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27 Best Gifts For Quilters – Memorable & Unique Ideas (2022)

27 Best Gifts For Quilters – Memorable & Unique Ideas (2022)
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Gift-giving can be tough for the person in your life who loves to quilt. With so many gadgets, it can be difficult to know where to start. Luckily we’ve compiled a list of the 27 best gifts for quilters to help you out no matter the occasion or price point you’re looking for to make sure you find the perfect gift. No matter what you end up getting on this list, the quilter in your life is bound to love it!

Christmas and holiday gifts for quilters

  • 1. Heat Erase Pens

    These high quality and colorful pens will make a thoughtful holiday gift. They are heat erase and can be used to markup or design on any fabric used by quilters. The ink is easily erasable with heat. It even comes with refills, so they will last a long time.

  • 2. Mini Steam Iron

    A great Christmas gift for your favorite quilter who lives in a small space but still needs an iron they can use for all their quilting projects. This mini steam iron works great while taking up less space. It has an anti-slip handle and makes it super easy to hold during any project.

  • 3. Top of the Line Fabric Cutter

    If you’re looking for a top of the line gift, this is it. This fabric cutter is both fast and precise and makes it up to 90% faster than cutting with scissors. It’s super portable and can easily be carried anywhere it needs to go. As an added bonus, it comes with a die and a cutting mat, so it’s the perfect gift for someone looking to start quilting right away.

  • 4. Quilting Machine

    This is the must-have gift for the avid quilter in your life. It’s one of the best quilting and sewing machines and does up to 1,500 stitches a minute, which will save them ample amounts of time. It has an advanced needle threading system and will last for many years to come.

  • 5. White Checkered Red Sewing Machine Ornament

    This is the perfect Christmas ornament and a fun gift that any quilter can hang on their tree as a reminder of one of their favorite hobbies. The adorable saying “sew much fabric, sew little time” makes it even better.

  • 6. It Started Out As a Harmless Hobby Quilting T-Shirt

    This is another creative gift for the person in your life who loves to sew. It’ll make a fun holiday gift and comes in lots of colors and sizes so it’ll be good for anyone you had in mind. They’ll be able to use it all year round.

27 Best & Most Unique Gifts for Quilters

  • 1. Sewing Clip Set

    These lightweight and flexible clips are perfect for any quilter to help replace having to pin things in place. They’re stainless steel, smooth, and won’t rust, so they are great to be reused again and again. It’s a great gift for avid quilters who are tired of getting jabbed by pins and would be delighted to have a different option.

  • 2. Personalized Quilting Room Chalkboard Metal Sign

    For the person in your life who loves to quilt, give them the gift of an adorable personalized metal wall sign for their quilting room. You’ll be able to add their name to make it a fun customized gift they can hang in their craft room. It’s made of sturdy aluminum and comes with two pre-drilled holes that are easy to hang. It’s the perfect personalized gift for your favorite quilter.

  • 3. Quilting KeyChain

    This adorable keychain is a perfect gift for a quilter you care about, as it provides a daily reminder just how much they love quilting. It’s silver-plated, durable and made to last. It even comes in a cute jewelry gift bag that makes it ready to gift to your favorite quilter.

  • 4. Thread Spool Huggers

    These nifty spool huggers are made of silicone, flexible material, and are reusable. They’ll save you time to find the notch in your spool, so it’s easy to find the end of the thread. It fits on most standard thread racks, and the tails will keep from unraveling when they’re not in use. It’s both unique and practicable that will have any quilter delighted to get these for any occasion.

  • 5. Beginners Book to Quilting

    For the person in your life who wants to learn to quilt or is just starting out. This book will give them all the basics they need to know with a little bit of humor too. They’ll be able to learn in no time and be thankful for the practical gift.

  • 6. Presser Foot Attachment

    This is a great attachment used with sewing machines to hold the fabric flat when it’s fed through the machine and stitched. It’s a great time saver and is an excellent gift. It has two toes to hold the fabric down on either side of the needle. This one fits the most common sewing machine brands, so you can’t go wrong with this gift.

  • 7. Quilting Puzzle and Game Book

    When your favorite quilter needs a break, they can play some fun games that still incorporate their favorite hobby. It includes Sudoku puzzles, word search, crosswords, connect the dots, and even a few colorings pages. It’s a great gift for a get well or road trip.

