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27 Best Gifts For New Parents – Heartwarming & Unique Ideas (2022)

27 Best Gifts For New Parents – Heartwarming & Unique Ideas (2022)
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Entering into the world of parenthood is an exciting adventure that deserves all the attention it acquires! As a family member or friend of someone who has recently become a parent, you might be searching for gift ideas that highlight those precious moments or bring a source of usefulness to your loved one embarking on this new journey.

From personal to practical, there is something here for every kind of gift giver and new parents alike. As parents of two little ones ourselves, we know from first-hand experience that useful gifts are often the best gifts.

My hubby and I within an hour of our daughter being born.
My hubby and I within an hour of our daughter being born.

Christmas & Holiday Gifts For New Parents

  • 1. Hand and Footprint Ornaments

    What better way to commemorate baby’s first Christmas than to have a lasting, tiny hand or footprint to reminisce each year? This Ornament Keepsake Kit has everything parents need to make a safe, easy keepsake to preserve their first Christmas as parents!

  • 2. Engraved Hammer

    Looking for a Father’s Day or Christmas gift for a new dad? This hammer is the perfect combination of functional and sentimental. The engraved message reminds moms and dads alike to cherish the memories they are building with their new addition to the family. My husband received this hammer for Christmas our first year as parents; and though he is not particularly a handyman, he continues to talk about that hammer and how special it is to him.

  • 3. Grills Tools

    Know a new dad that loves to grill? This set of grill tools not only has all the gear he needs to cook some delicious food, it carries a special message for dad to enjoy each time he uses it. The kit comes with a spatula, tongs, meat thermometer, and case to hold and store it all. And don’t forget the reminder that he is in fact the #1 Dad!

  • This picture frame kit helps parents capture the short, precious time of their child as an infant. It comes with baby-safe, nontoxic clay for hand and footprints, letters to impress baby’s name in the clay, and two empty frames for parents’ favorite pictures of their tiny tot!

  • 5. Sculpted Figurines

    My husband and I have an ongoing tradition in which each Christmas we purchase a Willow Tree figure that depicts whatever sacred stage of life we are in that year. This particular figurine represents that special, irreplaceable season of life in which mom and dad become parents for the first time. What a wonderful reminder for years to come!

  • 6. Milestone Keepsake

    Looking for something other than the traditional baby book that offers similar features to gift a new parent? This keepsake storage box allows parents to keep track of those precious moments in a new way! Each drawer offers space for a different moment in baby’s life. Instead of just writing the moment down, parents have a space to keep the item that coincides with the memory. What a wonderful way to store the memories of the beginning of baby’s life!

  • 7. Baby Hand/Footprint Ink Pad

    This clean-touch ink pad allows parents to preserve their little one’s tiny fingers and toes without all of the mess that typically accompanies similar kits. The ink is 100% baby safe and perfect for baby books, cards, or framed keepsakes. Not to mention, the price is right!

27 Unique Gifts For New Parents

  • 1. Bride Keepsake Bracelet

    A close relative gifted us this Bride Keepsake bracelet for our baby girl during her first year of life. I had never heard of such a gift, and it remains one of the most meaningful things I have received to date! The idea behind the bracelet is that the owner will have the perfect “something old” to wear on her wedding day. This item also has options for baby boys as well as baptisms if you are looking for a sentimental idea for a different occasion.

  • 2. Diaper Bag Backpack

    When searching for gifts for new parents, a diaper bag was not at the top of my list. After becoming a parent, however, I now know the importance of a sound quality diaper bag. This diaper bag backpack is not only stylish, but possesses all of the pockets and sections necessary for the never-ending list of baby items that need to go in it. I recommend a backpack precisely because of this functionality. Plus, it does not put strain on the shoulders and back like the traditional shoulder bags do.

  • 3. Watch

    If you are or have been a new parent at any point in time, then you have first-hand knowledge of how easy it is to lose track of time when learning how to navigate this new world. While many may not think of a watch when wondering what to get new parents, it is a unique and very practical gift that also helps keep parents in style!

  • 4. Vitamins

    Another unique gift idea for a new mom is prenatal vitamins. Most doctors recommend the continued use of prenatal vitamins long after the child is born to help nourish and restore mom’s body—especially if that momma is nursing. These Rainbow Light Prenatal One vitamins are a great option when looking for vitamins to meet the nutritional needs of a new mother.

  • 5. Kids’ Keepsake Box

    This isn’t your average keepsake box you might find at your local home goods store! This organizer is designed to store the most precious moments from infancy through school age. The keepsake comes with dividers to organize memories, stickers to label sections, and a box to store everything in. It truly is the gift that keeps on giving!

  • 6. Milestone Blanket

    Milestone blankets are the soft, stylish way parents are tracking their precious baby’s development throughout the first year and beyond. With options to track baby’s first days, weeks, months, and years, this bundle includes everything parents need for the perfect photo op!

