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27 Incredible Gifts For The Woman Who Wants Nothing (2022)

27 Incredible Gifts For The Woman Who Wants Nothing (2022)
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When the woman in your life has everything but wants nothing you need to think outside the box.

Typical items such as fine jewelry may not be desired or just isn’t the recipient’s style and so it can be challenging to come up with other options.

There are, however, many creative gift ideas to treat a loved one to something nice, regardless of budget or reason for celebrating. Here are some ideas that I’ve come up with based on being married to an incredible wife who wants nothing.

Christmas & Holiday Gifts for the Woman Who Wants Nothing

  • 1. Ring Smart Doorbell — $$$

    For safety and package security, consider a Ring smart doorbell. After a simple setup process, the resident is able to view activity outside and hear or speak to anyone outside using a smartphone or tablet app. Preferences can be set to send a notification any time motion is detected within range of the HD video device, allowing remote monitoring or safety checks prior to answering the door. It’s compatible with Amazon’s Alexa products as well.

  • 2. Silk Kimono — $$$$

    Crafted from quality 100% silk, a kimono is a luxurious way to lounge after a long day or throughout a relaxing weekend. This one is stylish, comfortable, and one-size-fits-most for easy gifting. The breathable, natural material is available in 11 rich colors to suit any style or taste. It is a unique, artistic alternative to a heavier bathrobe or pajamas. A kimono is a wonderful gift for recipients who enjoy time at home, spas, or travel frequently.

  • 3. Instax Camera with Case and Film — $$

    As everyone takes plenty of photos with smartphones, the typical inconvenience of film photography has been mostly eliminated. Instant cameras have been rising in popularity because they’re fun, create a meaningful keepsake immediately, and are more portable than ever before. The Instax camera is one of the best options. It’s high quality, affordable, and easy to bring anywhere with the handy carrying case. This set comes with some film to get beginners started.

  • 4. Wind Chime — $$$

    A wind chime can add lovely melodic vibrations to a backyard, garden, or balcony. The Astarin 45 inch chime comes in 3 different colors and is constructed of durable aluminum. It resonates with tenor and bass sounds for a calming effect. This hand-tuned wind chime arrives completely assembled and ready to easily hang almost anywhere. A special item ideal for a recipient who enjoys spending time outdoors, Astarin is a brand trusted for both beauty and quality.

  • 5. Light and Magnification Mirror — $$$

    Grooming or getting ready can be a challenging task depending on light levels or the ability to see without glasses. In the absence of proper bathroom lighting, a mirror that provides both light and a magnified view can make life so much easier. This one offers 3 different light modes to mimic daylight, office, and evening settings. The height and angle are both adjustable, and a dimmer makes it easy to alter the brightness according to preference.

  • 6. Dash Camera — $$

    Safety while driving is important for absolutely everyone, and a dash camera is an excellent tool for ensuring accuracy of insurance claims as well as reporting crimes. Anyone can benefit from recording events while traveling in a vehicle, and many news stories have even been captured this way. This particular dash cam is affordable, compact, easy to install, and has received thousands of positive reviews by satisfied users. It’s easily hidden behind the rearview mirror to ensure visibility is not compromised.

  • 7. Sonic Face Cleansing Brush — $$$

    A quality cleansing face brush is an excellent alternative to frequent and expensive professional treatments. The Clarisonic brand has been the primary dermatologist recommendation for years, providing 6 times more cleansing capability than just using hands. It removes dirt and oil in 60 seconds, allowing for more effective absorption of skincare products. The Mia Prima model is compatible with all skin types (even those with sensitivity).

Unique Gifts for the Woman Who Wants Nothing

  • 1. Herb Garden Grow Kit — $

    Fresh kitchen herbs are a simple luxury that make everyday cooking feel like an upscale experience. This starter kit includes everything needed to grow 4 types of herbs at home, either indoors or outside. With non-GMO seeds provided for cultivation of sweet basil, thyme, cilantro, and parsley, it’s the perfect gift for someone who enjoys fresh fare or appreciates plants. At an affordable price, it’s a unique gift that is practical as well.

