7 Best Neck Wallets (2024 Reviews)

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A good Neck Wallet can save you from the nightmare of having your lifelines (e.g., phone, passport, bank cards, and cash) stolen in a foreign country. A good Neck Wallet should be: 1) Able to be worn comfortably and securely, 2) Neatly hold all the essentials, and 3) Keep pickpockets and e-thiefs at bay.

Leading with those three core characteristics, we vigorously tested dozens of neck wallets and found the best ones for just about every type of traveler.

From stylish to practical, spacious to minimalist, we’ve narrowed down the best neck wallets for every travel style. Bon voyage!

Why Use a Neck Wallet? – (Click to expand)

1. Quick and convenient access to documents on the go

When you travel, it is ideal to have your documents in close proximity to you. Gone are the days of fumbling around in your bag and freaking out because you can’t locate your passport or card while your flight is boarding. Avoid the added stress at airports by using a neck wallet so you always know where your documents are. Simply place your passport and boarding pass in the neck wallet and find them quickly, safely, and with ease.

2. Less likely to misplace your valuables

Travel is notoriously hectic. And when things turn hectic, the chances of you misplacing your phone, credit card, ID, or passport are at an all-time high. When we aren’t organized, it’s easy to leave boarding passes or passports lying out in the open with the intention of putting them away in our luggage later, but that’s how things get lost! Don’t let something so easily preventable ruin your trip. By having a neck wallet, you’ll have a designated space on you at all times for your most valuable travel items – no more worrying about losing your valuables when you’re in a rush.

3. Prevent theft while traveling

Neck wallets keep essentials like bank cards and phones safe while traveling to unfamiliar places. From their lightweight style and function to their fabulous hiding capabilities, you can discreetly wear them in crowded streets, and thieves will be none the wiser. They keep your valuables close, safe, and hidden when you’re out exploring so you don’t have to worry about getting pickpocketed. The best ones will even have RFID-blocking technology so that e-thieves can’t scan your wallet and steal your credit card information or your identity (it happens!).

Best Neck Wallets

  • 1. Hero Neck Wallet

    (Best Value)

    Why it’s great: The Hero Neck Wallet is the Swiss Army Knife of neck wallets – it does it all. Made of durable nylon with RFID-blocking technology, it holds your phone, passport, bank cards, cash, and tickets in a comfortable and adjustable fashion, either around the neck or as a crossbody. It includes all the best features a neck wallet could have in one place. It also comes in many colors, from hot pink to black.

    We found the ripstop nylon and premium YKK zippers hold up trip after trip. One killer perk: the Hero Neck Wallet comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee. In the unlikely event that it breaks, their US-based customer service is very friendly and will send you a free replacement even if it’s outside of Amazon’s return window.

    Keep in mind: It fits most body types, but the strap may be too short to wear as a crossbody bag for plus-size guys and gals.

    Hero Neck Wallet

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  • 2. Eagle Creek

    (Most Streamlined)

    Why it’s great: The Eagle Creek Neck Wallet is a neck wallet after the minimalist’s heart. With one velcro pocket and an interior mesh divider, its streamlined design keeps things simple and lightweight. It’s spacious enough to hold a passport, bank cards, cash, tickets, and depending on the size, a phone.

    Like the previous neck wallet, it’s made with premium materials like durable ripstop nylon, YKK zippers, and RFID-blocking technology to prevent e-theft. The neck strap can be adjusted to different lengths and even extended to be worn as a crossbody.

    Keep in mind: Since it has just one pocket, things can get crowded. It might be too tight to fit larger phones like an iPhone Pro or Max.

    Eagle Creek

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  • 3. Cotopaxi

    (Most Unique Design)

    Why it’s great: The Cotopaxi Maigo Neck Pouch is truly one of a kind. The employees in the Philippines that make these neck wallets choose unique color combinations for each neck pouch using excess fabric so nothing goes to waste, meaning you’ll receive a pouch with a surprise colorway special for you!

    This no-fuss neck wallet has a small pocket on the back and one main velcro pocket that will hold bigger items like passports or phones and even has a key hook so you don’t waste time digging around for your keys.

    Keep in mind: Since the neck strap is more of a cord, some may find that it doesn’t distribute weight as comfortably as the previous neck wallets on this list. It also may be too short for some to wear as a cross-over.


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  • 4. Coach

    (Designer Leather)

    Why it’s great: While the Coach Phone Crossbody technically isn’t a neck wallet, it can still do a lot that a neck wallet does, just more stylishly. It’s an all-leather wallet with a leather and metal strap that will keep the slash-and-grab pickpockets from cutting this crossbody loose. Wear it over the shoulder or as a cross-over.

