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27 Killer Housewarming Gifts For Men That Won’t Be Forgotten (2022)

27 Killer Housewarming Gifts For Men That Won’t Be Forgotten (2022)
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Buying a home is always a big deal, whether it’s your first home or your third. Are any of the men in your life in the process of moving into his own home? You can show your support by purchasing them a unique housewarming gift. Buying gifts for men can seem tricky, but there’s nothing worse than hosting a housewarming party and receiving gifts that don’t become used. Here are some unique housewarming gift ideas you can purchase for the men if your life who are in the process or have just purchased their new home.

27 Best Housewarming Gifts for Men

  • 1. Italian Crafted Glass Decanter

    When we bought our new home in September, I purchased one of these for my boyfriend for his whiskey collection. The set is an elegant whiskey decanter that comes with six cocktail glasses. It is the perfect completion to their barware collection, and is an ideal formal entertaining set. He can serve and toast his favorite whiskey, bourbon, or scotch in his favored decanter.

  • 2. Marquee Letter

    The Marquee letter is a tall metal letter that is a perfect addition to any housewarming event. The marquee letter can be used to hang on your wall or as tabletop décor. The cordless letter illuminates beautiful light bulbs and comes with an on/off switch on the back.

  • 3. Glass Tea Infuser Bottle

    The glass tea infuser bottle is an eco-friendly, BPA, and lead-free bottle that reduces waste. The travel tea tumblers are exemplary for any organic tea and can be used for iced detoxes. The elegant design will fit in most cup holders and can become used for sporting events, work, or traveling.

  • 4. Electric Wine Opener

    The electric wine opener comes with an automatic rechargeable corkscrew, foil cutter, wine pourer, vacuum wine stopper, charger, and manual. If you’re purchasing this for the man in your life, this wine opener can open to eighty bottles with one full charge. Date nights at home are made easier with stress-free wine openers.

  • 5. Chef Apron

    Does he spend most of his time in the kitchen? My boyfriend has always been a better cook than I am, so he does most of our cooking. The chef apron is one gift that I have yet to purchase for him, and I have no idea why. The chef apron comes with two patch center divide pockets and ties in the front or back. We know how much of a mess men can make in the kitchen. Women love to clean as they go, and men love to use every inch of counter space. At least he’ll have his chef apron to keep him clean in the chaos!

  • 6. Engraved Pocket Knife

    For Christmas last year, I purchased this engraved knife for my boyfriend. He’s very handy around the home, so I figured this would be an excellent, thoughtful gift he would appreciate. The engraved pocket knife has a stainless steel blade that can cut through anything with its razor-sharp edge. Featured is a burl wood handle that comes with a pocket clip so you can always have easy access.

  • 7. Beard Grooming Kit

    One of my go-to gifts for men are beard grooming kits. If any of the men you know have beards, trust me, they’ll love this. My boyfriend is CRAZY about his beard and always makes sure it’s well-groomed. The beard growth kit is packed with beard conditioner, shampoo, beard oil, beard balm, brush, comb, scissors, and storage bag. If they have a beard, get them this gift ASAP!

  • 8. Tailgating Table

    We are avid football fans in this house and have always had season tickets to our town’s football team. Tailgating is a huge deal in this house. Men are the main orchestrators of tailgating parties, so this table would be an ideal gift for his birthday. The stand features an insulated cooler, four cup holders, a food basket and could even become used as a picnic table. The table collapses and is light, easy-to-use, and perfect for food and drinks.

  • 9. Bluetooth Shower Speaker

    Do you ever like to wind down in the shower by listening to music? I personally always use my cellphone to play tunes using Spotify. I honestly never knew that there were Bluetooth speakers that could go right into your shower. The speaker is one hundred percent waterproof and can even become fully submerged. The iFox shower speaker is fantastic around water, as it’s not only water-resistant but can become immersed in up to three feet of water.

  • 10. Best Dad Ever T-Shirt

    If any men in your life are dads, this t-shirt would be the perfect gift for them. Available in five different color options, the t-shirt says, “Best Dad Ever.” Men just as much as women need to remember that they’re doing a great job being a parent. This shirt is sure to put a smile on their face.

  • 11. Braun Electric Razor

    The Braun Electric Razor would be a splurge purchase, but if it’s someone special in your life, you can be sure that this gift would surely impress. The razor increases its power while he’s shaving in those problematic areas. Men struggle with achieving that perfect shave, so the fact that this comes with a fearsome lift trimmer that would reach those flat-lying hairs automatically makes this a go-to purchase. The razor is made for easy cleaning and is one hundred percent waterproof.

  • 12. Funny Toilet Paper

    Every once in a while, you must throw in that funny gag gift. This roll of happy birthday toilet paper comes with 200 sheets, is non-toxic, and uses eco-friendly ink for printing. It’s an affordable gift that is printed with “Happy Birthday, I love the Poop Outta You.” It’s always important to keep that sense of humor. I always love receiving gag gifts.

  • 13. Travel Laptop Backpack

    This travel backpack has a convenient USB and headset port design available in five different color options. It’s perfect for charging any of his electronic devices by easily connecting to his power bank. Made of high-quality polyester, I became drawn to the backpack’s luggage strap feature that has widened padded shoulder straps. He can use the pack when traveling for work, college, or short business trips.

