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28 Killer Gifts for 7-Year-Old Boys (2022)

28 Killer Gifts for 7-Year-Old Boys (2022)
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If you’ve spent enough time with a 7-year-old boy, you likely know that the answer to almost anything is, “I don’t know.” So, asking for present ideas, no matter what they’re into, can feel like pulling teeth. Plus, 7-year-olds are straddling childhood and pre-teen. Some kids are perfectly happy playing with action figures and cars, while others are itching for technology and video games. This gift list ensures you have some ideas that impress.

Unique gifts for 7-year-old boys

  • 1. American Ninja Warrior Ninjaline — $$

    Boys have boundless energy! This American Ninja Warrior Ninjaline provides a creative and constructive outlet for growing boys to flex their muscles. The 34-foot slackline comes with six obstacles—rings, knots, and bars—that can be easily set up nearly anywhere. This training kit from the popular American Ninja Warrior TV show challenges kids physically and mentally as they conquer each obstacle. Change it up, or purchase additional accessories for ultimate customization and endless fun!

  • 2. Ukulele — $

    Know a kid who is always humming or tapping his toes? Gift the tropical, carefree tunes of a ukulele! Ukuleles are an affordable and fairly easy way to enter the world of music. This starter pack offers instruments in a variety of bright colors, a tote bag, a strap, three picks, and two free months of lessons. If formal lessons aren’t possible, try beginner books, online tutorials, or DVDs.

  • 3. Gravity Maze — $

    Games with an educational twist are a win for kids and parents! Think Fun’s 2017 Toy of the Year is part brain game, part marble maze, part STEM toy that provides 60 challenges with a range of difficulty. Fun aside, Gravity Maze improves logic, spatial reasoning, and planning skills. Many parents admit they enjoy the puzzles as much as their kids and spend hours playing together!

  • 4. Ozobot Coding Robot — $$$

    There’s something about a robot that automatically captures the attention of a curious little boy. This nifty coding robot is compact and responsive, allowing kids to learn the basics of coding with color-associated actions. The optical sensors on the robot respond to different colors through games or puzzles on the app. Kids also can draw with colored markers, making a path and defining actions for the robot to spin, turn, or speed up depending on the color they use.

  • 5. Flipside — $

    If classic games Simon and Rubik’s Cube merged, it would be Flipside. This fast-paced, light-up puzzle is all about skill and speed. As the center squares light up, the player must quickly flip and slide the outside blocks to match. This compact game is great on the go, can be single- or multi-player, and has four modes to choose from. It’s definitely hard to put down!

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  • 6. Ponycycle Official Ride-On-Horse - $$$

    PonyCycle is a fun and engaging toy for little boys. If your child is tired of riding their bike or wants to be able to ride indoors, this PonyCycle is a great choice. It’s completely powered by your child, and they’ll learn to coordinate their body as they use their arms, waist, and legs simultaneously. They’ll have a blast and they’ll also be able to get out some of their energy. The fur is super soft and you can choose from three different colors. It’s perfectly sized for kids ages 4-8 years old, so your 7-year-old will get at least a couple of years of use out of it, even more, if they’re on the smaller side.

Birthday gifts for 7-year-old boys

  • 1. Razor A5 Lux Kick Scooter — $$$

    This scooter is built to last, and since many boys are rough with their toys, durability is key. The Razor A5 includes an adjustable handle and a wider deck for bigger riders. The larger wheels offer a smooth ride. The scooter easily folds in half, making it compact for travel. Razor makes getting around fun and easy for an affordable price.

  • 2. Dogman: The Epic Collection — $

    Author David Pikley writes books that boys like, and isn’t that the point? These comic-style books are silly, amusing, and easy to read, keeping young boys engaged. Learn how this part dog, part man hero foils the bad guys repeatedly and gains a fan club in the process. These first three books of the Dogman Collection will be the start of a love for books.

  • 3. Remote Control Stunt Car — $

    This is an enviable remote control car among kids and adults! The stunt car does amazing 360-degree spins, flips to drive on both sides, and tumbles up or down just about any terrain. It’s got a funky, bright design that matches the car’s personality. The motor is powerful, and the remote is responsive with a good range. The vehicle is as much, if not more fun, outside in the grass and rocks.

