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28 Spectacular Gifts for 7-Year Old Girls (2023)

28 Spectacular Gifts for 7-Year Old Girls (2023)

Shopping for a 7-year old girl can be tricky if you’re not sure what her interests are. There are so many things to choose from, and most of them come in different patterns, colors, or themes. To ease your mind, here are 27 spectacular gifts for a 7-year old little girl. Choosing something from the list below will guarantee a smile and a happy heart.

Christmas & holiday gifts for 7-year-old girls

  • 1. Portable TV and DVD Player — $$

    Make movie night more fun and traveling easier with this portable TV and DVD player. A television all her own, is guaranteed to put a smile on her face. It is great for use at home, but it’s also handy in the car, hotel, or at a friend’s house. The 9” swivel screen is convenient, and it comes with three support power systems. A remote, USB/SD card hook up, and game supported functions are also included.

  • 2. Barbie Dream House — $$

    Make her day with the Barbie Dream House! Not only does Barbie have 7 rooms in this home, a pool, slide, and elevator are built in as well. Imaginative play will flourish as she shares her dreams with Barbie. With more than 70 accessories, decorating and redecorating this house will bring on 100s of design ideas. This gift is sure to fulfill a little girl’s biggest wishes.

  • 3. Unicorn Musical Jewelry Box — $$

    Light up her world with this lovely unicorn musical jewelry box and jewelry set. This is really three gifts in one! A shiny unicorn necklace and bracelet come with this sweet box made to store her treasures. The song that plays is “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”, and there are 2 jewelry compartments and a drawer for storage.

  • 4. Barbie Travel Set — $

    Whether she plans on Barbie traveling the world or just going to visit a friend, she will be all set with this gift. With over 10 accessories, including an overnight bag, stickers, and a water bottle, Barbie is covered. The puppy only adds to the cuteness!

  • 5. JoJo Siwa Fashion Headphones — $

    Complete her look with this fashion-forward headphone and bow set. She will certainly be noticed everywhere she goes. The bow detaches for easy wear, and the headphones are made to be nice and comfortable. This set also includes a microphone which can be used for singing or answering calls. Yes! If a smartphone is connected and a call comes in, it can be answered through the headphones!

  • 6. Barbie Malibu House Play Set — $$

    Sandy dreams and ocean breezes come to life with this imaginative Barbie playhouse. At 4.3 stars, this house features 2 floors, 6 rooms, and 25 accessories. Some of the luxuries included are a juice bar, a spa, and an entertainment room. Along with the creative possibilities the Malibu house offers, it easily folds for storage and has multiple design options.

Birthday gifts for 7-year-old girls

  • 1. 7 Inch Tablet for Children — $$

    Hanging out with the big kids will be more fun with this in her hands. This tablet has earned a 4.3-star rating, comes pre-installed with Disney content, and it’s covered in a super durable, shock-proof case. There are over 30 language pieces, 1000’s of learning and exploring apps available, and many fun-filled games pre-installed as well.

  • 2. Elegant Girls Tent — $$

    Give her the ability to be a princess any time she wishes! This lovely, sheer tent with star lights will create magic and provide an aura of royalty where ever it stands. My children spend hours in theirs. It’s great for dramatic play, watching movies, playing board games, sleeping and more. The polyester taffeta material is stain-resistant, durable, and easy to manage.

  • 3. Outfoxed! Board Game — $

    She will love the mystery of this game and the fun it involves. Along with mystery, Outfoxed, will teach critical thinking, encourage cooperation, and give her practice with the concept of estimation. With a 4.3 star rating, this game is loved by many. It is made for ages 5 and up and allows for 2-4 players. Each full game takes about 25 minutes.

  • 4. Crayola Art Set — $

    Encourage her imagination to set sail with this 85-piece Crayola art set. The handy carrying case includes scissors, a paintbrush, glue, watercolors, markers, and more. My daughter uses hers daily, and after just a few days, our refrigerator was covered in artwork. It’s portable, inexpensive, and definitely worth the money.

  • 5. Kids Arts and Crafts Set — $

    For such a great price, this giant container of art supplies will create many fun projects and help concentration. With over 250 pieces included, several projects can be created, and her imagination will soar. She will enjoy hours of fun with feathers, sequins, foam letters, glitter glue, and more.

Unique gifts for 7-year-old girls

  • 1. Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad — $

    Open up a child’s eyes to the beauty of creativity with this all in one art set. Imaginations will flow as the 100 traceable images guide children to create art projects. The 35 art tools provide extra resources to help make their art even more detailed. This gift will make any little girl’s day!

  • 2. Instax Mini Camera — $$

    Making memories means fun times. Why not let her capture them with this mini Instax camera? This camera and accessories are the perfect unique gifts for any little girl. With the handy carrying case, it can travel with her and includes 60 photo sheets.

  • 3. Karaoke Machine — $$

    Dancing like a star is every little girl’s dream. Nights will be filled with excitement and dance moves will wiggle their way across the family room. As voices become amplified with the two microphones available, flashing lights and excellent sound quality take this gift to the next level. This karaoke machine will certainly bring hours of delight to any child. With a 4.6 star rating, this is one superb gift.

  • 4. JoJo Siwa Touchscreen Watch — $$

    This touchscreen, trendy watch will rate high on any little girls list of favorites. With a selfie-cam, voice recorder, and video maker, it will pair well with any level of fashion. My daughter wears hers to school, church, and around the house. No matter the day of the week, she has it on. It has a 4.5-star rating, is made well, and has created lots of happiness for many little girls around the world.

