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59 Best Gifts for Travelers in 2024 – Unique Travel Gifts for Any Jet-Setter

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What do you get for the people in your life who love to travel and escape the mundane?

Whether it’s a frequent flyer on a business trip or a college graduate embarking on their first flight, your gift can combine practical problem-solving with sheer luxury!

Since our team prides itself on traveling for a living, we’ve researched and field-tested the most stellar gifts for any globe-trotter. We’ve also curated options in multiple budgets and areas of interest, so there’s a little something for everyone on your list (family, friends, co-workers, bosses, and yes, even that person who “already has everything”).

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The Best Gifts for Travelers (Hand-picked by Travel Experts)

  • 1. Neck Wallet

    You can’t go wrong with a neck wallet! This compact passport holder can be worn discreetly under one’s shirt to prevent pickpocketing. It’s small and lightweight yet large enough to hold all phones, credit cards, cash, passports, and travel documents. It will help your beloved jet-setter stay organized on hectic travel days and even has RFID-blocking material to stop e-thieves from scanning financial data.

    neck wallet

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  • 2. Jet Lag Relief

    Any avid traveler will appreciate these natural jet lag relief supplements. Made from holistic ingredients and botanicals like chamomile, they mitigate the symptoms of jet lag with zero side effects. Travel days are hard enough with layovers, flight delays, time changes, and overpriced snacks, but these supplements will make a big difference!

    jet lag relief

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  • 3. Universal Power Adapter

    This universal adapter works in 100+ popular countries, so it will support your wanderluster through France, Spain, Australia, China, the U.S., and more. The quality is backed by a lifetime replacement guarantee, so it’s literally the last adapter they’ll ever need!

    Universal Power Adapter

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  • 4. Rolling Suitcase

    On a trip that requires a lot of walking, a rolling option is more functional than a duffel bag. This hardshell rolling suitcase is the perfect addition to anyone’s carry-on artillery because it’s lightweight and expandable but still fits easily in the overhead compartment.

    Rolling Suitcase

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  • 5. Scratch-Off World Map

    We have one of these and can’t say enough good things about it. It’s an absolute THRILL to scratch off new locations as we visit them and it gives us something to look forward to as we travel. It’s also a cool visual way to see the areas we’ve frequented less, so we know what countries to add to our bucket list! This elegant gold and black design would look stunning on any traveler’s wall.

    Scratch-Off World Map

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  • 6. Grayl Filtered Water Bottle

    For campers, hikers, and those who visit less developed countries – this is one of the best gifts you can offer. The Grayl is the best water bottle we’ve found, with a built-in filtration system that you can trust. While other brands claim to remove bacteria, they do not make unpotable tap water safe. The Grayl on the other hand, is an actual lifesaver. It will remove harmful bacteria like e. Coli, viruses like Hepatitis A, microplastics, sediments, chemicals, and more. It’s a bit of an investment but truly an impactful gift.

    Grayl Filtered Water Bottle

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  • 7. Waterproof Phone Pouch & Flotation Strap

    Most travel destinations have a body of water – whether it be a hot tub, hotel pool, ocean, lake, river, or sea! This waterproof phone case is a practical but fun gift for anyone who frequents coastal or waterfront areas. This one in particular is our favorite since it’s designed in Hawaii and allows you to film underwater videos! A flotation strap is a fantastic accessory for this gift since it will ensure the device floats if it falls in the water.

    Waterproof Phone Pouch & Flotation Strap

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  • 8. Virtual Private Network (VPN)

    Do you care about privacy and online freedom? Consider giving your loved one the gift of internet security. You may not realize it, but when you join public Wi-Fi networks at cafes, hotels, Airbnbs, airports, etc. – you become vulnerable to potential hackers and online theft.

    The other huge perk is that a VPN allows you to access all your favorite websites, even if the country you’re visiting has them blocked or censored. Virtual private networks act as a secure channel that encrypts your loved one’s private data (like passwords and credit card numbers), ensuring they will not be traced or stolen.