  • 7. Tile Mate

    Keeping up with your keys, phone, or other everyday items is a struggle without a whole extra person to be responsible for. Help parents keep track of their essentials with this tracking tile that signals where they left their lost item and even shows them where to track it on a map!

Birthday Gifts for New Parents

  • 1. Spa Gift Basket

    While parents love receiving gifts that commemorate moments of parenthood or allow them to experience special moments with their little ones, it can be easy to get lost in the role of parent and forget they are their own person. Gifts such as this gift basket give mom or dad the opportunity to take a moment to relax and care for themselves.

  • 2. Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet

    This beautiful bracelet makes a wonderful gift for a new mom! The stylish design bearing the tree of life symbol reminds her of the wonderful role she has taken on as mother. And the diffuser allows her to reap the benefits of whatever essential oils she enjoys most!

  • 3. Journal

    Looking to get new parents a spinoff of the traditional baby book? This Letters to My Child Journal contains the content typically found in a baby book and so much more! The journal allows parents to record those precious moments from pregnancy through the first year of baby’s life. Plus, it provides lovely quotes and sections for mom and dad to write letters to their child for later in life!

  • 4. Coffee Mug

    Know any new parents who love coffee? They probably love coffee now if they didn’t before! A Mom or Dad coffee mug is the perfect gift for a new parent. It offers the practical service of carrying a much-needed caffeinated beverage while advertising this new, wonderful name they bear.

  • 5. Family Tree Picture Frame

    Parents love to show off pictures of their sweet babies! This picture frame allows them to do just that in a unique way. New parents can start with pictures of their parents or themselves along with their newest addition to the family, and then watch the tree change as their family and/or their child grows.

  • 6. Birthstone Necklace

    One of my favorite accessories to wear is my necklace with baby girl’s birthstone in it. Something about it helps me feel connected with her even when we are apart. This necklace not only displays a child’s birthstone, it also exhibits their initial. Plus, parents have the option to continue adding stones and letters to the necklace as their family grows!

Under $25 Gifts

  • 1. Sound Machine

    Before I was a parent, I considered the idea of sound machines to be unnecessary (and even excessive). Fast forward to now, and if someone were to ask my opinion, I would not only say it is one of the most vital items we own, it is also possibly the best bang for your buck as far as gifts go! Sound machines not only provide soothing sounds to help baby relax, but also drown out background noise so that mom and dad can go about their lives without disturbing baby’s sleep. It can be difficult to find gifts that a baby doesn’t outgrow in a matter of months… this is one of them!

  • 2. Stop Sign

    As a new parent, all of the big scary germs out there can be frightening, to say the least! And those precious little babies are strong attractions for well-meaning individuals who have forgotten how scary that time was when they were new parents. This sign is the perfect reminder for everyone but mom and dad to keep their distance. And it’s easy to hang from the car seat, stroller, carrier, or wherever else the baby may be residing.

  • 3. Carseat Canopy

    One of the most practical gifts I received as a new parent was a cover for my child’s carseat. It blocks the wind, dirt, rain, and helps protect from unwanted touches from strangers (such as those mentioned above). Not to mention, carseat canopies such as this one double as a cover for nursing mommas!

  • 4. Parenting Book

    Being a parent for the first time can be an overwhelming experience. Even those who know a lot about children or have experience caring for others’ children have never been responsible for the care and upbringing of a child until now. Supplying parents with a book (or multiple books), such as this one, about their growing, developing little one can be a source of much-needed wisdom and comfort.

  • 5. Aquaphor Healing Ointment

    Aquaphor is a must have in my house! Its functions are endless—diaper cream, skin protectant, moisturizer, relief for rashes, and much more. Plus, a container lasts months even though we use it several times a day! Though this gift option lacks sentiment and may seem unconventional, it is sure to bring continued purpose and relief to new parents for many weeks to come.

  • 6. Diapers

    Not unlike the Aquaphor, diapers are something no new (or veteran) parent will turn their nose up at! It is difficult to fully understand the significance of receiving diapers as gifts until you are flying through a box every few days. While it is wise to ask mom or dad if the baby has any allergies to specific brands (which is common), these are the diapers that seem least likely to produce an allergic reaction or rash.

  • 7. Restaurant Gift Card

    It is hard to imagine anything more coveted by a new parent than a hot, tasty meal… prepared by someone else! This gift card offers the opportunity for just that! Plus, it features six different delicious restaurants that allows parents to avoid the age old conundrum of one particular genre of food not sounding good. As a former first time parent, I assure you this gift will be well received!


Some items on this list represent very sentimental moments for new parents while other options offer more functional purposes. Both are vital elements of parenthood, especially when it is a parent’s first time around the block! Rest assured that whatever item chosen will be well-received from the new parent in your life.