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27 Incredibly Calming Gifts For People With Anxiety (2022)

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When selecting a gift for someone you care about, it’s crucial to choose something personal and meaningful. If the recipient struggles to manage anxiety, a thoughtful item that might help provide relief can be a wonderful way to take their needs into consideration. There are many perfect gift ideas for every individual, regardless of budget or occasion. Here are 27 products that people with anxiety are sure to appreciate and will help bring them some calming vibes.

Best & Most Unique Gifts for People with Anxiety

  • 1. Acupressure Mat — $$$

    Professional acupressure, which treats muscle tension caused by stress and anxiety, can be effective but expensive. This acupressure mat makes the remedy accessible, as it can be used at home or anywhere a person can lie down comfortably. Memory foam and BPA-free stimulators provide comfort and pressure to stiff muscles, soothing pain and promoting relaxation. The Kanjo mat even has a built-in pillow for optimal support. Made of a 100% organic blend of cotton and linen, it comes in 5 colors to choose from.

  • 2. Weighted Blanket — $$$

    Weighted blankets have become an increasingly popular way to cope with symptoms of anxiety. This 15 pound blanket can function as a natural sleep aid, providing a moderate amount of comforting weight that’s comparable to a hug. It is suitable for both adults and children, and sufficiently breathable whether the recipient is a cold or hot sleeper. Packaged in an attractive, gift-ready box, this item is a luxurious way to treat someone for the holidays.

  • 3. Zen Garden Kit — $$

    With everything needed to create a personalized zen garden, this gift encourages the recipient to calm their thoughts by gently raking sand and arranging the natural accents. The compact size makes it perfect for desks and small spaces. Both an activity and beautiful piece of decor, the zen garden facilitates practicing the Japanese art of Kanso, meaning simplicity. Focusing on movement of the rake in the sand is a fantastic method of quieting any ruminating, chaotic thoughts.

  • 4. Aromatherapy Bracelet with Oils — $

    Aromatherapy is a popular way to soothe anxiety, and this brilliant bracelet allows you to take it wherever you go. It’s stylish but neutral enough to fit anyone’s personal style or taste. Made of lightweight and rust-resistant stainless steel, it also comes with a set of 4 essential oils to get the user started if they don’t already have some. Lavender, Lemongrass, Peppermint, and Sweet Orange promote relaxation and are believed to greatly reduce stress.

  • 5. Infinity Cube Puzzle — $

    Movable gadget objects are a great way to relieve anxiety and avoid stress-induced habits such as nail biting and fidgeting limbs. They can be helpful in redirecting negative thoughts and improve focus, which may be a challenge for those dealing with anxiety. It’s appropriate for most ages, except children under 3. This popular product serves as an outlet for restless energy with endless possibilities to flip and fold.

  • 6. Power Thought Card Deck — $

    Drawing a random card from an affirmation deck is a powerful way to become inspired and can have remarkable influence over the direction of thoughts. This set contains 64 cards with 128 beautiful works of art from 5 different illustrators, each accompanied by a positive message that can be remembered throughout the day. Evoking joy and hope, these cards are a creative and unique way to help someone cope with anxiety.

  • 7. Light Therapy Lamp — $$

    Depression and anxiety can worsen if the weather isn’t uplifting or with limited exposure to natural light. This therapy lamp can help with these conditions, with 2 adjustable levels of brightness created by high-quality LED. It’s possible that with regular use, this gift can also help with symptoms such as insomnia. The light is UV-free as well, so skin damage is not a risk. At an affordable price point comparatively, it’s a great way to treat someone special with a luxury item they can use every day.

  • 8. Healing Crystals — $$

    Many people believe in the healing and grounding power of natural stones. This thoughtful set contains one for each of the energy chakras in the body, which could help provide greater balance. The collection can be displayed as decoration or kept in a pocket for support each day. Colorful and fascinating, this is a wonderful gift for those interested in spirituality, homeopathic healing, and natural remedies. Additional alleged benefits include improved sleep, enlightenment, and positivity.

Birthday Gift Ideas For People With Anxiety

  • 1. Essential Oil Diffuser — $$

    The aroma of essential oils can have a calming effect. Using water and a few drops of oil, a diffuser creates a gentle aromatic mist that fills the room with soothing scents. This one has a modern wood-like appearance and comes with a starter set of six aromatherapy-grade oils. It’s quiet, making it ideal for use throughout the day or at bedtime. Additionally, it’s safe to leave unattended as the diffuser automatically shuts off when the water level is low.