    You can gift it simply by purchasing the subscription and then sharing the activation code with them to set up their own NordVPN account. It’s easy, affordable, and could sincerely protect them in the long run!

    how a vpn works

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  • 9. Quick-Dry Travel Towel

    Towel preferences are subjective… But after in-depth consumer research, we have unearthed the absolute BEST travel towel of them all! Seriously – it combines a lightweight design with super absorbency, drying 10x faster than cotton fabric. Your giftee won’t want to lug around soggy towels or carry big fluffy ones on a long hike. Not to mention, in some parts of the world, their accommodation may not provide a towel at all. This set is a thoughtful solution to a common problem, and it works as an accessory or stand-alone gift.

    Quick-Dry Travel Towel

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  • 10. Hanging Toiletry Bag

    This hanging toiletry bag is one of our favorite discoveries in recent years and we’ve found it to be an absolute must-have. By consolidating all liquid items into this elegant organization system, it creates a built-in shelf that can pop-up anywhere you may roam. It’s way better than throwing shampoo bottles around the bathroom or hoping there’s a countertop (when many foreign bathrooms and hostels only provide a sink).

    This inventive bag hooks on any door, wall, or pole, unfolding to display 4 giant pockets that hold all skincare, haircare, makeup, and hygienic products. Never again will your loved one have to sort through piles of plastic bags or deal with leaky bottles ruining your favorite clothes. We recommend this case to luxury hotel enthusiasts and campers alike!

    hanging toiletry bag

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  • 11. Lightweight Backpack

    Not all backpacks are created equal. This one is made for travelers, by travelers – with a lightweight design and internal waterproof pocket that make it easy to pack for any occasion. It can count as their personal item on the flight and is perfect for holding all daily essentials.

    Lightweight Backpack

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  • 12. Lipstick-sized Portable Charger

    Nothing will put a traveler in a bad mood quicker than having to hunt around for an outlet. Can you imagine being in an emergency in a foreign country with a dead battery? Give your loved one the gift of on-the-go charging – this portable option works for phones, laptops, tablets, kindles, cameras, and more. It has two charging ports and can be thrown in a daybag so the day’s itinerary is not interrupted.

    Lipstick-sized Portable Charger

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  • 13. Portable Coffee Maker

    From one coffee connoisseur to another – that cup of joe in the morning is a non-negotiable. Airbnbs and boutique hotels cannot be trusted to provide a Keurregg, and traveling can make this morning ritual a little tricky, particularly in remote locations or while camping. This nifty coffee maker makes it possible to brew in your hotel room, on the way to work, or in the wild!

    Portable Coffee Maker

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  • 14. TSA-Approved Luggage & Tent Locks

    As victims of theft after we checked our luggage on an international flight, we speak from experience that locks are more than an accessory. They offer real peace of mind and secure your bags when they’re out of sight for long durations. We use them on our backpacks for crowded attractions, to secure our tents when we leave a campsite, on public city lockers, hotel lockers, and more.

    TSA-Approved Luggage & Tent Locks

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  • 15. Luggage Cup Holder

    If you’ve never heard of this contraption, you’re not alone. But we saw someone in the airport using this and were enamored with the simplistic brilliance! This cup holder attaches to your suitcase handle with the velcro lining and creates a cupholder out of thin air, which is super convenient when none are available. It can hold anything from heavy coffee cups to phones to passports.

    Luggage Cup Holder

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  • 16. Packing Cubes

    Once you try luggage organizers, you won’t go back… so you may need to pick up a set for your loved one AND a set for yourself! Instead of throwing items in utter chaos around the hotel room, use these labeled cubes to keep track of all belongings. We use a few cubes for essentials and day trips and the larger ones to hold pants, dresses, and tops. These come in different colors for every family member, and each set has two bonus laundry bags to separate clean and dirty items.

    packing cubes

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  • 17. Travel Insurance – The Gift of Safe Travel

    What is better than giving the gift of safe travel? A thoughtful way to show someone you care is to insure their next vacation with travel insurance, which protects against common travel situations (like baggage loss, flight delays, theft, rental issues, and most importantly, medical emergencies).

    Many people don’t realize that their domestic provider does not cover them overseas, and if an emergency situation comes up, the last thing they’ll want is a huge hospital bill to pay out-of-pocket.

