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27 Best Gifts for Minimalists – Memorable & Unique Ideas (2022)

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Purchasing a gift for a minimalist can be a daunting task. What do you give someone who lives with ultimate simplicity and does not place much value or emphasis on possessions? The truth is, there are plenty of options for items that are both functional and nice to have. Even minimalists can make great use of these 27 special gifts that fit such a lifestyle.

Christmas/Holiday gifts for minimalists

  • 1. Bedside Caddy — $

    For those who prefer not to keep much furniture, a bedside caddy is an excellent alternative to a night stand. It features just the right amount of pockets to hold a laptop, tablet, smartphone, magazine, or other small items that are nice to have handy. It neatly hangs over the side of a bed frame and is available in 9 colors to fit any style of decor. Minimalists will love the smart, simple design and added organization.

  • 2. Indoor Plant Trio — $

    While minimalists don’t prioritize home decor, living plants are usually a welcome addition to any room. This set of 3 small indoor plants varies depending on season and availability, but all are selected for their ability to help cleanse the air. They come in matching decorative pots made of 100% recycled materials and should thrive in bright rooms with watering once per week. Plants are a functional, beautiful living gift that will provide lasting enjoyment.

  • 3. Birkenstock Unisex ‘Arizona’ Sandal — $$$

    Minimalists value items that are durable, versatile, and ultimately functional. The Birkenstock ‘Arizona’ sandal is all of these things and more. It’s a unisex style that almost anyone can love; the brand has a cult following for its quality and comfort. The ‘Arizona’ is the quintessential closet staple, great for daily wear and compatible with virtually any outfit. There are multiple colors and they’re constructed of premium quality suede with a tough rubber sole that will last and last.

  • 4. Foldable Reusable Bags — $

    The typical reusable bag is not very sturdy and can’t handle a heavy load. A minimalist will love these high quality reusable bags designed to handle wear and tear. They feature dual reinforced handles for handling heavy items, along with a sturdy bottom that’s made of plastic (not cardboard) so the bags are machine washable. There’s a waterproof coating to handle leaks or wet beach towels. In addition to being attractive, they fold up into compact squares for easy transport.

  • 5. Minimalist Watch — $$$

    A watch is a functional item that can be used every day, but anything flashy or complicated won’t thrill a minimalist. Consider this super-simple version, designed in Los Angeles by the popular MVMT brand. The strap is made of 100% genuine leather and the glass covering the face contains hardened mineral crystal for ultimate durability. The watch has weatherproofing that will endure a reasonable amount of exposure. It’s free from excessive features that add bulk and unwanted flare.

  • 6. All-in-One Hair Styling Tool — $$

    One way for minimalists to simplify their lives is to streamline the grooming process. Styling hair can be tedious and require multiple tools. This device, however, eliminates a lot of the time and frustration usually spent in the bathroom preparing for the day. It’s a 3-in-1 dryer, straightener, and curling tool suitable for all hair types. A compact design makes it easy to use and store, and 3 heat settings allow for a customized experience.

  • 7. Travel Backpack with Packing Cubes — $$

    Travel is no exception to the minimalist lifestyle. They like to pack lightly and take only what is needed, preferably with only a carry-on in tow. This travel backpack is an excellent travel companion for the minimalist, with 2 roomy compartments and 3 packing cubes to optimize the space. There’s a padded laptop sleeve and compression straps to keep the load as compact as possible. As an added plus, the backpack design keeps hands free and fits in an overhead compartment or under a seat.

  • 8. Keurig Single Cup Coffee Maker — $$

    For a minimalist, a full-sized coffee maker with all the bells and whistles is a bit too much. This one creates a single perfect cup using any standard K-cup pod. It’s compact and uncomplicated design is perfect for small spaces or a streamlined environment. The Keurig brand is popular for quality and reliability, and even the most elite coffee connoisseur will enjoy the rich brews this machine is capable of producing.

