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19 Top Rome Packing List Items for 2023 + What to Wear & NOT to Bring

19 Top Rome Packing List Items for 2023 + What to Wear & NOT to Bring
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Ciao! Rome is a bustling metropolis in the heart of Italy. It’s an art history mecca, and one of the most popular European tourist destinations.

As Italy’s legendary food and culture capital, and historical landmark, packing for Rome requires bringing items that are simultaneously stylish and comfortable.

Below you’ll also find a section on what to wear in Rome, what NOT to bring and other important FAQs.

19 Top Rome Packing List Items for 2023 + What to Wear & NOT to Bring
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What to Pack for Rome top – 19 Essentials

  • 1. Italy Power Adapter

    The power outlets in Italy may be different from the ones in your home country, particularly if you’re coming from North America. Bring a universal power adapter that you can bring to nearly every country like this one, so that if you want to hop over to France or Spain, you’re all set to go!

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  • 2. Gorgeous Outfit

    Rome is a stylish place with an exciting nightlife. Chances are, you’ll want to spend an evening out on the town or enjoy a nice dinner in the Trastevere neighborhood. Dress the part by bringing at least one gorgeous outfit on your trip. This jumpsuit is trendy, lightweight, and perfect for any occasion.

    V Neck poland

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  • 3. Virtual Private Network (VPN)

    Be sure to have a reliable VPN before traveling to Rome. You will likely be connecting to WiFi in public places, like in airports, hotels, and cafes, which will leave you vulnerable to potential hackers. Keep your sensitive information like passwords and credit card numbers safe by using a VPN when you connect to WiFi abroad. A VPN will also help allow you to access websites from your home country that may be censored where you’re traveling to. We use NordVPN and they offer all of the services above at an affordable price.


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  • 4. Neck Wallet

    Rome can get crowded and very touristy, especially during the summer months. You’ll want to make sure your passport, wallet, phone, and other valuables are safe and organized. Do this by wearing a handy neck wallet which can be worn around your neck and tucked discreetly beneath your clothes to avoid getting anything stolen by pickpockets.

    Neck Wallet

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  • 5. Jet Lag Relief

    Depending on where you’re coming from, Rome can be awfully far away. You’ll want to avoid the nasty effects of jet lag by preventing and treating it with these homeopathic jet lag relief pills. We always use these when we travel overseas and they haven’t let us down yet!

    Jet lag remedy pills

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  • 6. Packing Cubes

    If there is one thing I can’t travel without, it’s a set of packing cubes. I use them in suitcases, backpacks, and even duffel bags. They help me to stay organized and keep my clean laundry separate from my dirty laundry. Grab a set like these ones, and get ready for your trip to Rome.

    Packing Cubes

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  • 7. Lipstick-Size Portable Charger

    When you’re out and about exploring Rome, you don’t want to have to worry about your phone running out of battery and leaving you without a mode of communication, navigation, photos, music, and more. Keep this lipstick-sized portable charger in your purse or daypack so you always have a backup battery if your phone runs out.

    Lipstick-Sized Charger

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  • 8. Windproof Umbrella

    On your trip to Rome, don’t get caught in the rain without an umbrella. The city is prone to a bit of rain any time throughout the year so you’ll want to make sure you’re always prepared. This windproof travel umbrella is great because it’s sturdy, reliable, and can fit two people underneath it.

    Hero Umbrella

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  • 9. TSA-Approved Luggage Locks

    Luggage locks take the stress out of traveling so you don’t have to worry about someone going through your luggage and stealing your belongings. This set of two TSA-approved locks is lightweight yet super durable. Use them to secure your checked luggage, day bags, and lockers.

    luggage locks

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  • 10. Light Jacket

    Rome may get warm in the summer months, but its museums, transport systems, and restaurants are very well-air conditioned, meaning you absolutely must bring a cardigan or light jacket with you during the day and in the evenings when temperatures cool down. Throw it in your daypack or tie it around your waist when you’re not wearing it.

    Light Jacket

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  • 11. Cooling Towel

    Rome can get hot, especially in the summer. A cooling towel is compact and easy to bring out with you in case you want to cool off while you’re exploring the city. All you do is wet the towel, wring it out, and it instantly becomes 20-30 degrees colder than the air temperature. It’s reusable so that you can cool off as many times a day as you need.

    towel pink

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  • 12. Stylish Backpack

    Keep your hands free as you explore Rome throughout the day with a stylish backpack like this one. This backpack is great to use during everything from cafe hopping to a night out and will help you fit in with the locals. This one is also sturdy, reliable, and comfortable.


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  • 13. Quick-Dry Travel Towel

    A quick dry towel is infinitely useful on any trip abroad. You’ll want to use it for day trips to the beaches of Cinque Terre and as a bath towel if your accommodation doesn’t provide one or if the one provided isn’t clean. This towel is lightweight, compact, and dries quickly so you won’t have to worry about getting the rest of your stuff wet.