    It has an outside pocket to slide slim phones in and a zippered compartment for IDs, bank cards, and cash. If you’re someone who prefers to carry only the essentials, this premium wallet is a chic option.

    Keep in mind: The slip-pocket was made for slim phones, so if you have a bulkier phone or phone case, it may not fit. Since it’s all leather, it’s the heaviest wallet on our list.


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  • 5. The North Face

    (Best for Outdoor Adventure)

    Why it’s great: The North Face Bozer Neck Pouch lets you bring the brand’s legendary ruggedness along on your travels. It’s made from water-resistant recycled polyester to keep valuables like passports, phones, tickets, and cash dry while you’re out exploring without weighing you down.

    It comes with a few different pockets so you can keep things organized and easy to find. It’s the perfect companion for travelers who will likely find themselves spending a lot of time outdoors or on hikes because it’s small, lightweight, and water-resistant.

    Keep in mind: Premium features like rip-stop nylon, YKK zippers, and RFID-blocking technology are forgone in this neck wallet to keep it small and lightweight for the active traveler.

    The North Face

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  • 6. Lapinchen Hidden Bra Wallet

    (Best for Solo-Female Travelers)

    Why it’s great: The Lapinchen Hidden Bra Wallet is a novel way to keep your valuables out of sight from potential thieves. This clever wallet latches on to any bra or belt and discreetly tucks away. It’s perfect for solo-female travelers who don’t want to draw attention to themselves as potential targets for pickpockets. And for times when you need the wallet at the ready, it has a neck strap so you can wear it like a usual neck wallet.

    This single-pocket wallet is made from breathable fabric that’s soft and lightweight so it’s comfortable against the skin. We love it for concealing small essentials like IDs, bank cards, and cash when exploring crowded sites.

    Keep in mind: This bra wallet is not intended to fit passports or phones.

    Lapinchen Hidden Bra Wallet

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  • 7. Adidas

    (Most Athletic)

    Why it’s great: The Adidas Neck Pouch is one for athleisure fans. You get the quality you’d expect from any Adidas product in a compact sporty pouch that is popular with men, women, and teens. It has one main, spacious pocket and a smaller pocket with room for a phone or passport.

    The drawstring cord can be worn around your neck or as a crossbody. It has a carabiner clip to secure it to a backpack or anywhere else when not in use. It’s a great neutral option to carry the basics.

    Keep in mind: The main pocket is closed with just a snap button, so there are gaps where small things like change or keys could fall out when not resting upright.


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Best Overall

Hero Neck Wallet

The Hero Neck Wallet is our overall top recommendation. It's the highest quality product we have found with the most affordable price making it the best value on our list..

Hero Neck Wallet

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Other Accessories

  • 1. Packing Cubes

    Are you looking to become a more organized traveler? Packing cubes can set you in the right direction. Easily pack belongings in a desired location and have a spot for everything. Make packing hassle-free, and spend less time digging in your bag and more time exploring the world.

    Packing Cubes

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  • 2. Water Bottle with Built-in Filter

    Stay hydrated and reduce waste with a reusable water bottle. A Brita bottle comes with a built-in filter to considerably improve the taste of tap water due to chlorine and other chemicals. For safety, always check with accommodation to see if the tap water is safe to drink or if they offer potable drinking water.

    Water Bottle with Built-in Filter

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  • 3. Virtual Private Network (VPN)

    Protect your online identity, web activities, bank accounts and credit cards when connected to public wifi. Whether you choose to use your laptop or flick through Instagram on your phone, it’s important to be aware of hackers that can steal your sensitive digital information when connected to wifi in hotels, airports, and cafes. A VPN will allow you to work or communicate online within a safe network that is impenetrable to online thieves.


    View options at NordVPN ➜

  • 4. Universal Travel Adapter

    Keep your electronics charged in 100+ countries with the help of a universal travel adapter. Avoid getting ripped off at airports and come prepared with this strong and dual-action adapter. Charge three devices at once and keep them safe from power surges with the built-in fuse protectors.

    Universal Travel Adapter

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  • 5. Waterproof Phone Pouch

    Losing a phone to water damage is a nightmare when traveling – it happened to me in Colombia on a rainy trek to their tallest waterfall, so now I make sure to travel with a waterproof phone pouch. Its universal design will protect just about any phone from accidental encounters with water as well as intentional ones since it’s submersible up to 75ft – perfect for taking underwater photos while snorkeling! This one was designed in Hawaii so you know it was built for water-filled adventures.

    waterproof phone pouch

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  • 6. Travel Insurance

    Unfortunately, accidents sometimes happen, and while you don’t want to think about the worst when you’re on vacation, it’s better to be prepared. From lost luggage and canceled flights to doctor visits, travel insurance can save you money, time, and effort.