  • 9. Smart Frame — $$$

    A simplified living space doesn’t include many framed photos, but there’s still a way to preserve every memory without cluttering the walls. This smart frame can rotate through up to 5,000 photos with excellent resolution and brilliance. It’s the only frame needed, keeping walls and shelves clear of excessive items. Pictures can be shared and uploaded via multiple technology avenues, so it’s simple to update a collection at any time.

  • 10. Instant Pot — $$$

    When living in a small space or simply eliminating kitchen clutter, keeping a large array of pots and pans handy isn’t always ideal. But fantastic meals can still be made, whether for individual meal prep or an entire family. The Instant Pot is the best-selling multi-cooker that can create hundreds of satisfying meals using just one container. It even cooks more quickly than traditional methods, saving time. Cleanup is also super simple, making it the ultimate kitchen companion for the minimalist.

  • 11. IPad Air — $$$

    More slim and compact than the original, an IPad Air is a great gift for a minimalist. It’s easier to carry around than a laptop, but has all the functionality needed for video calls, taking pictures, streaming content and more. The powerful battery offers up to 10 hours of operation on one charge, so it’s perfect for travel or relaxing weekends at home. Stereo speakers allow for excellent music and video play quality. The thin design is ideal for those who prefer to pack light when on-the-go.

  • 12. Multipurpose Jacket — $$$

    Minimalists love clothing that can function in more than one way. It reduces the need to keep multiple items and is simply a practical way to get more leverage out of a garment. This 3-in-1 jacket is an excellent addition to a streamlined closet. It is waterproof, windproof, and has multiple layers that can be added or removed to create exactly what is needed for most weather conditions.

27 Best & Most Uniqued Gifts for Minimalists

  • 1. Leather Fanny Pack — $$

    Minimalist or not, sometimes everyone has a few things that need to be carried. This genuine leather fanny pack is a fantastic hands-free carry-all, with plenty of compartments for necessities but without the bulk of a large bag. The styling is unisex and the waist strap is adjustable to fit most sizes. The quality material is built to last, and will only look better with time and wear. It’s perfect for outdoor events, hiking, or just daily use. There’s 4 rich colors to choose from.

  • 2. Minimalist Clock — $

    This stylish, minimal alarm clock makes a great gift for those who prefer to keep everything in life streamlined and simple. The design is modern, attractive, and displays the time, temperature, and humidity using LED lights with adjustable brightness. It eliminates the annoyance of keeping a smartphone handy to check the time or weather without being complicated or invasive. There’s even a voice control feature that can save power or turn off the display, and the user can simply clap to turn it back on.

  • 3. Infused Olive Oil Gift Set — $

    For those who need or want nothing, it’s always a good idea to give something edible that can be used to add flare to food. An infused olive oil set offers a whole new world of flavor with 4 varieties to make dishes more lively. They’re infused with real, organic herbs. The oil is ultra-premium, unblended and a high-quality product of single origin from the Island of Crete in Greece. The french glass bottles come ready to gift in a beautiful wooden box.

  • 4. 23andMe Health and Ancestry Kit — $$$

    Minimalists often value information and experiences more than objects. With a 23andMe test kit, you can give the gift of personal history and relevant individual health data instead of a possession. The process is simple, and can provide the recipient with a wealth of knowledge regarding family history as well as information about genetics for monitoring possible physical conditions. If desired, you can opt in to contribute data for scientific research studies.

  • 5. Compact Suitcase BBQ — $$

    Minimalists who like to cook or enjoy spending time outdoors will love this compact, portable grill. It’s the perfect size to create culinary masterpieces for 2, and folds up into a neat, compact suitcase for easy transport or storage. The recipient will be able to enjoy the flavor and fun of charcoal grilling without keeping a large, bulky grill around. Perfect for camping, a day at the park or small areas, this BBQ is sure to be a useful addition to any minimalist’s set of gear.

  • 6. Birch Flameless Candles — $

    In addition to presenting a general safety issue (but particularly around children and pets), traditional candles create unnecessary waste. These flameless candles are safe, long-lasting, and avoid the danger of an open flame. The pack of 9 features different sizes and a beautiful birch wood-like finish. They are accompanied by a remote to control operation from across the room. The LED lights will last an incredible 50,000 hours.

