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27 Best Gifts For Hikers – Memorable & Unique Ideas (2022)

27 Best Gifts For Hikers – Memorable & Unique Ideas (2022)
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If you have someone in your life who is passionate about hiking, this gift guide is for you. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite hiking gear and accessories that will be perfect for gift giving. Don’t you worry, we’ve got something for every price point and occasion so you’ll be sure to get the very best gift! We’ve even included a few nifty and unique accessories that will have the recipient so excited to try them out and be so grateful to you for the awesome gift!

Christmas & Holiday Gifts for Hikers

  • 1. Emergency Paracord Bracelet

    A multiuse gift that is essential for any hiking trip. It’s got a fire starter, compass, emergency whistle, knife, and 12 feet of military-grade paracord. It’s super adjustable to fit any sized wrist. It comes in a two-pack, making it an even better deal.

  • 2. 12 in 1 Tool Kit Set

    No matter what the situation, this awesome 12 in 1 tool kit is perfect for any outdoor adventure. It comes with a survival knife, wire saw, bottle clip, emergency blanket, multi-use spoon plus more. Not only will it keep the user safe but also give them peace of mind knowing they’ll be prepared for anything.

  • 3. Double Camping Hammock

    This gift will be a great way for the hiker in your life to relax on any adventure. This parachute hammock is both lightweight and portable. They’ll be able to take it with them no matter how off the grid they go. It’s compactable and can easily fit snug inside a backpack or attach it with a carabiner to the side of a pack. It’s ultra sturdy, meant to last.

  • 4. Heated Socks

    One of the most difficult things about hiking is getting cold feet in harsh conditions. These electric socks are a great gift for the avid hiker in your life, especially those who love adventures in cold weather. They include rechargeable batteries and comes in a variety of sizes and is perfect for anyone looking to keep their feet nice and toasty while hiking.

  • 5. Scout Backpack

    Make someone’s holiday season with this high-performance backpack. It’s great for avid hikers and comes with an adjustable belt to fit anyone. The durable pad and molded channels provide max comfort and airflow. It comes with a sleeping bag compartment, compression straps, and exterior pockets to make it easy to pack.

  • 6. Pro Water Filter

    A great gift for frequent hikers who head out on multi-day adventures. It provides a triple filtration system that removes viruses, bacteria, parasites, and other chemicals. It has a super-fast flow rate and can be used directly from a freshwater source. It’s durable and will easily fit in a backpack or other small pack.

  • 7. Waterproof Binoculars

    These are the perfect gift for hikers in need of a great set of binoculars. The multi-coated optics help to provide high res and contrast. They’re waterproof and are made to hold up in any type of weather conditions. The protective rubber converging protects from the outdoor elements and makes quick adjustments to get a full field of view, which is great for hiking.

  • 8. 2 Person Backpacking Tent

    What better gift than a lightweight tent for hikers. It’s super durable, breathable, and the micro-mesh fabric makes it really comfortable. It’s perfect for two people and has two doors. It’ll hold up against rain and is safe from leakage and protect from the wet ground.

27 Best & Most Unique Gifts for Hikers

  • 1. Rechargeable Hand Warmers

    This is a great gift for the hiker in your life who loves going on outdoor adventures no matter the time of year. This lightweight nifty gadget will keep their hands warm even in the coldest climates. The double-sided feature makes it extra warm, and it’ll last up to eight hours to keep hands warm all night long. As a bonus, it charges a phone too, so the recipient won’t have any excuses not to get some killer photos no matter how far off the grid they go.

  • 2. Multitool Survival Camping Tool

    This awesome multitool is super compact and lightweight and can easily fit in a pack meant for a day hike or for a multi-week hiking adventure. It’s super helpful for all sorts of situations and is heavy-duty stainless steel so it’ll last no matter the conditions. It’s strong enough to cut, twist, and even saw wood and is perfect for all adventure seekers.

  • 3. Lightweight Compact Folding Chair

    This comfy and super lightweight chair is easy to fold up and has a shock-cord pole that makes it quick to assemble. The best part about this gift is that it’s ultralight and compact and can be taken anywhere, even on multi-day hikes. It’s made with aviation aluminum alloy that is really strong and will last for years to come.

  • 4. Emergency Survival Kit

    Give your adventurer the gift of safety with this complete emergency survival kit. No matter what type of situation they end up while hiking, they’ll be covered thanks to you. It comes with a first aid kit, glow sticks, whistle, radio, flashlight, emergency blanket, energy bars, and much more, so it’s got everything essential to keep hikers safe anywhere they go.

  • 5. Pocket Blanket

    This handy pocket-sized blanket is perfect for a hiking adventure and makes an excellent gift. It’s super lightweight and can easily fit in a backpack with other gear or clipped to the side with its carabiner. It’s waterproof and will keep it’s user dry even when it’s set on wet ground.

  • 6. Collapsible Water Bottle

    A nifty gift that will make anyone super happy to receive. It’s a lightweight water bottle that has a collapsible feature when it needs to fit in super tight spaces, which is great for hikers since they have limited space in their backpack. It comes in a wide assortment of colors, so there are plenty of options to choose from. The best part is it’s leak-proof, so there’s no need to worry about it spilling on any other gear.

