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US to Egypt Power Adapter: What Plug Do I Need? (2024)

US to Egypt Power Adapter: What Plug Do I Need? (2024)
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Egypt’s appeal is clear. It’s a country that has drawn attention for its ancient wonders, from the Pyramids to the Tombs of Cleopatra or King Tut.

Besides exploring ancient civilizations, there are beautiful coastlines and some of the best scuba diving in the world. There’s so much to look forward to when you head to Egypt, but one thing you shouldn’t forget about is considering if you need a power adapter or not for your trip to Egypt.

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Which power outlets do they use in Egypt?

Egypt power outlet
Here is an actual photo of an Egypt power outlet

At first glance, you might think Egypt only has one type of electrical socket, but in actuality, they have two– they’re very similar. They use both the C and F plug types. They are both plugs that have two round pins, the only difference being that the F has “earth clips” on the side. Luckily for us, you can use a C plug in an F outlet, so you don’t need two different adapters.

The voltage supply in Egypt runs at 220V and 50Hz– which is the same as in most European and northern African countries. However, if you’re visiting Egypt from the United States, you’ll need to bring an adapter since the US runs at 120V and 60Hz.

What kind of power adapter do I need for Egypt?

Egypt power adapter
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If you’re coming from an area of the world, like North America, that doesn’t use a C or F plug– you will need to use an adapter to be able to use your devices while in Egypt. While you can certainly get an adapter that works from your home country’s plug to C or F, I’d recommend getting a universal adapter for your trip to Egypt.

A universal adapter will work in over 100 countries in the world. This way, when you plan your next trip, even if it has plug types different from those in Egypt, you don’t need to buy another adapter.

An added bonus of this adapter is that you can charge three devices at once—no more fighting over who gets to charge their phone or deciding which device gets charging priority. And this one comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee!

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Other Egypt Packing List Items

In addition to your US-to-Egypt power adapter, these items will help you pack with intention and expand the possibilities of your getaway. Also, check out our Egypt packing list for more inspiration and ideas.

  • 1. Neck Wallet to Prevent Pickpocketing

    The most popular crime in Egypt is petty theft. The last thing you want is to find yourself in Egypt without a phone or your credit cards. Take it from me. It’s not a great feeling to reach into your pocket only to realize that your wallet is gone. You’ll want to protect yourself by using a neck wallet that keeps all your personal items safe.

    This one holds your credit cards, IDs, passports for busy travel days, phones, and more, all concealed under your shift so no one can reach them.


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  • 2. Lipstick-Sized Portable Charger

    Preparation is key in the foreign and ancient world of Egypt. You never know where the day may take you which means you might not have the chance for a mid-day recharge for your phone (or you). You’ll want to keep a lipstick-sized charger with you, so you don’t ever find yourself lost with a dead phone. It’s lipstick-sized and packs a powerful punch with its ability to charge multiple devices on-the-go.

    Lipstick-Sized Portable Charger

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  • 3. Virtual Private Network (VPN)

    The rate of cybercrime in Egypt increased by 190% in recent years, according to the United Nations. When traveling, you’ll want to keep your data safe from “digital pickpockets.” The easiest way to do this is to use a VPN when you’re connected to any public Wi-Fi network. This ensures that your data is safe and no one is snooping around on your data without you being aware. I learned this when my credit card numbers were stolen at an Airbnb that I thought was safe.

    A VPN will also minimize any regional censorship, which Africa can be prone to for content-based apps like Netflix, YouTube, HBO, and more. For a few dollars a month, it’s the smartest investment you can make in your online safety and freedom.


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  • 4. Packing Cubes

    Packing cubes are a must-have for any travel destination. I used to just throw all my things in the suitcase and head out on my adventure, only to get to my hotel and tear through my bags to find the top that I wanted to wear. When you use packing cubes, everything stays organized and easily accessible. The labels allow you to find things with ease, and the 2 bonus laundry bags are a serious perk! Opt for the 3-pack set if you want to start small.

    packing cubes

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  • 5. Jet Lag Relief Pills

    Egypt is a long way away if you’re coming from North America. You won’t want to spend your precious time in Egypt sleeping because you’re jetlagged. Curb the effect of jet lag by taking jet lag relief pills when you’re traveling. This way, you’ll be awake and alert to discover the wonders of the ancient world without the effects of layovers, time changes, and busy travel days weighing on you.

