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27 Killer & Unique Gifts For Brothers-in-Laws (2022)

27 Killer & Unique Gifts For Brothers-in-Laws (2022)
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It can be tough to find a great gift for your brother-in-law, especially if you don’t see him often or if you haven’t known him for too long. We’re here to help make it easy with a list of the 27 best gifts for brother-in-law’s for any occasion you could imagine. We’ve included some crazy unique gifts and others that are more traditional and great for a birthday or holiday gift. So, no matter when you need to pick up a gift for your in-law or what your budget is, there is something on this list for everyone.

Christmas & Holiday Gifts For Brothers-In-Law

  • 1. 3 in 1 Charger for Apple Watch

    This is a fantastic holiday gift for those who love all Apple products. They can charge up to three Apple devices simultaneously, including an iPhone, Apple Watch, and Airpods. It’ll save them a bunch of time, and they’ll be able to use it every day, which is a plus. It’s a great holiday gift to let your in-law know how much you care.

  • 2. Golf Ball Gift Set

    These are top of the line golf balls and are also reasonably priced for what they are. They are the ideal Christmas or holiday gift for your brother-in-law who loves golf. If you’re looking to gift something more, you could always pair with a gift card or voucher for a game of golf at your in-laws favorite golf course.

  • 3. Whiskey Globe Decanter Set

    A great set to give along with a bottle of liquor makes for an excellent holiday gift. It comes with two glasses, so your in-law can use it upon arrival. Its unique shape makes it a great talking point and can serve a dual purpose as decoration. It comes in a gift box that is durable and will ship well, so it arrives safely to its destination. As an added bonus, it comes with a wooden stand, bottle stopper, two silicone ice balls, and pouring funnel.

  • 4. Home Theater Tower Speaker

    This awesome gift comes with immersive surround sound that is really impressive. It’s fairly affordable for what it is while still being a top-quality product that is meant to last. Your in-law’s tv watching experience will be taken to an entirely new level, and it’ll be the best gift he receives during the holiday season for sure.

  • 5. Best Brother-in-Law Mug

    Show your brother-in-law just how much you appreciate him and that you’re thrilled he is a part of your family. This durable white ceramic mug will be a big hit. The text is written on both sides, so no matter which way it faces, your in-law will be reminded just how much you appreciate him.

  • 6. Grilling Spice Gift Set

    For your brother-in-law, who loves to cook or grill, this is a great gift set. He can up his cooking game and try out new dishes and flavors with his new spices. It also comes in ready to gift packaging, so it’ll require less work from you and can quickly be wrapped up.

27 Best Gifts For Brothers-In-Law

  • 1. Crazy Pizza Socks Box

    This is such a cool gift that will have your brother-in-law super excited. It comes with four pairs of socks, and each has an awesome design related to pizza toppings. They’re bright and colorful and will be great for your in-law to show off. The best part is that the gift comes in a neat pizza box, and all the socks are rolled together to look just like a real pizza. It’s a one of a kind gift that will have him excited to try on these comfy socks.

  • 2. Portable Cupholder

    This shower caddy, dual-use cup holder, can hold both beer and wine glasses. Your in-law can have a drink of whatever he’s in the mood for even when he’s in the shower. It’s a fun gift that also happens to be very useful. It’s super durable and will hold strong to any shower surface. The caddy will fit perfectly in the corner or on the side of the shower, so it’s out of the way when you need it to be. This unique gift comes in some awesome packaging, so it’s ready to be gifted.

  • 3. Practical Guide Book to Staying Alive in the Woods

    For your adventure going brother-in-law, this is a practical yet humorous manual for anyone who is ready to venture outdoors and explore. He’ll be able to learn everything he needs to know when he’s headed out on his next adventure. It’s very helpful while adding a funny spin to the book.

  • 4. Circular Saw Pizza Wheel

    This is a one-of-a-kind gift that is not only functional but really awesome. The stainless steel pizza cutter can easily cut through any type of pizza, is durable and meant to last for years to come. It’s got a good grip making it easy to use. This would be a great gift to pair along with a pizza making kit or other accessories for the brother-in-law who loves to make his own pizza or just loves pizza in general.

  • 5. Carry On Cocktail Travel Kit

    The perfect gift for the brother-in-law who is over 21 and loves to travel. This mini cocktail kit comes in a variety of drink types and makes it easy to gift him his favorite. It’s small enough to fit in the pocket of your personal item or carry on so he can enjoy it on the airplane or while he’s waiting at the airport. It’s super easy to grab his favorite spirit and stir.

  • 6. Pun Card Game

    Games are always a great gift, especially when your entire family loves playing together. Gift your brother-in-law this awesome game of puns that will have everyone who plays laughing hysterically and having a great time. It comes in an easy to wrap box and would be great for a gift at a party where you can all play it together!

  • 7. Stress Relief Desktop Punching Bag

    If you’re looking for a unique gift that is both delightful and a great way for stress relief, this is it. It’ll fit perfectly on your brother-in-law’s desk at work or his home office. He’ll be able to relieve some stress when things are tough at the office and doubles as a great decoration and conversation piece. It comes with an air pump so it’ll always be ready for use.

