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Why You Need THIS Neck Wallet to Avoid Pickpockets (2022)

Why You Need THIS Neck Wallet to Avoid Pickpockets (2022)
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Pickpockets and other scammers operate in every major city around the world, tricking and stealing from both locals and visitors alike. You’re most likely to be pickpocketed while traveling abroad because most scammers target tourists and touristy places, simply because it’s easy.

Often times, tourists don’t really know how things work or where they’re going, they’re typically easy to identify and they tend to carry a lot of valuables on them. They also often congregate in crowded areas and easily get distracted by the sights and sounds of a new place.

Why You Need THIS Neck Wallet to Avoid Pickpockets (2022)

This travel neck wallet is a pickpockets worst nightmare

hero-neck-walletThe #1 way to avoid getting pickpocketed is to use a quality neck wallet like the one we sell on Amazon.

Wait, what is a neck wallet? It’s a little multi-pocketed pouch that can carry your passport, phone, ID, credit cards, cash and travel docs and has a strap so that you can wear it around your neck and hide it under your shirt.

Busy cities across Europe and Asia are particularly known for their pickpockets, but this little pouch makes it next to impossible for them to get to your valuables. It fits your most important valuables while keeping them fully concealed under your clothing. Since pickpockets rely on picking your pockets, your valuables will be safe in the neck wallet because you won’t have any valuables in your pockets!

My wife and I personally designed this neck wallet based on years of experience and have recently launched it on Amazon and it’s truly a cut above the competition. It also comes with a helpful guide on “How to Avoid Pickpockets & Other Travel Scams”. To celebrate our launch, we’re offering an exclusive 15% discount to our readers! Use this coupon “4EWNMVQ8” at checkout.

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Key features of our HERO Neck Wallet

We spent the better part of year developing this travel neck wallet from scratch. It took countless prototype tweaks and refinements until we got it just right. Here are the key features that make ours a cut above the competition:

  • Four zippered pockets specifically designed to conveniently hold the items that matter most during your travels, including credit cards, passports, cash, and a smartphone.
  • Heavy-duty YKK zippers ensure your valuables stay securely stowed away.
  • Constructed with highly durable ripstop nylon that can withstand any rugged adventure.
  • Full-range RFID blocking technology (10 MHz to 3 GHz) protects you in the unlikely case someone tries to remotely skim your credit card or passport information from a distance.
  • Easily adjustable strap that makes it simple to find a position that maximizes comfort and accessibility.
  • Individually tested in our USA facility before shipping so that you can be sure it’s got our stamp of quality.
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee meaning that if anything ever goes wrong with it we will replace it absolutely free.
  • Also includes an invaluable ebook on “How to Avoid Pickpockets & Other Travel Scams” based on our own experience and from interviewing over 40 other travel experts.

Read the reviews on Amazon to see why this is a 5-star product.

My first-hand neck wallet experience with thwarting pickpockets in India

One day I was doing some shopping with a couple of friends, Eric and Joey, at the local bazaar of Bhopal, India. We had our hands full will shopping bags containing food items, clothing and other simple supplies. When we crossed a busy street there was a median strip where we were waiting for a gap in traffic to cross the other half of the traffic. The problem was that the strip had literally fifteen beggars all sitting sleepily in the midday sun. When they realized there were three tourists standing right there they all came to life like zombies and started swarming us, putting their hands in our pockets, and searching for valuables. But since all of us had our neck wallets on, none of us had anything stolen!

Another time, I was walking the streets of Tirupati, India on my way to my hotel and out of the blue came an Indian transvestite in high heels who intentionally walked into me and then proceeded to grope my chest where my neck wallet was hidden under my shirt. I pushed him away and he quickly scampered away and of course he didn’t get anything from me (except for the joy of fondling my non-existent breasts).

Other peoples experience with thwarting pickpockets in Italy

Below are two recent reviews of our neck wallet on Amazon. They illustrate just how much a neck wallet is a pickpockets worst nightmare!

“I ordered this wallet for my father who went on a 2 week tour of Italy. I did not yet ask him how he liked the wallet, but I know the wallet ended up being a huge help. My dad, according to the story he shared with me recently, was pick pocketed on the subway in Rome. He felt a small tug and caught a man in the act of trying to remove his iPhone from this wallet. I didn’t think much of this at the time I ordered the item, but the design of the wallet’s pockets makes it difficult for pick-pockets to access/remove valuables from it without giving it a good tug, thus alerting the victim. Genius! I’m also very glad it worked! Thank you for making this design/technology available.”
~ Michaela Muresan

“Don’t travel to a big city without it. Pick pockets are really bad in Rome and Athens. I have my phone… my husband does not. His was lifted out of his backpack.”
~ Pamela Escobar

5 important tips to avoid pickpockets

#1 Be aware that pickpockets will try to distract you. People who are on guard make terrible pickpocketing targets – so pickpockets frequently try to create a distraction first. They might do this in any number of ways, including spilling something on your coat, shoving you (and often apologizing profusely), dropping their belongings, suggesting you’ve dropped something, getting into a fight with someone else, playing with your children if they’re with you, acting drunk, pretending to collect donations for an organization or signatures for a petition (like you see in this picture from Paris), or even just striking up a conversation.

