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25 Top Marrakech Packing List Items for (2024) + What to Wear & NOT to Bring

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When you think of Marrakech, Morocco, a bustling historic center filled with mosaic palaces, mosques, and colorful outdoor markets are scenes that might come to mind. It’s all of this and so much more. Marrakech is one of the cultural hubs of Africa and teeming with rich history. As you’re starting to plan your trip, you’re probably wondering, “What do I need to pack for Marrakech?”

This Marrakech packing list covers the ins and outs of what you’ll need for your trip, what to wear in Marrakech, and what NOT to bring. It will answer frequently asked questions about traveling to Marrakech and detail what the seasons and weather are like there.

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What to Pack for Marrakech - 25 Essentials

  • 1. Neck Wallet

    A neck wallet is a safe way to keep personal items and a hands-free accessory. It has enough compartments to keep everything from your passport and ID to your phone and credit cards. The neck wallet is strategically designed for safety, but you can wear it under your shirt or jacket to keep your items extra hidden while traveling through airports or touring the city.

    neck wallet

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  • 2. Hanging Toiletry Bag

    Whether you’re staying in a hostel with shared bathrooms, a luxury hotel, or want an emergency toiletry bag for public bathrooms in Marrakech, this hanging bag makes it easy to store your toiletries in one place.

    It’s less than 10 inches tall and fits into a daypack or suitcase but will store all of your self-care necessities. The hook at the top of the bag lets you hang it over a bathroom door so you can unfold the compartments and find your personal items with ease. The two spacious middle pockets are perfect for storing bigger bottles and tubes and the slimmer pockets on the top and bottom are ideal for flatter items like cotton pads or makeup brushes. It’s thoughtfully designed with an attention to detail. It’s no surprise that it was designed to be a woman-owned brand.

    hanging toiletry bag

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  • 3. Virtual Private Network (VPN)

    Between using WiFi in AirBnbs, cafes, and airports, there is always a risk of exposing your personal information to hackers while you’re traveling. One of the best ways to protect your online information is by using a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

    NordVPN encrypts your internet connection, so details like your credit card information and passwords are hard for hackers to find. Using a VPN also lets you surf websites that may be blocked in Morocco.


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  • 4. Quick-Dry Travel Towel

    This quick-dry travel towel is a must-have for your trip to Marrakech. The microfiber towel dries ten times faster than cotton and comes in handy when you need to wipe away sweat on scorching hot days in Marrakech or unexpected rain. One of the best things about this travel towel is that it fits into a small mesh bag for easy packing. It can even fit in your daypack or tote!

    Quick-Dry Travel Towel

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  • 5. Universal Power Adapter

    Morocco uses the same outlet types as the EU, so you will need an adapter to use your electronics while visiting Marrakech. This universal power adapter works in more than 100 countries, so you’re sure to get more use out of it during your future travels. It also comes with a small carry case for easy storage.

    Universal Power Adapter

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  • 6. Travel Insurance for Morocco

    Travel insurance is a necessity for all your travels, and Marrakech is no exception. Faye Travel Insurance is ideal because it covers international trips, not just domestic. Whether you get sick unexpectedly, experience flight cancellations, or lose your passport, this insurance has you covered. You can also choose add-ons for rental cars and extreme sports coverage. While your trip may go perfectly, you will have peace of mind knowing you’re covered in emergencies and won’t pay 100% out of pocket.

    Travel Insurance for Morocco

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  • 7. Packing Cubes

    Packing cubes are the perfect organizers for your suitcase. Just roll or fold your clothes into each zip-up cube and neatly arrange them so your luggage is compact and tidy. If you’re like me, finding space around the sides of your luggage for shoes is one of the hardest things about packing. Packing cubes will give you plenty of extra room!

    packing cubes

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  • 8. Jet Lag Relief

    Long flights can take a toll on your body and the first days of your trip. Jet lag relief will help you get back to normal faster so you can spend more time exploring Marrakech. This jet lag relief is made with plant-based ingredients that will get your body clock back on track.

    jet lag relief

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  • 9. TSA-Approved Luggage Locks

    These TSA locks keep your belongings safe while allowing TSA to access your luggage during security checks. You can create a custom combination code and latch the lock onto your suitcases, daypacks, or locker. This luggage lock lets TSA check your luggage but is designed so that the agent has to re-lock it before taking their key out, guaranteeing your items are constantly kept safe.