    Unlike other forms of insurance, travel insurance can be purchased on behalf of someone else (even if you are not traveling with them). All you’ll need is their age, birthday, gender, and address. We recommend Faye because they are raising the bar for all insurance companies and modernizing the entire process through their mobile app. This gift may even free up your loved one to travel MORE, which would really be the best gift of all!

    Travel Insurance – The Gift of Safe Travel

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  • 18. Portable White Noise Machine

    A white noise machine is a genius device for those traveling to places that can be loud and rowdy at night (i.e. Las Vegas, Miami, Thailand, India, Cancun, etc.) Plus, anything pocket-sized is beyond suited for travel. We use this one to get our kids to sleep when our hotel neighbors are being too loud. Any explorer or insomniac would find this unique device to be very handy.

    Portable White Noise Machine

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  • 19. Windproof Travel Umbrella

    A quality umbrella is hard to come by. When overseas, street vendors will try to sell you cheaply-made umbrellas that cost a fortune then fall apart on the first use. This windproof travel umbrella is a smart gift that any traveler will find use for. Most destinations experience rain, and this only weighs one-pound, yet can cover two people at once.

    Windproof Travel Umbrella

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  • 20. Good Luck Charm – Compass Necklace

    Who doesn’t love a good luck charm? This “going places” necklace is a touching gift that may bring your recipient to tears. With a compass pendant to remind them they are never lost, it has a well-made but delicate design.

    Good Luck Charm – Compass Necklace

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  • 21. Polaroid Camera

    There’s something so nostalgic about a Polaroid, a certain charm to printing your photos in-the-moment instead of just digitally storing them on your phone forever (where they’ll probably get lost and forgotten about). This retro gift is a cool addition to every global destination, and your gift recipient will cherish the memories you’ve helped them to capture!

    Polaroid Camera

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  • 22. Cooling Towel

    For those who frequent tropical and warm destinations, these chemical-free towels are a touch of magic! Simply add water and your adventurer will have a chilly towel that drops 30 degrees colder than the outside temperature. We use them for hikes, amusement parks, concerts, workouts, and more.

    Cooling Towel

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  • 23. Travel-sized Toiletry Bottles

    A dedicated traveler knows that TSA does not allow any liquid bottles exceeding 3.4 ounces to pass through the security checkpoint. We haven’t had any shampoo explosions in our suitcase since making the switch to these leak-proof travel bottles, and they work great for your checked luggage or carry-on bag.

    Travel-sized Toiletry Bottles

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  • 24. Wine Wings Packing Cushions

    A revelation. A revolution. Dare I say, I break-through in the game of packing! These blow-up cushions are a spectacular travel gift for any vino lover or chef in your life. They’re called Wine Wings because they’re actually made to prevent wine bottles from breaking in transit, however, we’ve found that they’re useful for more than just wine. They lay flat on the way there, then you can inflate them as needed to protect delicate items like glass-bottled cooking oils, perfumes, liquors, ceramics, and handmade trinkets.

    Wine wings

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  • 25. Leather Luggage Tags

    Whether it’s a stocking stuffer or something small to complement a thank you card, this set of leather luggage tags is a really nice sentiment for any flyer. They come in a variety of colors and make a statement without being over the top. We like how these hide your contact information but still make your luggage more easily recognizable at baggage claim. For a more tech-savvy traveler, this Apple AirTag is another cool option.

    Leather Luggage Tags

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  • 26. Neck Pillow

    Don’t allow someone you love to travel without a quality neck pillow! Their head will drop all over the place and you’ll have to deal with their crankiness from the preventable neck pain. This pillow is super soft with memory foam, so it can compress in a carry-on or be strapped externally to a bag handle for easy transport.

    Neck Pillow

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  • 27. Airplane Foot Rest

    Economy leg-room is no laughing matter. We won’t travel internationally without this foot hammock that helps reduce lower back and knee pain on long flights. This will get your feet off the ground onto a memory foam cloud, which makes sleeping on a plane way easier!

