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US to Cambodia Power Adapter: What Plug Do I Need? (2024)

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Cambodia is a country filled with culture, rich traditions, and outstanding landscapes. From visiting one of the World’s Wonders to diving deep into history and eating delicious food – Cambodia is a country of wonders. Watch the sunrise at Angkor Wat, discover Cambodia’s past, and go shopping in bright and fabulous markets while exposing yourself to new experiences and the many intriguing lifestyles of Cambodia.

Before you depart, use this quick guide to understand which adapter you need, how to protect your devices and ensure you can safely charge them overseas, and more packing list tips that will enhance your travels!

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Which power outlets do they use in Cambodia?

Iceland power outlet
Here is an actual photo of a Cambodia power outlet

The power outlets in Cambodia are both Type A and Type C outlets. A Type A outlet is what is used most commonly in the United States, which is useful if you’re traveling from America to Cambodia. Type A plugs have two parallel blades. However, modern plugs now have one blade a bit larger.

The other type of electrical outlet Cambodia uses is Type C. This outlet is most commonly used in Europe, which is useful for travelers visiting from most European countries.

Type C plugs have two round identically sized pins that fit perfectly into the unearthed outlet.
Electricity in Cambodia is 230 V, and the frequency is 50 Hertz for outlets and adapters.

While you might use these electrical outlets and plugs in your home country, it’s important to note that not all devices use the same voltage. For example, the United States uses a supply Voltage of 120 V while most of Europe can supply a voltage of 220 V. Always double-check by looking at the information on your devices to see if they are compatible.

What kind of power adapter do I need for Cambodia?

Cambodia power adapter
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You’re probably wondering what plug I need in Cambodia. Believe me, this is an important question as you have options between what the US to Cambodia power adapter works best. Because you need an adapter that can fit both type A and type C outlets, a universal travel adapter is your best option.

Between accommodations, restaurants, and all building types in Cambodia, the plugs can switch between a type A or C plug. Being prepared for both will keep you covered in any situation and allow you to always have a full charge. This universal travel adapter is durable and even lets you charge more than one device at a time. Take it with you around Cambodia and the entire world!

We like this one in particular because it works in 100+ countries and is backed by a lifetime replacement guarantee, so it will serve you in tons of future travel and you may never need to buy another adapter again. It also has a built-in fuse protector to defend against power surges and we’ve found it to be higher quality than other adapters we’ve collected over the years.

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Other Cambodia Packing List Items

In addition to your US to Cambodia power adapter, these items will help you pack with intention and expand the possibilities of your getaway. Also, check out our Cambodia packing list for more inspiration and ideas.

  • 1. Neck Wallet & Passport Holder

    Filled with street markets and endless tourist activities, a neck wallet will not only keep your belongings safe but make you less of a target for theft while experiencing Cambodia. Most of the main attractions in Cambodia are quite busy and filled with pickpockets or thieves who are very good at taking things before your eyes. A neck wallet easily hides your most precious documents and should be worn under a t-shirt for added security.


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  • 2. TSA-Approved Luggage Locks

    Cambodia is a popular backpacker and solo traveling destination! Whether you’re meeting new friends in hostels or traveling with friends and family at boutique accommodation, a luggage lock can keep your belongings safely locked away. From using a luggage lock on your suitcase when flying to putting it on lockers in hostels, this dual-action accessory will make a wonderful difference.

    luggage locks

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  • 3. Virtual Private Network (VPN)

    A VPN should be a mandatory accessory for any international or domestic travel! With not the safest or most secure networks available in Cambodia, using a VPN to access sensitive data, files and documents will keep your mind at ease and information safe.

    It also mitigates regional censorship that can be common in this part of the world. Don’t worry about getting hacked or blocked from your favorite websites and apps. It’s super affordable and can be added to any device.


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  • 4. Water Bottle with a Built-in Filter

    The tap water system in Cambodia is not safe for consumption and you may not always have access to purchase plastic water bottles, particularly in off-the-grid areas. We recommend bringing your own filtered water bottle to remain in control of your water supply regardless of where you are. This one by Grayl is our go-to for areas with unpotable water because it filters out harmful bacteria (like e. coli), pathogens, viruses, sediment, chemicals, and more. It’s a little pricy but less than going to the hospital for Hepatitis A!

