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whale watching cruise

After having been on countless cruises, we can vouch for one thing – cruising is an extraordinary way to hop between destinations like in the Caribbean, Greece, and Hawaii, or regions such as the Baltic, the Mediterranean, the Galapagos, and Alaska that would not be as easily accessible by land. Instead of working to find separate accommodations, flights, or transfers between each city – you can simply rely on your ship to move you swiftly from harbor to harbor.

Us on a Southern Caribbean cruise.
Us on a Caribbean cruise!

But more than the convenience, cruising is about the experience! Traveling by boat is not only nostalgic and romantic, but there’s no place to feel more free than out on the open sea.

You’ll be treated to food around every corner, unlimited drink packages, unique itineraries, and a variety of amenities right at your fingertips. From the sweeping views of the coastline to the starry nights overhead – it’s a colorful, flavorful, and sensory-overload experience that you can’t help but to indulge in!

Even the calmest ships still have entertainment booked every night, activities rolling from dawn til dark, and stunning ports to wake up to each morning. What’s not to love about chasing a new paradise each day?

While cruising is a joy ride, it can also be chaotic, rule-filled, and lead to various money traps. So use our expertly written guides to map out the smartest ways to travel by ship. We will support you on things like how to save money, plan the best excursions, prevent seasickness, and ensure you are making the most of your time on- and off-board.

Get ready to set sail and bon voyage!