that’s also loads of fun? This Geosafari Talking Microscope is the perfect pick. It comes with 60 full-color slides with over 100 facts about animals, plants, and household items. It also comes with a double eyepiece, so it’s easy for little ones to see without having to close an eye, and it has built-in slide storage, which makes clean-up a breeze.

  • 4. Augmented Reality Interactive Globe — $$

    Ready to explore the world? This interactive globe is another toy that makes learning really fun, and my little girl would play with it for hours. Your five-year-old can use the app on your phone or tablet to transport them on an augmented reality-based journey around the world. They’ll learn all sorts of facts about the world in the process, and it even comes with a guide to help them along. The included stickers are a fun bonus that’s sure to delight your little one, too.

  • 5. Award-Winning Imagine Meditation Kit for Kids — $

    Who would have thought about teaching meditation to kids? When I was little, it just wasn’t a thing. But nowadays, technology and screens have made it harder for kids to focus on anything, and meditation is a great tool to help them learn to be present. This meditation kit has different types of cards with exercises that’ll help little ones learn methods of meditation that’ll leave them feeling calm and peaceful. From guided imagery to positive affirmations, your child will learn techniques they can use for a lifetime.

  • 6. Zingo Sight Words — $

    Zingo is an awesome game that makes learning fun for any five-year-old. It’s a Bingo-style game with a twist. Little ones really love the zinger that deals out the cards, and they’ll have a blast trying to match the sight words on their card to the ones drawn. They’ll develop critical reading skills while having a great time! This is a family favorite around here, and it really helped my kids start recognizing words early.

  • 7. Master Chef Junior Pizza Cooking Set — $$

    What’s better than pizza night? Now, instead of ordering out, your little one can help you make a delicious pizza at home. This Master Chef Junior set comes with three recipe cards for different levels of skill, a sauce ladle, a wood pizza board, a personal pizza pan, and a plastic pizza cutter, so your little girl will be all ready to get started. She’ll have the time of her life making her own little pizza (and maybe you’ll finally get through a meal without complaints!).

Under $25 Gifts

  • 1. Waiting is Not Easy! — $

    Waiting is definitely not easy for five-year-olds, which is why this book is such a huge help. It uses adorable characters, large print, and simple words to help little ones read and understand the story. Piggie and Gerald are lovable characters who star in a variety of books, but in this story, Piggie has to teach Gerald how to have patience. Your little one will empathize with Gerald’s groans and moans, but they’ll learn along with him why waiting for something is important and that most things are worth the wait!

  • 2. High-Quality Rainbow Temporary Tattoos — $

    Unicorns and rainbows – two things every five-year-old girl loves! What better gift than a set of temporary tattoos in this theme? To top it off, most of them have glitter, too! The set comes with 46 different tattoos that are bursting with color and style. Let your little girl express her personality by wearing her favorite tattoos out and about. They’re easy to apply and stay on pretty well for a good few days, but they’re also easy to take off with some oil or makeup remover.

  • 3. Fashion Headband Craft Kit — $

    My daughter was obsessed with headbands for the longest time, and she was so excited when she got this kit so that she could design her own. It comes with enough accessories to make ten different headbands, including bows, pom poms, rhinestones, and more. Not only will your little girl have a blast making these headbands, but she’ll be showing off her creativity and style every time she wears one!

  • 4. Out Foxed! Board Game — $

    If your little girl still struggles with competitive games, try this super cute and fun cooperative game. You’ll work together to try to solve clues, move along the board, and try to puzzle out who stole Mrs. Plumpert’s pot pie. It’s a load of fun and laughs, and it’ll also help your child improve their critical thinking and deductive reasoning skills. The games are relatively short, about 20-30 minutes, which is just about as long as you can expect to keep a five-year-old’s attention!

  • 5. Air Dry Clay — $

    Modeling clay has been around forever (I know I loved making things with it when I was a kid!), but it’s gotten much better over the years. This air-dry clay doesn’t require an oven – just 5-24 hours to sit and completely dry out. The set comes with 24 colors, extra resealable bags, tools, and a tutorial guide. The guide walks kids through how to make over 50 different shapes in easy-to-follow steps. From cute animals and critters to fun foods, your little girl will have a blast creating new designs.

  • 6. The Floor is Lava! Interactive Game — $

    This fun game is sure to spark your little girl’s imagination. The game is pretty simple and easy for kids to follow. You just spin the color wheel and jump to the same colored foam pieces to reach safety. Your little one will have a blast pretending the floor is lava as she jumps around the room. Plus, she’ll be improving her agility and gross motor skills at the same time. It’s a great game for family time or to play with friends. Your kiddo and her playmates will all have a great time with this exciting and interactive game.

Top Picks for Five-Year-Old Girls

When shopping for a five-year-old girl, you’ll want to find gifts that spur growth, whether that’s physical, educational, or a boost in creativity. Getting exercise and movement is really important, so gifts like the Ninja Outdoor Climbing Course are a great choice. There are plenty of educational toys, but our favorite is the Augmented Reality Interactive Globe. Learning about the world is important, and this toy offers over 1,000 fun facts. To encourage imagination and creativity, we really love the Air Dry Clay. Arts and crafts are always fun, and with this set, they can keep their designs forever if they want to! No matter what you choose, anything on this list is sure to delight your little girl.


It’s amazing just how many great gifts there are for five-year-old girls that will help keep them busy while helping to make learning fun too. With so many gift ideas for all occasions, you should easily be able to find one that will be a big hit the next time you need a gift for a five-year-old. The best part is with all price points covered you’ll be able to get something that shows just how much you care regardless of your budget.