    TSA-Approved Luggage Locks

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  • 10. Packable “Just In Case” Bag

    Packing an empty “Just In Case” bag in your suitcase will come in handy as you shop in Marrakech and need a little extra packing space before heading home. You don’t have to worry about it counting as a carry-on or checked bag because it’s the perfect dimensions for counting as a personal item on your flight. It’s made of durable nylon and can slip over the handles of your rolling suitcase for easy toting.

    Packable “Just In Case” Bag

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  • 11. Activated Charcoal

    You may end up with a stomach bug in Marrakech because of the new foods and germs your body is not used to. That’s why activated charcoal is a must-have for your trip! These supplements bind to unwanted materials and gas to help you digest. No need to waste days of your trip with an upset stomach.

    Activated Charcoal

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  • 12. Cooling Towel

    This cooling towel will help on long days under the Moroccan sun. It holds onto water for 30 to 60 minutes at a time. Dip the towel in water and wrap it around your neck, shoulders, or head to cool off on scorching summer days. It comes in a travel tube so you can take it with you on the go.

    Cooling Towel

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  • 13. Grayl Water Bottle

    A purifying water bottle like the Garyl bottle is perfect for your trip to Marrakech. Your stomach will thank you for purifying the local drinking water and keeping you healthy during your trip. All you need to do is fill the bottle and press the purifying button at the top, and it’s ready to drink. It removes harmful viruses and bacteria that would get you sick as well as microplastics, chemicals, heavy metals, and plenty of other undesirable contaminants. It’s also a great way to reduce plastic waste while you’re traveling.

    Grayl Water Bottle

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  • 14. Lipstick-size Portable Charger

    Keeping your phone charged while traveling abroad not only helps you stay connected to friends and family, it also keeps you safe. As you walk around Marrakech, using apps for directions will keep you on the right streets and prevent you from getting lost. That’s where this lipstick-size charger comes in. It’s small enough to fit in your pocket or purse so you can bring it everywhere. Just remember to recharge it at the end of each day!

    Lipstick-size Portable Charger

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  • 15. Walking Shoes

    A packing list for Marrakech isn’t complete without walking shoes. Getting around the city on foot is the main form of transportation, so having a pair of reliable and comfortable shoes is essential. These walking shoes have cloud foam and cushioning that support your feet and back during long days exploring the city on foot.

    Walking Shoes

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  • 16. Deodorant Wipes

    Moroccan weather is humid and hot from late spring to early fall. You can expect to be sweaty walking around the medina most days, and these deodorant wipes will keep you smelling fresh. They are also convenient to bring on long travel days on international flights when you don’t have access to a shower.

    Deodorant Wipes

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  • 17. Cotton Shawl

    A shawl can be used as a scarf or wrap to dress modestly in Marrakech. This lightweight cotton shawl is breathable so you can still wear it on hot days while giving you some sun protection and coverage. A shawl can also be used as a head cover when you enter holy sites.

    Cotton Shawl

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  • 18. Electrolytes

    Long-haul travel, adjusting to a new country, and the hot Marrakech weather can cause dehydration. Mix these electrolytes in your water to replenish yourself quickly – 2x faster than plain water alone. The electrolyte packets are perfect for travel and easily that fit into your purse or backpack. They are packed with electrolytes and important minerals like potassium, and they taste great!


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  • 19. Windproof Travel Umbrella

    You can expect the most rain in Marrakech from mid-winter through springtime. Be prepared with this collapsible, windproof travel umbrella. The umbrella offers full coverage but weighs less than a pound and fits into a small zipper capsule. On hot summer days, it offers shade and protects you from sunburns. You’ll get a lot of use out of this umbrella for your future travels, too!