    Jet Lag

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  • 6. Travel Insurance for Egypt

    Traveling brings a lot of unexpected situations – sometimes good, sometimes bad. Keep in mind that your domestic provider does not typically follow you outside of the country, so you want to be covered no matter what surprise Egypt throws your way – be it lost luggage or a “tour” of the Egyptian hospitals. You do not want to pay out-of-pocket for international bills like one of our friends did after a fall.

    Faye is the most hassle-free insurance we’ve yet to try. Their app makes it incredibly easy to make claims and get reimbursed right from your phone without having to deal with endless amounts of paperwork. For us, it’s been a total game-changer!

    Faye Travel Insurance

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  • 7. Water Bottle with Built-In Filter

    Do not drink the tap water in Egypt. You’ll want to drink filtered water, which means either constantly having to purchase bottles of water OR, you can pack smart and bring a reusable water bottle with a built-in filter. It’ll put less strain on your wallet and the environment in the long run, and nothing beats the convenience of being able to fill your bottle up anywhere and know that you instantly have safe and clean drinking water.

    Water Bottle with Built-In Filter

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  • 8. Quick-Dry Travel Towel

    Useful for wiping away sweat, shading yourself from the sun, or drying off after going for a swim – quick-dry travel towels never run out of uses. They’re compact, odor-resistant, and quick-drying, making them the perfect travel item. It’s a travel essential you’ll want handy in your day bag for your Egyptian adventures.

    Quick-Dry Travel Towel

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  • 9. Pashmina Shawl

    You will find plenty of value in packing a pashmina shawl for Egypt. Women will need covered shoulders and knees to often enter a holy site or mosque (you may even need to cover your head). These can also be used as a wrap on a chilly evening. We find them super versatile whether you need a modesty shawl, blanket, pillow on the plane, or whatever!

    Pashmina Shawl

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  • 10. TSA-Approved Luggage Locks

    If your flight gets in early or leaves late, you’ll probably have to leave your luggage in a storage room at your hotel for some time. You don’t want to be worried about some wandering hands finding their way into your luggage while you’re snapping pictures of the Pyramids, so make sure you lock your suitcases with luggage locks before leaving them behind. These are TSA-approved and we use them for all checked bags and lockers.

    TSA-Approved Luggage Locks

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  • 11. Extra Phone Charging Cables

    When you’re traveling and hopping from hotel to hotel, the thing that often gets left behind is a charging cable. After a few experiences of having to spend half the day trying to buy a new charging cable, I’ve learned to pack a few extras. In the more remote places, you’ll be out of luck. Pack about 3-5 cords to be safe.

    Extra Phone Charging Cables

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  • 12. Cooling Towels

    I wouldn’t venture to Egypt (particularly in the summertime) without this! Whether you’re exploring ancient pyramids, camelback-riding through the desert, or wandering outdoor markets – you’ll be spending plenty of time under the hot Egyptian sun.

    Cooling towels are my secret weapons for beating the heat. They’re compact and easy to throw into any day bag. When you feel like you need to cool off, simply get the towel wet, wring it out, and it instantly becomes 20-30 degrees cooler than the air temperature for up to 1 hour! Simply add more water to begin the magic again. They’re chemical-free, odor-resistant, and so refreshing!

    Cooling Towels

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  • 13. Hanging Toiletry Bag

    Egyptian bathrooms are full of surprises! You never know if you’re going to get a fully-equipped bathroom, or a squat hole in public or rural areas (which are popular in Africa, basically just a hole in the ground). We use this hanging toiletry bag to stay organized even if there is no storage, cabinets, or countertops to work with.

    This has 7 large pockets internally and externally, keeping everything organized and perfectly at eye-level. It folds up into a compact case that fits neatly in your checked bag and we haven’t had any shampoo explosions or liquid spills since consolidating everything here. We absolutely love it!

    hanging toiletry bag

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  • 14. Luggage Straps

    You may think locks are sufficient, but luggage straps serve an entirely different purpose. These will strengthen your bags against the notoriously rough handling of airport staff. Zippers are weak but these will centralize the weight of your bags so they can withstand the rough transit.