#2 Don’t get buried in your phone, map or guidebook while in public. As tempting as it is to check Instagram or read up on a tip from your favorite guidebook, this is a great way to distract yourself and make you a prime target for pickpockets.

#3 Don’t draw attention to where your valuables are stored. When people are worried about pickpockets, they tend to frequently check that they still have their valuables, especially where there are signs that say things like “Beware of pickpockets.” But while constantly patting your pants or backpack pocket to feel that your wallet or phone is in there might be reassuring, it also tells the pickpockets exactly where to reach.

Resist the temptation to keep checking your pockets, and it’ll make it significantly harder for someone to be able to steal from you. If you’re having trouble remembering this tip, share it with a travel buddy and remind each other before you go out and about.

#4 Do hold your bag in front of you when possible. Regardless of what type of bag you’re carrying, hold it in front of you whenever you can. A purse or shoulder bag that’s pushed behind your body is an easy target, but tucking it under your arm will keep it much more secure. You can even take off a backpack and hold it in your arms in crowded places or on public transportation.

#5 Do be on high alert at tourist attractions. Tourist attractions – like museums, amusement parks, famous temples and churches, and important monuments – usually have the most pickpockets. After all, they have two of the big things pickpockets look for: crowds and tourists. Of course, seeing these kinds of sights is a big reason why people travel, and there’s no reason to skip them. But when you go, bring only the minimum with you, and be aware of what’s going on around you.

Note: We have 30 more important tips like these in the ebook, “How to Avoid Pickpockets & Other Travel Scams” that comes free with every order of our neck wallet on Amazon.

How do you wear a neck wallet?

Wearing a neck wallet can be done in several ways. Below is a picture of Lyric and I wearing ours in four ways:

  1. As a shoulder purse
  2. Cross-body
  3. Around the neck
  4. Under your clothing (a.k.a full stealth mode)


Can you sleep with a neck wallet?

If you’re in a more dodgy place such as a hostel then you may want to keep your valuables on your body under your clothing at all times. The neck wallet makes this possible and I’ve personally done this while sleeping on trains in India and it worked a charm. I recommend wearing it in the cross-body position under your clothing for maximum comfort and security.

Which is better, a money belt or neck wallet?

If you’re in a more dodgy place such as a hostel then you may want to keep your valuables on your body under your clothing at all times. The neck wallet makes this possible and I’ve personally done this while sleeping on trains in India and it worked a charm. I recommend wearing it in the cross-body position under your clothing for maximum comfort and security.

Which is better, a money belt or neck wallet?

This is an age old question that can bring heated arguments amongst travelers. I personally love the neck wallet so much more than a money belt (for several reasons that I’ll explain below) but Lyric personally prefers the money belt.

Money Belt

✔ Completely concealeable.

✖ Some people don’t like the feeling of having a money belt around their waist.
✖ Not as easily accessible. It requires you to lift or reach under your shirt to access.
✖ Can get too hot and sweaty on the stomach area since it’s worn directly on the skin.
✖ The buckle can come undone if pressed against something.

Neck Wallet

✔ More versatile than a money belt. It can be worn around your neck, over your shoulder or across your body.
✔ Most will find the neck wallet easier to access because it can be simply pulled out from concealment.
✔ Since it can be worn above the clothing it most likely won’t get too hot on the skin unless you wear it for extended periods.

✖ Although it’s mostly concealed, the lanyard around your neck can be discreetly visible.
✖ It can feel heavy around the neck if packed too full.

Conclusion, wrapping it up

If you want to have more security and peace-of-mind while traveling, then a neck wallet is an inexpensive little creation that will fulfill that need. It’s not only for security but it’s also for practicality for easily being able to access your passport, phone, credit cards, cash, ID and important travel documents such as plane tickets. In my experience, when you’re jet-lagged, you can make silly mistakes and accidentally lose things. But with a well designed product like the HERO Neck Wallet you are waaay less likely to ever misplace one of these critical items.

Again, we’re offering an exclusive 15% discount to our readers for a limited time! Use this coupon “4EWNMVQ8” at checkout.

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