    Windproof Travel Umbrella

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  • 20. Stylish Daypack

    This stylish leather backpack will dress up your daywear in Marrakech and it’s a practical carry-all bag. Anti-theft zippers and a hook-and-eye closure make it a safe option for bringing around the city. The backpack style also lets you move around hands-free. It’s big enough to hold your tablet and Kindle and works as a great personal item on your long-haul flights.

    Stylish Daypack

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  • 21. Travel Toilet Paper

    When I was in Marrakech, restaurants and public restrooms were not always fully stocked like I was used to. I learned to start bringing toilet paper around with me just in case. These flushable wipes are an easy solution to making sure you always have toilet paper when you need it most. One pack comes with 30 on-the-go singles. It’s easy to throw into your purse or fanny pack when you head out exploring for the day!

    Travel Toilet Paper

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  • 22. Compression Socks

    These compression socks keep your blood flowing during long flights. Staying seated for hours at a time without much movement can cause your lower legs to circulate less and increase swelling. It can be an uncomfortable way to start your trip abroad. Get yourself some relief with long, fitted compression socks.

    Compression Socks

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  • 23. Discounted Tickets on Marrakech Tours

    Get Your Guide offers some of the best deals on tours and excursions in Morocco. Whether you’re looking for a guided tour in the Marrakech medina, a street food tour, or if you’re planning a trip to the desert, Get Your Guide has dozens of options to choose from. Book in advance to guarantee your spot and get a great deal. If you need to, Get Your Guide lets you cancel most bookings at least 24 hours before your excursion begins.

    Discounted Tickets on Marrakech Tours

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  • 24. Modest Skirt

    The religious beliefs in Marrakech make it a place where you want to dress modestly to respect the local culture. While men should wear longer shorts and pants, women should cover up with a long skirt. Just because it’s modest doesn’t mean it can’t be pretty! This boho skirt has a floral print with beautiful detailing, and the thinner material will help cool you off on hot days in Marrakech.

    Skirt Floral Print

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  • 25. Mosquito-Repellent Wrist Bands

    These mosquito-repellent wristbands are made with plant-based ingredients and protect you from the mosquitos buzzing around Marrakech. The humid and hot weather makes mosquitoes come out almost year-round. They are fast, so it’s hard to continuously swat them away. These mosquito-repellent wristbands will do the work for you. You can buy them in a travel pack of 20.

    Mosquito-Repellent Wrist Bands

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What to Wear in Marrakech

Marrakech has a hot, semi-arid climate that lends your packing list to comfortable and lightweight clothes most of the year. Evenings and winter months drop to cooler temperatures, so packing a light jacket and cardigan will add warmth when you need it. To respect the local customs in Marrakech, your clothing choices should be modest. Consider wearing clothes that aren’t too tight or revealing. During the hot summer, you can keep cool by wearing long, flowy dresses or breathable, loose-fitting shirts. Even though Moroccans dress for the climate and modesty, they still dress well, and you should do the same!

Walk-friendly, closed-toe sneakers and sturdy sandals are the best footwear for your trip to Marrakech. You’ll do most of your touring on foot, so be sure to pick supportive shoes that don’t give you blisters.

What Should Women Wear on Marrakech? – (Click to expand)
Below is a sample of what women should wear on Marrakech with links to Amazon for your convenience.

Women packing for a trip to Marrakech should bring clothes that are comfortable and modest. While showing some of your arms and lower legs are fine, be mindful of cultural norms by avoiding form-fitting or revealing clothing. Flowy bottoms like maxi skirts and linen pants will keep you comfortable and stylish while staying modest. Cotton short-sleeve shirts and tunics will be your go-to tops most of the year. Summers in Marrakech get to nearly 100℉, so wearing a loose tank top with a scarf over your shoulders is an appropriate way to beat the heat.

Light layers like a denim jacket or pullover are all you need for cool evenings, but keep in mind that the winter months can get cold, and a light puffer jacket will be more practical. A shawl will also add some warmth if you need it. Marrakech is a walk-friendly city, so comfortable sneakers and supportive sandals will be the best footwear options for your trip.

