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27 Best Gifts For Dancers – Memorable & Unique Ideas (2022)

27 Best Gifts For Dancers – Memorable & Unique Ideas (2022)
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Dancers are truly special people. They are artistic, athletic, and have a gift for expression using an amazing medium. On holidays and special occasions, you might wonder what sort of gift a dancer would want or need. When someone lives for dance, it makes perfect sense to give something that speaks to their passion. Look no further; here are 27 of the best gift ideas for dancers and movement artists.

Christmas and Holiday Gifts for Dancers

  • 1. Vera Bradley Duffel Bag — $$$

    Lugging shoes, warm up gear, a change of clothes and other items to and from the studio means that dancers need a great bag with lots of room. This 100% cotton duffel by Vera Bradley is machine washable, making it ideal for toting items that may create odor over time. The quilted fabric comes in an amazing array of 24 colors and patterns; there is an option for any taste or style. This bag is also sized to double as a carry-on piece for air travel or to pack just enough for a road trip.

  • 2. Portable Barre — $$$

    For dancers who use a barre for warmups or workouts, this portable version brings the studio home. The height is adjustable to accommodate every sized dancer. It’s easy to assemble and breaks down quickly for compact storage in the carry bag. A portable barre is a great choice for students who would like to practice on their own, or professionals so they can work out without leaving the house.

  • 3. Foot Spa — $$

    It’s no secret that dancers are always on their feet. Often, frequent strain on the feet causes aches, pains, and stiffness. A great foot spa can be used as often as needed to soothe tired feet, using heat and massage surfaces for relaxation and relief. It promotes circulation, which can be helpful in healing injuries or inflammation. This one also comes with a polishing stone for removing callus buildup during a long soak. A built-in timer automatically shuts off the device after 60 minutes for safety.

  • 4. Echo Dot — $$

    All dancers have a wonderful appreciation of music because it is the source of inspiration for creative movement. An Echo Dot allows music to be streamed almost anywhere wirelessly, in addition to offering other convenient smart device features. The recipient can source music from most popular streaming services, and it is voice-activated for hands-free ease of use. It’s the perfect gift for dancers who practice at home or would enjoy the new fitness tracking feature. At such a reasonable price, consider pairing with a music service subscription.

  • 5. Willow Tree Dance Ornament — $

    A unique, personal ornament always makes a fantastic gift for the holidays. Willow Tree is a company known for sweet and sentimental decorative pieces, and their collection of ornaments is no exception. This beautiful piece is available in 2 different styles, both crafted in the likeness of dancers. It’s a thoughtful gift on its own or in addition to another item. With no holiday-specific adornments, it can be hung on a tree or anywhere as a decoration throughout the year.

  • 6. Sweat-Resistant Bluetooth Earbuds — $$$$

    Dancers who practice at home or in a shared studio might find it difficult to make the music they need available for fear of disturbing others. These sweat-resistant earbuds by Beats allow for private listening via Bluetooth technology. Thousands of positive reviews praise their quality and comfort, and they offer up to 9 hours of listening on just one charge. Volume and track controls are built right into the earbuds, making it simple to replay a song for continued rehearsal. There are 8 stylish colors to suit any personality.

  • 7. XL Yoga Mat — $$$$

    For dancers, a standard yoga mat isn’t sufficient for stretching or working out. This extra large version is a brilliant solution, providing more space and support than the traditional size. It’s made of non-toxic materials and features added thickness for ensured comfort on hard flooring. A microfiber cloth is included for optimal cleaning, as well as a bag for storage. The non-slip top layer is ideal for dance workouts, pilates, stretch routines, and more. It’s even large enough for 2 people to use, depending on the activity.

27 Unique Gifts for Dancers

  • 1. Infuser Water Bottle — $

    Dance is physically demanding and requires constant hydration to keep the body strong and healthy. When you drink as much as dancers do, water can become quite boring after a while. This genius bottle contains a permeable chamber for infusing water with fruit, cucumber, herbs, or just about anything you can think of. It’s a great way to make water more interesting and avoid the calories in sports drinks, which often contain sugar and other unnecessary carbohydrates.