    Airplane Foot Rest

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  • 28. Travel Sheets

    Functionality meets comfort – these travel sheets are the perfect gift for your germophobes and die-hard travelers who end up sleeping in some precarious places… planes, trains, automobiles, hostels, capsules, tents, and maybe the airport floor on occasion!… Even some hotels can have sheets that are less hygienic than one would like. These travel sheets are light as a feather, but add that much-needed layer between your loved one and any unsanitary surfaces.

    Travel Sheets

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  • 29. Beautiful Travel Journal

    This was one of the most beautiful gifts I’ve ever received. It wasn’t this exact journal, but it was almost identical, with gold accents and an old-world map. I was really touched by this gift even ten years ago and never forgot it. Travelers often forget to reflect on all the magic of their time abroad but this encourages a person to document in real-time. People in new places are often living in the moment, but this gratitude journal will help your traveler appreciate the memories they are creating by stopping to enjoy the details.

    Beautiful Travel Journal

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  • 30. Wander Baggage-Claim Eye Mask

    This eye mask is a skincare lover’s best friend. It’s the perfect pick-me-up for long travel days since it depuffs swollen under eyes, and helps a person look more rested. I’ve seen people use these on the plane when they’re getting ready for sleep and when doing their makeup before landing.

    Wander Baggage-Claim Eye Mask

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  • 31. Airplane Phone Mount

    Not all flights will have in-flight entertainment, and this gadget is useful beyond the plane seat. It latches onto the seat pocket or tray table and is very resilient against turbulence. Since it secures to any handle and can twist in multiple directions, neck-craning in awkward positions won’t be necessary anymore!

    Airplane Phone Mount

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  • 32. Noise-Canceling Headphones

    Nothing will help you sleep better than headphones that eliminate sound. A flight can be filled with crying babies and shuffling passengers, but these are surprisingly comfortable while also drowning out distracting noise. There isn’t a better option for the price point and is made by a reputable brand.

    Noise-Canceling Headphones

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  • 33. Waterproof Kindle

    One of the biggest mistakes a traveler can make is carrying heavy books. A Kindle is an elegant solution to reading an unlimited amount without being weighed down at all. It’s only 7 ounces (almost half the weight of a soda can), but can store thousands of books. And since it’s waterproof, it’s the best option for sitting by the beach or reading in the bathtub.

    Waterproof Kindle

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  • 34. Travel Baby Changing Pad

    Mamas and papas will LOVE this travel changing pad! It means they won’t have to change their baby’s diaper on questionable surfaces or in unsanitary places. It folds up into a compact case that can fit in a diaper bag, but is easy to access on-the-fly with all the necessities (a pocket for diaper wipes, diapers, rash cream, and more). This is a wonderful gift for new parents. Extra points for it being machine washable and waterproof!

    Travel Baby Changing Pad

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  • 35. Women’s Safety Personal Alarm

    For the solo female traveler – safety is not a luxury. This personal safety alarm is a fantastic present for sincere peace of mind in protecting your ladies. It’s better than a pepper spray can which could be turned against a person and requires an upclose shot. This device will sound an alarm and flash with strobe lighting that is easy to access in a struggle. It is small but powerful, and I’d gift it to any woman traveling alone.

    Women’s Safety Personal Alarm

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  • 36. Compression Flight Socks

    Yes, socks are one of those gifts you HATED getting as a kid. But as an adult – it’s honestly the bee’s knees! Socks are a cozy and thoughtful gift, but these compression flight socks are ideal for your jet-setter since they reduce swelling and discomfort on long flights. The combination of sitting for long durations and cabin pressure can wreak havoc on one’s circulation, even leading to blood clots on rare occasions. These make a big difference in one’s comfort and we don’t do flights over 5 hours without them.

    Compression Flight Socks

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  • 37. Waterproof Shoe Bags

    These waterproof shoe bags are a godsend for separating muddy shoes from other clean items while traveling. No one wants street gunk or grime on their clothes, so these bags serve as a multi-functional carrying case. They’re large enough to store a change of clothes in, so we use them for beach days or when our items get soaking wet. It traps any moisture and is easy to shake any dirt out before washing at home.

