Spain Travel Guides

olvera in spain

Spain is a beautiful anomaly and fascinating contradiction – it mixes the old and the new, traditions and modernity, vibrancy and humbleness, while also being one of the most sophisticated places you will ever visit. The time moves slower and everyone runs late. And while Spain is a respite for the soul – it is also filled with fiestas, bullfights, and a breed of chaos that results in the locals needing daily siestas.

Located along the Iberian Peninsula besides Portugal and France, Spain has cultivated cultural influence from the Mediterranean, the Celtics, and the ancient Romans. It is the birthplace of guitar, cava, tapas, and a slower pace of life, resulting in a unique balance that offers the best of many worlds.

Whether you want to see the famous Gaudí exhibits of Barcelona, tour the Medieval castles in Segovia, sip wine in the Rioja region, shop through lively Madrid, lounge on the beaches of Ibiza, or dance flamenco until the sun comes up in Seville – the Catalonian spirit runs deep no matter where you visit, or what time of year.

After spending some time in Spain, we were ready to move here! The people are so welcoming, the weather is glorious, and you will feel right at home in this paradise of Mediterranean beaches, ancient architecture, and world-class cuisine.

The country is also delightfully affordable and easy to experience on any budget. However, with multiple languages, diverse terrains, and unique social cues to learn about, it is not the most intuitive place to visit.

Use our guides below to discover the hidden gems and local tidbits that you won’t find in most boring articles. We will support you in what to pack, how to get around, and how to make memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Get ready to fiesta, and al mal tiempo, buena cara! (Look on the brighter side of life!)