  • 2. Specialized Dance Workout Socks — $

    Dancers work out differently than most people; whether they’re doing pilates or yoga to build strength, taking a variety of classes, or practicing at the barre, they require more flexibility for the feet. These unique socks feature a toeless design and grips at the bottom for excellent anti-slip function. The cotton blend is moisture wicking and super sweat absorbent, making them perfect for many activities. They come in 7 different colors and varieties to meet the needs of any dancer.

  • 3. Artistic Flower Vase — $$

    After performances, it’s traditional for dancers to receive lots of flowers from friends, family members, and fans. While they may already have a vase or two for preserving the congratulatory blooms, nobody has a vase like this one. 8 artsy containers are arranged on a sturdy base, allowing for creativity of arrangement and accommodating different sizes of flowers. It’s available in white or several other colorways to suit any taste, gender, or decor.

  • 4. Dance Charades — $

    This version of the classic charades is anything but boring. It’s a clever twist on the original rules, inspiring players to use music and create new dance moves on the spot. Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, there’s an added layer of fun. Groups of dancers will certainly enjoy Dance Charades, but anyone 6 and older can participate. The game is perfect for gatherings of any kind and is sure to be both a challenging and amusing pastime on special occasions.

  • 5. &5678 Keychain — $

    During rehearsal or in class, every dancer is counted in when they hear “and! 5,6,7,8!” This unique keychain is engraved with the familiar phrase, accompanied by a small heart charm that reads “live, love, dance.” It’s crafted of quality, hypoallergenic stainless steel that’s non-toxic and won’t fade over time. Ideal for students, teachers, and professionals, it’s a thoughtful gift that will definitely bring a smile to a dancer’s face.

  • 6. Magnetic Bobby Pin Holder — $

    Many dancers have to keep their hair pulled back and out of the face in order to stay focused, comply with a dress code, or for performances. This often requires the use of bobby pins, and lots of them. They can be difficult to organize and keep track of, however, and create a frustrating problem when they can’t be found. A magnetic bobby pin holder is the ultimate solution, making it convenient to take the pesky items anywhere and pick them up easily with a simple swipe over.

Under $25 Gifts for Dancers

  • 1. Turning Board — $

    Practicing turns at home or in any confined space can be a huge challenge. But it’s an important way to improve, whether the dancer is a beginner, a professional, or anywhere in between. This turning board is an excellent training tool for everyone, facilitating improvement of form and strength in addition to providing a way to practice almost anywhere. It comes in a gift-ready velvet bag.

  • 2. Dancer Jewelry Stand — $

    This thoughtful item makes an excellent gift for dancers no matter their skill level. An adorable stand fashioned in the form of a beautiful dancer is something anyone can appreciate, and offers a great way to organize jewelry at home or in a dressing room. It holds earrings, bracelets and necklaces and features a dish at the bottom for small pieces such as rings. The classy black finish looks great in any room.

  • 3. Ballet Beautiful Workout Book — $

    You don’t have to be a ballerina to benefit from a workout inspired by ballet and pilates. In Mary Helen Bowers’ best-selling book Ballet Beautiful, the former professional dancer outlines fitness techniques and nutrition information informed by her experience maintaining a healthy, toned body. The accessible content is appropriate for almost any skill level. It’s not an extreme diet or instant fix: the information is designed for a lifetime of wellness and strength.

  • 4. Physical Therapy Balls — $

    Dance requires immense physical exertion, which can lead to sore muscles throughout the body. These balls are a versatile way to practice self massage and relieve any aches that may arise. They’re also a great way to stretch and soothe the feet, which is a key area of stiffness for dancers. The balls can be used prior to warm up or any time the muscles of the back, legs, or neck need some attention. They are made of non-toxic, long lasting rubber.

  • 5. Dance Mantra Bracelet — $

    This bracelet is a beautiful piece anyone can wear. Forged in surgical-grade hypoallergenic stainless steel, it won’t fade or discolor with daily use. 8 different inspiring dance mantras are available, such as “Never miss a chance to dance” and “Dancing is the hidden language of the soul.” It can be formed slightly to fit most sizes of wrist. The bracelet even comes sweetly packaged in a gift-ready box.