    Water Bottle with a Built-in Filter

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  • 5. Lipstick-Sized Portable Charger

    You’re about to embark on a trip that is quite extraordinary, and this small portable charger will only make it better. From taking world-class pictures to destination hopping on tuk-tuks and buses, this strong and durable charger can help you reach full charge on the go. Never feel out of the loop, and always feel safe on a vacation of a lifetime. It can also be a lifesaver in an emergency with a dead battery when you need to call for a ride or look up your very foreign-sounding hotel address.

    Lipstick-Sized Portable Charger

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  • 6. Travel Insurance for Cambodia

    Travel insurance was formerly required for Cambodia but now it is strongly recommended. We advise treating it like a requirement because whether this is your first trip to SouthEast Asia or you’re a frequent visitor, Travel Insurance is a smart move. From canceled flights, lost luggage, and other travel disturbances, it will keep you covered while abroad. The main reason however, is that it can be extremely important for health emergencies and accidents that would cost a fortune if paying out-of-pocket.

    We recommend Faye because they are the first 100% digital provider and their 24/7 support team is top-notch! It costs less than 5% of your trip in most cases and they even have affordable add-ons for trip cancelation ‘for any reason!’ Stay safe and protected throughout your travels.

    Travel Insurance for Cambodia

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  • 7. Jet Lag Relief Pills

    If you ever get headaches and are in need of a constant nap after a long-haul flight, I highly suggest taking jet lag relief pills. Feel fresh and energized with the help of this natural remedy that can have you exploring Cambodia in no time. Take one tablet when your plane takes off and lands and every 2 hours between to adapt quicker. You will adjust to the time zone faster and feel better while doing it.

    jet lag relief

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  • 8. Windproof Travel Umbrella

    When it rains in Cambodia, it pours! So bring a sturdy umbrella that can remain resilient against spontaneous downpours and harsh winds. This one is well-made and covers two people, it also comes with a handy carrying case so you can keep everything else dry and stow away the wet umbrella in your daypack.

    Windproof Travel Umbrella

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  • 9. Hanging Toiletry Bag

    If you’ve never tried a hanging toiletry bag, prepare to be blown away! This handy invention consolidates all of our liquid items into a compact case that can be folded up and stored in your checked luggage. Simply unfold it and hang it anywhere (a door, hook, shower pole, towel rack, etc.) and you’ll have built-in shelving system where you can easily see your organized items.

    We use the 4 internal pockets for skincare, hair care, dental care, and shower items, and the 3 external pockets for smaller items like Q-tips, first-aid, and things we prefer easy access to when it’s zipped up. It will help you maintain your routine on the road without complete chaos on your bathroom countertops, thank us later!

    hanging toiletry bag

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  • 10. Packing Cubes

    While the climate in Cambodia can be extremely warm, it’s essential when visiting religious grounds or cultural sites, please stay covered. Think about wearing pants that go below your knees and t-shirts that cover your shoulders. For this reason, investing in packing cubes allows you to pack with purpose and be organized when dressing from activity to activity. From needing a swimsuit quickly for the beach to discovering the fascinating site of Angkor Wat, packing cubes are imperative to international travel. This set comes with two bonus laundry bags and you can start with the 3-pack for shorter trips.

    packing cubes

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  • 11. Sanitizing Wipes

    In Cambodia, you may not always have access to clean water or soap to wash your hands. Come prepared for any dirt, bacteria, or grime with these sanitizing wipes. You will be encountering bacteria that your body is unfamiliar with a new place, so this is a wise precaution against any germs.

    Sanitizing Wipes

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  • 12. Waterproof Phone Pouch

    Between shopping through the floating market, the water festival Bon Om Touk, Kulen waterfalls, or dinner cruises on Tonal Sap Lake – you’ll need a waterproof phone case. This pouch is ideal for preventing any water, rain, or debris damage to your lifeline. It allows you to film underwater videos and is compatible with any smartphone model.

    Waterproof Phone Pouch

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  • 13. Cooling Towels

    The temperatures in Cambodia can get toasty! The dry season from April to May is considered by the locals to be ‘oppressive’ and heat can skyrocket to around 40 °C (104 °F). We undeniably recommend that you pack a cooling towel to beat the heat. This baby drops to nearly 30-degrees cooler than the outside temp for up to an hour! When you want more frosty relief, just add water and wring it out again. We bring these to any warm or tropical destination we visit, and they make outdoor activities much more enjoyable and tolerable.

