17 Top Disney Cruise Packing List Items + What NOT to Bring (2019)

Updated on March 17, 2019 by Asher Fergusson

Setting sail on a Disney Cruise will take you to the ends of the earth and back again, all while making endless memories with your travel buddies.

The Disney cruise line is known for effortless fun, highly-rated safety, and convenience for you and your family while on the high seas.

To ensure a comfortable and well-prepared trip, make sure you don’t forget anything on this list of my 17 Disney Cruise must-haves!

What do I really need to pack for a Disney Cruise?

1) Duffel Bag or Suitcase – A good piece of luggage is important when you’re going on a cruise. It’ll keep your stuff organized, safe and contained day in and day out on your journey. This suitcase is perfect to stowaway on the ship, and is roomy enough to fit the variety of outfits you’ll want on board.

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2) Refillable cup or water bottle – One perk of going on a Disney Cruise is that if you bring a refillable cup, you can usually get free refills! This is an awesome way to save a little money on your vacation. This cup is Disney-themed, and a surefire crowd pleaser for everyone in the family.

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3) Ziploc Bags – Since embarking on a cruise usually means living in close quarters, organization is everything. Bringing a full supply of ziploc bags is a great way to organize everything from toiletries to clothing to souvenirs. They’re also good for sticking your electronics in when you’re at the pool or any sandy area.

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4) Lanyard – Don’t loss your room key! You’ll need it to get into your room, obviously, but also for other things like getting into certain areas on the ship. Bring a colorful lanyard with a pouch for ID-sized cards so that you don’t lose your anything. It’s also waterproof, so you can keep your pocket money inside too.

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5) Watch – It’s easy to lose track of time on a Disney Cruise! For maximum vacation fun, part with your phone before heading out for activities. Bring a waterproof watch to wear so that you can leave your phone locked up in the room and still keep track of the time. You definitely don’t want to miss final call at any of the ports!

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6) Laundry Bag – Dirty swimsuits and clothing will need a home during your stay on the ship. It’s a smart idea to collect your spoiled clothing in a big mesh laundry bag, so that you can easily throw it all in the washing machine or hand it over to laundry services. There are laundry rooms on board, complete with irons and ironing boards. This laundry bag is well-ventilated and packed up super small.

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7) Tide-to-go Pen – Stains are bound to happen with all of the debauchery and dining that happens on Disney Cruises! Of course your clothing options are somewhat limited too, since you’re not at home. Bring a tide-to-go pen for little spills so that you can wear and rewear your wardrobe throughout the whole cruise without worrying about embarrassing stains.

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8) Air Freshener – The air in cabins on cruise ships can get a little stale and musty, even if your room has a balcony. Bring a fresh scented air spritzer to make you feel more at home. Febreze has some great scents in small containers that won’t take up much room in our suitcase!

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9) Princess Costumes – If you’re traveling with little girls, a princess dress is a must-pack. It’s a Disney Cruise tradition to dress up for dinner every once in awhile. Your princess will love fitting in with all of the Disney characters and taking pictures with them! This one comes in all sizes and is perfect for dinner dress-up.

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10) Sand Toys – Your ship is likely to make many beach stops during your cruise! Although some sand toys will be provided, it’s a good idea to bring some of your own if you want to make sure your kids have fun in the sun. Just make sure to rinse them off on the deck before bringing them back into your room! These ones come in their very own backpack.

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11) Clothes Line – You’ll collect plenty of wet towels and wet swimsuits every day on your Disney Cruise. Keep them from getting smelly and dry them out faster by bringing a clothesline with you. This one is awesome because of its braided design. You can hang up anything without using clothespins, and attach it nearly anywhere.

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12) Seasickness Bracelets – In the unfortunate event that someone in your party is prone to motion sickness, having a seasickness remedy is invaluable. Although they sell medicine on board, it’s better to slip on one of these seasickness bracelets ahead of time. These ones have great reviews and are not too expensive.

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13) Stroller or Baby Carrier (if necessary) – Parents with babies know how important it is to bring a carrier! Your toddlers are bound to get tired walking around the big cruise ship and exploring the locations that you’ll be stopping at. Bring one of these ergonomic child carriers to solve any kid-fatigue issues.

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14) Sunscreen – Disney cruises mean sunshine! Whether you’re getting your tan on by one of the sparkling pools, or relaxing on a beach where the ship is docked for the day, you’ll need to bring a strong SPF sunscreen. This one is hypoallergenic and safe for kids. Make sure you apply every hour if you’re getting in the water.

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15) Waterproof Pouch – It’s a good idea to bring a waterproof pouch to store all of your important documents. Plane tickets, passports, visas, and anything else that’s made of paper should go inside one of these, just in case. These ones are heavy duty and come in lots of different sizes.

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16) Nicer Clothes – There are several fine dining options aboard Disney cruise ships. Women should bring a nice top or a sundress, and men can get away with a polo and khakis. For kids, anything other than a wet swimsuit will do! This polo is very versatile and flattering for any figure.

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17) Small Bills for Tipping Staff – The staff on Disney cruises is known for going above and beyond the call of duty. They take care of everything for you, and will bend over backwards to assure you have a spectacular stay. Tips are always greatly appreciated so bring some small bills!

Other items you may need on a Disney Cruise

What do people wear on Disney cruises?

Keep it casual during the day. Bring swimsuits, tank tops, shorts, coverups and sundresses. Dining attire is “ cruise casual” in all main restaurants on the ship, so bring some casual-cute clothing. People on the cruises often like to get dressed up some nights, but of course this is optional!

What NOT to bring:

1) 🚫 Firearms and ammunition – Guns, ammunition, any kind of knives, swords, daggers, bullwhips or any other types of weapons are definitely not allowed on the ship under any circumstances!

2) 🚫 Homemade, precooked or other perishable food items – Disney wants you to spend your money on the cruise ship. You can bring packages snack food, but no homemade meals. You can make special requests ahead of time if you have dietary restrictions.

3) 🚫 Coolers – No coolers allowed! The only exception is for coolers that are needed to carry medications, baby food or items related to dietary constraints.

FAQs about packing for Disney Cruises:

1) Can I bring my own wine?

Passengers (21 years of age and older) can bring onboard two bottles of unopened wine or Champagne (smaller than 750 ml) or six beers (smaller than 12 ounces) on embarkation day and in each port of call. Any alcohol must be hand-carried in a day bag or carry-on luggage.

2) How long is the Disney Cruise?

It depends on the cruise. Some cruises last for three days, and others up to two weeks.

3) Is there laundry service on board?

Yes. There is a 24-hour, self-service laundry room with washers, dryers, detergent and ironing equipment onboard all Disney Cruise ships. Wash and press services are also available on all ships!

4) Can you bring your own food?

You cannot bring pre-cooked or perishable foods. However, sealed containers of snacks are allowed.

5) Can you bring your own bottled water?

Yes, as long as it is carried onboard in your carry-on luggage. However, the filtered water that is provided onboard tastes fine as well. Be kind to the environment by bringing a refillable water bottle to fill up throughout your stay.

6) Should I tip servers and staff on the cruise line?

It’s up to you. Sometimes tips make sense – if you’ve received help with your luggage, for instance, or if you’re in the restaurants and receive good service. Other times it may not be as necessary. Either way, tips are appreciated!

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