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Italy is a sensory haven and historical playground. It’s one of our favorite countries in the world for many reasons – unique architecture, incredible cuisine, ancient stories, colorful landscapes, and the friendliest people!
With 65+ million tourists traveling here each year, there’s no question why it’s one of the most visited places on Earth. But with so much to see, you’ll need a game plan going in. Especially since each region of Italy has its own unique identity:

Asher and Lyric in Italy

The North is known for its fashion-forwardness and romantic architecture. From Milan to Venice, you will see the influence of neighboring countries like France, Austria, and Switzerland. If you want a slower pace of life, check out Lake Como or the Dolomite Alps.

The South is a Mediterranean dream that encompasses Sicily, Sardinia, the Amalfi Coast, and arguably the most beautiful beaches in the world. The seafood is fresh, the limoncello is served around the clock, and no one does pizza like Naples! Island hop as you explore the archeological treasure of Pompeii and drink mineral-rich wine that’s been flavored by the volcanic eruptions. Jaunt over to Palermo for a White Lotus moment and enjoy the southern charm that has evolved from previous reigns of the Greeks, Celtic, and Arabians.

The East is a quieter part of the country that lies along the Adriatic Sea, reflected by its neighbors, Croatia and Slovenia. From the mosaic buildings of Ravenna to the maze of alleyways in Bari, this area is known for its Medieval architecture, castles, busy ports, and beautiful beaches.

The West is where you’ll find the rolling hills of Tuscany, the cobblestone streets of Rome, and no shortage of beauty. Where else can you find countries within countries (with the Vatican City staking its claim as a city-state in the middle of Rome), a Colosseum, and Renaissance masterpieces like Michelangelo’s “David” or the Duomo of Florence?

No matter what you are looking for, Italy has it in spades. And while the towns are spectacular, the magic of Italy is more about its people. The locals embody a playful energy that encourages you to enjoy life, flirt, feast, and have fun!

Get ready to live as the Romans do and use our guides to plan the most epic trip of a lifetime. We’ll support you with insider information, tips on iconic activities, safety hacks, style advice, and so much more.

Buon viaggio!