    Cooling Towels

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  • 14. Luggage Straps

    My buddy had his suitcase explode open mid-transit. Luckily, I had these luggage straps to finagle his bag together and make the next flight! Did you know that nearly 25-million bags each year are lost or damaged by airlines? These figures have risen after COVID due to the recovery period where deadlines are stricter and baggage handlers are moving faster (being less than gentle with your belongings).

    Use these bags to centralize the weight of your luggage and take the pressure off of your zippers. They will keep everything in tact and the brightly-colored straps also make your bag way easier to spot from afar. This means, you’ll get out of baggage claim easily without having to fuss with the crowds to check every generic black bag that vaguely resembles yours!

    luggage straps

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  • 15. Quick-Dry Travel Towel

    I would not travel to Cambodia without our own towel set. We bring a few of these because you never know if your accommodation will have towels for you, or if they will be up to your hygiene standards. Even if they are, you don’t want to lug big fluffy hotel towels everywhere. So use these travel towels that are made of a high-quality microfiber material that dries 10x faster than cotton! They are light as a feather and super absorbent.

    Quick-Dry Travel Towel

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What’s the electricity and power supply like in Cambodia?

Cambodia power Generally speaking, you should have no problem when it comes to electricity in Cambodia. While Cambodia is a developing nation, electricity is typically stable when you stay in main cities or popular tourist locations. Big cities like Phnom Penh, Cambodia’s capital, and Siem Reap will have close to no issues if you’re worried about usage.

Small villages can sometimes pose a threat when it comes to electricity. However, it’s uncommon for tourists to stay in the smaller villages, so this is easily avoided. No matter where you stay in Cambodia, electricity outages can be common, so please be aware of this when traveling beforehand. Make sure to bring a portable charger so you can keep things charged if you’re ever in a rut.

Do I need a voltage converter for Cambodia?

When traveling between different countries, knowing the voltage of your appliances and how they work with the voltage of the country is extremely important. Always take note of what electronics you’re packing for your Cambodian adventure, as this will help you determine if you need a voltage converter. Cambodia’s voltage is 230 V, and the frequency is 50 hertz. While this is helpful if you’re traveling from the UK, it’s not from other places of the world.

You’ll be happy to hear that basic electronics like cell phones, computers, and iPads will have no problems with the voltage of Cambodia. However, items like hair straighteners, hair dryers, and high-powered devices will prove to be a problem when it comes to voltage. Luckily because of the heat in Cambodia, hair styling devices are not needed, so if you’re in a pickle and need a voltage converter, please look into it for specific products.

Tip: Always remember that when voltage converters are not used properly, they can actually damage a device. So only use a voltage converter if you’re sure it’s needed.

Other FAQs about traveling in Cambodia

  • 1. Will I need a visa to visit Cambodia?

    Yes, if you are an American citizen, a tourist visa is required to travel in Cambodia. You can either get an e-visa before getting to Cambodia or receive one upon arrival. If you are unsure if you need a visa, check on an official government website.

  • 2. Can I drink the water in Cambodia?

    Can I drink the water in Cambodia?

    I would highly suggest not drinking any tap water while in Cambodia, as it is not always the cleanest and can make you quite ill. Instead, buy water from stores or ask your accommodation if they have refill water stations available. If possible, think about packing a filtered water bottle that can purify and clean water while you’re seeing beautiful Cambodia.

  • 3. What is the currency in Cambodia?

    The currency in Cambodia is the Cambodian Riel. However, it’s important to note that US dollars are accepted in most places, and dollars are even sometimes preferred. However, never bring all your cash out at once, and make sure to keep it in a wallet that can’t be seen.

  • 4. What is the weather like in Cambodia?

    What is the weather like in Cambodia?

    With two seasons to plan your trip around, the one constant that surrounds Cambodia is that it’s always warm. While the dry seasons can bring some scorching days and the monsoon seasons can bring furious rain storms, I highly suggest packing light and breathable clothing to always stay cool. However, always bring something to cover up when entering cultural sites or passing through small villages.

  • 5. What activities should I do in Cambodia?

    Cambodia is filled with unbelievable activities that will open your eyes to a brand-new culture, history, and people. I highly recommend going for a tour at the Angkor Wat Temples, paying your respects at Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum, sunbathing at the beach at Koh Rong Sanloem, and wandering through the bright and lively street markets of Siem Reap.

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