    Waterproof Shoe Bags

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  • 38. Portable Neck Fan

    If you’ve ever been wildly uncomfortable in extreme heat or direct sunlight, we don’t need to explain to you how priceless a neck fan is. This baby keeps you hands-free and way more resilient against the heat. As a gift, it’s a safe bet for your traveler who ventures into tropical territories, or Europe in the summertime, or places that are hot year-round like the Middle East, Africa, and Central America.

    Portable Neck Fan

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  • 39. Beach Bag with Built-in Cooler

    This discovery is one of our favorite little secrets – a beach bag that has a detachable cooler that will chill your snacks and drinks for hours! This one is my favorite and I bring it with us for any day at the beach, lake, or pool.

    Beach Bag with Built-in Cooler

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  • 40. Underwater Camera

    Without investing in a full-blown GoPro, this underwater action camera is a great marriage of quality and affordability. It’s not so precious that your adventurer can’t throw it around a little, but it’s excellent for capturing those memories above and below the sea.

    Underwater Camera

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  • 41. GorillaPod Selfie Stick

    A GorillaPod is the quintessential photo tool for any group or solo travelers. It will help you to capture wide-angle images and videos, with more stability when using slow shutter speeds. No one has to be left out of the group photo again since the timer function can be engaged! We even use it to prop up our phones when streaming a video or to stay hands-free during a phone call.

    GorillaPod Selfie Stick

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  • 42. Dry Bag

    For your fisherman, kayakers, sailors, and outdoorsman – a dry bag is a considerate gift. Using a polyvinyl material, this bag is 100% waterproof and protects vulnerable electronics from exposure to moisture, as well as dry items like clothes, books, medicine, snacks, etc. It’s easy to pack in your luggage, taking up virtually no space when empty. Bonus hack: To make it float, simply trap some air inside, then fold it!

    Dry Bag

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  • 43. Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

    Now… a filtered water bottle is one thing, but have you ever heard of a self-cleaning water bottle? This one neutralizes bacteria on the spot, using UV-LED lighting to zap any harmful organisms on your bottle. Not only is it impressive, but it’s also BPA-free and a great way to reduce plastic waste when abroad. This bottle is wise for a traveler since they may not have access to a real dishwasher for long periods of time, and you can’t rely on Airbnbs or hotels to provide dish soap.

    Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

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  • 44. Deluxe Heating Pad for Neck and Shoulders

    With so many people looking down at their phones and laptops for work, the rates for neck pain are through the roof! This is a lovely gift for someone who wants a self-care moment on a long flight, or could use tension relief after a long day of computer work. We wish we had bought this sooner because it melts away knots, headaches, soreness, and could even be used like a heated blanket on a chilly night.

    Deluxe Heating Pad for Neck and Shoulders

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  • 45. Motion Sickness Patches

    If your recipient is prone to motion sickness or seasickness – these patches are a miracle worker! I investigated this because I am prone to nausea when boating or driving on windy roads. After trying many brands, this one was my favorite because it’s gentle but effective. Other brands will make a person very drowsy and fall asleep, but these do not!

    Motion Sickness Patches

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  • 46. 3-in-1 Scarf, Blanket, Wrap with Pockets

    I’m willing to bet that even the person who ‘has everything’ does NOT have this. We’re obsessed with this Zero Grid Infinity Scarf that has a few tricks up its sleeve – it wraps up as a scarf but can also unfold into a blanket for cold flights. Whether worn as a wrap or a hoodie, our favorite part is the two hidden zippered pockets that carry all essentials (like a passport, cash, credit cards, ID, phone, and travel documents).

    3-in-1 Scarf, Blanket, Wrap with Pockets

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  • 47. Travel Compression Bags

    This nifty tool will compress clothes for travel or home, increasing the storage capacity by almost 80%! When packing for more than a week, this can make a huge difference in one’s preparedness. Whether it’s for your organization-lover or a woman with tons of outfits – this will help them step-up their wardrobe on vacation and easily find garments without having to completely unpack.

    Travel Compression Bags

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  • 48. Travel Manicure Set

    This set is a treat for both men and women, since it comes in many colors and covers a person for finger and toenail clipping, cutical maintenance, and eyebrow shaping. While women will adore having a set like this, men actually need it because they are more likely to forget a small self-care item like this.