  • 2. Meditation Pillow — $$

    Meditation and mindfulness have increased in popularity as methods of managing anxiety. However, finding a comfortable place to calm the mind can be challenging. A meditation pillow offers a comfortable way to sit in the recommended position, and promotes healthy posture. Filled with natural buckwheat hulls, this particular pillow also features a removable cover for easy cleaning. It can also be used as support during a home yoga practice. Consider pairing this gift with a subscription to a guided meditation service if the recipient is a beginner.

  • 3. Guided Journal — $

    With 365 prompts, quotes, and activities, this guided journal encourages greater self-awareness and teaches healthy coping mechanisms. Authored by a licensed marriage and family therapist, each page uses the techniques of both psychology and spirituality to facilitate positive change. Journaling is a healthy daily habit endorsed by many mental health professionals and self-help experts for it’s benefits in redirecting negative thought patterns.

  • 4. Lavender Chamomile Gift Basket — $$

    Lavender and chamomile are natural herbs with calming qualities as well as soothing aromas. Additionally, baths are an effective way to wind down after long or stressful days. This large collection of lavender chamomile spa products is thoughtfully arranged in a beautiful gift basket, so it can be wrapped or simply presented as-is. The wide variety features modern packaging and natural ingredients, at an affordable price point. A pair of exfoliating gloves and a bath scrub are included as well.

  • 5. Deep Tissue Massager — $$$

    Anxiety can cause muscle tension and result in body pain, so a handheld deep tissue massager is a creative gift idea. This brilliant product is lightweight, cordless, and has a rechargeable battery that operates for 120 minutes on one charge. Six massage heads offer a customized experience for every need. It’s received thousands of five-star reviews and is hugely popular, so your recipient is sure to enjoy it.

  • 6. Keep Calm Daily Calendar — $

    Often, a daily meditation or encouragement can have a vital influence over thought patterns and energy. Branded with the famous Keep Calm and Carry On mantra, each page of this calendar provides a quote or positive message to inspire strength each day. Compact and affordable, it is ideal for everyone and all ages. The messages could also be used as daily journal prompts, or provide inspiration for social media posts.

  • 7. Aveda Stress-Fix Roller — $$

    As a trusted brand with high-quality natural ingredients, Aveda Stress-Fix products are clinically proven to reduce feelings of stress with a blend of essential oils for aromatherapy. This roller is ideal for soothing anxiety on-the-go; its compact size is perfect for keeping in a pocket, purse, or desk drawer. It’s also certified organic and free of harsh chemicals or toxins. The roller can be applied to the inner wrist or hands to provide a natural sense of relief.

Under $25 Gift Ideas

  • 1. Anxiety Coloring Book — $

    Many people find that coloring is a helpful way to calm the mind and avoid anxious thoughts. This coloring book was created specifically for anxiety, with 40 pages of beautiful illustrations for hours of soothing art therapy. Quality paper allows for almost any medium of color, whether it be crayons, colored pencils, markers, or gel pens. It is created for adults but a suitable gift for all ages, and the price point could allow the book to be paired with a set of coloring utensils.

  • 2. Light Blocking Sleep Mask — $

    Sleep can have an enormous impact on feelings of stress and anxiety. Unfortunately, quality rest can be difficult to achieve. Even a small amount of light can disrupt relaxation and agitate those with anxiety, causing restlessness. This full-coverage sleep mask can help by eliminating light pollution that interrupts the body’s ability to fall asleep. Made of modal fabric, it is comfortable, breathable, and hypoallergenic. A hidden adjustable strap allows the mask to fit anyone’s head size.

  • 3. Relaxation Aromatherapy Candles — $

    Candles create a soothing atmosphere, and this set of six comes in an assortment of scents that promote feelings of calm. Non-toxic materials such as natural soybean wax and a lead-free wick make them safe and ideal for homes with pets or children. Though small and portable, each one burns for about 20-25 hours. Packaged in an attractive modern box, they arrive ready for gifting. They’re perfect for creating a relaxing environment around a bath, on the dinner table, or just while winding down after the day.