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  • 5. Vanity Set — $$$

    Let her be a child as long as possible…unless it’s a dress-up day! This lovely vanity and stool set has a “grown-up” feel, yet works just fine for a princess on her wedding day. Because of its classy look, it will grow with her as she ages. Two of my girls have this, and they are 14 and 9. It has lasted many years, still looks great, and fits girls at any age.

  • 6. PonyCycle Official Classic Ride-on Unicorn Toy - $$$

    The PonyCycle is the perfect indoor/outdoor riding toy for little girls. It’s designed with soft white fur and a unicorn horn that your child will love. The realistic saddle offers just the right amount of comfort and support, allowing your little one to ride as long as they want. The unicorn is completely kid-powered, meaning your daughter will get a workout using their arms, waist, and legs simultaneously. She’ll learn to coordinate her body movements, steer left and right, and be able to easily stop thanks to the handbrake. Plus, it’s sized for kids ages 4-9 years old, so your 7-year-old will have years of fun.

  • 7. Foam Pogo Stick — $

    At 4.4 stars, this durable, foam pogo stick is not only easier to use than the original pogo stick, it will encourage hours of healthy, fun activity. Because of the innovative base, it can be used both indoors and outdoors. It will promote balance, holds up to 250 pounds, and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

  • 8. Spirograph Jr. — $

    Inspire the artist in any little girl with this fun, timeless game. The jumbo size pieces included make drawing and creating easy. The drawing tablet can be transformed into a carrying case so everything stays organized. The set comes with 5 markers, 24 pages of design paper, and an instruction guide. This game is educational as well as fun and will certainly bring smiles to her face.

  • 9. Initial Heart Necklace — $

    This dainty necklace serves as a gift and a milestone. Your little girl is growing up, and 7-years old is a great age to show her that you recognize this. Present her with this lovely 14K gold plated necklace and watch her eyes dance with excitement. It comes in an elegant gift box ready to be received. Wearing this heart will give her a constant reminder of the love you have for her.

Educational Gifts

  • 1. Mega Slime Kit — $$

    This mega set of slime making supplies is amazing! A little girl’s reaction to this set will certainly be one to remember. This activity will promote creativity, provide sensory therapy, and give her hours of slime-making fun. At 4.6 stars and with over 100 slime combinations, this set has proven to encourage explorative thinking and improve cognitive development. It includes glitter, scents, stirring sticks, jelly cubes, inks, and more!

  • 2. Paint and Plant Flower Gaden — $$

    This gardening set includes everything needed to grow lovely flowers as well as paint and labels to use for decoration. Inspire the scientist in her with these beautiful Cosmos, Marigold, and Zinnia flowers. There is no need to have any expertise with growing plants, so this kit is perfect for any little girl. Along with being fun and engaging, this product meets the highest standards of STEM learning. This educational activity will allow her to explore the world of botany, be creative, and show her unique personality all in one.

  • 3. 3-D Puzzle — $

    This educational game is loved by people of all ages. Any 7-year old little girl will certainly enjoy the challenges of this 3-D puzzle. At 4.3 stars, this game has proven its worth with 100s of possible combinations, children will be encouraged to use critical thinking skills, strategy planning, and creativity. Puzzles also support the connection of synapses in your brain. This gift an outstanding educational tool.

  • 4. Interactive Globe — $$

    Use this globe to explore our planet in a whole new way. Give her the gift of knowledge with this interactive, educational tool. This globe is app-based and gives a tremendous amount of information in innovative ways. It comes to life with tap and learn figures, augmented reality, along with scan and see areas. This award-winning toy is an educational choice that will certainly grasp her attention.

  • 5. Brain Games for Kids — $

    This Skillsmatics Educational Game is a well-liked learning tool for kids around the world. While using thinking and reasoning, she will learn to problem solve and use creative processes to work through this game. Along with the engaging content, it includes write and wipe pieces, 12 repeatable activities that build skills, and more.

Under $25 Gifts

  • 1. How to Catch a Mermaid (book) by Adam Wallace — $

    What little girl doesn’t love mermaids? When it comes to reading, a sure way to make sure children love it is to choose books that spark their interest. Mermaids are definitely an interest of younger girls. This book, by Adam Wallace, will keep them reading and it is written for their level.

  • 2. Glitter Mary Jane Shoes — $

    Who says accessories can’t make a bad day better? Well, these gorgeous, glittery high-fashion shoes will certainly do the trick. These sweet little shoes are perfect for any “dressy” dress. They come in 4 different colors and 2 different styles. If she’s like my daughter, she’ll want to wear them everywhere…even to the zoo! That was a battle I’ll never forget!

  • 3. Unicorn Royalty — $$

    Becoming a rainbow unicorn princess is not an everyday occurrence. However, if a little girl gets the chance to become one, she will take it in a heartbeat. This gift, paired with the peppy personality of a 7-year old giggle box, makes for delightful celebration. What a Christmas memory your family will have, looking back and remembering, the year of the unicorn!


All of these gifts are sure to bring joy to any little girl’s heart. Choose one, wrap it up, and present it to her for the next special event. Her reaction will show delight as she opens it, so don’t forget the camera for great photo opportunities! Gifts that encourage thinking, show children how much they are loved, and allow them to be creative are the best kind!