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26 Top Dubai Packing List Items for 2024 + What to Wear & NOT to Bring

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Dubai is a city of promise and progressive development. Contrary to popular belief, it’s safe to travel within the United Arab Emirates and there are loads of things to see, do, taste and of course, buy. It’s a remarkable destination to visit and with this packing checklist below, you’ll step out in style without overstepping any boundaries.

I’ve put together this resource to help you understand the regional seasons, what to wear in Dubai, what items NOT to bring, and the answers to the top Dubai FAQs so that you can plan the least stressful and most enjoyable trip possible!

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The Dubai beaches can be really fun!
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What to Pack for Dubai – 26 Essentials

  • 1. Neck Wallet

    Though a neck wallet will prove useful throughout your entire trip to Dubai, it will be essential when entering crowded bazaars and packed touristy areas. Large enough to hold your phone, wallet, and passport, this handy carrying case can be worn beneath your clothes to keep all your valuables organized, safe, and secure. It also has RFID-blocking material so e-thieves won’t be able to scan your financial info from afar.

    Neck Wallet

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  • 2. Jet Lag Relief

    A flight from the U.S. to Dubai is typically 12+ hours and the timezone is at least 9 hours ahead. This whirlwind of time can create a unique kind of exhaustion. Instead of dragging your feet at Burj Khalifa and the Miracle Garden, use these homeopathic jet lag relief pills to feel your best. They will help you adjust more quickly, reduce fatigue, and recalibrate you on the way home too!

    jet lag relief

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  • 3. Virtual Private Network (VPN)

    Don’t freak out… but there are about 50,000 cyber-attacks each day in the UAE, according to the Government Head of Cybersecurity. And ransomware is the most common threat (demanding a ransom for your private information like a social security number, sometimes ranging into the millions). While hackers get savvier, we have to get more resilient about our security. I learned this the hard way after having my credit card number stolen while staying at an Airbnb that I thought was safe. Now, I always use a virtual private network.

    A VPN is wise when connecting to Wi-Fi in public places, such as hotels, airports, and internet cafes, to protect your personal information, like passwords and credit card numbers, from potential thieves. We use NordVPN because they are affordable, have the fastest streaming speed and unlimited bandwidth, while also granting you access to websites from home that may not be available in your host country. You don’t want to miss out on having access to Netflix, YouTube, or Paypal, right? A VPN combines security and internet freedom – the best of both worlds.

    Virtual Private Network (VPN)

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  • 4. Dubai Power Adapter

    Dubai uses a type G plug which is different from the U.S. plug. A universal power adapter is ideal because it works nearly everywhere in the world so it’ll be useful for all of your future international adventures. Plug in multiple items at once using the convenient USB ports and feel secure that this one has a built-in fuse protector to protect against bad sockets. Not to mention, it comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee!

    Dubai Power Adapter

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  • 5. Mini Travel Fan

    The temperatures in Dubai are no joke. With a subtropical desert climate and balmy humidity, a travel-sized handheld fan is a must-pack item. You can expect the weather in Dubai to be hot year-round and having a convenient portable fan will mean the difference between expedited exhaustion or comfortable afternoons. Stay cool and breezy as you play at La Mer, walk to excursions, or ride in vehicles without air conditioning.

    Mini Travel Fan

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  • 6. Travel Insurance for Dubai

    As experienced travelers, we NEVER travel without insurance. Especially when traveling overseas, it’s crucial both in case of emergency and for peace of mind. Remember that your domestic insurance will not follow you abroad and in most cases, coverage ceases once you cross the border. A friend of ours broke her arm on a hiking trip and had to obtain a transfer from the middle of nowhere, which starts at around $35K (and that’s before receiving treatment!) Thankfully, she had travel insurance and didn’t have to pay the outrageous hospital bills out-of-pocket.

    We love using Faye because they make it easy to customize the right insurance for our needs. Common features include things like lost or stolen luggage, flight cancellations, delays, emergency medical expenses, evacuations, and even the ability to “cancel for any reason.” If you have an issue, the claims process is super easy through their mobile app, so you won’t be hung out to dry (as with most providers that give you tons of hurdles to jump through). Faye is the best and we recommend them to everyone!

    Faye Travel Insurance

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  • 7. Hanging Toiletry Bag

    Some hotels in Dubai may have limited countertop space, while others may just be a stand-alone sink. Even if your bathroom is sheer luxury, this hanging toiletry bag is a miracle worker at organizing your toiletries and elevating your travel game. It gives you a shelf-like fixture that you can hang on any wall, door, pole, or hook.