Birthday Gifts For Brothers-In-Law

  • 1. Insulated Bottle and Beer Opener

    A delightful birthday gift for your brother-in-law that he’ll actually use. He can keep his beer super cold no matter where his next adventure takes him. It comes with a super handy bottle cap opener, so it has everything he needs for a great night spent having a good time. It comes in a variety of colors so you can make sure to get one in his favorite color. As an added bonus, it’s BPA free and eco friendly.

  • 2. Deluxe Grill Accessory Set

    This is a good option for your grill master brother-in-law. It’s also ideal if he just got his very first grill and needs all the accessories to go along with it. This stainless steel set is top quality and meant to last. It comes with a spatula, tongs, basting, brush, skewers, and corn holders, so it’s got everything your in-law needs for an epic BBQ. It also comes with a handy digital thermometer that will remind him when the meat’s ready, so he’ll never have to worry about overcooking anything when he’s busy entertaining family and friends.

  • 3. Shower Bluetooth Speaker

    This awesome speaker makes it possible for your brother-in-law to listen to music even in the shower. The best part is he can control the speaker right from the shower without worrying about it getting damaged as it’s fully waterproof. The speakers are high quality, and it can connect to Bluetooth devices 33-feet away. So your in-law can listen to his music, audiobooks, or podcasts even if he’s not in the same room as the device.

  • 4. Stormtrooper Waffle Maker

    This gift will have your Star Wars loving brother-in-law geeking out. What better gift than waffles in the shape of Stormtroopers. It makes two different sized waffles which makes it great to use for any age. The Stormtroopers logo is on the lid, so it could also serve as an awesome decor piece for a Star Wars-themed kitchen. It’s a top-quality waffle maker and is definitely designed to serve multiple purposes and will have your in-law super happy with his birthday gift.

  • 5. Delicious Bison Bacon Cranberry Bars

    For your super healthy in-law who is always on the go, send them a treat they’ll love. These yummy bison bacon cranberry bars are super tasty and are jammed packed with protein and made with 100% bison meat. What better way to say happy birthday than with a snack that your brother-in-law can enjoy at home and on the go.

  • 6. Comfy Shower Slides

    These are great to use at home after a shower or can easily fit inside a backpack or suitcase when your in-law needs some slip-on sandals for a beach or swimming adventure. They make for the perfect gift and come in lots of different colors.

  • 7. Tic Tac Toe Wooden Table Game

    This is a neat board game that doubles as a coffee table or desk decor. It’s made of durable wood, and the pieces are easy to move around when your in-law is ready to play a game of tic tac toe. It’s a great birthday gift that can even be used at the party and will be a great conversation piece no matter where your brother-in-law keeps it.

Under $25 Gifts For Brothers-In-Law

  • 1. Handy Screwdriver Pen Pocket Multitool

    For the brother in your life who is super handy and loves to fix things, this is a clever gift at an affordable price. This multi-tool is used for a screwdriver, stylus, ruler, bubble level, and comes with a handy Phillips flathead bit. It’s small enough to easily fit inside his pocket or inside his backpack.

  • 2. Beard Brush and Comb Kit

    This beard kit comes with all the accessories needed to keep your brother-in-law’s bread looking great. The brush is made of all-natural boar bristles that make it easy to distribute the oil. Even the thickest beards will be tamed with this awesome set. Your in-law will love this great gift for any occasion.

  • 3. Manly Skin Care Bar

    A super convenient travel gift made from premium natural ingredients and scented with pure essential oil. It still has a masculine smell that your in-law will love. The label is super cool with a Sasquatch on the front, and the tin is reusable, and it’s handmade in the USA.

  • 4. Practical Men’s Cap

    For your hard working brother-in-law, this is a great gift. It’s super comfy and comes with a sweatband inside the hat. It’ll keep their head protected from the sun if they’ll be working outside all day. It comes in a variety of colors so you can make sure you get one that your in-law will love.

  • 5. Hot Sauce Gift Set

    This set comes with three types of hot sauce (mild, hot, and very hot) and is a great gift for your spice loving in-law. These hot sauces are all made right in New York using all organic and local ingredients. So you’ll be rest assured knowing you’ve gotten your brother in-law a practical and affordable gift that he’ll enjoy.

  • 6. Eco-Friendly Notebook & Pen

    This is a unique birthday gift that can be used for work or school notes. It has some super cool features like being able to upload your notes online using the app. It can also be reused by simply microwaving the notebook, and the ink disappears. It’s a great gift at an affordable price and will have your brother-in-law excited to show everyone.

  • 7. Exploding Kittens Card Game

    This awesome card game is an excellent gift that will have your brother-in-law excited to play with family and friends any chance he gets. It’s a strategic card game similar to Russian roulette and will have everyone who plays on the edge of their seats the entire time. It comes in a small box that is easy to wrap up as the perfect gift for your in-law.


With so many fantastic gifts to choose from, your brother in law is bound to love multiple gifts from this list. You’ll just need to decide what price point and the occasion you’re going to buy him a gift for, and the rest is super simple. No matter what you choose, he is going to love that you took the time to think about him and send him something special to show that you’re grateful he is a part of your family.