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Here is a sample TV interview on YouTube (which has over 1.2 million views) on the popular CBC consumer affairs show called, Marketplace. Asher was brought onto the show as one of the travel experts to talk about his Airbnb research study.

Our Passions

asher fergusson at beach with kingsley


We love traveling! Together we have visited and lived in almost 20 countries—Asher has been abroad for his entire adult life, and Lyric has resided in nine different US states. In other words, we are always on the go and our passion is sharing tips to help make your adventures as amazing, safe and smooth as possible.

asher lyric and kingsley fergusson in sardinia italy


In 2016, we welcomed an incredible baby boy named Kingsley into our lives. Kingsley has already been to Paris and Sardinia — he is a fantastic little traveler! In 2018, we had our second child, a girl named Aurora. We love sharing tips on how to maintain a healthy, happy, and balanced family lifestyle in addition to traveling with a baby.

lyric fergusson at beach in puerto rico


Lyric has experienced health challenges throughout her life which has lead us to became aware of the importance and power of home spa technologies. Our self-care review pages, including the best portable saunas, best infrared heating pads, and best TENS units, will help you find the tools you need to rejuvenate and strengthen your body so you can conquer your day.

Delicious fish in paris france


Exquisite food is the foundation of life! Every place we travel, we go in search of the most mouth watering meals available. Asher is a vegetarian and Lyric is paleo. We sample, photograph, and write about these meals so we can share them with you! We also love sharing our recipes and cooking tips for at-home delicacies.

Gift Guides and Toddler Gear Reviews

One thing that is certain while raising a family is the constant need for coming up with clever gift ideas. Whether is birthdays, holidays or family get-togethers we’re always needing to think of that perfect present. To help you out, we’ve created these gift guides for children ages one through seven.

Gifts for 1-year-old girls | Gifts for 1-year-old boys | Gifts for 2-year-old girls | Gifts for 2-year-old boys | Gifts for 3-year-old girls | Gifts for 4-year-old girls | Gifts for 4-year-old boys | Gifts for 5-year-old girls | Gifts for 5-year-old boys | Gifts for 6-year-old girls | Gifts for 6-year-old boys | Gifts for 7-year-old girls | Gifts for 7-year-old boys |

We have also started reviewing toddler gear and we’ve teamed up with other parents to help create these comprehensive reviews based 100% on first-hand experience. Learn more on the links below.

Music toys | Activity tables | Tricycles | Backpacks | Step stools | Slides | Climbing toys | Puzzles | Wagons | Scooters | Lunch boxes | Block sets | Racing tracks | Bikes | Guitars | Busy boards | Drum sets | Tool sets | Pianos | Pillows | Cameras | Headphones | Remote control cars | Swings | Golf clubs | Push cars |