  • 7. Compass and Thermometer Carabiner

    Every hiker needs a reliable compass and carabiner, so why not gift them one that has both! They’ll also be able to use this handy gift to check the temperature. This unique gift comes with a split ring so it can be used as a zipper pull, making it extra useful.

  • 8. Waterproof Flameless Electric Lighter

    An awesome gift that will have your hiking buddy super excited. This flameless lighter is both windproof and waterproof and can be used in any type of weather conditions. It’s USB rechargeable and can last up to a week without being charged. It’s also eco-friendly and super simple and safe to use.

Birthday Hiking Gift Ideas

  • 1. Trekking Poles

    This set makes for the perfect birthday gift for any hiker. They’re made with tough aluminum that will make it easy to use on rocky terrain and support the extra weight of a backpack It’s super simple to adjust with a twist-lock even if you’re wearing gloves or are in wet or less than ideal weather conditions. The comfy cork handles make it easy to use both in hot and cold climates and will mold to the user’s hands for added comfort. With lots of bright colors to choose from your hiker will be thrilled to get one that fit’s their style and personality.

  • 2. Solar Charger

    This will be a game-changer for any outdoor enthusiast in your life. Give them this travel-ready, portable solar charger. It comes with dual flashlights and a solar panel for emergency situations. It’ll charge any phone two times before needing to be charged, so it’s got plenty of battery power. It’s sturdy and durable and will last in any conditions, especially when hiking in rough terrain.

  • 3. Ultralight Air Sleeping Pad

    Let the hiker in your life know they can still be comfy to no matter where they end up with this ultralight sleeping pad. It’ll keep them extra warm and provide a good night’s rest no matter where they end up. It’s compact and will easily fit in a backpack, and it’s also super durable. It comes with two flat valves for inflating and deflating the pad, and no pump is required. It’s a thoughtful birthday gift that will have them so excited to head out on their next adventure.

  • 4. Headlamp

    It’s essential to have a durable headlamp when hiking or camping, and this one makes the perfect birthday gift. It has multiple modes, including full strength, dimming, strobe, night-vision, and lock mode. So, it’s perfect for any outdoor adventure. It’s waterproof and dustproof, so it’ll keep working in the harshest of conditions when a hiker needs it most.

  • 5. LED Camping Lantern

    This compactable, lightweight lantern makes an excellent hiking gift. It’ll fit seamlessly into any backpack, no matter how compact. It has a built-in rechargeable battery, so there is no need to buy any. Charge it with a USB cable or by hand cranking when there isn’t a power supply, which is excellent when hiking off the gride. There are two handy light modes, so it can be super bright or dim when needed.

Hiking Gifts Under $25

  • 1. Tactical Flashlight

    An affordable gift that is great for any adventurer. It’s super bright and helps light up the darkest spaces. This mini flashlight is lightweight and easy to fit in the palm of your hand, tuck away in a backpack, or clip to a belt. The military-grade aluminum makes it extra sturdy, so it’ll last no matter the weather conditions, and it comes with three modes for any type of situation.

  • 2. LifeStraw Water Filter For Hiking

    This is the coolest gadget that is an affordable gift for hikers. It’s perfect for getting a drink no matter where they might be and have peace of mind that the water is properly filtered. It can filter up to 1,000 gallons of contaminated water and doesn’t need batteries or to be charged, which is really cool. It’s super lightweight and portable and fits in tight spaces and can be carried anywhere.

  • 3. 100 Parks, 5000 Ideas Book

    Give the gift of inspiration for under $25. If you have someone in your life looking for new places to travel and hike, this is the perfect book. It’s filled with travel tips and gorgeous photography to show what some of these spectacular places look like. It’s an expert guide in the top national, state, and city parks throughout North America.

  • 4. Ultra Lightweight Daypack

    For all those who love day hikes, this ultra-lightweight pack is both affordable and durable to carry everything a hiker needs. It’s a great gift that you could even put a few other small things inside. It’s water-resistant, foldable, and has two side pockets for extra snacks and other gear. It comes in lots of fun colors, so it’ll be easy to keep track of.

  • 5. Hike Passport Journal

    This awesome journal is a must-have gift for anyone who loves to hike often. It has room for 20 adventures where they can record details about their most memorable hikes. It includes room for the date, location, who went with, first impressions, sights, etc. The best part is it’s made right here in the U.S.A. This cute pocket-sized journal can easily fit in snug pockets or a small space in a backpack.

  • 6. Collapsible Bowl

    This awesome collapsible food-grade silicone and BPA free set come with a folding straw, water bottle, and bowl. They are super compact and durable. The bowl and bottle have carabiners so they can easily attach to a backpack or other equipment for easy transportation.


With so many amazing ideas, you’re ready to give the best gift to any hiker in your life, no matter your budget. They’re bound to love any of the items on this list and will be super impressed that you took the time to get them something that they’ll actually use. The best part is you can tag along with them on their next trip to try out their new gear :)