    This one by Eco Sun is our favorite. It’s made by a sustainable brand from Hawaii that quality tests each product and makes them with love, backed by their lifetime happiness guarantee. We love the leakproof compartments and thoughtful stain-resistant material. Overall, the bag compresses your items for easier packing and makes unpacking a breeze. Once you try it, you won’t go back!

    hanging toiletry bag

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  • 8. Packing Cubes

    Packing cubes are a serious game-changer when traveling internationally. Perfect to keep you organized and stop you from overpacking, this set comes in a variety of fun, vibrant colors. You’ll never have to frantically dig through your luggage again searching for that one specific t-shirt. Instead, grab your labeled packing cube and find everything with ease. I label mine (tops, pants, essentials, grab-n-go, etc.) You’ll also love the laundry bags that allow you to keep clean and dirty clothes separate.

    Available on with an exclusive 15% discount using the coupon code “HERO”.

    packing cubes

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  • 9. Lipstick-Sized Portable Charger

    Between exploring the Arabian Desert, Atlantis water parks, low-tax shopping, and iconic beaches – you won’t want to run back to the hotel to charge your phone. This convenient external battery is a preventative measure for when you’re far from your accommodation and relying on your phone for navigation, photos, translation apps, music, and more. It’s saved us many times, like when we couldn’t find our hotel or needed to look something up desperately and our phone was dying.

    Lipstick-Sized Charger

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  • 10. Quick-Dry Travel Towel

    Useful in endless scenarios, this travel towel is lightweight and compact – it functions as a beach towel, a packing cushion, a seat cover, a layer of shade in the desert sun, or as a bath towel if the ones at your accommodation are less than ideal. The microfiber material dries 10x faster than cotton and is highly absorbent. It’s way easier than lugging around fluffy hotel towels or risking not having one at all.

    Quick-Dry Travel Towel

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  • 11. Discounted Tickets to Dubai Attractions

    The versatility of Dubai is only matched by its other-worldly wow-factor! There are many unique ways to see the country – by helicopter with a bird’s eye view, by yacht for a taste of luxury, or by quad bikes and camelback across the rolling sand dunes.

    Adventurous thrillseekers will love taking a speedboat to Atlantis, while relaxed visitors may prefer a slower-paced walking tour of the old town or a sophisticated dinner cruise. You can’t miss the world’s tallest skyscraper, Burj Khalifa, and we sincerely recommend taking a nearby day trip to an architectural masterpiece, the Grand Masque of Abu Dhabi.

    Get Your Guide is our favorite booking service for discounted tickets with skip-the-line options, which will save you a ton of time. They offer unique cultural tours at a low rate with free 24-hour cancellation.

    Discounted Tickets to Dubai Attractions

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  • 12. Cooling Towels

    Especially if traveling in the summertime, you will need to stay cool and hydrated. Pair the strong desert sun with the concrete jungle of the city and you get a seriously hot combination. We rely on these cooling towels to beat the heat – they get 20-30 degrees colder than the air temperature as soon as you soak them in water and wring them out. Drape one of these magical babies around your shoulder, neck, or head for instant relief and to keep the sun off. Thank us later.

    towel pink

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  • 13. Luggage Straps

    These luggage straps have saved the day on numerous occasions for me, and I tell every traveler to use them! Not only will they jimmy-rig a broken suitcase or serve as a substitute handle, but they can also tether bags together for easier navigation through busy airports and stations, as well as deterring any thieves.

    You can cross them horizontally, vertically, or doubled-up to ensure all your bags reach their destination without popping open (even if you did a little shopping along the way!) and these will elegantly take the pressure off your zippers. The bright colors are perfect for easy identification, which makes the arrivals terminal way less stressful. A must-have for any avid traveler!

    luggage straps

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  • 14. Shawl or Scarf

    A lightweight shawl or scarf is an incredibly versatile item that you are sure to use every day of your trip to Dubai. Use it to cover your head, shoulders and chest, or even your legs when entering mosques or holy sites; it will double as a face cover while on sandy camel rides through the desert. A shawl will keep you warm on cool evenings and can be worn as a trendy accessory to spice up your outfit.

