17 Top Las Vegas Packing List Items + What NOT to Bring (2018 Update)

Las Vegas is the notorious party playground for adults. Whether you’re going there as part of a girlfriend getaway, bachelorette party, or spontaneous trip with your friends, Las Vegas is the perfect destination to let loose a little. Spend your time at the exclusive casino pools, air conditioned shops, fancy acrobatic shows, or night clubs. This packing list has everything you need for a long weekend in Sin City.

What to bring to Las Vegas:

1) Gorgeous Dress – A night out in Las Vegas is a good a reason as any to wear a killer outfit. If you’re going out on the town, go bold with a super sparkly dress or bold halter jumpsuit. This one is not too expensive and will have all eyes on you!
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2) Waterproof Phone Case – One of the best things about Las Vegas is the city’s year-round mild temperatures. The hot weather calls for lots and lots of pool parties! Everybody knows that cell phones and water simply don’t mix, so bringing a waterproof phone case will keep your selfie game strong, even when you’re in the pool.
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3) Swimsuits for Pool Parties – Pool parties call for cute swimsuits! Don’t leave home without a cute swimsuit or two. Some popular styles are one pieces, cheeky bottoms (less tan lines) and high waisted bikinis. This one is comfortable, unique, and very highly rated.
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4) Casual but cute daytime outfits – The most efficient way to pack for a short Vegas trip is by only bringing clothing that fit within a particular color scheme. It’s a good idea to pack neutral clothing (gray, black, cream, pale blues) that can mix and match, so that you don’t overpack. Here is a loose, basic tee. It’s neutral, and you can wear it with a cute pair of jeans and a bright necklace.
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5) Cardigan or Light Jacket – Las Vegas is in the middle of a desert, which can get cool at night. Bring a light jacket or cardigan that you can layer on top of whatever outfit you’re wearing, so that you don’t freeze on the strip!
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6) Nice Heels or Flats – Casino and nightclub all-nighters call for some killer shoes to go with those awesome outfits you packed. Make sure to spice up your wardrobe with some fancy heels, or flats (if you’re not feeling that fancy). These ones are versatile and can go with many different outfits.
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7) Sandals or Flip Flops – For daytime, you may find yourself walking around the strip, lounging at fancy brunches, or chilling by the pool at your hotel. In any scenario, a pair of cute sandals will be your go-to shoe. These ones can be dressed up or down.
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8) Toiletries – Bringing your necessary toiletries with you to Vegas is a must. With all of the partying and late nights, your skin will need special attention, so don’t skimp on your beauty routine. This compact toiletry case is small when packed up but has a large capacity to carry almost all the toiletries you’ll need for a trip. Keep the essentials in your carry on in case of lost luggage or if you need to freshen up mid-fight.
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9) Makeup – One of the most fun parts of a girls weekend in Vegas is getting all dolled up with your friends. Go bold with red lips, or go for that classic smokey eye for your casino nights. This is my favorite mascara, and will stay on all night. It’s even waterproof, making it perfect for pool parties as well!
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10) Carry-on Bag – The bag you choose to take as your carry-on has to be size appropriate, and comfortable for you to carry (or roll!). Your carry-on can be anything from a backpack, a laptop bag, to a TSA compliant roller bag. This is a good option that easily stows in the plane’s overhead compartment.
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11) Rolling Suitcase – A solid suitcase is a necessary item to bring with you on your Vegas Trip. Multiple outfit changes and chunky heels call for one that rolls. This one is tried and tested, comes in several size and color options, and has awesome reviews.
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12) Mini Hair Straightener – If you’re planning on getting all glammed up during your Vegas vacation, you may want to bring along a styling tool that is small enough to fit in your carry on. You can rock beach waves, curls, or straight and stylin’ hair with this mini ceramic straightener.
Perfect for preparing for a fun night out!
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13) Portable Garment Steamer – You brought the perfect dress, but now it’s wrinkled from being stuffed in your luggage for so long! Solve that problem by bringing a portable steamer with you on your trip. Never worry about wrinkles ruining your outfit again!
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14) Sunglasses – For all of the sunny Vegas afternoons, you won’t want to hit the pool or the strip without your shades. Sunglasses will protect your eyes and also add edge to every cute outfit you may wear. These Vegas-worthy sunglasses are cute, classic, and not too expensive – so if you lose them, no worries.
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15) Sunhat – Whether you’re hungover and can’t quite face the world, or you just want some extra sun protection, bringing a sunhat is never a bad idea. This one is perfect for your vacation, and will likely come in very handy when you’re lounging poolside.
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16) Ear Plugs and Eye Mask – It’s called the city that never sleeps for a reason. If you plan on getting any sleep during your Vegas trip, you’d better bring earplugs and a sleep mask. Besides the noises from the nightclub at your hotel, and rowdy roommates, it can be seriously difficult to get some shuteye. Bring this dynamic sleeping duo so you won’t lose sleep.
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17) Moisturizing Face Mist – Since airplane air is so dry, and drinking alcohol seriously dehydrates your skin, it’s a good idea to moisturizing your skin throughout your Vegas vacay. This mist makes for an awesome pick-me-up. It’s refreshing, hydrating, and suitable for all skin types.
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Other packing list items for camping:

