7 Best Neck Wallets (2022 Reviews)

best neck wallets for travel
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A neck wallet is one of the most useful travel accessories. Whether you’re backpacking through Asia or wandering the streets of Venice, a neck wallet is not only perfect to keep your belongings secure but offers quick and convenient access when out and about. When you’re walking through big crowds, feel safe from pickpockets with this compact wallet. Wear it under your t-shirt to be extra discreet, or keep it out when going through airports and important areas!

Why Use a Neck Wallet? – (Click to expand)

1. Quick and convenient access to documents on the go

When you travel, it is ideal to have your documents in close proximity to you. Gone are the days of fumbling around in your bag and freaking out because you can’t locate your passport or card while your flight is boarding. Avoid this added stress at airports by using a neck wallet so you always know where your documents are. Simply place your most important documents in the neck wallet and find them quickly, safely, and with ease without worrying about losing your valuables when you’re in a rush.

2. Secure place to keep credit cards and cash while shopping

Shopping can sometimes be quite a stressful situation while abroad, so why not make it better? Whether you choose to place the neck wallet under clothing for safety or wear it securely around your neck to carry cash and cards, you’re free to shop til you drop. Neck wallets are great to use in markets, bazaars, and busy cities or towns.

3. Safe and discrete while traveling

Neck wallets are great because they keep your valuables like passports and phones safe while traveling to new places. From their lightweight style and function to their fabulous hiding capabilities, you can wear them in the airport or in crowded streets. They are a great way to keep your valuables close, safe, and even hidden when you’re out exploring so you don’t have to worry about getting pickpocketed.

Best Neck Wallets

  • 1. Hero Neck Wallet

    (Amazon’s Choice)

    Why it’s great: A lightweight, RFID blocking, and sleek neck wallet is a clear choice to buy if you’re in the market for something reliable and secure. This all-purpose neck Wallet can hold passports, credit cards, cash, smartphones, tickets, and much more.

    Use it to quickly remove, add or hide items fast and do it in style and with multiple colors that can be worn by all genders. Made with sturdy materials and excellent quality, this is a travel accessory you can have for your entire life.

    Keep in mind: This neck wallet is a bit larger than the rest. However, you can comfortably wear it under clothing, around your neck or use it as a crossbody or shoulder purse.

  • 2. Teskyer

    (Smallest and Compact)

    Why it’s great: If you want something small and discrete, this neck wallet will be your best bet. Stylishly hold up credit cards, cash, and coins when you’re out shopping aboard. With a wrist strap and neck lanyard, feel free to wear this wallet in multiple ways during your travels.

    This wallet is ultra slim and can hold up to 12 cards and even includes a clear portion for your ID to be on show. Easily put this in a secure pocket or rock it around your neck with its classic leather design and fashionable functionality.

    Keep in mind: This neck wallet is made from leather, so it’s not water resistant, and it’s much smaller than other wallets on the list. This is more of a shopping neck wallet while traveling as it cannot fit your passport.

  • 3. Walnew

    (Most Budget-friendly)

    Why it’s great: If you’re looking to spend more money on travel and less on accessories, this neck wallet is great to keep your belongings safe. At an extremely affordable price point, this neck wallet may be the cheapest on the list but it can hold a lot.

    Whether you sling this over your neck and carry your passport proudly or hide some cash in it and disclose it under clothing, this will happily serve you on all your travels. With durable fabrics and a lightweight design, this is great for budget travelers.

    Keep in mind: The transparent window at the front does not support RFID blocking.

  • 4. Zero Grid

    (Great for families)

    Why it’s great: If you are going abroad to travel with your family, I would suggest looking into the Zero Grid neck wallet. With versatile storage options, including space for four passports, multiple credit cards, and flight tickets, keep your family’s important documents safe and in one place.

    Conceal this high-quality neck wallet under clothes or use its high-tech style and strap it to your belt. With 7 RFID blocking sleeves, get around without the stress of thieves comfortably and safely. Simplify travel with family and enjoy your vacation.

    Keep in mind: Although this wallet is lightweight and can be hidden, it is still quite large and may not be best for solo travelers.

  • 5. Venture 4th

    (Most Flexible)

    Why it’s great: With flexible storage options and plenty of room, pack this wallet up well and go on an adventure. Built with water-resistant materials, durable straps, and strong zips, pack your most valuable items away and feel stress-free.

    With room for your phone, headphones, and much more, keep each belonging in a desired location with its well-structured pockets and a movable design. From hiking in the forests to strolling through city streets, carry your essentials with ease

    Keep in mind: The top pocket doesn’t have a zip, so make sure to close it properly with the velcro flap.

  • 6. Eagle Creek

    (Most Simple)

    Why it’s great: If you’re looking for no additional frills and just want something simple and practical, then you’ve found your neck wallet. Open up the wallet and use its one large pocket to hold all your essentials in a neat and classic way.