    Shawl or Scarf

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  • 15. TSA-Approved Luggage Locks

    Since you’ll be moving through airports, hotels, crowded attractions, and ultra-modern areas – it’s important to fasten your bags with reliable luggage locks. While there is a low crime rate in Dubai, the pickpocketers here are slick and well-trained, especially in highly-touristic areas like Jumeriah Beach and Burj Khalifa. Keeping an eye on your bag can cause all-day stress and tends to be a real nuisance. Instead of worrying, secure your backpacks and suitcases with these TSA-approved locks (10x harder to crack than a typical 3-digit lock).

    luggage locks

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  • 16. Universal Waterproof Phone Case

    We are undeniably in love with this waterproof phone case! It’s a small item that can prevent a major catastrophe since many of the local activities will involve boating in the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Sea. Even if you’re just sitting on the beach, it will save your device from accidental water damage or sand scratches on the camera lenses. It even makes it possible to take underwater videos (with sound), so you can take it with you to Atlantis.

    Universal Waterproof Phone Case

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  • 17. Deodorant Wipes

    As we mentioned before, don’t underestimate the Arabian Desert heat. To give you an idea, even the peak of winter is a balmy average of 77°F (25°C)! During a long day of sightseeing and exploring, you’ll likely want to take a moment to quickly freshen up. These deodorant wipes are small enough to be tossed into your purse or daypack for easy access whenever needed.

    you wipes

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  • 18. Long Skirt

    Don’t visit Dubai without packing at least one long skirt or maxi dress. Loose and breezy, a long skirt will keep you cool in the tropical weather and will also help you to respect cultural modesty norms. This item will be essential when entering mosques or holy sites where you’ll want to make sure your legs stay covered.

    Long Maxi Skirt

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  • 19. Walking Shoes

    Dubai is very spread out with highly diverse landscapes, so you will be doing some serious walking. This pair of Crocs is very cute but still keeps your feet supported for long days of sightseeing. They have holes for airflow, reducing the likelihood of blisters, and are super easy to clean (made of an almost water-proof material that naturally repels stains). Keep in mind that you’ll also be heading to the beach or places where you need to take off your shoes often, so I recommend leaving your lace-ups at home and opting for a convenient pair of slip-ons.

    Walking Shoes

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  • 20. Gorgeous Maxi Dress

    Dubai is renowned throughout the world for its wild parties and upscale nightlife. You’ll definitely want to dress to impress, and this flowy dress will be perfect for most occasions. If you’re unsure of how modestly to dress, this outfit will cover your legs below the knee and you can easily toss a lightweight shawl or sweater over your shoulders for more coverage as well. It’s classic, modest, and comes in a variety of stunning colors.

    Gorgeous Maxi Dress

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  • 21. Daypack

    Don’t forget to bring a daypack on your trip to Dubai! This is an item you’ll probably use every day, as you’ll want a small and convenient pack to hold your essential items during day trips to the desert and hours spent exploring the city’s colorful bazaars. This one is our preferred daybag because it’s sturdy, reliable, and large enough to hold your hat, sunscreen, water bottle, camera, and anything else you may need throughout the day.


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  • 22. Swimsuit Cover-Up

    Though the United Arab Emirates is a relatively conservative country, foreigners will be comfortable wearing western-style swimwear on the beach. That said, if you plan to enter a beach bar or cafe, you’ll want to cover up for modesty’s sake. This one is cute, comfortable, and easy to throw on over your swimsuit after a day at the beach.

    Swimsuit Cover-Up

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  • 23. Water Bottle with Built-in Filter

    The tap water is safe to drink in Dubai, so you’ll want to avoid using single-use plastic water bottles to reduce your environmental footprint. Bring a Brita filtered water bottle for an extra layer of filtration when drinking from the tap, and carry it with you everywhere you go to stay hydrated in this arid-desert climate. This brand is our go-to because it reduces chlorine, dirt, and cloudiness while noticeably improving the taste.

    Water Bottle with Built-in Filter

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  • 24. Activated Charcoal (Food Poisoning Remedy)

    Activated charcoal caps can really be lifesavers when you need them! Though the food in Dubai is delicious and exotic, your body may not be used to the spices, ingredients, and new local bacteria, making for a potentially uncomfortable situation. Activated charcoal will quickly bind and expel the toxins in your system, keeping you on your feet and out of the bathroom. Take 1-2 capsules at the first sign of trouble and continue on your merry way!