What to wear Camping:

In the city that never sleeps, definitely keep it cute but casual during the day. Bring swimsuits, tank tops, shorts, cover ups and sundresses. Nighttime attire can get formal, so bring a few cute dresses or jumpsuits. On the plane or car ride, wear comfortable and breathable clothing, like leggings, tee shirts, or a loose dress. Before you go, make a list of the activities that you’ll be participating in during your trip, and decide what you need for each one. That way, you won’t forget your maid-of-honor badge or cocktail dress, if necessary!

What NOT to take to Las Vegas:

Hair Dryer – Almost every hotel and airbnb definitely has one!
The following items are banned from casinos:
1) 🚫 Hula Hoops
2) 🚫 Megaphones
3) 🚫 Vuvuzelas
4) 🚫 Pets
5) 🚫 Bath Salts
These items are TSA prohibited:
1) 🚫 Flammables
2) 🚫 Firearms
3) 🚫 Sharp objects
3) 🚫 Liquids (unless you follow the liquids rule – see FAQ)
4) 🚫 Household tools
5) 🚫 Camping equipment
6) 🚫 Medical tools
7) 🚫 Various miscellaneous items

Here is a link to the TSA website

FAQs about my Vegas trip:

1) How can I plan the ultimate girls’ getaway weekend?

Take a look at Skyscanner.com and set an alert for cheap flights to Las Vegas! If you’re road tripping, use the Roadtrippers app to find awesome hidden gems off the beaten path.

2) I always break out when I travel. How can I keep my skin healthy on the road?

Bring everything you normally use on your skin with you on your trip. The dry airplane air and weird hotel food definitely don’t do your skin any favors. Face masks are a great idea, and always use a face-specific sunscreen!

3) How can I avoid overpacking?

Before you commit to bringing anything, make a list of what activities you’ll be doing throughout the whole trip. Plan out each day’s outfit, and try to stick to items that can be reworn and repurposed. For example, bringing a simple black dress that you can wear during the day with sandals can probably be dressed up at night time with some lipstick and cute jewelry. By bringing multipurpose clothing items, you can pack much lighter.

4) How do I choose the right bag to bring with me?

It’s all about personal preference! A rolling bag is always a good option if you want to save yourself shoulder or back pain.

5) What is the rule for carrying on liquids?

You are allowed to bring a quart-sized bag of liquids, aerosols, gels, creams and pastes in your carry-on bag and through the checkpoint. These are limited to travel-sized containers that are 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters) or less per item.

6) What counts as liquids?

Any liquid, aerosol, gel, cream or paste. This includes contact solution, mascara, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, etc. Keeping your liquids in a separate zip lock bag will make the security process go so much more quickly.

7) How do I choose the right carry-on bag?

Think about what you’re bringing. If you’re taking your laptop with you, you’ll want a bag that can accommodate it. If you prefer to keep weight off of your shoulders, use a rolling bag. If you’re going to be doing some backpacking at your destination, just use your backpack!

8) How can I keep my bag organized?

Keep your liquids in ziploc bags, and your clothes in packing cubes or more zip lock bags. Keep your toiletries separate from your electronics. Make use of your carry-on pockets to stay extra organized.