Best Affordable Hotels in Rishikesh, India

Swarg Ashram on the far side of the river is my first choice for peace and quiet and nice places to eat and sleep and shop and walk and swim and meditate. There is a nice beach below Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s old ashram (made famous by The Beatles). Other great beaches near Hanuman Rock, halfway to Lakshman Jhula. Fun, nightly Aarti performances at Paramarth Niketan. A nice walk to Tat Wala Baba’s ashram. And easy taxi connections to Neelkanth Mahadev Temple. You can even hike there, but it’s a full day.

Take the ferry to Swarg Ashram near the Muni Ki Reti taxi stand. Good food and quiet rooms in Swarg Ashram – all downstream from the bridge/ferry – halfway down to Maharishi’s Ashram include:

1) Green View Hotel* » 2434948 * 2431242 * 2433291 ♦ Swarg Ashram Side next to Green’s Hotel • Rishikesh ¥ ¥ § ‡ AC Room in off season Rs. 500. TV, Geyser. New Hotel. Deepak Manager, same as Green’s Hotel. Nice rooms. North entrance, quiet.

2) Green Hotel » ♦ Swarg Ashram Side • Rishikesh ‡ Excellent Western Food

3) Narayana Kunj » 0135-2440822 * 2440922 * 9897123301 Naveen Rana manager ♦ Swarg Ashram side, near Raj Deep Hotel • Village Jonk • Rishikesh ¥ ¥ ‡ Off- season price Rs 300 non-AC. Rs. 600 AC. New 21-room hotel, very fresh & clean, good food, no TV, internet in lobby * Good management & staff. SE Entrance. 205 & 206

4) Vashishta Guesthouse » 9761040947 * 2440029 ♦ Swarg Ashram Side, near Green Hotel • Rishikesh, 249192 ‡ About Rs. 350. cheaper rooms. Decent rooms

5) Krishna Cottage » 0135-6981872 * Rajesh Rana – Manager * 9997607691 ♦ Village Jounk – Swarg Ashram behind Raj Deep Hotel • Rishikesh ‡ Nice rooms w/ geysers. No AC. Double 350 Rs. Older rooms 250 Rs. Older rooms long term 150 Rs. Marble or new tile floors and baths. Quieter neighborhood. Fresh milk from cow next door, but get there before 7 am. Oasis Restaurant also next door. New hotel dining room opening soon. Quieter area.

6) Hotel, Raj Palace » (0135) 2440079 ♦ Next to Green’s Hotel ‡ Rs 200- 700 (A/C) w/ discount. Newer hotel.

AND, there’s an Organic Yogi Store » ♦ Swarg Ashram on left near Raj Deep Hotel • Rishikesh ¥ ‡ Manager Negi Ji, Raw organic honey by S0S organics, etc.

It might be worthwhile to google or call these places to get the current rates. Ask about weekly rates.

There are some decent places to stay around Muni Ki Reti near the taxi stand on the main road, but it’s kind of a drag with all the traffic and pollution. Nevertheless, the best bets there are:

1) Ayurveda Bhavan at Rishikesh (Zoran’s clinic) » Zoran: 9897844127 * Hari: 9219611877 ♦ Up & Behind Great Ganga • Office: B3, 2nd floor, Ganga Sthal, Muni Ki Reti – 249 192, Site: C-30 & 31, Ganga Vatika II, Muni Ki Reti • Rishikesh ¥ ¥ ayurveda- § ‡ Contact Zoran. entrance to North and East; Rate is Rs. 1400/day for Pancha Karma, Rs. 200/day for food, and Rs. 500/day for room for a total of Rs. 2100/day. It is behind the Great Ganga Hotel and can be reached on foot by walking thru the Great Ganga, but by car you need to take another entrance besides the Great Ganga entrance drive. Sasha is no longer associated with this clinic. Will give good rate if rooms are available.

2) Omkarananda Gita Sadan Premier Guest House* » 0135-243-6346/47 or 0913 * 983-744-6399 ♦ Next to Yoga Niketan, across from Great Ganga • Rishikesh ¥ ‡ Rs 1000 no AC & 1200 AC – price varies per season. across from Great Ganga, quiet, has its own ghat, very clean, AC, no room service except for morning chai; considered to be the best place in Rishikesh due to ghat, cleanliness, and quiet. Do not confuse with standard Omkaranananda hotel which is for backpackers and noisy. But it has a West entrance.

3) Pure Inn* (Movement Guest House & Ayur Ved Clinic) » 9811391437 Dr. Parmar ♦ Near Entry To Ram Jhula Old Transcendental Meditation Centre ‡ Rs. 1,500 for Purusha, W/ AC.

4) Omkarananda Ashram (Hotel) » 0135-2431473 * 2430763 H ♦ Opp. Shivananda Gate, Muni Ki Reti, beside Taxi stand, but quiet • Rishikesh, 249192 ‡ Approx Rs. 500. Some rooms AC

5) Govinda’s Hare Krishna Restaurant & Hotel » 5243-1297 ¤ Fax 5243-0597 ♦ Kailash Gate, Muni-Ki-Reti ¥ ¥ ‡ technically called the Madhuban. Swami ji (aka Pujariji) runs the restaurant. Good sattvic food is considered prasad. The hotel rooms are of a good 3-star standard: Rs. 850 for AC. Not much view of Ganga. Entrance is to North.

There are a couple of great grocery stores upriver a couple of km from the taxi stand on the main road at the road head which leads down to Lakshman Jhula: Arora Provisions » 2431807 * 9897138930 * 9412147405 ♦ Tapovan, Laxman Jhula Vikram Stand • Rishikesh ‡ Pankaj and Amit Arora * There’s another next door. They have the best provisions in town.
There are also hotels at Lakshmanjhula, but I’m not familiar with these. One is the Oasis (Ishan) Guesthouse » 0135-432949 * 431534 ♦ • Rishikesh, 249192 ‡ About Rs. 400. Quiet area. In Ishan, the German BakeryHotel.

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  1. Thanks for writing this beautiful blog post. It always better to stay in an affordable hotel in India. In these hotels, you will get everything similar to that of the luxurious hotels but the cost is much lower than it. For the tourists, who are seeking adventurous activities, Rishikesh is the best place and most popular one. However, the whole journey will be enjoyable when you have a good accommodation to stay and availability of great foods.

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