Surfing North Narrabeen in Winter, 2010

Surfing North Narrabeen in Winter, 2010

Yesterday I went surfing with Joss Paling who thankfully lent me his spare surfboard. It was my first surf in 2 years! Really it was the first in 6 years because the surfing I did 2 years ago was only for about a week. I am happy that I still know how to do it – I suppose it’s bit like riding a bike… I grew up by the beach and went surfing almost everyday from the age of 12 to 17 so I’ve probably done about 1000 hours of practice…

The beach I surf at is called Narrabeen and is on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. It’s just down the road from where my parents live. I can even check the wave conditions from my balcony with a pair of binoculars. The water is quite cold since it is winter but not as cold as last time I was here. Below is a video my Dad made yesterday. He is really good at landscape photography and has a website called Utopia Images Online.

I am only in Sydney for another 10 days so I am going to try and surf as much as possible before I return to the US where I am land locked! I feel surfing is a very spiritual sport. When I am out surfing there is nothing on my mind except the ocean and where to position myself in order to catch a wave. Sometimes it is like I become the ocean and it makes me feel so good.

I highly recommend surfing to anyone but warn that it takes a lot of practice and is a very physical sport. After 6 years I am quite out of shape and so it is difficult to even paddle when I’ve been out there for more than 1 hour.

Best Wishes,

Asher Fergusson.

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  1. Thanks Asher! It looks great. I’m going to be doing some surfing my self in a few days. Long beach in Tofino on Vancouver Island. Maybe I’ll make a video for you.


    1. Excellent – I would love to see what it’s like over there. The water temperature here is about 17 degrees celcius or about 62 fahrenheit I wonder what is in off the coast of Canada?


    1. Thanks Emanuel,

      There is some overlap of snowboarding with surfing but not much…

      You definitely should try it sometime!

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