  • 4. Operation Electronic Board Game — $

    Board games have made a resurgence in the last few years, as the classics that parents love resurface with a fresh look. Operation takes skill. Pull a card and try your best to remove the patient’s problem. If you make it, expect a great payday. Otherwise, prepare for the buzzer! Over 50 years later, this interactive game holds the same appeal and creates new family memories.

  • 5. Spider-man Web shots Spiderbolt Nerf Blaster — $

    Who doesn’t wish they had superhero powers? Maybe we can’t sling webs like Spider-man, but this Spiderbolt Nerf Blaster helps kids imagine they have the skills and tech they need to bring down the bad guys. Sporting the signature Spider-man red and blue, this gadget launches soft darts at whomever your kid deems the enemy. Attachments, which are sold separately, enhance the Nerf Blaster.

Under $25 gifts

  • 1. Stomp Rockets — $

    Simple fun—Stomp Rockets Dueling Rockets are an inexpensive way for siblings or friends to entertain themselves for hours. No batteries, no plugs, just purely kid-powered, these rockets only require a run, jump, and stomp to launch up to 20 stories in the air! The award-winning toy includes four rockets and a base with two stomping pads.

  • 2. Nickelodeon Slime Kit — $

    Slime is weird, colorful, squishy, and sticky. It’s fun to play with, and even more fun to make from scratch. This Nickelodeon Galactic Glitter Slime Kit provides an engaging and inexpensive craft with everything you need in the box. Kids start with the materials needed to create their own ooey, gooey, glittery slime, then squish and play with it as long as they want.

  • 3. Snuggie Tails Shark Blanket — $

    Whether watching TV, reading a book, or settling in at a sleepover, this Snuggie Tails shark blanket offers a soft and silly way to lay down. Plenty of boys find sharks fascinating, and this one looks like it’s chomping down on you as you sleep! An imaginative design and plush lining will quickly make this your kid’s go-to blanket.

  • 4. Klutz LEGO Gadgets — $

    Klutz—the makers of creative and inspirational activity kits—has teamed with LEGO to produce a STEM activity book with 11 different machines to build. Kids who tinker and build will love creating these mini machines. The book includes 58 LEGO elements and 78 pages of clear instructions. Kids learn to think outside of the box and are prompted to further explore and experiment with their creations.

  • 5. LED Light-up Gloves — $

    Make every night a party with these colorful, light-up gloves! The fun is in the bright red, blue, and green fingertips. Six different modes make the lights strobe, distort, and smear. The soft, high-quality, stretchable cotton gloves are warm enough for winter wear with the bonus of a colorful show to share. Plus, they come at a great price point!


  • 1. Awesome Science Experiments Book — $

    Learn how to invert a balloon in a bottle, mix homemade quicksand, create a CD hovercraft, plus 100 more exciting experiments at home! This book is full of manageable ideas that typically require materials you already have in your cabinet. Curious kids will love discovering the how and why behind these engaging experiments. The projects are categorized by STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) topic and difficulty. Check out similar titles like Awesome Engineering Activities and Awesome Robotics Projects.

  • 2. National Geographic Earth Science Kit — $

    With almost everything you need for more than 15 geography/earth science experiments, this box teaches kids how to grow crystals, create dueling tornadoes, erupt a volcano, make a glow-in-the-dark vortex, and more. A few other household materials are required. Kids will love exploring and sharing their projects with friends and family. A book is included that further explains geological concepts. The Nat Geo brand provides a quality educational product that engages the whole family.

  • 3. Kid Presidents — $

    Ever wonder if presidents got along with their siblings when they were younger, how they got their nicknames, what sports they aced (or bombed at!), or if they were the class clown? This book breaks down the childhoods of our US presidents from a kid’s vantage point. With colorful cartoons and engaging tales, you’ll find your child sharing these hilarious and quirky stories with you in no time. Who knows, you’ll likely learn a thing or two along the way!