    I select a bright color to make the baggage claim terminal go way smoother. I can spot my bags from afar and get out of there! I also use them on carry-ons to cinch everything in, ensuring it will shrink and fit better in the overhead bin. The built-in ID tag ensures nothing will get lost for long.

    Luggage Straps

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  • 15. Packable “Just in Case” Bag

    There is incredible shopping in Egypt, (and also lots of tacky souvenirs and tourists traps that you should skip!) But if you can stick to wandering through the artisan shops and real markets to find authentic goods, there are SO many stellar finds! I picked up gifts for myself and loved ones to bring back home, I still cherish some of those trinkets.

    Treat yourself to things like Egyptian perfume, stones, jewelry, spices, art, and more. This bag is ideal since it counts as your personal item on the flight home and overcomes the issue of ‘carry-on fees!

    Packable “Just in Case” Bag

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What’s the electricity and power supply like in Egypt?

Egypt power Egypt is strongly focused on fossil fuel-derived energy sources, but they are trying to scale their electricity powered by renewable energy– currently, it makes up around 20% of the country’s electricity sector, and they plan on scaling it to over 40% by 2035.

While in the early 2000s, it was extremely common for power outages to occur in Egypt– since then, it’s been continuously getting better and better. Today you most likely won’t have an issue with the electricity while you’re in Egypt, especially if you’re in Cairo or Luxor.

Do I need a voltage converter for Egypt?

To answer this question, you first need to understand what voltages your devices are compatible with. If you’re from Europe, chances are that you won’t need a converter because the electricity grid runs at the same voltage as Egypt (220V). However, if you’re from North America, you will need a converter to safely use the plugs in Egypt. If you don’t use a converter, you can easily fry your devices.

There’s also the possibility that your device is dual voltage, meaning that it can safely be used with two different voltage levels- in this case, as long as one of the voltages is 220V compatible, you won’t need a converter. You can find this information on the bottom of your device or on a tag attached to the cord of your device.

Other FAQs about Traveling in Egypt

  • 1. What is the weather like in Egypt?

    What is the weather like in Egypt?

    As you might be able to guess from its geographical location, the weather in Egypt can get pretty hot. The country is dominated by a desert climate, so it’s dry, arid, and hot throughout the year. The winters are mild, and the rainy season is from July to October, but most of the rainfall stays in the coastal regions. If you’re looking for slightly cooler weather, plan on visiting between October and April. It’s still warm and sunny, but the heat hasn’t reached brutal temperatures yet this time of year.

  • 2. When to travel to Egypt?

    Traveling to Egypt can be enjoyed at any time of the year. However, if you don’t want to deal with the rainy season, you should avoid it anytime between July through October.

  • 3. What cities are worth visiting?

    What cities are worth visiting?

    Cairo: Cairo is the largest city in Egypt and the capital city. It’s rich in the history of the ancient Egyptian civilization but also has a vibrant contemporary culture that is worth exploring.

    Alexandria: Alexandria is the second largest city in Egypt. It’s a coastal port city along the Mediterranean coastline. Its claim to fame was it’s an ancient lighthouse that was considered one of the seven wonders of the world before it was destroyed by an earthquake in 1303. Today, one of the biggest draws is its library. It’s the biggest in the Middle East and one of the biggest in the world.

    Dahab: Once a small fishing village on the Sinai Peninsula, today, Dahab is considered one of the world’s best diving destinations. It’s a much more relaxed vibe than that of Alexandria and Cairo, so it’s a great place to lay back and relax.

    Luxor: Luxor is a city for history lovers because it’s built on the ancient city of Thebes, which was the pharaoh’s capital at the height of the power of Egyptian civilization. It has ruins that are extremely well preserved and 100% worth visiting.

  • 4. What to do in Egypt?

    There are endless activities in Egypt – from exploring the ancient Egyptian civilization to discovering the natural beauty of Egypt today. Here are some of the top activities that you shouldn’t miss:

    • Cruise the Nile
    • Visit the Pyramids of Giza
    • Visit the Egyptian Museum
    • Relax on The Beach in Sharm El-Sheik
    • Hike Mount Sinai
    • Go to the Red Sea
    • Valley of the Kings
    • Visit the Tomb of Nefertari
    • Visit the White Desert
    • Go Scuba diving

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