  • 7. Wearable Blanket — $$

    Even minimalists get cold and can enjoy the cozy versatility of a wearable blanket. Soft, luxurious material is lined with a sherpa-like layer for ultimate warmth. It’s great for cold evenings relaxing on the couch or camping adventures. Thousands of positive reviews tout love for this unique product. Easily cared for with machine washing, it comes in 12 colors or patterns and is one size fits all.

Under $25 gifts for minimalists

  • 1. Minimalist Slim Wallet — $

    Keeping life simple is the main priority of a minimalist. A wallet should be no exception, and this one offers simplicity as well as durable quality. It’s handmade and crafted in genuine leather. There are just 3 slots for cards, an ID window, and a pocket for cash making it easy to use and perfect for those who don’t carry much. An array of 13 beautiful color options offers something for every taste and personality.

  • 2. Reusable Straws — $

    Many minimalists choose this lifestyle in order to lower their impact on the environment. If your recipient is eco-conscious, reusable straws make an excellent gift. Plastic straws are known to be harmful to the earth and wildlife, and many people opt not to use them for this reason. This set of 12 provides a variety of sizes and shapes to fit any cup or tumbler. They are easy to clean for repeated use with the included cleansing brush.

  • 3. Purse Organizer — $

    Minimalists love to stay organized; and keeping necessities tidy on-the-go is an added plus. This organizer is a great way to easily access a simple variety of items inside of a purse or tote bag. A waterproof pocket is ideal for carrying hand cream, sanitizer, or pens. The sturdy felt is still sufficiently soft to protect glasses and device screens, guarding them from scratches or breakage.

  • 4. Compact Multi-Tool — $

    A minimalist might prefer not to keep a bulky tool kit around, but still may need some essentials for everyday life. A compact multi-tool is a perfect solution, with 14 different essential tools that fold neatly into the base. It’s useful around the house, but also provides excellent outdoor functions. Strong, quality stainless steel construction ensures durability and reliability. It comes in 2 different colors and has hundreds of positive ratings.

  • 5. The Joy of Less Book — $

    For recipients who are just getting started living a minimal lifestyle or those who could use a few expert tips, The Joy of Less is a wonderful book that offers advice for how to live with less stuff. It contains instructions for sorting and reducing clutter in 10 easy steps, room by room. The author’s advice is so impactful that it’s been featured in media outlets such as CNN and The New York Times.

  • 6. Grocery Checklist Pad — $

    Minimalists prefer to keep fewer unnecessary things around the house, but the same is true for food. Without organization or a plan, people often overbuy food which results in waste and a cluttered kitchen. This list pad by Knock Knock offers a checklist of all the basics that can be marked off any time something runs out, and creates a strategic plan for the next grocery shopping trip. Minimalists will love the streamlined approach to buying only what is needed and having a simple plan to avoid excess.

  • 7. Book Stand — $

    Living a minimal life means having fewer possessions, including books. But even minimalists have at least one or two special texts that they keep for sentimental value or repeated reading. A book stand is a stylish way to display the few books that are kept for these reasons without the need for bookshelves or ends. This one is sleek, modern and attractive, in addition to suiting any style of decor. At such a great price point, consider giving a pair or trio.

Birthday gifts for minimalists

  • 1. Ray Ban Folding Sunglasses — $$$

    Everyone wears sunglasses, and minimalists will particularly appreciate this pair that folds up into a compact, pocket-sized shape. Ray Ban is one of the most popular eyewear brands in the world, known for iconic style and durable construction. These sunglasses are unisex and come with a small case that’s easy to tote around without the need for a bulky bag. The famous wayfarer design is something anyone can wear.


Although minimalists tend to have fewer possessions and prioritize simplicity in life, that doesn’t mean you can’t give something thoughtful on a special occasion. Taking the recipient’s values into account, these gifts are great ways to encourage your loved one in their pursuit of a minimal lifestyle. Whether it’s something unique, affordable, or a nice investment, there is a gift for every minimalist here.