    However, most insurance providers are stuck twenty years in the past, having you fill out endless amounts of frustrating paperwork without guaranteeing a payout. With Faye, everything from finding coverage to making claims and getting reimbursed can be done right from their mobile app on your phone without any daunting paperwork. And in the case of emergencies, they can reimburse you instantly so you’re not left to fend for yourself in a tough situation.

    Travel Insurance

    Get a quote in less than 60 seconds with Faye ➜

  • 7. TSA-Approved Luggage Locks

    If you want to be extra secure and safe while traveling, think about a strong and durable pair of luggage locks. Whether you’re a backpacker in a hostel or a family with checked luggage, these locks will make sure your belongings are always secure. The 4-digit combination is 10x harder to crack than a standard 3-digit lock, and they’re TSA-approved so you won’t have any setbacks going through security.

    TSA-Approved Luggage Locks

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  • 8. Jet Lag Relief

    For long overseas trips, we can’t recommend this jet lag relief enough. It’s a homeopathic blend of herbs to naturally combat fatigue and stress from jet lag. Since there are no harsh stimulants like caffeine, you won’t experience any side effects. I always take them when flying to Europe or Asia – they work wonders to help me adapt to new time zones.

    Jet Lag Relief

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  • 9. Windproof Travel Umbrella

    It’s good to bring your own umbrella so that you’re not left buying an overpriced, crappy one in a gift shop when the rain catches you by surprise. When it comes to quality, this travel umbrella is my absolute favorite. The reinforced fiberglass ribs will withstand strong winds, and the canopy has a waterproof coating for extra protection. It even comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee – that’s when you know it was built to last!

    Windproof Travel Umbrella

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  • 10. Lipstick-Sized Portable Charger

    Don’t cut a day of adventuring short because your phone has a shorter battery life than you do! Stay charged while you’re out discovering new restaurants and historical landmarks. This lipstick-sized charger can fit in most neck wallets on this list and will come in handy when your phone is running low on power and needs a pick-me-up without having to go back to the hotel to recharge.

    Lipstick-Sized Portable Charger

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  • 11. Quick-Dry Travel Towel

    A travel towel is the most versatile item in my travel arsenal. Besides being good for drying off, it makes a great picnic or beach blanket, packing cushion, sweat rag, airplane blanket, and sun shade. I love how quickly it dries and that you can use it over and over before washing it without it smelling bad. It’s super lightweight and comes with a convenient stuff-bag so it will fit just about anywhere.

    Quick-Dry Travel Towel

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  • 12. Hanging Toiletry Bag

    An organization staple, a hanging toiletry bag will help you maintain your self-care routine even when traveling. It can easily hang on any towel rack, door, or shower rod to maximize space in small bathrooms. The plastic zippered compartments will keep liquids contained in case of any leaks or spills. It comes in medium and large so you can pack as little or as much as you need.

    Hanging Toiletry Bag

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FAQs about Neck Wallets

  • 1. Does wearing my neck wallet under clothing really hide it?

    Yes, it does. Hiding a neck wallet under loose clothing does hide it from the common eye, thus making it easy to disguise while traveling. Whether you’re in an unfamiliar situation or shopping in town, a hidden neck wallet can make any situation safer.

  • 2. What is RFID blocking technology, and why should I have it in my neck wallet?

    RFID is Radio Frequency Identification, and it is pretty important in Neck wallets. Owning a neck wallet with RFID-blocking technology means that hackers and scammers can not easily access your accounts, especially for credit cards and passports. RFID technology ensures your information is safe. Without it, a neck wallet is far less secure.

  • 3. Do neck wallets make traveling safer?

    You’ll be a less likely target for pickpockets and it will make you feel better when out and about. Avoid the risk of getting robbed and keep your personal belongings within reach and in a confined, safe location. Always be aware of your surroundings and double-check a location’s safety before visiting so you are always knowledgeable.

  • 4. Are neck wallets waterproof?

    A lot of neck wallets are water-resistant. While a waterproof neck wallet would be incredible, it’s not exactly their primary focus. A neck wallet was created to keep your most valuable documents, like cash, credit cards, and passports, safe while traveling. Make sure whichever water resistance Neck Wallet you choose is nylon and includes a watertight pouch.


Whether you’re a solo traveler looking to conquer the world or jet-set with friends and family, a neck wallet is an essential item to own. Easily access documents, carry cash safely in markets or streets around the world, and keep your belongings secure while out and about. Leave the stress at home and stop worrying about e-thieves, pickpockets, and other worst-case scenarios with the help of one sturdy product. Stay organized, have fun, and keep your precious belongings close to you while you are on the move!