27 Best Gifts for Bakers – Memorable & Unique Ideas (2022)

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Do you know anyone who loves to be in the kitchen to bake? Many people bake because it’s a hobby they enjoy, and some even bake because it’s therapeutic and can relieve stress from their day. No matter their reason for baking, it’s essential to have the best and convenient baking supplies in their kitchen. Check out some of these cooking gifts that will be sure to put a smile on their face.

Christmas and holiday gifts for bakers

  • The Christmas cookie cutter set provides high-quality thicker cookie cutters that are durable and allow a better grip for comfort. The cutters are multi-functional and include a gingerbread man, Christmas tree, candy cane, and snowman. The cutters can become used to make cakes, pancakes, or any other dessert decoration. Every baker should have this set to complete their holiday kitchen collection.

  • 2. Electric Mixer

    I’m a firm believer that every baker should have one top-notch baking appliance in their kitchen. If you’re looking to splurge around Christmas time, the electric mixer is the way to go. Available in four different colors, the mixer has a powerful motor and variable speed control. The stainless steel bowl meets all of your kitchen needs for baking cakes, cookies, cupcakes, muffins, and more! The shiny color adds a perfect colorful touch to any kitchen.

  • 3. Pizza Rotating Oven

    When we talk about baking, the main things we always consider are desserts. Desserts aren’t the only thing that becomes classified as baking. The rotating pizza oven turns continuously to ensure your pizza becomes even baked. The stove provides top and bottom heating elements that would cook the pizza from both sides. Featured also is a timer signal that times the end of the cooking process and automatically turns off.

  • 4. Non-Stick Bakeware

    You can never go wrong with a Rachel Ray baking set! The set comes with ten pieces that feature heavy construction steel that would be perfect for everyday use. The collection is non-stick on the inside and outside to provide quality food release with quick cleanup. The silicone grips provided offer robust and comfortable grasps to remove from hot ovens confidently.

  • 5. Air Fryer

    If you’re looking to cut down on the using the oven, the air fryer is always my go-to. I use my air fryer several times a week for dinner. It’s convenient to cook anything in especially when you have small children grabbing at your legs regularly. You can fry or bake your favorite foods with hardly any oil. The air fryer uses hot air in combination with high-speed air circulation.

  • 6. Cutting Boards

    The three-piece oversized cutting board set is BPA-free, large, and provides easy to grip handles. Each cutting board’s professional-quality helps prepare the most delicious meals and is durable to ensure that they remain. My favorite thing about these cutting boards is that they won’t splinter, crack, peel, and won’t dull or harm any kitchen knives.

  • 7. Cutlery Set

    I have browsed many cutlery sets, and the titanium rainbow set was the best I found that would get the job done. The knives become made from premium quality stainless steel that would make them durable and long-lasting. The blades are well-suited to complete any baking project and are suitable for cutting anything such as bread, fruits, vegetables, or meat.

27 Best and Most Unique Gifts for Bakers

  • 1. Spatula Gift Set

    When choosing baking supplies, I always like to make sure they’re colorful to bring as much fun to the kitchen as possible. This three-piece spatula set is the perfect set to add a colorful touch. Spatulas with cute quotes make a unique gift for anyone who loves to bake and is an exceptional gift for any holiday. The spatulas are durable, easy to clean, and stain-resistant.

  • 2. Bangle Bracelet

    For the woman baker in your life, the baker dangle bracelet is a thoughtful present she’ll love. The pink cupcake becomes surrounded by stainless steel and other laser-etched charms that include a mixer, cupcake tin, and measuring spoons. She’ll always become reminded of when she received such a thoughtful gift every time she’s in the kitchen.

  • 3. Cat-Shaped Ceramic Measuring Spoons

    Instead of shooting for the standard spoons, add a unique touch to her kitchen by purchasing the cat-shaped ceramic measuring spoons. My aunt loves to bake, and she also LOVES cats. I thought about buying this set for her birthday to add to her kitchen. The measuring spoon set comes with four measuring spoons and a featured ribbon for hanging.

  • 4. Oven Mitts

    The cat paw oven mitts are a perfect pairing gift if you choose to get the measuring spoons listed above. High-quality fabric, the oven mitt set, will protect her from hot dishes when she’s cooking, baking, or grilling. Each mitt has an adorable pink cat paw design that she’ll adore.

  • 5. Mini Heart Waffle Maker

    I’ve always thought about adding a waffle maker to the kitchen, but I never knew that you could purchase heart-shaped waffle makers. For the baker in your life, especially those who have kids, the heart-shaped waffle maker would be great for making breakfast for kids or occasions such as Valentine’s Day. The best part about the waffle maker is that it’s small and takes up very little counter space.

  • 6. Baking Book

    When searching for baking supplies, I always love to look for at least one or two books to add to my kitchen. If they love to bake pies, this would be your go-to read. I’ve made several pies from this book that have included salted maple, toasted marshmallow, butterscotch, and more! Provided are very informative tutorials, accessible ingredients, and heartwarming stories.

  • 7. Harry Potter Cookbook

    For all of the Harry Potter lovers out there, you cannot pass this one up! With this cookbook, she’ll receive over one hundred and fifty recipes, tips, and different techniques that would help her indulge in many spellbinding meals. With dashes of magic and a variety of creativity, she could conjure up magical masterpieces that would make Harry and Ron proud.

