Five Generations in One Photo

Last year I went home to Australia and was lucky to be able to go down to Melbourne and visit my Grandparents on my Dad’s side of the family. They built their house during the 1950’s and it’s in a nice neighborhood near the beach in a town called Parkdale. I have stayed with them at different times over the past 25 years and not much has changed in their house during that time. One table near the entry has this incredible picture (below) of five of generations in one photo taken in Victoria, Australia in 1929. Although I had seen this photo many times, the significance of it finally struck me and has motivated me to share it with you.

The oldest lady in the front left of the picture, named Mrs. Reade is my Great, Great, Great, Great Grandmother and was aged around 90 at the time of this photograph. The next lady in the front right is Mrs. Baker and she is my Great, Great, Great Grandmother aged around 70 here. The lady in the back left is Mrs. Clara Maud Fisher and is my Great, Great Grandmother aged around 50. My Grandfather’s mother is in the back right and her name was Mrs. Gladys Fergusson and she was around 30 at this time. Lastly, the young boy in the front center of the picture is my Grandfather, Jack Fergusson. Jack (I call him Pop) is still alive today and recently turned 85.

In another place of my Grandparents house is this amazing picture of my Grandma and Pop’s wedding in 1950. I really find it fascinating to see my ancestors faces and to think that I am related to all of these people.


On the left are my Grandfather’s parents Jack and Gladys Fergusson. On the right are my Grandmother’s parents. And in the middle are my Grandparents, Jack and Joan Fergusson.

I got thinking about all these ancestors and I realized that the “5 generations in one photo” picture is just the tip of the iceberg. For example, Mrs. Reade is one of sixty four men and women who are the parents and grandparents of all generations between me and her! It is mind boggling to think that there were sixty four people just like her all living around the same time who are all related to me. Every generation that goes back, the number doubles. This means that if you go back only ten generations there will be 1024 ancestors responsible for you, one individual. Isn’t it INCREDIBLE!?

And here are my dear Grandparents today. It is always so nice to see them and to spend time chatting about life and adventures.

I hope you enjoyed these photos.

Best wishes,


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  1. I have just begun looking into my genealogy. This has really inspired me to spend more time on it. Thank you for your post!

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