What Should Men Wear on Marrakech? – (Click to expand)
Below is a sample of what men should wear on Marrakech with links to Amazon for your convenience.

Men can dress casually yet put together in Marrakech. While you won’t see many people in basketball shorts or loungewear, comfortable clothes like linen harem pants and a tunic or cotton T-shirt are perfect for a day’s sightseeing in Marrakech. On hot days, long shorts that go past the knee and a lightweight button-down shirt are appropriate. A zip-up fanny pack or daypack are useful accessories to tote around your belongings all day while keeping your personal items safe.

Once the sun goes down, a fleece jacket will give you some warmer layers. Sneakers, comfortable walking sandals, and socks that cover your heels will help you get through the miles of walking you’ll do throughout your trip.

Packing for the Seasons in Marrakech

Winter – December, January, February

Winter is a great time to visit Marrakech because the weather is cool and sunny most days. Loose pants and long-sleeve shirts are great go-to options. You can add layers to your outfit with a scarf or shawl. At night, you’ll need at least one warm jacket. Winter in Marrakech is one of the most windy and rainy seasons. A windproof rain jacket will help keep you dry as you venture through the city. Walking shoes will be all you need this time of year since it’s usually too cold for sandals.
Temperatures average between 45℉ and 68℉ (7℃ and 20℃)

Spring – March, April, May

Spring in Marrakech is cool and comfortable. You can expect a few rainy days this time of year, so keeping a lightweight rain jacket that folds into a day bag is a good idea. Palazzo pants, tunics, and T-shirts layered with a cardigan or light jacket are a great way to stay warm when you need to and shed layers as needed. This time of year, closed-toe sneakers are the best footwear option.
Temperatures average between 54℉ and 78℉ (12℃ and 25℃)

Summer – June, July, August

Summer in Marrakech is hot and sunny. Evening temperatures are much more pleasant than the extreme daytime heat. Plan to wear breathable clothes like cotton and linen T-shirts with cropped pants. Women can pair their shirts with a maxi skirt or a long, flowy dress. You will want to wear warm-weather accessories like sunglasses and sandals throughout the day.
Temperatures average between 67℉ and 96℉ (19℃ and 36℃)

Fall – September, October, November

Fall in Marrakech starts hot and cools off by 10 to 20 degrees by the end of November, so the month you visit will help you decide what layers to pack. Sturdy sandals and closed-toe walking shoes will give you options between warm days and cool evenings. Visitors can pair flowy pants with a tunic or cotton shirt. A puffer jacket should be plenty warm for the evenings. November has more rain than earlier fall, so if you’re visiting this time of year, bring a rain jacket just in case!
Temperatures average between 59℉ and 82℉ (15℃ and 28℃)

What NOT to Bring to Marrakech

  • 1.DON’T Bring Tight-fitting clothing

    Modesty and respecting local customs about dressing in Marrakech are important. While the rules aren’t written in law, women and men should avoid wearing skin-tight and revealing clothing. It will also make you uncomfortable in the hot and humid Marrakech weather.

  • 2.DON’T Bring Heavy jackets

    The winter highs and lows range from 45℉ to 68℉ in Marrakech. While it’s chilly, a down jacket is overkill. Keep in mind that most of your touring will be during the daytime, too, and not at night when it gets coldest. Stick to a small puffer jacket and pullover at most.

  • 3.DON’T Bring Unnecessary valuables or jewelry

    You won’t find many travelers or locals covered in jewelry or excessive valuables in Marrakech. If you do, you can become a target for thieves, just like in any big city. Leave your flashy belongings at home and keep your travel accessories simple.

  • 4.DON’T Bring Large sums of cash

    You can take out cash from one of the many ATMs in Marrakech as needed. You won’t want to worry about leaving large sums of money in your hotel room or your wallet for everyone to see as soon as you take it out.