  • 2. Himalayan Salt Lamp — $

    Soft, ambient light can compliment any room and create a truly relaxing environment. A natural Himalayan salt lamp creates such a warm, golden glow that looks beautiful in any space. This one features a dimmer, so the light level can be adjusted to serve as a gentle night light or provide more luminance for greater visibility. It’s especially ideal for recipients who enjoy yoga and meditation or winding down with a book. 2 spare bulbs are provided for lasting enjoyment.

  • 3. Cord Organizer Boxes — $$

    Everyone can benefit from less chaos and disorganization, making these cord keeper boxes a thoughtful present. A set of 2 with modern, attractive design features real wood plus outlets for plugging in devices or other electronics while keeping cords untangled and hidden from view. Also beneficial for safety when it comes to pets and children, this is an item for all types of recipients regardless of age or lifestyle. Perfect for a home office or entertainment center, these boxes are a unique idea for practical gifting.

  • 4. Vitajuwel Water Bottle — $$$

    It’s not every bottle that is hygenic, safe, and also might add healing benefits to drinking water naturally. This special gift contains a dome of gemstones that vitalize water, allegedly enhancing it with the qualities of crystals. It’s dishwasher safe and crafted from non-toxic materials. The Vitajuwel bottle is a great option for recipients interested in natural healing concepts and balancing chakras.

  • 5. Grid Foam Roller — $$

    Particularly for athletes or those who sit for work, stiff and aching muscles might be a daily inconvenience. A foam roller can be of significant relief by acting as a versatile method of self-massage and physical therapy. With a free online library of instructional videos, anyone can learn how to target specific problem areas. This one comes in an array of 5 colors, is trusted as a brand by therapeutic professionals, and has thousands of positive reviews from satisfied buyers.

  • 6. Travel Hammock — $$

    Travel and camping enthusiasts will love this portable hammock, which can be safely attached to trees for enjoyment on the go. Easy to set up, this particular hammock includes everything needed to relax nearly anywhere outside. It can be used as a more comfortable alternative to a sleeping bag, or simply set up in the backyard for an afternoon nap. The Legit Camping portable hammock is available in 9 different colors to suit any personality.

  • 7. Snack Board Cookbook — $

    It’s not every cookbook that provides brilliant images and options for creative alternatives to the same old recipes. Beautiful Boards suggests 50 amazing snack board concepts, which can make easy meals or entertain friends and family on holidays. Appropriate for cooks of all skill levels, this book contains step-by-step instructions anyone can follow to create special masterpieces for a variety of occasions.

Birthday Gifts for Women Who Want Nothing

  • 1. Dream Catcher Craft Kit — $$

    Dream catchers are said to help filter out bad dreams and maintain the energy of positive ones. A craft kit with everything needed to make one at home is a fantastic idea for gifting something meaningful that doubles as a fun activity. No crafting experience is necessary, though it still offers something new for artsy experts. Instructions are included as well as a variety of mixed materials for creating a beautiful custom piece.

  • 2. Decluttering Book by Marie Kondo — $

    Japanese methods for simplification and organization have become immensely popular, and Marie Kondo is one of the most famous modern advocates. Her best-selling book guides the reader through a process of sorting excess possessions and determining how to keep only what really sparks joy. Once complete, she offers specialized advice for how to organize everything to minimize stress and make life a little easier. Even highly organized people and minimalists can learn something new from Kondo’s life-changing text.

  • 3. Fine Chocolate Bar Variety Box — $

    Chocolate is a treat that most people enjoy, even women who claim to want absolutely nothing in terms of gifts. This box offers 6 different bars crafted from 70% cocoa and a variety of tasty ingredients. They’re vegan, non-GMO and gluten free, in addition to being fair trade. The bars come packaged in a beautifully designed box ready to wrap or give as-is. At an affordable price, the DeVilliers chocolate selection is a great option for those who enjoy gourmet foods or simple indulgences.

  • 4. Fluster Card Game — $

    In addition to being attractively designed, the Fluster card game facilitates fascinating conversations between players and is a wonderful source of entertainment at gatherings between family or friends. Ideal for recipients who enjoy entertaining and hosting loved ones for holidays, this game is popular because it is both fun and different. Players enjoy prompted conversations that inspire conversations never had before.