  • 4. Breathwork Book — $

    Practicing deep, focused breathing is highly recommended for those who struggle with anxiety. This book is written by a yoga expert and outlines a 3-week program for learning how to benefit from breathwork. Step-by-step instructions teach beginners the healing art of intentional breathing and explains the benefits. In addition to soothing anxiety, a daily practice can potentially also help with insomnia, allergies, and even asthma. Both scientific and spiritual, this gift can be beneficial to everyone.

  • 5. Hemp Lotion for Pain and Anxiety — $

    Many swear by the homeopathic benefits of hemp for quite a few reasons, one of them being its calming effect on anxiety and muscle pain. This body lotion is free of THC and contains all-natural ingredients. It’s safe for all skin types, and may even soothe certain types of irritation. Sacred Mind & Body products are made in the USA and praised by users for their effectiveness. Essential oils add a pleasant, gender-neutral fragrance naturally.

  • 6. Head Massager — $

    This makes an excellent, budget-friendly gift for those with anxiety who will enjoy the stress-relieving effects of head massage. It gently stimulates the scalp manually and with an optional vibrating feature, promoting increased circulation and relaxation. High-quality materials and a compact design are suitable for travel or any on-the-go lifestyle. A head massager is a creative, practical gift that only requires an estimated 3-5 minutes of use in order to experience the benefits.

  • 7. Calming Herbal Tea — $

    Herbal tea is a great way to relax and indulge without the agitating effects of caffeine or alcohol. This blend, temptingly named ‘Tranquil Dream,’ contains a special blend of flowers and herbs that facilitate relaxation before bedtime. Calming ingredients such as lavender, chamomile, lemon verbena and strawberry leaf create a unique flavor naturally. The contents should be safe for most adults, though it’s important for the recipient to check with a doctor if they’re unsure of how any herbs or botanicals might affect them.

Christmas & Holiday Ideas For People With Anxiety

  • 1. Noise Cancelling Headphones — $$$$

    Often, noise in the environment can provoke anxious feelings and make it difficult to focus on work or daily activities. Cordless Bluetooth-enabled noise cancelling headphones provide an ideal solution to this problem, allowing the recipient to eliminate distracting sounds and enjoy soothing music if desired. The battery in this pair provides up to 35 hours of use before requiring a charge via USB. Additionally, they feature a built-in microphone for use with meetings and phone calls.

  • 2. Chakra Balancing Body Mist — $$

    Ancient beliefs assert that anxiety results from a disrupted flow of physical energy. Many healing experts encourage anxious people to balance chakras, which are associated with various nerve points in the body. In addition to affecting stress, they are also thought to influence depression and quality of sleep. This body mist by Aveda contains olibanum, organic patchouli and vetiver leaf, which are soothing and may help relieve symptoms.

  • 3. White Noise Machine — $$

    Eliminating noise pollution while trying to fall asleep or simply going about daily life can have a positive impact on one’s ability to cope with the anxiety such noises might provoke. This white noise machine offers a variety of 24 options such as sounds from nature or familiar rhythms. With adjustable volume and a multiple settings on the timer, it can be used at home, in the office, or while travelling.

  • 4. Heated Massage Seat Cushion — $$$

    While massage facilitates relaxation and provides relief of muscle tension resulting from anxiety, not everyone can afford consistent treatments. A massage seat cushion can offer many of the same benefits, and this one features the added comfort of gentle heat. Multiple modes provide relief, with adjustable pressure and concentration. It fits easily on any couch or chair. The functions are designed to replicate the healing properties of Shiatsu, and the width is adjustable to accommodate most body types.

  • 5. Blue Light Blocking Glasses — $

    Blue light from computer and device screens is known to disrupt sleep and adversely affect mental health. With how much time our society spends exposed to blue light, these glasses block most harmful rays and help reduce some of the negative effects. They are stylish and comfortable, affordable, and practical. This pack of 2 provides a pair for work or travel and one for home. The lenses are transparent and colorless, so they have no impact on visual accuracy.


Anxiety is an increasingly common problem, but stigma surrounding the condition is beginning to wane with increased awareness. Gifts that might help alleviate symptoms are not only considerate, but can be a meaningful gesture of kindness. Demonstrated sensitivity and support is immensely important to those dealing with anxiety, and any occasion offers a great opportunity to do so through gifting