  • 6. Hair Bun Holder — $

    Dancers must frequently wear their hair in a bun, whether it’s for a class or a more formal production. Creating the perfect bun isn’t always easy and can be time consuming. This brilliant item makes it super easy and convenient to quickly create the perfect bun every time. It’s made of non-damaging satin and can be used with all hair types and textures. There’s no risk of breakage and it even helps retain moisture in addition to controlling frizz.

  • 7. Eucatape — $

    It’s all too common for dancers to suffer from blisters, cuts, and swelling of the feet after hours at rehearsal or classes. Eucatape is a fantastic product that helps soothe existing problems and prevents further issues. It’s a therapeutic tape applied anywhere it’s needed, even sore joints and muscles elsewhere on the body. Infused with all-natural eucalyptus oil, it’s packed with anti-inflammatory power and has a wonderful aroma. It makes a great gift on it’s own or as an add-on to another item.

Birthday Gifts for Dancers

  • 1. Capezio Wrap Sweater — $$

    Dancers love the iconic dance wrap sweater. The fit is ideal for movement, and it’s easy to remove quickly after warming up sufficiently. Capezio is one of the highest quality and most trusted brands in dancewear, and their classic wrap sweater is a perfect present for dancers at any stage in their career. It’s soft, breathable and stylish. Available in 3 colors and a broad range of sizes, this sweater will be a favorite for a long time.

  • 2. Earth Therapeutics Foot Doctor Set — $$

    Dancers’ feet take quite a beating as they train. Hours are spent preparing for recitals or performances, which can cause calluses and other unsightly problems. This natural foot care kit includes everything needed to take care of the feet at home. Tea tree oil foot scrub and repair balm offer soothing relief, a pumice stone eliminates tough buildup while nail care tools provide a DIY pedicure experience.

  • 3. Makeup Train Case — $$

    Dancers who perform professionally or in recitals must tote their stage makeup from home to the dressing room. Bags can become cluttered or disorganized, making it difficult to find needed items and causing breakage due to a lack of protection. This train case keeps everything organized and secured. It features 3 tiers of trays and a built-in mirror for getting ready quickly, free of frustration. There are 3 colors or patterns to choose from.

  • 4. Plum Stretch Band — $

    If you know a dancer, it’s obvious that they are constantly stretching. It’s necessary to maintain flexibility, or keep muscles strong and lean. The Plum stretch band is an extremely popular tool, and has many positive reviews from experienced dancers. It’s great for warming up or increasing strength and range of motion. The Plum band is available in 3 different colors and comes with an instruction booklet for getting started.

  • 5. Bloch Warm-Up Boot — $$

    It doesn’t have to be winter or even be cold for dancers to require warm feet as they prepare to dance, because it can cause serious injury if they don’t. Warm-up boots are a great way to maintain heat during an initial stretch prior to class. Bloch is a classic maker of dance shoes, clothing, and accessories. Their boot is one of the best, boasting a cushioned heel, premium insulation and a durable nylon shell. There are 8 colors to choose from.

  • 6. Flawless Leg Hair Remover — $$

    Most of the time during performance, dancers bare their legs or wear tights. A clean shave is a must, but isn’t always convenient. The flawless leg hair remover takes the headache out of shaving, eliminating the need for water or shaving cream and creating smooth, clean legs with no irritation. The rechargeable battery allows the device to be taken anywhere for last-minute touch ups before curtain call. 18k gold plates contour to every curve for safety and effectiveness.

  • 7. Lululemon Yoga Pants — $$$

    Dance training requires a quality wardrobe that won’t rip or wear out quickly. Lululemon is one of the most famous brands in activewear, known for durability and premium fit. Perfect for rehearsal or any workout, these yoga pants have 4-way stretch and moisture wicking technology to keep up with even the most active dancer. The wide waistband stays in place, provides support, and is flattering to any shape or size. They come in 4 different neutral colors.


With how hard dancers work to pursue their dreams, they deserve a great gift that speaks to their passion. Dance isn’t just an activity or profession, it is a lifestyle. Regardless of your budget or skill level of the recipient, there is something perfect for every dancer here that is sure to be appreciated. Each item has been thoughtfully selected with the dedicated dancer in mind.