Housewarming gifts for men under $25

  • 1. Beer Bottle Opener

    This beer bottle opener is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use and would make for a great housewarming gift. The opener is heavy-duty, easy to use, and comes with flexible mounting options. The man in your life can use the opener for any occasion, including an evening with friends. With this purchase, he’ll receive a wall mount opener, magnet bottle top catcher, and three sturdy screws.

  • 2. Hungover Cookbook

    Who doesn’t love a good hangover cookbook? Pairing perfectly with our gift option above, I love that the cookbook brings in a new state of mind. Everything he needs to know to improve his hangover is right here in this book. The book comes with dozens of recipes, graphic tests for analyzing his state of mind, and even includes quizzes that can track his progress. The perfect addition to your gag gift!

  • 3. Personalized Cutting Board

    If he can throw down in the kitchen, he won’t be disappointed with this cutting board. Coming in three different sizes and nine different design options, you can have this cutting board custom made with any name that you want. The cutting board would be an attractive addition to his kitchen.

  • 4. Clean and Dirty Magnet for Dishwasher

    My boyfriend is always asking me, “are the dishes in here clean or dirty.” Now we can stop guessing and have an answer. The dishwasher magnet indicator sign is designed to switch from dirty to clean. He will appreciate this housewarming gift, and I’m sure the lady in his life would be more than grateful to receive it.

  • 5. Throw Pillows

    Now I know you may not think men like to receive pillows as a gift, but I can assure you the men in my life love new cushions for their home. These throw pillows come in a set of four, are made from grade-a durable cotton for natural care, and are premium quality to achieve an elegant look. He can spruce up his new couch with new pillows that appeal to his buddies.

  • 6. Fitness Ab Roller

    If he’s all about fitness, you can’t wrong with this fitness ab roller. The roller will help him sculpt the perfect abs, burn calories, build muscle, and improve his overall endurance. The ab roller is one of the most compelling pieces of home exercise equipment. Made from durable material, this roller will inspire him to get through the most intense workout sessions. When you purchase this gift, he’ll receive a kneepad for comfort, a six-pack abs nutrition e-book, and fitness training workout advice.

  • 7. The Gardener & the Grill Book

    We know every man needs a grill for his home, but every man also needs a grilling book. If all he is cooking on his grill is meat, he is missing out! Nothing tastes better than having fresh grilled vegetables that are grilled to perfection. He can prepare the vegetables along with proteins and cooked fruits. ‘The Gardener & the Grill’ book would be his perfect guide for seasonal cookouts. He can use this book for not only the summer months but all year long.

Housewarming gifts for men around Christmas and the holidays

  • 1. Gardening Tools

    The gardening tool set comes with twelve pieces that are proven to help with all of his gardening needs. The set is made of heavy-duty material, has a non-slip handle design with a high-quality spring that would help reduce hand fatigue while cutting. This bag organizer is made to be durable, with a large capacity and many pockets, that make it easy to organize and carry.

  • 2. Eureka Vacuum Cleaner

    Every new homeowner needs a vacuum cleaner. Often, these kinds of purchases get put on the backburner, but getting him this would take a lot of stress off having to purchase it later. The Eureka is a powerful floor cleaner with an active motor and brush roll to lift any stubborn debris away. The vacuum weighs only ten pounds and works on carpets, rugs, hard floors, etc. The Eureka vacuum cleaner is easy to store, making it a go-to housewarming gift.

  • 3. Steam Mop Cleaner

    We have been looking to purchase one of these for our home, but every time we try, they are sold out. The steam mop has premium quality components, is child and pet-safe, is light/maneuverable, and can clean EVERYTHING. The steam mop cleaner will clean those hard surfaces that a Swiffer mop just cannot clean. The mop is well worth a Christmas splurge.

  • 4. Coffee Mug Warmer

    I’m thinking about purchasing one of these for myself! As a parent, especially with young children, we continually have to rewarm our coffee. If he’s a parent, or even if he’s not, the coffee mug warmer is energy saving that will warm up your coffee mug without having to stick in back into the microwave. This warmer will ensure that his coffee, milk, water, or any other beverage remains at his desired temperature. He can comfortably sit the warmer next to his couch while having his cup of morning coffee just in case there are any distractions.

  • 5. Toilet Night Light

    Does he ever wake up in the middle night to use the bathroom? As a woman, we’re always scared when our men use the bathroom in the dark, HAHA! The night-light would make for a fantastic Christmas gag gift. If he’s tired of having his sleep interrupted by the bright lights or tired of going to the bathroom in the dark, the toilet night-light is an led motion-activated night-light that will turn on as he approaches it.

  • 6. Men's Moc Slipper

    Every man should have a nice pair of warm slippers for his home. Available in four different color options, the slipper will keep his feet odorless and bacteria-free with built-in anti-odor fabrics. The inside features high-density memory foam insoles that will contour to his feet to provide him with pillow-soft comfort.

  • 7. General Repair Hand Tool Set

    This home household tool kit comes with thirty-nine pieces. The compact package comes with the most commonly useful household tools to help him with any necessary DIY repairs, including picture hanging, box opening, tightening of screws, or even general home repairs. The tools included come in a sturdy, compact storage case that keeps them secure, clean, and organized.


When purchasing a housewarming gift for the men in your life, remember its ok to splurge sometimes. Always remember, though, that it’s the small things that make the most memorable gifts. Most are gifts that he can use for years to come and won’t collect dust on a shelf. While some of the purchases above are short-lived, they would contribute fun or practicality to any moment and make it a remarkable one.