    HERO Travel Towel - Blue

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  • 14. Comfortable walking shoes

    Rome is full of cobblestoned streets and winding alleyways. Go easy on your feet (and fit in with the locals) by bringing some comfortable but cute sneakers to wear while you roam through Rome! Whether you’re strolling through the Vatican or making a wish at the Trevi Fountain, you can’t go wrong with a comfy pair of shoes.

    Comfortable walking shoes

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  • 15. Travel Insurance for Rome

    No matter where you’re traveling, it’s essential to have reliable travel insurance before embarking on your journey. We always use because they offer a variety of plans from top companies that cover the costs for lost or stolen items, flight cancellations, and emergency medical, among a host of other things you may need while abroad.

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  • 16. Pashmina shawl

    A light pashmina shawl is a must-have multipurpose travel item for Rome. It can be your blanket on the plane ride, an accessory during the day, or a shawl when you go out at night. It’s also useful for when you need to cover up a bit when visiting Rome’s many cathedrals.

    Brown Pashmina Scarf

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  • 17. Cute and Comfortable Flats

    Rome’s cobblestoned streets make it almost impossible to wear heels out to dinner. Make sure to spice up your sundress with some cute and comfortable flats both as you walk around during the day and when you’re headed out for a night on the town.

    Cute and Comfortable Flats

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  • 18. Activated Charcoal

    As Rome is renowned throughout the world for its delicious food, it can be easy to overeat. If this happens to you or you end up eating or drinking something that doesn’t agree with you, you’ll want to take these activated charcoal tablets to absorb and expel the toxins in your system.

    Activated Charcoal

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  • 19. LifeStraw Water Bottle

    The tap water in Rome is safe to drink, so it’s best to bring around a reusable water bottle with you wherever you go. This one is awesome because it comes with a LifeStraw water filter built in which works as an added layer of protection to make sure the water you’re consuming is clean and safe.

    LifeStraw Water Bottle

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What to Wear in Rome

Rome is a casual but definitely fashion-forward city, so pack stylish but comfortable clothing. Comfortable sneakers to walk around in are a must. If you’re going in the summer, expect it to be very hot! Wear sundresses and comfortable sandals. It can get chilly and wet in the winter, so bring appropriate rain gear and warmer clothing if you’re headed to Rome after October.

What NOT to Bring to Rome

  • 1.Short shorts or short skirts

    – Many Italian cathedrals require that you cover your knees and shoulders. Besides that, Italians generally tend to dress more conservatively. You will definitely stand out if you wear clothing that is too revealing – I learned that the hard way when I went jogging in short athletic shorts!

  • 2.Stilettos

    High heels and cobblestone streets do not mix!

  • 3.A full suitcase

    – Remember to leave space so that you can bring home lots of souvenirs from Rome’s quirky outdoor markets!

  • 4.Too many clothes/ shoes

    – My motto is “pack lighter, go further”. Try to bring multi-purpose, neutral-colored items only.

  • 5.Books

    – A Kindle will save you some serious weight. Not to mention, Lonely Planet guidebooks are free on Kindle Unlimited!

FAQs About Traveling in Rome

  • 1. Is Rome expensive?

    Unfortunately, everything in Rome is pretty expensive. For example, hotel rooms cost more in Rome than in smaller Italian cities. A small cappuccino can cost upwards of 4 Euro (US$ 5.50) at a street cafe!

  • 2. How can I do Rome on a budget?

    Definitely! Rome is a must-see bucket list destination, and a tight budget shouldn’t stop you from going. Stay in hostels, eat street food instead of at restaurants, and go easy on the alcohol. Get to know the city through free (donation-based) walking tours, and take public transportation instead of cabs!

  • 3. When is the best time to visit Rome?

    April to June, and late September to October are the best months for traveling in Italy because the temperatures are usually mild, and the crowds aren’t too bad. Peak tourist season starts in mid-June, and continues through mid-September.

  • 4. Where should I stay in Rome?

    If you want to be in the real heart of the city, stay near or in one of these areas:

    • The Pantheon (the epicenter of Rome’s historic area, filled with hotels and restaurants)
    • Piazza Navona
    • The Spanish Steps (Piazza di Spagna)
  • 5. Do people tip in Rome? What is Rome's tipping culture?

    Only tip as you see fit. As in most of Europe, tips are truly extra – servers don’t rely on them to fill out a full living wage as they do in the US. Tip a little bit extra if you feel any service was above and beyond, even if it means just leaving your change. Certainly try to tip hotel staff if they do a lot to help – it may ensure that you get prompt and positive service throughout your stay.