Europe Travel Guides

Europe Travel Guides

Europe is my favorite place in the world. From the romantic Parisian bistros, to the hot springs of Budapest, to the breathtaking beaches of Ibiza, to the Northern Lights of Reykjavík – there is truly something for everyone!

Known as ‘the old continent,’ Europe offers Medieval and Renaissance architecture, a rich history, epic festivals, fresh-grown food that will delight your senses, and countless cultures coexisting in perfect harmony. The landscapes range from world-class beaches, snowy mountaintops, volcanic geysers, ancient ruins, quaint hideaways, and everything in between.

asher and lyric at eiffel tower
Us on our last trip to Paris!

I’ve had the privilege of living in Europe and exploring 35+ cities (go big or go home!) The expansive network of public transportation makes it easy to hop around the continent, and each country is so unique which means the possibilities are endless!

In fact, Europe is one of the most diverse places on the planet and you’ll find a treasure trove of bucket-list destinations. Whether you’re looking for the staggering peaks of the East (Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Russia, Romania), the warm Mediterranean paradise of the South (Italy, Croatia, Greece, Spain, Portugal), the storybook charm of the West (France, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands), or the elegant winter-wonderland of the North (Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Belgium, the U.K.) – you will always find consistently stellar cuisine, culture, and enough history to make America look like a new-born baby.

As a melting pot that takes the best characteristics from places all over the world, Europe is not the most intuitive place to visit… Between the 200+ foreign languages, various currencies, distinct cultural etiquette, vast landscapes, and intricate terrains – you’ll need to prepare for contingencies and do your research beforehand.

Use our guides to map out the best of Europe and discover the hidden gems that most cliché guidebooks won’t tell you about!