    Activated Charcoal (Food Poisoning Remedy)

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  • 25. Electrolytes

    Electrolytes save lives when someone gets extremely dehydrated, and if food poisoning does come knocking at your door, these will be a great follow-up plan for your activated charcoal. Even if you don’t get sick, dehydration is a real issue in the desert and these nutrients allow the body to re-energize more quickly. Simply add a packet to your water and enjoy the lush flavors. You can probably find something like this in Dubai but the prices will be higher and the taste may not be as good.


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  • 26. Packable “Just in Case” Bag

    Dubai offers a world-class shopping experience that you won’t find anywhere else! With progressive trends and top-tier shopping, I recommend bringing along an extra “just in case” bag for those unpredictable purchases that you will likely be tempted to make. It folds up under your plane seat and counts as your carry-on item.

    Check out local Arabic goods that make amazing gifts – like attar (flower oil), Arab slippers, bakhoor (potpourri/incense), bayas (gowns), coffee, cava pots, precious stones, jewelry, handmade rugs, art, dried dates, spices, chocolate, soaps, and much more.

    Packable “Just in Case” Bag

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What Should I Wear In Dubai?

For many expats across the world, Dubai is where they make money, but more importantly, it’s the place they call home. This city is definitely far more ‘open’ than other regions and capitals within the G.C.C, but it is still conservative.

You may pack your resort wear, bathing suits and summer outfits, but that will only be your go-to for when you are within the grounds of the hotel or resort where you are staying. There are some private beaches where bathing suits and board shorts are allowed too, so be sure to dig into that before going. This same rule applies to a very few public beaches, but its advisable not to opt for the ones that seem quiet.

When heading out for dinner or shopping, cover your cleavage and shoulders and avoid short shorts at all costs. When visiting mosques, men are required to cover their knees and shoulders. You won’t see anyone wearing shorts. Mosques that allow visitors will at times provide kandouras for men and abayas for the ladies.

Women are required to cover their hair, but there is no need to cover your face. However, a veil will be provided for ladies upon entry. It’s advisable to arrive in clothing that is modest and respectful – otherwise, your entry will surely be declined.

One more thing that really needs to be pointed out is the no P.D.A rule. Its quite a thing and you will almost always see signs in public areas that politely ask you to refrain from certain actions. Here and there, you will see couples holding hands. It’s such a natural thing to show affection, but it’s also best to play it safe.

Now, let’s take a more in-depth look at what men and women can wear in this glamorous city:

What should WOMEN wear in Dubai? – (Click to expand)
First things first: Would I consider Dubai as a fashionable city?
I can’t think of any reason why it’s not. People dress up and they enjoy it. Emiratis are known for splashing out on expensive jewelry; handbags, shoes and ladies usually dress up to the nines under their abayas.

Expats enjoy what Dubai has to offer on the fashion front. Most shopping malls sell high-end brands and its very common to walk into a hotel to find a swarm of designer-clad foreigners making their way to a boozy brunch.

So, with that said, your playing field is large, but at times slightly conservative. Sticking to the rules doesn’t mean you cannot maintain your usual sense of style.

Speaking of shopping…when heading out for some harmless bank account ‘damage’ you may opt for a summery printed, flowy maxi dress, but take a shawl or lightweight jacket or cardigan with you to cover your shoulders.

You’ll find cool air-conditioning in every single shopping mall and I once went out to buy a scarf to warm my legs up with in the cinema. A strappy sandal or canvas sneaker would do just fine (unless of course you feel like it’s a heel day).

Mosques (as mentioned above) would require you to cover up well and be sure to arrive in respectable attire. A long, maxi skirt and a light chiffon blouse might do the trick, but if that sounds too Little House on the Prairie for your taste, then pick out a pair of jeans that are not too skinny and perhaps a loose fitting t-shirt dress that tucks in nicely on the side of your pants. Keep in mind that you might want to opt bring a scarf to cover your hair with.

As night falls, you can head out for a nice dinner at Souk Madinat, followed by some dancing at Barasti Beach or Cavalli Club. These two places draw very different crowds, but for the latter, you can team up your LBD with a lightweight tuxedo blazer and a pair of killer heels. The jacket can come off as you make your way into the club. During the cooler months, your jacket can be swapped for a fitted cape trench.

At the beach, you’ll need a tunic or kaftan when traipsing along the resort area. Combine your laid-back look with a pair of strappy slips-on sandals. Keep your beach bag handy to store your floppy resort hat and some statement sunglasses.