    Travel Manicure Set

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  • 49. Multi-Device Folding Charging Station

    Your tech guru will rejoice! Maybe it’s the workaholic, the guy obsessed with the latest Apple technology, or the teenager who wants to play video games and stream movies simultaneously – whoever you think deserves the undeniable POWER to charge 5 devices at once!

    Multi-Device Folding Charging Station

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  • 50. Personalized Jewelry Box

    For the ladies in your life, this beautiful jewelry box is a great way to show you care. Something about the personalization makes it even more special – you can use the letter of their first name to adorn the front. On the inside, they’ll find compartments to organize necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings. This gift ensures that a traveler’s accessories do not become damaged or tangled in a knot during transit.

    Personalized Jewelry Box

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  • 51. Jet Lag Ultra-Moisturizing Face Mask

    Tired eyes will love the feeling of this Jet Lag Mask! It is literally made for those long nights at the airport, trekking between delayed connections, and not getting enough sleep in the most uncomfortable upright position. It nourishes dull skin and is a remedy for dryness, working as a daily moisturizer or an in-flight mask.

    Jet Lag Ultra-Moisturizing Face Mask

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  • 52. Handy “Just in case” Bag

    The conundrum that has been plaguing travelers for a millenia… Not packing enough bags!! We’ve all experienced that moment when we’ve picked up one-too-many souvenirs and underestimated our shopping abilities… Now, the suitcase won’t close… That’s where this “just in case” bag comes in! It’s the perfect solution to the overpacking dilemma because it counts as a personal item for the flight home and fits neatly under one’s plane seat. No carry-on fees, you’re welcome!

    Handy “Just in case” Bag

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  • 53. Gorgeous Sunglasses

    Sunglasses are an elegant balance of practicality and style. This pair has a retro flair and is polarized, which means it will protect your loved one’s eyes from harmful UV radiation. Our eyes are more sensitive to sunlight than the rest of our bodies, but these shades will provide your traveler coverage for their next city sightseeing tour or beach-bound holiday.

    Gorgeous Sunglasses

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  • 54. Aromatherapy Shower Steamers

    Stocking stuffer alert: I discovered these when I was gift-hunting for my wedding party. They complete any gift basket and work as a stocking stuffer or part of a self-care kit. Give the gift of stress relief since these tablets use relaxing aromatherapy to turn a shower into an at-home spa experience!

    Aromatherapy Shower Steamers

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  • 55. Super Soft Travel Slippers

    Not all hotels will provide slippers, especially not memory foam slippers. These can give your adventurer the comfort of home, even when they are far away. They are a good fit for travelers visiting colder regions of the world like Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden, Russia, Canada, Greenland, the U.S., Argentina, and China.

    Super Soft Travel Slippers

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  • 56. Travel Perfume/Cologne Bottles

    Every fragrance-wearer needs this! It doesn’t matter if it’s perfume, cologne, body spray, or oils – these bottles are so easy to fill and will ensure your loved one stays smelling fabulous (without suffering any delays at security for exceeding the TSA liquid limits!) Each bottle is resilient against breaks and pocket-sized at .2 ounces, easily fitting in a purse or carry-on bag.

    Travel Perfume/Cologne Bottles

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  • 57. A Guide on America’s Campgrounds

    We all know that person who is actively trying to hit all of America’s best campgrounds. For your devoted outdoorsman, give the gift of knowledge with this valuable resource that covers 300+ campsites across the 50 states, ranging from major national parks to hidden gems.

    A Guide on America’s Campgrounds

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  • 58. Levitating Globe Light

    For a gadget-seeker or curious young mind, this is an enthralling gift that will blow them away at first sight! The globe floats, almost by magic, between two magnets on either side, with modern lights that glow in a calming way. I got this for a friend who loves globes and maps, he was very impressed with it and still displays it on the corner of his desk.

    Levitating Globe Light

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  • 59. “I’d Rather Be Traveling” Socks

    Last but certainly not least, these socks are a budget-friendly gift that will bring you both a laugh! They’re sassy, fun, and have a sense of novelty that will not be lost on your recipient. As a budget-friendly stocking stuffer or bon voyage present, they are the perfect simple gift to show you really care.

    “I’d Rather Be Traveling” Socks

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