Birthday gifts for quilters

  • 1. Quilting Fabric Strips

    What better gift than ready to use, precut fabric strips that will save a quilter plenty of time from having to cut squares themselves. With sixteen different prints, they can make an adorable quilt or use the various patterns in different upcoming projects that they have planned.

  • 2. Wool Pressing Pad

    This is a practical gift that will make any quilter’s life much easier. The premium quilting pressing map is made of 100% wool. It will help to avoid stretching out the fabric they’re working with and makes quilting super fast and efficient. Its convenient shape makes it easy to iron. It’s easy to fit in a bag and great when the receiver has a quilting project somewhere other than their house.

  • 3. Portable Rolling Fabric Cutter

    This tool makes it super easy to cut strips, borders, and material for quilts. It can hold up to 8 layers of fabric at a time and is the perfect gift for the person in your life who loves sewing and quilting. It also makes it easy to trim away excess backing and can help smooth fabric too. It offers a clearly defined cutting guide edge, so it’s user friendly for everyone.

  • 4. 100% Cotton Thread Set

    Thread is a valuable gift for any quilter or sewer. This thread set is made of 100% cotton and comes in a perfect neutral color scheme that will be useful for any project. The satin finish makes it smooth to the touch and will help to avoid less lint once made into a final product. It’s great for any level of quilter, no matter the occasion.

  • 5. Ruler Templates

    This handy ruler comes with a range of patterns that will spark any quilter’s creativity. It’s sturdy, so it won’t bend or break and is designed from super strong acrylic. It can be used to make curves, stitch stars, flowers, crescents and much more. The clear ruler makes it easy to see and features alignment lines to help keep the quilter’s rulers in place.

  • 6. Guided Journal for Quilting

    For your avid quilter, this is an excellent gift. They can record all of their past projects, including the design, materials, and any tips they want to reference for future projects. They can even include photos of each quilt if they’d like to keep one for their records. As an added bonus, this journal is made from recycled paper and is made in the US.

  • 7. Silver Quilting Bracelet

    This classic bracelet is an excellent gift for the person who loves to quilt and will remind them of their favorite hobbies. It’s fully adjustable and can fit most teen and adult-sized wrists. It’s silver-plated and made to last for a long time. It also includes a few adorable quilting charms that will be a great conversation topic when people compliment them on their bracelet.

Under $25 gifts for quilters

  • 1. Non-Slip Grips for Quilt Templates

    This nifty quilting accessory will help hold templates in place by making sure the project does not slip. Any quilter would be thrilled to get this as a gift. It comes with both large and small sizes that will work for any project. They are super sticky and won’t peel off when the quilter in your life needs them most.

  • 2. Quilt Basting Adhesive

    This adhesive is a lifesaver and is a great gift at an affordable price. All they need to do is simply spray the back of the stencil template and quilt blocks they are working on. It’s another great option to avoid ever having to use pins again.

  • 3. Comfy Novelty Socks

    These awesome socks are both comfy and will have your favorite quilter super excited for their new gift. They are decorated with lots of quilting and sewing items. They are affordable for what they are and would be a fantastic gift for any occasion.

  • 4. Seam Roller Tool

    This little gadget makes it easy to press down the seams in a quilt when your favorite quilter is machine-piecing or hand-sewing quilt blocks by hand. It’s a great gift that will save them lots of time and make the entire process much easier without burning their fingers ever again!

  • 5. Yoda Best Quilter Mug

    This gift is a must for the person in your life who loves Star Wars as much as they love quilting. They will love the adorable pun and the Yoda character on the front. The high-quality mug is meant to last a long time and can be used for hot or cold drinks. As a plus, it’s dishwasher and microwave safe and can be given as a gift for any occasion, especially at such an affordable price.

  • 6. Canvas Tote Bag

    This handy tote bag is perfect for all the supplies your quilter might need to carry around. It’s especially convenient if they often go to a quilting class or work on projects at another location. It’s made of durable cotton canvas. It has a reinforced bottom and handles.

  • 7. Magnetic Pin Wristband

    For the traditional quilter who likes to use pins, this is the perfect gift. It has a strong magnet that will keep all their pins in place without any trouble. It’ll fit any sized wrist and offers a comfortable and secure fit. The magnet is strong and is meant to last no matter how many upcoming quilting projects they may need to work on.


No matter your budget, there is a perfect gift on this list for the person in your life who loves to quilt. They will love whatever you get them, and the best part is you can choose to get them something more practical that they can use on their upcoming projects or a memento that features something related to quilting.