  • 5.DON’T Bring Thick, non-breathable clothing materials

    Marrakech is generally a sunny place with temperatures that aren’t extremely cold. Bringing bulky jackets or clothes made with thick wool or denim is a waste of space in your luggage. Instead, opt for lighter fabrics like cotton, linen, or rayon. They’ll keep you comfortable in the humid weather, and you can layer with a jacket if needed.

  • 6.DON’T Bring Short dresses, shorts, or skirts

    We mentioned avoiding tight-fitting clothing before, and dressing modestly in Marrakech also includes avoiding short bottoms like dresses, shorts, and skirts. It’s polite for women to wear long, flowy clothes that cover most of the legs.

FAQs about Marrakech

  • 1. Is it safe to visit Marrakech?

    Marrakech is a popular tourist destination that gets millions of visitors each year from Europe and North America. Just like in any city, you should be aware of pickpockets and scams. Avoid flaunting money or valuables and don’t exchange your money from anywhere outside of a bank. Other than these common tourist-related crimes, Marrakech is typically a safe place to visit.

  • 2. What are the top things to do in Marrakech?

    What are the top things to do in Marrakech?

    Marrakech is filled with wondrous architecture, delicious cuisine, and handmade artisan crafts. Some of the city’s most note-worthy monuments and sites worth visiting are Medersa Ben Youssef, the botanical garden Jardin Majorelle, and Bahia Palace. The medina, or historic quarter of Marrakech, offers many souks selling everything from handmade rugs to leather goods. Souk Semmarine is one of the most popular outdoor markets to visit. Marrakech is also a great place to treat yourself to a fine dining experience or sign up for a cooking class to learn more about the local cuisine.

  • 3. Can I use a credit card in Marrakech?

    Nowadays, many establishments in Marrakech accept credit cards. However, smaller markets and shops may only take cash. Plan to convert some of your money in Marrakech to the local currency, the Moroccan Dirham. You can also find ATMs around the city to take out cash in Dirhams.

  • 4. What are the local foods to try in Marrakech?

    What are the local foods to try in Marrakech?

    Dishes with couscous are one of the most popular food options in Marrakech. Couscous is made from semolina flour and water, creating what people debate is a tiny pasta or grain. Couscous is usually served with chicken as a meal. Another classic dish in Marrakech is Tagina, a meat stew with bread. B’stilla is another must-try meal that’s a savory and sweet pie with chicken and almonds. After eating, it’s customary to order mint tea. Mint tea is by far one of the most iconic Moroccan treats!

  • 5. What is the main airport in Marrakech?

    The main airport is the Marrakech Menara Airport (RAK). It’s about 15 minutes by car from the airport to the center of Marrakech.

  • 6. How much does it cost to visit Marrakech?

    How much does it cost to visit Marrakech?

    How much a trip to Marrakech will cost depends on how you prefer to travel. For example, staying in affordable hostels versus 4 or 5-star hotels can save you around $100 a day or more. Your budget will also depend on whether you pay for tours outside of town, the restaurants you dine at, and how much you spend shopping. However, the average cost per day of visiting Marrakech is about $70.

  • 7. What is the currency in Marrakech?

    The currency in Marrakech is the Moroccan Dirham. You can exchange your money ahead of your trip at a local bank or take out cash in Moroccan Dirhams from an ATM in Marrakech. ATMs are scattered throughout the city and easily accessible.

  • 8. Is there a strict dress code in Marrakech?

    Is there a strict dress code in Marrakech?

    While there are no written laws about how to dress in Marrakech, women and men should dress modestly to respect local customs and religion. Avoid tight or revealing clothing and instead dress in long pants or skirts, long shorts, and short or long-sleeve tops. Summers are hot in Marrakech, so if you want to wear a tank top, plan to have a shawl or scarf to cover your shoulders. Sandals and sneakers are perfectly fine as footwear.

  • 9. What is the best way to get around Marrakech?

    Central Marrakech is mostly pedestrianized, which makes getting around by foot easy for visitors. You’ll find many horse-drawn carriages offering rides through Marrakech, called caleches. Taking a ride on one is a great local experience and a break from walking. Just make sure you ask for the price and how long the ride is before committing.