  • 4. Gskyer Telescope — $$$

    The night sky is full of amazement and wonder. It’s easy to get lost in the vast beauty of the stars above. With this quality beginner telescope, a young astronomer can explore the stars and moon in close view. This telescope offers quality and clear images for an affordable price. A smartphone adapter and wireless app make it easy to take amazing and clear photos of the star-studded sky.

  • 5. Scrabble Twist — $

    This handheld, electric version of the popular word game is a mix between Scrabble and Boggle. With three different modes, it can be played solo, two player, or in party mode with multiple players. The game provides a mix of five letters. Players have to make as many words as they can in a limited amount of time, then twist the game to move on to the next round. This is an energetic, fast, addictive word game that’s great for the entire family!

  • 6. Story Cubes — $

    This award-winning game is an imaginative and engaging way to develop a storyline. With nine cubes, 54 images, and 10 million possibilities, your child will get endless engagement from this storytelling game. The stories are meant to be fun, silly, and quick. This also is a great game to take on the go to play at a restaurant, while waiting in line, or on car trips. Story Cubes teach children creativity, brainstorming, and story development.

Christmas & holiday gifts for 7-year-old boys

  • 1. The Ultimate Snow Kit — $

    This is an amusing and inexpensive holiday treat for kids who can’t wait for the first snow day of the season. The kit includes a small sled, snow brick maker, snow digger and mold, two snowball makers, and storage. Kids can easily pack the snow into the molds to build a sturdy fort, then have the ultimate snowball fight with perfectly sculpted snowballs! This is sure to provide hours of brisk snow day fun.

  • 2. Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash Track Set — $

    Crashing cars appeals to boys of any age—even some adults—and Hot Wheels doesn’t disappoint with this classic 16-foot orange and blue track. The criss cross track brings four intersecting tracks into one crash zone, thrilling kids with hits or near misses of sleek race cars. The hairpin turns and motorized boosters challenge kids to problem solve as they determine whether they want to crash or cruise through the course. The set comes with one car and storage for multiple cars.

  • 3. Nintendo Switch Lite — $$$

    This is the bigger, better, fancier Game Boy from dad’s video gaming days. Nintendo Switch Lite is a simpler version of Nintendo’s popular Switch game system at a better price. The two are essentially the same and play the same games, but the Lite version does not integrate with a bigger television screen. This handheld system has a built-in control pad that’s perfect for gaming on the go. Countless games available for purchase include Mario Bros., Animal Crossing, Pokemon, the Legend of Zelda, Super Smash Bros., Tetris, and plenty more.

  • 4. Harry Potter Book Set (1-7) — $

    When it’s cold and dreary outside, it’s a perfect time to snuggle up and read. Harry Potter has become a classic set of books for young children, introducing readers to colorful characters and a wonderfully magical world. It’s a great way to get young boys into reading early and improve their skills. For kids who are not quite at that reading level, look for accompanying CDs so they can read along with the recordings.

  • 5. Electronic Battleship — $

    Some games never lose their appeal. Electronic Battleship brings another level of excitement to “You sunk my battleship!” with lights, sounds, and super weapons! Players challenge each other in head-to-head Naval battles by locating and sinking the opponent’s ship. Kids have to use strategy and memory to defeat the enemy’s fleet of ships. This version is great to play in both classic or advanced modes. The game board also folds into a portable case that stores all the ships and markers.

  • 6. Snow tube — $

    What’s a snow day without a good snow tube? This heavy-duty, inflatable tube is great for kids or adults, making any snow-covered hill more fun to sled down. The material is environmentally friendly, and the snow tube meets the highest safety standards. This is an awesome way to enjoy snow at home or on the slopes, giving everyone an opportunity to play and have fun safely.


These killer gift ideas cover adventure seekers, tinkerers, techies, wordsmiths, crafters, and all the 7-year-old boys in between. Whether you’re searching for the perfect birthday gift, something unique, or an educational project, there are plenty of affordable and creative things to choose from. The young man in your life might not know how to tell you what he wants, but he’ll sure enjoy what you gift!