Hopping on the back on a camel is no easy feat, but you do get help from the kind gentlemen who guide you on your desert safari. Opt for a comfortable pair of linen pants (not white) and a t-shirt. You may wear shorts too, because it’s allowed. Best to tag that useful shawl/scarf along if you feel the need to cover up. When ‘winter’ sets in, you should definitely bring along a jacket, hoodie and jeans – the temperatures in the desert are cooler than that of the city.

What should MEN wear in Dubai? – (Click to expand)
The same rules apply here. Men do need to be considerate of what they wear to the mosque, beach and other public spaces. It doesn’t mean that you have to forget to work your style angle, but the best thing you can do is to pack smart casual and irrespective of season, you will need a shirt and trousers.

When heading to the beach or resort its probably a good idea not to wear your swimming trunks en route. You can always switch gears when you reach your destination. At resorts, you’ll find that gents do tend to go shirtless, but when heading back indoors, put on your shirt for the sake of being respectful. A pair of slides will go a long way as you walk from the dressing room to your spot by the pool. Bring your baseball cap and a pair of wayfarers for long walks in the sun.

Heading out to more public places doesn’t really require you to cover up too much, but you won’t really see guys walking around in ‘wife-beaters’. A pair of flat-front chino shorts will work well with a crisp white tee and sneakers for a day out.

For dinner, it all depends on where you are going. If you are going for a simple dinner in Deira, you can work your shorts and t-shirt to the max, but if you were dining somewhere more upscale, you’d want to bring along a good pair of lightweight textured trousers and a formal shirt. Blazers are not necessary, but it adds a nice touch. When heading out for a night out on the town, your dark jeans and Poplin shirt goes a long way when teaming it up with leather loafers. In fact, you will find that you fit right in.

During the cooler months, you can team up your day looks with hoodies and slim fit chinos and at night, your lightweight bomber jacket will give you plenty of swag when teamed up with a white t-shirt.

Dressing for Dubai’s seasons: – (Click to expand)

Some say Dubai has only one season: hot.
No seriously, temperatures start to spike around April and until the end of October, you will do well in your summer gear. From November to mid-March, you’ll need a few warmer pieces. Daytime still brings plenty of sunshine, but the cooler breeze from the ocean can sometimes spoil your poolside fun.

The city does see rainfall at the end of summer and when the cooler period ends. People in Dubai don’t really use umbrellas for rain…you’ll see plenty of women covering up under the harsh mid-summer sun and even during the warmest months, you’ll need to keep an eye on what you wear in public. Yes, it’s hot, but you’ve got this.

Remember to pack light, breathable fabrics and to refer to the dressing guides above.

Dressing for excursions in Dubai – (Click to expand)

Mosques – Although we have covered a few pointers on this, we can look at this section with a bit more focus. When visiting places of worship in the Middle East, it’s imperative that you respect the dress codes that are instructed on the signs as you enter.

At the mosque, you will be required to remove your shoes and if your regular clothes require more cover, abayas and kandouras are available that can be worn over whatever you are already wearing. In some instances headscarves are kept for women, but it’s better to bring along your own. Finally, make sure that whatever you choose to wear before entering a Mosque is not too tight or revealing.

From Souk Markets to Shopping Malls – You will come across quite a few foreigners whom blatantly ignore the notices and signage requesting appropriate attire. You will find these signs at most malls and public markets, but in smaller restaurants outside malls you’ll find none.

When heading out in public, you’d want to avoid a potentially mortifying situation of coming face to face with a security guard, asking you to cover up. This applies to men too. No muscle tanks or short shorts.

Ladies, now’s the time to live your finest fashionable moment in a lightweight jumpsuit and a silk shawl to cover your shoulders with. Covering up has never looked this good. Gents, follow suit with tapered Bermuda shorts that drop on the knees and a summery linen shirt. Finish off the look with a fedora and canvas sneakers.

Desert Safaris – Out there in the open, it’ just you, nature and camels – Your guides won’t care much for what you choose to wear, but again: it’s all quite conflicting. As long as you don’t show up in your Daisy Dukes and revealing tank tops, then all should be fine.

I would opt for classic linen and cottons to make your camelback trip an enjoyable one.

Dubai Opera and Nightlife – Dubai Opera… It’s glorious. Dressing up is a must. It’s a fantastic experience if you can afford it, and while there is no official dress code, you will stand out like a sore thumb if you show up in casual attire, and will get some pretty dirty looks to boot.