  • 5. Rustic Jewelry Organizer — $$

    With a rustic wood finish and 3 panels of storage space that open and close like barn doors, this jewelry organizer is both attractive and remarkably useful. It’s simple to install on a wall, and all necessary hardware is included. It’s a great choice for those who already have plenty of jewelry and accessories but no way to organize their favorite pieces. A beautiful addition to any space, a jewelry organizer is a thoughtful and practical gift for nearly any recipient. It is available in 3 lovely colors.

  • 6. White Tea Facial Mask — $

    Often, the woman who wants nothing rarely treats herself to spa luxuries such as facial treatments. An anti-aging mud mask that also helps with blemishes, acne and redness creates professional results at home. White tea and natural minerals cleanse, detoxify and moisturize skin for an all-in-one experience. This product can also minimize pores, and comes with a special brush for clean application. Such a multi-function and high quality mask is rarely available at such an affordable price.

Under $25 Gifts

  • 1. Handbag Light — $

    Whether the recipient prefers a designer purse or a practical tote, a handbag light is a genius solution to the problem of locating objects and avoiding wasted time by digging around. This one not only illuminates the contents of a bag to eliminate hassle and frustration, but also doubles as an external battery for charging devices such as phones and tablets away from home. It never requires battery replacement, equipped with a power source rechargeable via the included USB cord.

  • 2. To Accomplish Sticky Note Set

    Published by the clever and popular brand Knock Knock, this handy sticky note set can be a fantastic gift for anyone who loves to stay organized or productive. The packaging creates a stand for use on a desk or counter top; perfect for daily use. Each note features a unique subject matter for various tasks, such as reminders for things to buy, remember, and delegate. At an affordable price, this item makes a considerate gift on its own but can also be an easy add-on to another present.

  • 3. Gratitude Journal — $

    Keeping a gratitude journal has become an increasingly popular way to cultivate joy and contentment in life. Those who want nothing might appreciate the idea of a guided journal that facilitates gratitude for what they already have. Beautifully designed, this 90-day version offers the opportunity to explore the habit without a year-long or daily commitment. Special archival paper allows entries to be remembered whether pencil or pen is used.

  • 4. Sage Smudge Kit — $

    According to Native American belief, burning white sage has the power to cleanse a living space of negative energy and foster positive experiences. This starter kit includes 3 sage bundles, an abalone shell for catching ashes, sand to extinguish unused portions, a real turkey feather for fanning, as well as a stand for display. Even if the recipient is not spiritually inclined, the purifying scent of sage can be enjoyed by anyone who appreciates aromatherapy and natural home products.

  • 5. Art Supply Set — $

    This amazing array of 80 art supply pieces makes a great gift for creatives with any level of skill. A versatile selection of multiple mediums, the kit arrives packaged in a beautiful wooden carrying case for easy use and storage. Art supplies are a gift that can either inspire a new hobby or augment the collection of a seasoned artist, and even provide new options for a habitual crafting enthusiast.

  • 6. Reusable Produce Bags — $

    Going green has never been more stylish or smart with these reusable produce bags. Ideal for the farmers market or grocery store, this set of washable bags comes in a rainbow of colors and is constructed of durable nylon mesh for prolonged, repeated use. They make a terrific present for those interested in being more eco-friendly or for healthy cooks. Thousands of 5-star ratings praise these bags for being durable, practical, and safe.

  • 7. Door Opener and Button Pusher Keychain — $

    Contactless interaction has been more important recently for safety and cleanliness. A tool such as this one makes a unique and useful gift for recipients concerned about touching potentially contaminated surfaces in public. It’s a keychain, and therefore easily
    remembered whenever leaving the house for necessary errands or work. The tool can be used for opening doors, pressing elevator, ATM, or payment pad surfaces, and at the gas pump.


Though it can be difficult to come up with ideas to give when a recipient wants nothing at all, these are all amazing ideas for treating special women to something they can treasure. Whether it’s useful, unique, or a gift that inspires, there is always a way to keep needs and personality in mind to make any occasion feel special. As always, a card containing a personal sentiment is the greatest accompaniment to every gift on the list.