17 Top Disney Packing List Items + What NOT to Bring (2018 Update)

Disney World is the happiest place on earth. Keep your family happy, energetic and ultra prepared by checking this packing list before you go!

What to bring:

1) Chilly Pad – If you’re headed to Disney World during peak season (summer) you’re going to have to brave the heat. A chilly pad will keep you cool all day long, and is safe for even your littlest kids to use. Just add water, ring out, and put it around your neck like a scarf. It stays cool for hours!
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2) Backpack – You’re going to need to bring some vital supplies to Disney World for use during the day. Pack up all your stuff in a solid daypack. This one is super cute, Disney-themed, and will hold up in all those long lines and hot afternoons at the park.
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3) Autograph Book – Your little ones will absolutely love collecting autographs from all their favorite Disney characters during the day at the park and at the hotel or resort. This autograph book will turn your visit into an epic scavenger hunt, and become a keepsake for years to come!
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4) Comfortable Shoes – If there’s one thing you must remember to pack for a trip to Disneyworld, it’s comfortable shoes. Everyone in the family should come prepared to do a lot of walking! These crocs are super comfortable and breathable for kids.
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5) Picnic Blanket – There are plenty of spaces in Disneyworld to plop down, take a break under a tree, have a quick snack, and let the kids rest. Therefore it’s a great idea to bring a picnic blanket that can fold up nice and small in your daypack. This one is lightweight and easy to carry.
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6) Handheld Fan – The heat can be unbearable at times, especially when you’re standing in line for rides or walking from area to area. Bringing a handheld fan will give you some relief from the heat! This one is easy for kids to use, too.
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7) Sunglasses – On hot summer days in the sunshine state, you won’t want to walk outside your hotel without a pair of sunglasses. Make it a festive affair by giving each family member a pair of Mickey or Minnie shades.
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8) Sunscreen – Orlando sunshine calls for lots and lots of sunscreen. SPF is important to prevent annoying, painful sunburns and bigger skin issues down the road. Make sure your sun lotion is kid-friendly, and reapply every two hours, since you’ll likely be sweating.
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9) Medicines – With the heat, humidity, and huge amount of time spent walking, someone in the family is bound to suffer a headache or blister at some point. Bring a little first aid kit to avoid having to stand in line at first aid stations in the park. Stock your kit with bandaids, neosporin, and Advil, at the very least. This first aid kit comes ready with everything you might need at Disney World.
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10) Moleskin Blister Padding Roll – Speaking of first aid, make sure to bring along some Moleskin. Blisters sure can ruin an otherwise perfect day at Disney. When you feel one coming on, tear off some of the padding roll and apply it straight to the blister. You’ll be walking on sunshine!
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11) Fanny Pack – It’s not a family vacation unless someone’s wearing a fanny pack, right? Before you judge, think about the usefulness of having your belongings safe, close to your body and easy to access in a pinch. This one is actually cute, and comes in a bunch of cool colors.
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12) Poncho or Rain Jacket – Florida weather can be a bit wet at times. In case it rains, make sure to bring along enough ponchos or rain jackets for the whole family. These Mickey and Minnie ponchos are festive and can even make standing in the rain a fun photo-op!
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13) Hand Sanitizer or Baby Wipes – With so many people coming in and out of Disney World, germs are surely everywhere. Just think of all the dirty hands that touch the hand railings and seatbelts on park rides! Stay clean and healthy by bringing loads of hand sanitizer or hand wipes. This sanitizer comes in a perfect Mickey case.
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14) Polaroid Camera – Put a classic touch on your Disney photo album by taking pictures with an old school Polaroid camera. You can snap pictures of the kids with all their favorite Disney characters and don’t forget to get that family photo in front of the Cinderella castle. You can even get autographs right on the photos since they print and develop immediately!
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15) Filter Water Bottle – Sure, the tap water might be safe, but don’t take any chances. Bring along this filtered Brita thermos and make sure to keep everyone in the family hydrated throughout the day.
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16) Sun Hat – Especially if you have fair skin, a good sun hat can be a lifesaver on warm sunny days. It’s always good to stick a sun hat on the little ones so that they don’t overheat and so that the sun doesn’t get in their eyes. This one is inexpensive and comes in all sizes.
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17) Kid ID Tags – Disney World is a HUGE place. Just in case your kid gets lost, it’s a good idea to clip an ID tag onto them with your phone number. This one comes in the form of a bracelet, and has room to write all the vital info on it. At the very least, it’ll give you more peace of mind!
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Other packing list items for Disney World:

What to wear at Disney:

To fully enjoy your stay at Disney World, it’s important to stay comfortable and cool. Wear comfortable shoes, breathable clothing, and definitely nothing that will chafe. Always brings a sun hat, and be ready for rain with a poncho. Summer months get super hot in Orlando, so pack a lot of lightweight clothing items. Shorts and tank tops should do the trick. If you’re going in the winter, as always, dress in layers. Long sleeved shirts and jeans or leggings are perfect! No matter what, bring comfortable walking shoes.

What NOT to bring:

1) 🚫 Perfume/ Body Spray – A lot of people get headaches from strong perfumes. Since you’ll be in close-quarters in the crowded park, be respectful and stick to neutral smells!

2) 🚫 Uncomfortable Shoes – A day at Disney involves a lot of walking. Ditch the sandals or trendy boots and opt for sneakers, tennis shoes or crocs.

3) 🚫 Skateboards – Skateboards are not allowed in the park. Leave it at the hotel and explore the park on foot.

4) 🚫 Drones – Drones are also not allowed. Although it might be tempting to capture the awesomeness of Disney World with a bird’s eye view video, drones can be dangerous with the rides and crowds in the park.

5) 🚫 Shoes with Wheels – No heelies allowed here! Accidents are bound to happen when you mix kids, roller skates, and big crowds.

6) 🚫 Wagons – Unfortunately you cannot bring wagons into the park. If you have little kids who might not be able to walk for very long, bring a carrier.

7) 🚫 Other restricted items – Here is an official list of restricted items in Disney World

FAQs about packing for Disney:

1) What shoes would be best for children who are not used to walking around all day?

Crocs that fit well are the best idea. They’re breathable, comfortable, and easy to kick off (and put back on) at a moment’s notice.

2) Can I use my own wheelchair?

Of course. Everybody has different needs, so your personal wheelchair is welcome.

3) Is foreign currency exchange available at Disney?

You can exchange your foreign currency to US dollars at any Guest Relations (in the parks), or Lobby Concierge/Front Desk (in the resorts) on Disney property.

4) Can I bring in food and beverages?

Guests are allowed to bring food items and non-alcoholic beverages, like snacks or foods that do not require heating, into Disney theme parks.

5) Will there be lockers available in the park?

Disney World offers lockers that are available for a fee. You can rent a key-operated locker that you can access all day for a one-time fee. A $5 refundable deposit is also required for each locker key.