Smart dinner jackets with bow ties and tailored trousers will set the tone for rubbing shoulders with the elite of Dubai. Keep your colors neutral and do yourself a favor by going for a local grooming/shaving experience.

I have seen women arriving at the Dubai Opera in ball gowns and sleek designer dresses, but you can also put your unconventional foot forward with slim, tailored pants and a ‘blingy’ blouse. Accessorize with statement jewelry and your best heels.

Dubai Nightlife – The parties happen inside (on top of) most hotels and private resorts and beaches, since they are the only places that are allowed to obtain a liquor license.

At most clubs and bars (even some pubs) men are stopped at the door when showing up in flip-flops and shorts. Your beach-look stays down by the shores. Wear your dress shoes, smart sneakers, trousers or jeans. Team it up with a nice shirt and your most dashing smile.

Women in Dubai most certainly dress to the nines when heading out. It’s a sight to behold, so be well prepared if you are heading out for a bit of a soiree.
Pack your halter neck, sleeveless Bodycon mini dress and your most eye-catching heels. You’ll thank us later…

What NOT To Bring To Dubai

  • 1.Alcohol

    You may purchase some at Dubai Duty Free as you enter the country, but save yourself the hassle and drama of it all by not packing any booze.

  • 2.Banned Drugs

    Any bodybuilding, weight-loss, hormone or sexual stimulants are on the list of unapproved drugs, so be sure to leave that home. I have also heard that tablets containing codeine are banned from the UAE. It’s better to familiarize yourself with the basics before you pack your medication here.

  • 3.Israeli Goods & Products

    Due to the delicate political relationships within the Middle East, it’s probably best to leave any items behind that bear Israeli trademarks or logos. The same applies to your passport – you might have some difficulty at customs with a stamp from Israel in your passport.

  • 4.Gambling Tools & Machinery

    Just don’t. They might confiscate it or give you a really hard time for bringing it.

  • 5.Kaftans & Tunics

    You will find the best ones at the markets in Deira or Souk Madinat and it will glorify your beach look to the nines.

  • 6.iPad/Tablet

    If you current iPad or tablet is nearing its expiration date, then look no further than the likes of Sharaf DG in Dubai. The country’s tax policies make electronic items cheaper.

What NOT to wear in Dubai – (Click to expand)
This will serve as last note of sorts, but whatever you do, avoid wearing utterly revealing clothes in public places. You will only be stared at or asked to leave some premises if you are not dressed accordingly. Crop tops work on private resorts and beaches and not in malls or restaurants. The same applies to see-through fabric and short shorts.

Men need to make sure that they don’t reveal too much skin either. Keep those shoulders and chests covered and keep short lengths near the knee. Last but not least, check your t-shirts before you pack them and make sure nothing offensive or religious stands out.

FAQs about your Dubai Trip

  • 1. Is it safe to travel alone as a woman?

    It is completely safe, but it’s always advisable not to roam around less touristic areas at night by yourself. Stick to daytime excursions and should you wish to enjoy the nightlife of Dubai, do so responsibly.

  • 2. What type of food is available in Dubai?

    Dubai’s hotels and restaurants offer a very diverse range of food and beverage outlets. Other than traditional Arabic cuisine, there is a wide choice of British, Chinese, French, Filipino, Indian, Pakistani, Greek, Japanese and Italian options to choose from.

  • 3. What’s the best way to get around the city?

    Upon arrival, you can catch an airport taxi or the Metro. Dubai metro takes pride in their schedule and the cleanliness of their cabins. Taxis are relatively cheap and if you do find it hard to catch a taxi from where you find yourself, simply opt for Uber.

  • 4. What currency does the UAE use?

    The national currency is known as the Emirati Dirham (AED). There are many ATMs conveniently located across the city and most international credit/debit cards are accepted at shopping malls, hotels and restaurants.

  • 5. How much do I need to tip?

    Although tipping is not mandatory in Dubai, it is always expected. 10% of the total amount on your bill can be given to service staff in restaurants and cafes. Porters and bellboys ideally receive tips of AED10 – 20.

  • 6. Which cellular service should I opt for?

    The two biggest GSM mobile service providers are Du and Etisalat and offer easy pre-paid SIM cards that can connect locally and internationally.

  • 7. What’s the WIFI like?

    Staying connected in Dubai is easy. WIFI networks are incredible and you can connect almost anywhere. It even extends as far as some beach resorts and private cars.