    With RFID blocking technology, carry your passport and cards close to you. Use its adjustable straps and a breathable mesh back to wear in the hottest conditions and still feel cool or wear it as a shoulder bag for casual outings.

    Keep in mind: Since it has just one pocket, things can sometimes get a bit messy, so make sure you’re well organized if you choose this product.

  • 7. ELV

    (Most Stylish)

    Why it’s great: Bring some color, style, and fashion into your life with this fun neck wallet. Show the world how trendy and fashionable you are while your credit cards, cash, and ID are safe and locked in your pockets.

    With a strong strap and clip function clasp, wear your wallet proudly, and don’t be afraid to splash and shop about. Choose from different colors, patterns, and designs when rocking this cool travel accessory. Use the zipper pocket for important materials as this is shielded with RFID protection and get ready to have a great vacation.

    Keep in mind: As this is colorful, be aware that you can sometimes draw more attention to yourself if you wear it as a mini purse or in unfamiliar locations. Always be aware of your surroundings.

Best Overall

The Hero Neck Wallet is our overall top recommendation. It's the highest quality product we have found with the most affordable price making it the best value on our list..

Other Accessories

  • 1. Packing Cubes

    Are you looking to become a more organized traveler, because packing cubes can set you in the right direction. Easily pack belongings in a desired location and have a spot for everything. Make packing hassle-free and spend less time digging in your bag and more time exploring the world.

  • 2. Reusable Water Bottle

    Stay hydrated and save the planet with a reusable water bottle. While you cannot drink tap water in most countries, I would still bring an insulated bottle with you while exploring. Always check with accommodation if they offer water fountains and refill stations for you to use on vacation.

  • 3. VPN

    Protect your online identity, web activities, and cards while scrolling the web. Whether you choose to use your laptop or flick through Instagram on your phone, always think about protection. A VPN will allow you to freely work or communicate online within a safe network.

  • 4. Universal Travel Adapter

    Keep your electronics charged in any country with the help of a universal travel adapter. Avoid the hassle of frantically finding an adapter in an airport or busy street and come prepared with this strong and dual-action product. Plug in multiple things at once and never fight about having a low charge.

  • 5. Travel Insurance

    Unfortunately, accidents sometimes happen and while you never wish for these to happen while you’re on vacation, it’s better to be prepared with travel insurance. From lost luggage, and canceled flights to doctor visits, travel insurance can save you money, time, and effort. We always use TravelInsurance.com to compare policies from top companies to find the best option for our family and travel plans.

  • 6. Portable Charger

    Stay charged while you’re out discovering new restaurants, historical landmarks and making amazing memories. This small, powerful and sturdy charger can fit in most neck wallets on this list and will come in handy when you’re running low on power and need a pick-me-up. Never be stressed because of your low battery.

  • 7. Luggage Locks

    If you want to be extra secure and safe while traveling, think about a strong and durable pair of luggage locks. If you’re a solo traveler in a hostel these will be a lifesaver or if you’re a traveling family, luggage locks are great to keep all your things together and safe. Make sure to keep the key in your trusted neck wallet too!

FAQs about Neck Wallets

  • 1. Does wearing my neck wallet under clothing really hide it?

    Yes, it does. Hiding a neck wallet under loose clothing does hide it from the common eye, thus making it easy to disguise while traveling. Whether you’re in an unfamiliar situation or shopping in town, a hidden neck wallet can make any situation safer.

  • 2. What is RFID blocking technology, and why should I have it in my neck wallet?

    RFID is Radio Frequency Identification and it is quite important in Neck wallets. Owning a neck wallet with RFID blocking technology means that hackers and scammers can not easily access your accounts, especially for credit cards and passports. Please only purchase products with RFID technology so you can ensure your information is safe, without it there is not much use to owning a neck wallet.

  • 3. Do neck wallets make traveling safer?

    You’ll be a less likely target for pickpockets and it will make you feel better when out and about. Avoid the risk of getting robbed and keep your personal belongings within reach and in a confined safe location. Always be aware of your surroundings and double-check a location’s safety before visiting so you are always knowledgeable.

  • 4. Are neck wallets waterproof?

    Most neck wallets are water resistant. While a waterproof neck wallet would be incredible, it’s not exactly their main focus. A neck wallet was created to keep your most valuable documents like cash, credit cards, and passports safe while traveling and in uncommon situations. Make sure whichever water resistance Neck Wallet you choose is nylon and includes a watertight pouch.


Whether you’re a solo traveler looking to conquer the world or jet-setting with friends and family, a neck wallet is an essential item to own. Easily access documents, carry cash safely in markets or streets around the world and keep your belongings secure while out about and about. Leave the stress at home and stop worrying about thieves, pickpockets, and other worst-case scenarios with the help of one sturdy product. Stay organized, have fun and keep your precious belongings with you while you are on the move!