Birthday gifts for bakers

  • 1. Cake Pop Maker

    The cake pop maker is one of those gifts that you don’t think of, but just happened to see and think, “Hey, my kitchen sure could use one of those!” My daughter recently tried her first cake pop and was over the moon when she tried it. The mini cake pop maker makes nine cake pops, has a convenient cord wrap, and non-stick baking plates. Kids would enjoy having the mini-maker at home.

  • 2. Apron

    One of the initial purchases I always forget to make is an apron. Whenever I end up baking, I never remember to purchase it until I’m halfway through and covered in flower. If they don’t already have an apron, buy this one immediately. Available in eight different designs, the bloomers apron is beautifully designed and would bring out their feminine side. Whether you’re purchasing for yourself or someone else, the apron comes in one adjustable size that would easily fit anyone.

  • 3. Cake Decorating Supplies

    If you’re making a cake for a special occasion, we’ll often go to the craft store and look for supplies. While searching, I came across a bundle of cake decorating supplies. With the decorating supply set, you’ll get four different cake pan sizes; forty-eight numbered icing tips, seven Russian tips, and more. For an affordable price, you’ll get a total of two hundred and ninety-three pieces, which is a STEAL!

  • Best for all bakes who have a sweet tooth, if cookies are her choice, you can order a tin of cookies for her birthday. She’ll enjoy a regular-sized tin completed with five jewel chips, five sugar, five chocolate chip, and five double chip cookies. The cookies are made from premium ingredients, have zero preservatives, and become baked the same day your order ships to ensure freshness.

  • When you purchase the cookie stencils, you’ll receive two packs with food-safe templates ideal for decorating and baking. The patterns are beautiful, hand-drawn, and original for the perfect design on any baking project. The stencils would work on cookies, cakes, cupcakes, pies, bread, and more.

  • 6. Bakery Boxes

    When my son had a birthday party in his class, I purchased this set of fifty brown bakery boxes. We made cupcakes for his birthday party, and instead of putting them in one huge container, we thought that each box would make it more personal when gifting each one to his friends. Eco-friendly material, the containers are durable and provide support for any delicious dessert.

  • 7. Yoda Coffee Mug

    For the baker in your life who is a huge Star Wars fan, you want to purchase the Yoda Star Wars coffee mug. The coffee mug reads, “Yoda best baker.” The coffee mug holds eleven ounces of coffee and is ideal for a daily dose of caffeine in the morning or afternoon. Yes, some of us need that afternoon kick to keep going, especially if you have kids. The present makes for a super fun gift that would be sure to make them smile every morning they use it.

Under $25 gifts for bakers

  • 1. Culinary Torch

    Ideal for especially caramelizing sugar on a Crème Brulee, the culinary torch is a great and versatile gift. Any baker can glaze a ham, sear a steak, roast bell peppers, or melt cheese with the light. We use our culinary torch to make dishes, lighting candles, or use them for other crafty projects.

  • 2. Pastry Mat

    Made from silicone and BPA-free, the non-stick resistant baking never fades or discolors. The pastry mat becomes designed to last for years. We purchased the pastry mat a few months ago to add to our kitchen, and it’s so easy to clean and store. We switched many of our items to silicone because all you have to do is clean it with warm soapy water, and residue comes right off. The pastry mat merely is fantastic, and I highly recommend the purchase.

  • 3. Cupcake Liners

    Also made of silicone, the reusable cupcake liners are a must-have purchase for any baker. The silicone baking liners are non-stick and allow your cupcakes to pop out perfectly without ruining their shape. Silicone molds are considerablB07SFKGRPVe when cooking eggs, baking muffins, cakes, or making any desserts on a baking sheet.

  • 4. Whisker Wiper

    Don’t judge me for this, but I never knew whisk wipers existed until today. One of my biggest frustrations in the kitchen is trying to get a whisk clean by cleaning hard-to-reach areas. The whisker wiper lifts the loops from the counter and catches each drip. Not only can you use this to clean your whisk, but it can clean bowls as well. What a fancy addition to adding to the kitchen!

  • 5. Decorating Pen

    The baking decorating pen provides ideal use when baking a cake, using sugar paste, designing petals, or for any DIY cooking project. The handy decorating pen makes decorating any design easy and fun and adjusts perfectly in your hands. The package included provides a decorating pen, four decorating bags, four shape tips, and two couplers.

  • 6. Silicone Rolling Pin

    Available in six different colors, the silicone rolling pin is the perfect weight and size to fit your baking needs. The rolling pin was made of food-grade silicone and is BPA-free. The purpose of the silicone is to provide a non-stick baking experience. The non-stick technology would better enable you to control your dough when making a pie or pizza crust. Wooden rolling pins always are a hassle to keep the dough from sticking, so the silicone rolling pin is a better alternative.


No matter what you decide to purchase for the baker in your life, make sure it’s an addition that he/she will always use. The last thing we need in our kitchen is more clutter, so make sure your gift has meaning, and you know that it’s one they’ll get much use. Look into the favorite dishes they love to bake; whether it’s meals or desserts to help better, you narrow down your list of gifts. Remember, it’s not about the price, but the thought of the gift that matters the most.